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A Master list of Plants, Spices, Fruits & Herbs plus Their Uses.

Blessings - chamomile, baby’s breath, fennel, mint, sage, rosemary.

Balance - basil, thyme, black eyed susans, chamomile, cinnamon.

Cleansing - burdock, hyssop, lavender, parsley, rosemary, sage, wormwood.

Consecration - star anise, basil, clover flowers, dragon’s blood, lavender, holly, mugwort, rosemary, sunflower.

Courage - basil, bergamot, oranges (its weird but they work for me), rosemary, thyme.

Creativity - anise seed, basil, hawthorn, lavender, cannabis, St. Johnswort.

Divination - anise seed, daisy, basil, bay, clover flowers, chamomile, spearmint, honeysuckle, lavender, marigold, mugwort, mullein, orange peel, thyme, yarrow, limes, rose petals.

Energy - dragon’s blood, elder flower, fennel, cinnamon, cayenne.

Power - cinnamon, turmeric, ginger root, cayenne, cloves, tiger lilies.

Justice - bay, bergamot, lemons, sunflowers, star anise.

Happiness/Peace - lavender, bee pollen (ik its not a herb/plant/flower but it comes from them so) rosemary, calla lilies, rose stems.

Healing - comfrey, ginger root, roses, coriander, hops, lavender, lemons, rosemary, sage, aloe vera, cannabis, marigold, chamomile, thyme.

Love - apple seeds, poppy seeds, rose petals, basil, dill flowers, elm, sugar cane, ginger, lavender, lemons, peony, marigold, tulips, rosemary.

Meditation - chamomile, cacti, frankincense, lavender, dragons blood.

Money - basil, rosemary, oranges, clovers (especially 4 leaved) bergamot, chamomile, mustard leaves, mint, nutmeg.

Protection - sage, burdock, cumin, cinnamon, ivy, dill leaves, fennel, ferns, fiddleheads, mint, mugwort, rose thorns, mustard, parsley, rosemary, sage, turmeric.

Psychic Awareness - bay, chamomile, peony, cinnamon, elderflower, hibiscus, lavender, marigold, roses,

Removing Negativity - clove, any night-blooming flowers, tulips, mugwort, rosemary, St. Johnswort, thyme.

Sealing - aloe vera, ginger, cork wood, very thick leaves. 

Spirit Contact- lilac, lavender, chrysanthemum, peony, mint.

Wisdom - elder, bark from very tall trees (pls ask first and only take some from the top layer of bark, any deeper and you can hurt the tree), sage, willow leaves.

The Root Of Success - Spell Jar

This is a nifty little spell jar designed to bring money and success to you. You can use it to get a raise at work, maybe land a client or even getting more sales through your shops. 


 ▪️Sassafras Root Bark - for positive results and to bring money 

▪️Dandelions leaf - for manifesting wishes and requests, acts as a catalyst 

▪️Comfrey root - for bringing in money 

▪️Green salt 

▪️Lodestone and magnetic sand (I used untumbled Lodestone with the sand still attached) and some extra to sprinkle 

▪️Green candle 

▪️Sealable bottle or jar 


▪️ Add a layer of salt to the bottom 

▪️ Drop the Lodestone in the centre and sprinkle the remaining magnetic sand around to create a layer 

▪️ Add the comfrey root as one layer, the sassafras root bark as one layer and the dandelion leaf as the final layer and put the lid on the bottle or jar 

▪️ Lighting the candle and using the wax, drip it over the lid and focus on your request. 

For me, I concentrated on the amount I wanted, exactly how I was going to receive it and when I wanted it by and kept repeating it as I sealed the jar. 

▪️ Make sure the jar is well sealed 

▪️ Keep the jar where you can see it (maybe where you get ready for work or your workshop) and when you do, think about your intent.

“For the rest of my life” (Dwalin X Reader)

Request for anonymous; Hey!! I love your writing could i please request a Dwalin fic where he admires you and can’t help but kiss you. Thanks

Word Count: 563 (Sorry it’s so short)


The night was clouded over and cold enough that even Dwalin himself felt chills prickling against his skin. With his back pressed against the rough layered bark of the Oak tree, Dwalins gorgeous dark eyes carried over the other thirteen dwarves and young hobbit that lay in front of him, eyes closed in restful sleep.

His eyes roamed back and forth, and as time passed Dwalin found himself needing to move his legs in order to regain some warmth. And so he stood, weaving his way through the bodies spread carelessly upon the ground.

By the way the moonlight shone upon them all, Dwalin guessed it was midnight when he felt his steps falter and his eyes wander down to your figure which now lay at his feet.

He couldn’t help but smile longingly at the way your hair spread across your shoulders and your mouth lay slightly open as soft snores left your lips. You had one of your arms curled under your head to cushion it from the harsh ground and your blanket tangled around your legs and lower torso.

Your tanned skin looked golden in the pale light and the freckles that stained your cheeks like constellations, which were barley seen during the day seemed to glow as well. And your lips looked a delicious shade of pink which looked very inviting to the warrior dwarf. It seemed both the glow of the sun and moon did wonders for your beauty and Dwalin couldn’t help but wish that he could keep you for his own. As his moon- his light in the dark.

Dwalin’s smile faded slightly as he finally caught up with his thoughts, and he moved to continue passed you before seeing the slight shivering that had started to rake over your body. Dwalin’s smile returned full blast and quickly he found himself kneeling beside you, lifting your blanket to once again cover the rest of your body. You stirred at his touch and as his hand brushed your shoulder, your body shifted into his hands and a small smile graced your lips.

That one small action removed any thoughts from Dwalin’s mind until only you remained. Until only his deep seeded love for you remained, and burned brightly in his mind, causing him to lean down and meet his lips with yours.

Slowly, woke up to find the strange feeling of something pressed against your lips, but before you could panic the sweet rustic smell that you always associate with Dwalin filled your senses, and you found yourself kissing back.

At first Dwalin was startled to feel your lips caress his back, but upon realizing that you were in fact kissing him back he began to kiss back passionately.

One of his hands slithered to the back of your neck and the other went under your back and pulled you to sit pressed against him. His hands moved until they were both cupping your face and in response you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him impossibly closer.

After what seemed like eternity, your lungs burned for air and you slowly pulled away from the kiss. Small quiet gasps for air filled the silence between you before you uttered the words; “Promise you’ll always wake me up like that?” Dwalin chuckled in disbelief of having you in his arms.

“For the rest of my life, my moon.”


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The “I definitely should NOT have birds” starter kit…

So as I’ve looked back on this vague post, alot of people are confused as to why I chose these options for inproper use in parrots. A brief explanation should hopefully clear up some questions you may have.

1. Cage; This shouldn’t be used for housing multiple budgies. This is even too small for a single budgie as a cage used for housing all day long, as it’s easily over crowded and does not offer adequate space for toys and wing expansion. A horizontal flight cage is a much better use of free space and allows room enough for your budgie to stretch its wings. This size ratio can be used as reference to larger birds.

2. Seed; As a primary diet for parrots, this does not offer the nutritional value parrots need out of their day to day diet. A mix of vegetables and fruits is a good accompaniment but switching your birds to pellets/crumbles off of seed is even better. Pellets have been formulated to meet all the daily nutritional needs and can be bought for specific breeds and size of parrots.

3. Millet; This is okay as an occasional treat but if fed daily can be too high in fat content. Your parrot could miss out on proper nutrients as it is an easy stomach filler; therefore consumption of nutritional foods would decrease. Growing and providing your own fresh millet is a healthier alternative.

4. Dowel perches; If they are used as the only source of perching, this can be bad for under the birds feet. Repetitive pressure points can cause ulcers, no muscle excersice and the smooth surface offers no nail trimming value. Opt for natural perches with variations of rough/smooth bark and different widths. Your parrot will also love chew the top layer of bark off the wood.

5. Value pack toys; If used for an inappropriate sized bird with a strong beak can cause lots of issues. These issues can cause injury/lesions as the plastic snaps or breaks under pressure or body weight. The plastic bells can get caught on beaks as they have the little slit, perfect for some curious birds to stick their beaks in and get stuck. The ball trio with the plastic gaps can get toes or feet caught, especially in the moving ball wheel. The plastic can become fraile and snap easy of used for too long. All this situations can be very traumatic and stressful if something does happen with your bird. Plus plastic just isn’t a nice option for chewing.

6. Rope perches  (this includes any fibrous material like happy huts and rope preeners); Birds tend to nibble on these fibres which can be swallowed (even micro fibres)which build up over time causing impaction in the crop, ventriculis (stomach) or intestines. This can result in serious medical emergency. If you provide other other sources of natural chewing materials like dried grass, bark, paper before any chewing on cotton fibres they’re likely to keep your bird occupied away from chewing cotton fibres. Natural ropes such as sisal or hemp are another alternative however in a strong minded chewing bird (like avie) they can cause splinters in the mouth (which I have had to remove with tweezers. This situation does depend on the individual bird. There is definitely not enough education around monitoring birds and cotton fibres

These are here as reccomendations only and i am not in anyway saying you can not use it with your bird its just from past experiences  (making mistakes myself) is the reason i used the images i have.

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Any Emolga headcannons?

-Emolga do not hibernate.

-Emolga nests are typically in tree hollows or between forked branches. They consist of a rough bark outer layer with a soft lining of plant materials and fur.

-Mother Emolga nurse their young for only three weeks.

-Emolga are omnivores, not herbivores, even though plants make up the bulk of their diet.

How to drive yourself insane digitally painting:

Step 1: draw a bunch of details on 1000 different layers

Step 2: make a new layer on top of all of those layers and paint over everything you just drew

On Large Pockets and Accidental Adventures

In A Galaxy Not Quite Far Away: Part One | Part Two

Paring: None

Tags: baby Groot, slice of life, mentions reader insert but you’re not the protag today.

Summary:  It had been quite a good day before he had fallen into Quill’s pocket.

Word Count: 775

Posting Date:  2017-05-25

Current Date: 2017-06-18

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First Post

I will take two Kinds of Requests, First is Whole sessions, which takes each group of Creatures By Prototype, and then the royalty (six prototypes max), and second, Single Prototype, which is a more in depth look at the specifics of the Prototype, and each named monster, but no royalty, because that would be a boring “Just a bigger stronger meaner version of the underlings.” Both come with Boosts to the other categories when individuals in other categories develop additional traits (Such as sword birds[Primary trait] in harlequin suits) , which are stats and weaknesses. PRE ENTRY PROTOTYPES ONLY. Please be specific with what you prototype. Guardians must have their skills/profession, and first guardians must have exactly what their powers are, and double pre entry prototypes must be specifically stated, they get their own unique group (Tentacats).

So for this example Post is a Whole session post.

The first Prototype for this session is a Book of Law. How I imagine such an abstract thing to be transferred equates to Bandits and Lawbringers.
The beasts with this Kind of Prefix (Bandit, Sheriff, Deputy, Executioner.) Would have increased ability to use whips and Firearms, especially fast or intelligent beasts, such as Liches or Archons. Watch out for those Bandito Basilisks, their tails count as whips. Minor Boosts to other Categories are Speed and Intelligence, but a hit to gel viscosity.

Second Prototype is a non flower potted Plant. This results in a Forest style Prefix (Redwood, Oak, Poison Ivy, Fern) Beasts with this kind of Prefix would regenerate in sunlight. They also gain a bonus to what kind of Plant they are. Strong and Sturdy beasts Grow thick bark when they stand still, Such as an Ogre, or a Gliclops. Intelligent or Fast beasts can create and use vines as ranged attacks. And common troops such as Basilisks and Imps have either poisonous skin or release a cloud of toxic spores on death. On the Bright side though, They have a natural weakness to fire and ice weapons, and don’t last long on Heat or Frost based planets. Changes to Other categories are increased health and gel viscosity, but Reduced speed and a weakness to fire damage.

The third Prototype is a Cookie Jar. How sweet. The Beasts would have a sweets prefix (Cookie, cinnamon, Sugar, Cake.) Beasts with this kind of Prefix are the least deadly, but most numerous, as on death they split into two weaker kinds. The amount of grist upon death remains the same. The Sturdy beasts Have the most amount of splits. They will permanently die if Melted with fire based attacks. Yup. Boosts to other categories are a small boost to Strength and Life bar, but drop more Vitality Gel (Health drops).

The Fourth and final prototype is a Lego Crab. The beasts would have a Coloured brick Prefix (Yellow Brick, Purple Brick, spare bricks.) Beasts with this kind of prefix would have smaller health vials, but Multiple versions of them, allowing the beasts to reform before exploding into grist. You can quickly shatter a health vial by causing them to harm themselves on the environment, or use motion or wind based attacks to scatter the pieces. Be careful not to step on them as they leave a hazard on the ground that damages you after they die. Boosts to other categories don’t result in a stat increase, but instead the ability to keep fighting without your limbs.

The Royalty as a result will have traits from all of the Prototypes, or any prospitian or dersite who holds the King’s scepters/wears the queen’s rings. This results in Towering official looking executioner Royalty, who rule with Iron fists.
The Queen will be Slender and Regal, having a powerful revolver at her side, and a lethal whip. Her body would be a twisted, but regal mess of Vines and leaves, of Sugary sweets, and of pieces of Lego, dressed as the sheriff of the land. She would have the power to precisely grow and control plants, as well as the ability to split twice into half as powerful versions of herself, able to reform their bodies twice. She would have a Brutal crippling weakness to Fire based damage, but would regenerate her Life vials incredibly fast in the sunlight, growing stronger the closer to Skaia she gets. This specific arrangement of powers belongs to whoever wields the queen’s ring. Bring a Flamethrower for your own sanity.
The King on the Other hand is a Towering Redwood, Dressed as the Most deadly of Outlaws. It’s High noon on skaia, and the king demands a shootout. He is a Towering Redwood Made of Jawbreakers, and only the Blackest of legos. He has a Massive Powerful Revolver, that would likely do some massive damage if it hits you, and a Thick, heavy whip. He would be incredibly sturdy, With a Very Thick Bark Outer layer as a First Health Vial, with a strong and fast regen rate, a Very strong Jawbreaker Skin as A Second layer, and as you attack this layer Pieces shatter off making smaller versions of himself, and a quick to Reform Third Vial. You must defeat his third vial to truly kill him, but if you allow him to reform, you have to destroy the Jawbreaker skin once again. Bring A Flamethrower and A Jackhammer. You’ll need it.

Saskatchewan Gothic

They call it the land of the living skies. You don’t know who They are, but They aren’t wrong, the motto on the license plates is less of slogan and more of a warning. You can feel it hum and breathe down your neck, a constant beckoning. Those less careful than you get caught and consumed by that delirious blue.

At dusk, you can hear a pack of hunting coyotes howl - a few, then dozens, then hundreds of snarls and yelps, layers upon layers of barks and screams. You say, “Coyotes don’t hunt in packs.” Your friend, not turning from the TV, says, “You’re right.”

Deep in mid winter when the horizon and the sky become blurred by fog and ice, the news caster announces, “The sun dogs have finally appeared!”. Sweat on his brow, he pulls anxiously at his shirt collar. No one leaves their homes that day.

You sigh as you sit on the curb of your street, “There’s nothing to do,” you whine. Your friends agree, “There’s nothing you can do,” they all laugh, softly at first but building up, rising, hysterical and teary eyed. You don’t know what they mean, but you feel a heavy sense of dread. Their laughs are are loud and sharp, but hollow. It stings your ears. 

You spend your summer vacation at Last Mountain Lake. Everyone jokes that a mountain in the prairies would be a speed bump. But you know, you’ve seen it late at night, rising from the lake, giant endless, and silent. By morning it’s gone.

You often stare out into the farmers field behind your house. The wheat moves, waves, and bends to the wind, like an infinite golden ocean. In the distance you swear you see something breach the earth and crash back down, hidden. When the combines go out to harvest, you can almost make out mournful cries under the terrible roar of the thrashing engine. You aren’t allowed to set foot in the field, but sometimes you think you see blood on the bales.


ART: Christophe Guinet Creates Nikes From Live Flowers & Tree Bark

For his “Just Grow It” collection French artist Christophe Guinet (aka Mr. PLANT) fills and covers Nike sneakers with plants.

Flowers engulf the fabric, soil and rocks are caked on the swoosh, and layers of bark replace popular styles of shoes. Each of the sculptures is living and matched carefully to each shoe.

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[fic] stand by you

written for hakyonaweek day 4: protect
bandits attack, and yona is adamant on doing her role. it’s time she protects him, too. nsfw with some(?) resemblance of a plot.
notes: again, many special thanks to @miah-kat for her stellar editing skills!


It happens slowly. Or maybe it happens too fast, but her brain plays it back to her so many times that she can already see it behind her lids.

She had noticed that they were in need of firewood, and had offered to collect some. Night was rapidly approaching, and the faded sun reflected through Hak’s guandao as he silently stood up to join her.

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anonymous asked:

If you're ever taking writing prompts I'd love to get your take on the Woodsman!

Sure! I love the Woodsman.

On Ao3

Henry Pines stood in the forest and breathed.

It was not something he did very often, because even three years after the incident where his entire being shifted into something more than human, the edges of his abilities still tended to scare him a little. The changes ranged from the subtle to the drastic, and some of the less noticeable ones were the ones that still bothered him.

The antlers, he got used to. He knew they were there even when they were ethereal. He could feel the cold weight of the limbs hanging from them, not as dead as they should be. The fire he could sense centered somewhere close to his heart became a strange kind of comfort after a while, as did the phantom sense of the handle of his axe under his fingers, the knowledge that he would always be ready and capable of protecting himself and his loved ones. The new senses were harder to deal with. At times, he felt less contained by his own body than he should be.

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This morning, the forest floor laid trees of yesteryear, fallen in storms long forgotten. The seasons have been harsh, stripping away the bark and outer layers, yet rendering them all the more beautiful. They have the appearance of driftwood, twisting in patterns that remind Kalanie of seaside waves; even the colour of the moss is kelp-like. They are soft, damp, yet her fingers come away dry. Kalanie tilted her head upward, feeling her hair tumble further down her back; the pines are several houses tall, reaching toward the golden rays of spring. Birdsong had come in lulls and bursts, the silence and the singing working together as well as any improvised melody. A new smile had painted itself upon her pale face, rose-pink lips semi-illuminated by that dappled light.

It had been foolish of her to underestimate the utter blackness of nighttime in the woods though.

In her mind the trees would be black trunks against a bluish charcoal sky, the path would become deepest brown and the moonlight would bleach the stones within it. Hadn’t every painting of woods at night been like that? Even if there was a moon tonight its silvery rays would not penetrate the dense canopy above. She was in too far in to turn back, the twilight she had mistaken for night had passed rapidly. It could be no blacker in a coffin, six feet under and piled with dirt. She began to breathe the cool air more rapidly. Would they find here—the townsfolk who accused her of being a devil’s spawn? Or would they fear the ancient wood for the curses of their folklore?

The sixteen year old maiden sank to her bottom on the damp earth of late autumn and settled in to wait for dawn or her companion to return. All the while she listened for the bears and the wolves… watched for the telltale firelight to materialize from the shadows. Unaware that she was no longer alone in this cold and eerie place.



Iruka knows something is wrong the moment he walks around the corner and gets a mouthful of mask.

It tastes like old, stale tea and morning breath, a sickly combination of wet dog and aftershave, with a subtle hint of dirt, sweat, and moldy tree bark layered beneath.

It tastes like shit.

BLEEEECH!” Iruka jerks back, spitting, trying to get the foul taste out of his mouth. He has the strong urge to gargle, but he’ll have to wait until he’s done dry-heaving. Thank Kami he skipped breakfast. He doesn’t think he’s ever tasted anything that disgusting in his life, other than Naruto’s cooking.

“Whoops,” he hears. Iruka looks up to find Kakashi blinking lazily at him, looking more amused than surprised, which doesn’t really help his mood. “Sorry, Sensei. Didn’t see you there.”

“Hokage Mountain!” Iruka chokes out. “When’s the last time you washed that thing?” A small voice in the back of his head reminds him this is a pretty rude thing to say, but he promptly tells that voice to shut up. He’s too grossed out and irritated to be polite or courteous at the moment.

Kakashi just shrugs.

“Eh, a while.”

“A while?!” Iruka can’t stop himself now, the jounin’s nonchalance at the situation and the embarrassment at the accidental kiss stoking his inner furnaces of rage. “That thing tastes like a dead animal!”

“The dogs WERE licking my face earlier,” Kakashi muses.

Iruka leans over and retches a little more, scrubbing his mouth with the back of his hand.

“I really am sorry, Sensei,” Kakashi says, and actually sounds sincere. “It won’t happen again.”

“Okay. Okay, good.” Iruka takes several deep breaths, slowly straightening. He needs mints. Lots and lots of mints. And a toothbrush. “Take care, Kakashi-san.”

Kakashi gives him a parting nod and saunters past him down the hall, then pauses, glancing back over his shoulder.

“And if, by chance, it does happen again,” he says, a mischievous glint in his eye, “I’ll be sure to pull my mask down.”

Iruka snorts ruefully at the offer and rolls his eyes, hurrying off on his way. He’s already running late for the meeting and stopping at the bathroom to gargle isn’t going to help.

It’s only several hours later, when Iruka is in a panicked rush to get some very important scrolls delivered on time and bolting through the building, that the little voice in the back of his head speaks up once again about the dangers of going around corners without looking, but it’s already too late.

“Whoops,” he hears.

Kakashi’s mouth tastes much better than the mask.

(Written for Kakairu 25 Days of Kisses, Day Three: Accidental Kiss)

The reasoning behind my post on whether the signs should be flowers or trees..

“ Blooms into a flower: Libra, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius

Grows into a tree: Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces “


There have been some rude comments and anons speaking of my post and they seemed unhappy with their placements according to their signs.
What I would like to explain is that the post was not meant to be demeaning or degrading to anyone as both flowers and trees have different unique aspects about them.
First, let me explain flowers. They are not weak or pathetic. They’re fragile, yes, but they’re strong with vibrancy and color. Flowers’ efflorescence is much quicker than trees, until they reach their full potential then wilt, but they start again just as fast when their seeds are blown away and planted again in the ground. By relating flowers to the signs simply shows their bouyancy and enthusiasm in life to keep going and going. When they die out, their lively determination keeps them to try again and not give up.
On the other hand, trees are not boring and they’re not unpleasant. Trees are thick with layers and layers of bark that have grown throughout their long years. Some shed their leaves and blossoms every year or so and create new ones but their core stays the same. They take a very long time to grow but their full evolution is strong and wise, lasting through many hardships and becoming the firm standing tree they are. As with the signs, it shows how they start small at first, but after going through many tasks and difficulties, they keep the same core and grow to make it stronger than before.
With this being said, my point is that you should not think of yourself to be boring if you’re a tree or to think that you are weak if you’re a flower. Both have very different and unique qualities that should not be looked down upon or feel degraded by the other plant/signs. In conclusion, both flower signs and tree signs come together to create the beauty of nature and life and my posts are all fully based upon my opinions and experiences I’ve had with people under each sign.
If you have any comments, opinions, or find any mistakes in my posts, please do notify me in a polite manner. Thank you.