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Bodyswap AU. Emil and Michele magically switch bodies and now need to find out how to switch back without making people suspicious.

  • Michele tripping over stuff all the time because “How the hell do you operate these giant long legs and arms, Emil?!”
  • Emil terrified of having Michele’s taste buds - he suddenly HATES his favourite chocolate donuts!!!
  • Michele hitting his head on everything, not realizing his height
  • Emil angry with himself because Michele’s body is just not as quick to regenerate as his one
  • Them actually having to s k a t e like this!!!
  • Everyone being weirded out because Emil suddenly can’t jump any of his quads
  • On the other hand Emil barking at everyone who comes close to Sara, especially at Michele
  • Emil (the real one) definitely uses this to dig up some dirt on Mickey while talking to Sara lol
  • Michele demands the two of them spending the nights at Emil’s place together because he can’t trust Emil with his body
  • TBH they spend 24 hours a day together because Michele can’t trust Emil with his body
  • Emil cries because he can’t do wall-climbing with “such tiny hands and feet”
Meet Ph! (J) 4/23/17

Ph is a young tree folk spirit! He seems to act more like a sprite than a tree folk, as he is very positive and adventurous. He can be a little mischievous at time, but all in good fun. Ph is about 5′6″ in both his treefolk and humanoid form. He doesn’t change into his humanoid form very often, but he has brown curly hair, tan skin with bark-like swirls on it, and likes wearing a green t shirt. 

Ph is a good match for someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time as he is fairly self sustaining. He doesnt need to be taken care of like some other younger spirits, but he would still need to be treated like a companion, of course. He can come off as shy at first, but once he gets to know his companion, he is definitely a lot of fun to be around. Because he has so much unused energy, he would be a great help to those interested in energy work.

For offerings, Ph would like leaves (that have been taken with permission), owl imagery, and water!

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