baritone horn

for ftm marching band kids:

please please PLEASE. DO NOT WEAR YOUR BINDER DURING PRACTICE. DO NOT BIND DURING PRACTICE. THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! binders are NOT meant to be worn while exercising. this can damage your ribs and chest! as most band kids will tell you there is NO TIME TO CHANGE DURING PRACTICES. DO NOT WEAR YOUR BINDERS TO PRACTICE. this causes so many problems for your health. even if you think you can be an acception because you have a lighter instrument or you’re in pit, DONT DO IT. during band camp you are outside for HOURS without any breaks or time to go inside (in most cases anyways and if you go inside it’s for a short period of time for dinner or something). the heat outside (because it’s summer) can make it hard to breathe in your binder. this happened to one of my friends please don’t subject yourself to this.

what the instruments do the night before a Big Concert™
  • french horn: the only ones who are well rested and prepared for the concert
  • tuba: runs around screaming
  • euphonium / baritone: looks to see what the tubas are doing, and then Not That
  • flute: gets 12 hours of sleep they don't deserve
  • mellophone: gets ice cream and ignore their problems
  • trumpet: perfecting the solo and outfit well into the night
  • trombone: stays up until 3am for no reason
  • piccolo: night terrors about intonation. 1 hour of sleep at best
  • saxophone: awesome jazz
  • clarinet: stress out about disappointing their conductor/parents/selves
  • oboe: frantically making reeds
  • bassoon: frantically thinking about making reeds but being too lazy to actually make them
  • percussion: either high at Denny's or running around with the tubas
  • piano: cursing Chopin