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Anxiety secretly picks up strays and takes care of them in his room. One day Morality goes to call Anxiety for dinner and when he doesn't get a response he finds Anxiety under a pile of animals that he has adopted.

.tw: cats

Sorry if this is bad im tired and i havent really focused on it as much as i should.

Thanks to @analogically-prinxiety for helping with the ideas and the cat name “nix”

“It’s time for supper!!” Morality called out. He had called out twice before but he knew by now that they never responded until after the third call.

“sheesh Morality, we’re here now!” Roman sighed.

Morality smiled and walked up to the dishwasher where he pulled out Anxietys special plate.
He noticed that Anxiety had been distancing himself more than usual so he got the special plates all ready for Anxiety. He knew Anxiety felt self conscious about eating in front of the others so he sometimes brought the food to him but he wanted to give Anxiety his special plate. They only used this plate on special occasions or when they needed cheering up.

He was humming some sort of tune as he walked towards Anxietys room. He knocked two times before walking in, not prepared for the sight he saw.

Anxiety was laying in bed with a panicked look on his face. He had two cats on top of him, one fluffy cat that was orange and white under their chin and another cat that was fully black. Anxiety was at loss for words as the orange cat got off him and came towards Patton.

“Wait I can explain!”

“Kittens!!” Patton squealed and went forward to cuddle the orange cat that came right up to him, settinf the plate on the deak besides the door.

There was also a fluffy white cat racing around the room being followed by another black cat. There were two more cats, a grey cat with white fur at the front, sitting on Anxietys bed, watching Patton and another orange cat that was laying besides anxietys leg.

“You… you like cats?” Anxiety asked, unsure of what to say.

“I love all animals! I prefer dogs because they’re more energetic, but- aww look at him!!!” Morality cooed at the fluffy cat as it started purring, “aww he likes me!”

“He’s a she actually, but why dogs? They’re big balls who bark a lot, at least cats only meow to talk to humans, dogs just bark at whatever.” Anxiety said pushing the black cat off him as he sat up.

Morality was about to answer but Logan came into the room.

“I’m trying to study what is going-“ Logan let out a scream when he saw two cats run towards him. The black cat ran out the door while the white cat curved his back and quickly turned and went under Anxietys blanket.

“Hey Boo, it’s okay, Logan won’t hurt you, he’s not as mean as he looks, it’s okay.” Anxiety cooed coming up to the cat. The cat hissed, and Anxiety backed away, still saying soothing words. The cat was no longer hissing, but he was shrinking deeper in the blanket.

“What the-“ Roman was now at the door besides Logan who was frozen in fear from the cat.

“Aren’t you the adorablest cat of them all, and you-and you and-“ Morality was too distracted by how cute the cats were.

Anxiety was nervous.

“I can explain!“

“You better! Logan has never been so scared before.” Roman said as he was trying to reassure logan by rubbing on his arms.

“I’m okay, I just didn’t expect to see a cat coming out of Anxiety’s room,” Logan blushed but was looking a lot more comfortable than before.

“I- I saw these cats wandering around and I thought I could take care of them, you know because they’re so cute and need a home. A shelter would just throw them in a cage or-or put them to sleep and I can’t do that to these six adorable feinds,”

“You… you realize that means mischievous or a wicked person?” Logan asked.

“Yeah?” Anxiety said frowning, “so? They’re still adorable feinds. They need a home and i gave them one. You can’t just take that away from them!”

The other sides stared at him, surprised. He had never been this defensive or looked so desperate doing it.

“Well he’s right. We can’t just throw them back in the streets. Besides look at this little ball of fluff, isn’t she adorable?!” Morality cooed at the orange and white cat.

“I call her fluffy. She’s the snuggliest of them all but loves to be playful.”

“Oh I know! How about we each adopt one? Take them off your hands? That way they could not be cooped up in one room!” Patton offered.

“oh, and Logan, Boo would be perfect for you.” morality said.

“I suppose i could look after a creature that is more frightened of me than i am. Plus they are pleasing to look at and make me want to squeeze their head.”

“i never thought i’d hear you say that.” Anxiety said hiding back a smile.

“Oh i can take this one too!!” morality pointed at the orange cat that was still on anxiey’s bed, Unphased by the strangers in the room, “ Please please please let me adopt her.”

“she’s all yours. I’ve never seen anyone adapt with her so quickly.” anxiety chuckled.

“I guess we could keep them seperately but i don’t know.” roman said.

“you could take the black cat. He rarely needs company but he will be there for you if you need it.”

“i guess i do need company when im in my room. And i have plenty in it to keep them entertained.”

“you have an entire forest in your room. I think they’ll be happy.” Anxiety pointed out.

“why not?” Roman said.

“okay so He likes to play and run a lot but is usually isolates himself. He went running out though so you’ll have to go find him.” anxiety said, “but he’d be perfect for you.”

“sweet I’l shall be back. Onwords to find our beloved lost cat!” Roman smiled and walked out of the room. Anxiety rolled his eyes.

“okay so he gets the black cat snd i get these two cats?” morality asked

“yeah and pie is what i call him.” anxiety said.

“whats this cats name?” logsn asked. Anxiety and morality turned to face him suprised to see him bendinf low to pet the white cat that had recently hissed ay anxiety

“Uuh her name is Boo.”

“Why is she called that?”

“Because she’s white like a ghost and is easily scared.”

“I dont understand your reasoning, but that is quite adorable for her.”

“Hey! What are you doing?!“ Roman screamed. The sides turned their heads to the door as they heard stomping. Before they could think to leave the room Roman came back holding up the black fluffy cat awkwardly. “nope I take it back. I’m not taking in this cat. He just tried to scratch my beautiful royal bed headset.”

Anxiety just snickered.

“Too late roman, you just agreed to take in Dragon.”

“Dragon?! I cannot have a creature in my room named after a creature i fight every day, especially one as adorable and evil as this creature.”

“No takesies backsies” Anxiety said.

“That’s such a childish thing to say.” Roman snapped.

“I say that all that time though” Morality said petting Fluffy.

“Exactly.” Roman snapped, looking uncertainly and uncomfortable at the cat.

“That looks highly uncomfortable Roman. I think it would be best to put them down until you can learn to properly pick them up.” Logan pointed out, petting Boo who was starting to purr.

“Aww they’re so cute!!! Wait, Can you take in Boo?” Morality asked, “I’ll take them in if you can’t.”

“Well,” Logan looked thoughtful, “They are quite a pleasure to pet. I have wanted a companion to keep me company in my room so i suppose I could take her in.”

“Yay! So it’s settled! I get fluffy and Pie, Anxiety keeps… Wait, what’s the black cats and gray cats name?”

“Nix and then grey”

“Aww that’s such a cute name for them!! Aww! Okay, Anxiety gets nix, and grey, Roman gets dragon and Logan gets fluffy!!”

“Sounds like it’s settled.” logan said stroking boos chin.

“Good luck with Dragon Prince!” Anxiety said smirking.

“Yeah yeah, i get it. Thank you for Dragon Anxiety. Some sappy smuck about how this is going to lead to a happily ever after yada da da, the end. Good night. This prince needs his beauty sleep. And im guessing Drafon is going to have to get used to his new room. Night.”

Prince grabbed Dragon in his arms, and positioned them so they wouldn’t fall and left the room.

“For some reason I’m really curious. How did you come up with Dtagons name?” Patton asked holding the two cats at the same time.

“Oh i didn’t have a name for him yet. I just thought that would fit because Prince would hate it.”

((No idea how to end so tada!! Sorry it took months to answer back!! ))

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Getting a dog w/ Shawn?? Bulletpoint..

  • Ok so we know he’s allergic to dogs so you two getting a dog together would be his desperate attempt to grow out of it
  • But because he’s still actually allergic the pup would have to stay at your place
  • You two would go to a shelter so you could adopt (always adopt - never buy ok guys)
  • And he would instantly fall in love with a tiny baby husky and you’d take that lil nugget home
  • So, having the dog is a different thing
  • At first, you’d both be extremely obsessed with it
  • Shawn would be pumped full of antihistamines at all times so as to not die
  • Side effects of some antihistamines include drowsiness so Shawn would be sleepy and giggly all the time
  • And he would try to name it something from Harry Potter I bet ya that boy is such a nerd
  • Something badass, like Fawkes or Hedwig
  • He would try to teach the pup tricks from day one because he’s always wanted a puppy to be his best friend 
  • You two would watch tv with your new baby between you two, always dozing off
  • And that’s cool at first, you guys can cuddle in bed
  • Until the lil fucker won’t leave the bedroom during sexy time, the cockblock he is
  • But when he grows a little older, he starts to get it and you guys can finally enjoy some time to yourselves without a barking ball of fluff showing up between the sheets
  • And hopefully, Shawn becomes desensitised to the pup and he can actually move in because he practically lives there anyway

Who wants me to write this

Soooo I had a cute little imagine for Phil (Lester) but it doesn’t really go with my blog. So I thought I’d submit it here! Enjoy. <3


Phil x Reader.

Hide and Seek. ~~~ “Rosie? Rosie…Where are you?” Phil sighed as he looked around the apartment. He had searched everywhere he could think of. Under the sofa, under the bed, behind the curtains. If she could fit there, he had looked. “Dan. Have you seen Rosie anywhere? Y/N Is going to kill me if I don’t find her.” He stopped looking underneath the pillows as he saw his roommate come out of his room. “So I may have lost Rosie.” Dan stood in the middle of Phil’s room confused. “How did you lose her? She’s not hard to keep an eye on for one hour Phil.” His voice became higher with each word he spoke. “I don’t know! She was here and now she’s gone! What do I do? I just wanted to impress Y/N.” Phil looked at Dan with desperate eyes. Sighing he agreed to help his friend look for the rascal. “Rosie. We have treats if you come out!” “Come to us and we won’t lock you in one room for the rest of the day…” “DAN!” “What?” He feigned an innocent smile as he hid a smirk that Phil knew oh-too-well. “Now is not the time for games. Y/N Is going to be here to pick Rosie up in…5 Minutes!” Becoming more frantic with each second that passed, Phil was starting to worry. What if Y/N never forgave him, what if they never spoke to him, what if Rosie was hurt. Each thought ran through Phil’s mind each one getting worse the more time passed. As 8 o'clock arrived the boys still had no luck finding her. Phil sunk on to the edge of the bed, his head heavy in his hands. “They’ll never forgive me Dan.” Beside him he felt the bed dip and a hand was placed on his shoulder. “Hey, don’t worry. These things happen, we haven’t left the door open and there isn’t anyway she could get out. Rosie is still in this flat I promise you. Besides, Y/N is an understanding person. Just trust me okay?” Phil lifted his head from his hands and nodded slowly, pulling himself together. The sound of a knock on the door echoed throughout the flat. Phil hesitantly stood up and dragged his feet along to the door where Y/N was waiting. As he opened the door he was met with a smiling Y/N. “Phil! How’s your day been? How’s Rosie?” Y/N grinned and walked into the flat as he opened the door to let her in. “Y/N I don’t know how to tell you this bu-” He was interrupted by the light patter of feet on the wooden floor and a loud bark. The big ball of fluff went straight between Phil’s feet and jumped into Y/N’s arms. “Rosie! Hello little one.” Y/N stroked the fur as the dog wiggled excitedly in their arms. Meanwhile Dan retreated back to his bedroom as Phil stood there jaw dropped. “Was she good for you? She can be a little bit of a handful but I hope it wasn’t too much.” Phil nervously laughed a little as he stroked Rosie’s fur to make sure she was really there. “Her? Handful? Never! She was an absolutely delight..” He chuckled at the end of the sentence, just glad to see nothing too bad had happened to the bundle of fur and barks. Y/N grinned and said their goodbyes. As they were halfway out of the door they quickly spun round to kiss Phil on the cheek. “Thank you again. I don’t know what I would have done if I had to leave her alone.” Finally they walked out of the door as Rosie left a goodbye bark and Phil shut the door. Utterly exhausted he collapsed on to his bed before whispering. “Never am I taking care of that dog again.“  ~~~ Not amazing I know but still hope you enjoyed. I believe this is where you submit any imagines/prompts/etc but I may be mistaken. Fingers crossed I’m not or it’ll be very embarrassing, but definitely something I’d do knowing me. ~~ Erin xoxo.

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Can I have an imagine where your brads girlfriend and your having a summer bbq in his back garden and you and brad are cuddling Jess in running after Tristan and Conner is trying to annoy you and brad not in a nasty way and James is cooking the food can it be to y/n please x

Thanks for the request :) I hope you like it

Brad imagine, you have a BBQ with the other boys; 

As James flips a burger on the grill, Jesse barks at Tristan, who’s holding her tennis ball. You smirk as you watch Tristan pretend to throw the ball, just to annoy and confuse Brad’s dog. Jesse woofs and wags her tail at Tristan. Brad laughs, “Stop teasing her,” he says. Tristan grins and tosses the ball onto the lawn, which Jesse chases instantly. You giggle as you snuggle into Brad’s chest on the lawn chair you two are sharing. He places his right hand on your back while holding his drink with his left. “Aw, well aren’t you two the cutest couple ever?” Connor teases, chuckling from his chair. Brad gives him a glare, but Connor only sticks out his tongue. “The food will be ready in about ten minutes,” James informs everyone. “Make sure you don’t overcook Y/N’s burger. She doesn’t like them too crispy,” Brad replies. James gives him a thumbs up, then turns back to the grill. Connor smirks silently to himself, but Brad pays no attention to it. “Jesse,” he calls. Jesse’s ears perk up and she looks over at Brad with her head tilted to one side, the tennis ball hanging from her jaws. “Come here Jess,” he says in a sweet tone - almost as if he’s talking to a baby. Jesse bolts over to Brad, dropping the ball at his feet. Brad chuckles and picks it up awkwardly, trying not to make you fall off his lap. “You want the ball?” He holds it up. Jesse barks. “You want the ball?” He shakes his hand around. Jesse barks again and begins to wag. “Go get it!” Brad chucks the ball across the yard, and Jesse sprints after it. You laugh lightly. “You’d make a good dad,” you comment quietly. Brad looks at you and smiles widely. “You think?” He questions. You nod. “Well, you’re great with Jesse, and dog’s are practically like children,” you state. Brad smirks and nods. “Yeah, I guess. You’d make a good mom.” You smile as a small blush creeps to your cheeks. “Maybe some day,” you tell him. You suddenly hear Connor awing. “Oh I love you Brad. I love you too Y/N! Let’s get married. Okay! Connor has to be your best man though. Oh, I wouldn’t dream of having it any other way!” Connor changes his voice after every statement from high to low to imitate you and Brad. Your blush deepens, and you even see Brad blushing lightly. “We don’t sound like that …” He frowns in embarrassment when Tristan laughs. “You kind of do,” he says. James snickers and nods. Brad gives them all playful glares. “You’re all just jealous that I have the best girlfriend ever.”

I forgot my ID and this officer just took my word that I was the project coordinator from X, and I needed to get into their server room. He looked at my laptop bag and you could physically see him decide that yeah, that’s a laptop. an IT guy would have one of those. everything checks out.

today also I played fetch with a puppy who was trying to be a big scary police dog, but he was barking with a tennis ball in his mouth


Stay With Me? || Muke Clemmings

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Relationship: Luke Hemmings/Michael Clifford [M/M]

Summary: Luke ends up invading Michael’s privacy by reading his journal and figuring out some not so pleasant things which leads Luke to try and care for Michael without him finding out he knows about his well being. 

Word Count: 1200+

Warnings: I don’t like writing anything with particular trigger warnings so I’ll try my best but I am putting it out there that there may be some type of trigger warning so please read at your own risk (and ily so much)

A/N: if you don’t enjoy muke clemmings then fuck outta here (don’t bash me if you don’t enjoy this stuff, I take all requests)

P.S. the GIF fucked me up

Luke has always had some sort of fascination with Michael. Sure they both wanted to kill each other in year nine, but it all changed after they got to know each other better. Michael was kind of like Luke’s “guardian”, beating up anyone who would make fun of him and in return Luke promised to help Michael with his school work. Together, they were the best of friends and they didn’t care if they got some weird looks. There was always some constant urge shouting more than friends in the back of both of their minds, but they never voiced that thought considering the massive repercussions it would accompany. Everything between Luke and Michael was better than ever, until Luke was bored in Michael’s room and came across something he knew he shouldn’t have. 

What’s taking him so long? Luke mentally whined as he loosely hung his arm off the edge of the bed, waving it back and forth. He sighed as he turned to lie on his stomach, right hand finding it’s way under Michael’s pillow that had been previously covered by his duvet. His hand gently brushed something hard and he abruptly ceased all his arm movements, slowly removing the pillow as he sat up. He looked at a simple black pleather journal of sorts. Figuring it was some notebook Michael used for school, he began thumbing through it before he realised that there were no math formulas, no nomenclatures, and nothing school related. He stopped at the most recent page and observed Michael’s messy writing he adored so much. His brows furrowed as he began paying attention to the words on the pages, didn’t get much sleep tonight, but what else it new. A line read as Luke became more invested in the scribbles, I don’t feel motivated to many things anymore, all I wanna do it sit in bed and maybe play video games. And hang out with Luke, he’s the only person I can trust. Read the next sentence, I’m really lonely. I only want Luke but I know he doesn’t want anything to do with me…in that way. Read the last sentence as Luke processed the things he’s just read. Michael felt the same way about him? He never expected anything like this, especially from Michael. More importantly, he was worried about Michael’s mental well being. Not sleeping most night? Not motivated to do anything but stay in bed and maybe play video games? He knew Michael had trouble some nights falling asleep but he never thought it was to such an extent. He heard the sound of Michael’s footsteps come closer as he rushed to return the journal to it’s previous location. “Got the snacks!” Michael said as he set the bowl of chips on the floor along with a couple of cans of pop and a bag of candy. “O-oh yeah, great.” Luke stuttered, not being able to look at Michael the same as before. Michael gave him a look of confusion, “you okay?” He questioned as he sat on the floor near Luke, “yeah, perfect.” Luke assured as he joined Michael on the floor, grabbing the chips. 

The weather outside was miserable and neither of the boys wanted to do anything that required strenuous physical movements so they both decided on a movie. “Anchorman?” Luke suggested as Michael agreed, popping the disc in, sitting beside Luke. Luke couldn’t focus on the movie, his mind was racing with thoughts of Michael unable to sleep and unmotivated to do anything. He thought about the countless times he brushed off Michael’s “bad mood” and let him get over it himself. So he decided right then and there to take better care of Michael. “It’s getting kinda late, aren’t you tired?” Luke tried to ease in as the movie ended. “It’s like 11:30, that’s really early.” Michael commented turning the lights back on. “I don’t know, I’m usually out at this time. You aren’t?” Luke tried to move the attention on Michael. “…I usually get to sleep at around one-ish.” He replied a little hesitant. Luke gave him a look of compliance and he relaxed. “Why are you asking anyway?” Michael asked as he sat back down beside Luke. “No reason, just wondering.” Luke answered trying to sound as convincing as possible. Michael slowly nodded but didn’t believe Luke, it wasn’t like him to just ask these sort of questions without any real purpose. The night went on and Luke kept slipping question in about how Michael was doing respectively; mentally. “Okay seriously, why do you keep asking me these weird questions?” Michael snapped at the last intrusive question Luke fired at him. Luke just shrugged his shoulders as he mumbled a quiet ‘I don’t know’. “I swear to god Luke if-” Michael stopped mid sentence as something in his brain clicked, “you fucking dick!” Michael spat as he sprung off the couch. “What?!” Luke shot back acting confused. “You read my fucking journal didn’t you?” He barked, fists balled up as he felt his entire world crumble. “Wh-what?” Luke stuttered trying to save his ass. “Drop the fucking act.” Michael demanded as Luke sighed. “Look, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to, I kinda just came across it.” He answered truthfully. “So you decided to read it?!” Michael fired back, completely furious. “I thought it was a notebook!” Luke defended now standing up himself. Michael rolled his eyes so mad he couldn’t even formulate a coherent sentence through his rage. “Michael, I know you’re mad…but I just really care about you.” Luke said in a hushed tone trying to calm Michael. There were no words exchanged by the two boys for a little while. “No one’s ever cared for me.” Michael replied meekly as he turned to face Luke, tears brimming his eyes. Luke couldn’t bare the sight of Michael in this much pain and involuntarily rushed to grip Michael in a hug, his tears finally spilling. “Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’m right here.” Luke cooed as he rocked Michael gently, combing through his fiery locks. Michael let out weak sobs as Luke continued to coo and calm Michael down, letting him get everything out. “I’m sorry.” Michael said hoarsely as he finally pulled away to wipe his eyes, “don’t be.” Luke reassured as he led Michael up to his room by the shoulders. Once in his room he set Michael on his bed and sat next to him, wrapping a protective arm around him. “Wanna talk about it?” Luke asked after a short while. “Which part did you read?” Michael asked, avoiding Luke’s previous question. “The most recent one.” Luke sighed as he gently traced his fingers up and down Michael’s arm. “And you aren’t weirded out?” Michael asked, looking up at Luke. “Why would I be?” Luke questioned. “I admitted that I liked you in that way.” Michael mumbled embarrassed. Luke let out a low chuckle, “have you really not gotten my hints I’ve been dropping?” Michael’s head shot up at the end of Luke’s sentence. “Really?” He asked with a sense of hope and happiness in his tone. Luke nodded his head, “really.” He confirmed as he pressed a kiss to Michael’s forehead. “You should get some sleep.” Luke stated unwrapping himself, both of them hating the loss of contact from each other. Michael nodded but didn’t move, “will you maybe…stay?” He asked timidly playing with his fingers. “Of course.” Luke whispered as Michael gave him a small smile, crawling under the covers waiting for Luke to join him. Luke wrapped his strong arm around Michael’s torso, bringing him in closer. “Sleep tight, strong prince.” Luke said as he kissed the top of Michael’s head, cuddling into him, hearing Michael mumble something before falling asleep.