All in Zoolander (Major spoilers!)

Wow :-) some HUGELY SPOILERY thoughts of BC as All;

The film is dire (in my view) but in the minute or so that bc is in it he steals the show. All is looks incredibly beautiful and strong; and their voice moves between a soft lilt and the baritone and it’s kinda hypnotic…

I was not expecting All to go from ethereal and imposing to suddenly giving Derek the most intense eye sex ever. So. Much. Eye sex…

The whipping scene is epic; strapped to metallic wings and torso exposed they suddenly turn into this maleficent dark angel with incredible beastly power. It’s incredibly hot (again) not helped by the fact that All is wearing tight silver hot pants with a nano second of the cumberthighs :-)

Stay for the credits for a glimpse of All dancing in a mauve Chanel-like minidress with knee boots and um, so much thigh.

I have long accepted that my objectivity has been compromised but All really is the highlight; you just wanted more and didn’t just make the protagonists look outdated, they made them almost invisible…

And once again BC’s created something entirely new. Nothing like All in his whole pantheon thus far. Man is a chameleon. And am now putting All on same dais as Khan for appeal. I mean, like…. seriously…

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Wakey wakey!

From beneath the leafy canopy of the big oak tree, there slept a young man of about 22 years old. His long eyelashes, ever so gently kissing the apples of his cheeks, fluttered slightly in recoil. His eyebrows, once peaceful as he dreamed, knitted slightly with disdain, and his eyelids twitched.

A slight groan, and a pout grew more obviously across the features of his face. With a displeased wrinkle of his nose, unsettling the freckles spotted across his complexion, Lovino’s eyelashes lifted to reveal tired, hazy eyes of gold. While everything began to blur into focus, he arched his back and stretched - it was then, he noted, that there was a figure looming oher him. Who the hell was disturbing his nap?

“No.” Came the simple reply, the young man’s baritone voice raspy from sleep as he rolled onto his side. How dare anyone try and compromise his very important siesta?

hey there fellow bandies! im the new admin for @bandkidsunite !! 

I am a sophomore, age 15, at a Catholic high school in Minnesota (don’tcha know) I have played trumpet since 5th grade, and picked up french horn for this concert season. I don’t have a favorite color, but I like pink and blue and black. I have one dog, a Shetland Sheepdog (think mini collie). My favorite sport is marching band, of course! 

Our band competes in the Festival of Bands in Sioux Falls, SD. That competition is a big 4(ish) state competition with competitors from 1A to 4A. We are one of the smallest 2A bands, but oh we kick butt! (see 2014… we placed third - beating several 3A and 4A bands!!) We also compete in Waseca (MAKE THE JAYS BLEED [long story… tell you later if you ask]) Rosemount, Youth in Music, Prairie Colors (Eden Prairie) and Eastview. We recently had a Night of Jazz (in co-op with our choir) where any music department kids can sing a song or play an instrument that is jazzy. It was extremely fun to see several of my classmates there. There was a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT there ~ WE ARE GETTING NEW UNIFORMS!!!!!!!!!!!! more info to come~ We also host DCI competitions at our community college stadium (River City Rhythm in Rochester, Minnesota) - our favorite corps is the Cavaliers!!! We have two members in the Colts corps as well. (LOVE YOU HUHN AND PAULYYY)

If you want my personal, just ask :) I’ll only give it to you if you ask publicly, and I will answer it privately. Also, I will be answering some of your ships soon!

Love you all! Have a fabulous day band fam! 


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Name: Emma

Nickname: Em, Emmers, Emma Bemma, Toodles, Star Child, Moose, and Cas

Star sign: Sagittarius

Gender: Hetero

Height: 5′3 (I’m a smol bean)

Favorite color: Blue, purple, mint green, grey, black, and white

Time right now: 4:44 pm

Average hours of sleep: Anywhere from between four and seventy thousand.

Last thing I googled: Why is there not a pancake emoji 😂

Number of blankets I sleep under: One to two

Favorite fictional character: Probably either Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter or Thalia Grace from Percy Jackson… maybe Fred and George from Harry Potter… I have a long list

Favorite books: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Selection series, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, TFIOS, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Between Shades of Grey (not Fifty Shades of Grey), The Book Thief, the Maze Runner series, lots of Edgar Allan Poe’s work, Chains, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, TABINOF

Favorite bands/singers: Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Green Day, Muse, Coldplay, My Chemical Romance, and Twenty One Pilots

Dream job: Either a photographer, baker, youtuber, teacher or psychologist

What am I wearing right now: One of my favourite pairs of skinny jeans, a big grey and white jumper, and a necklace that says “9 ¾”

When did you create your blog: I think it was this past summer

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Seven have entered the waters...

◣◣“You lost, lil’ morsel?” the great white inquired, his deep baritone voice rumbling; heavy with a thick Australian accent. With a predatory gaze, piercing blue eyes inspected the stranger and across scarred lips spread a wide, cheshire cat smile, filled to the brim with serrated pearly whites. 










“Miss Ryuuko!”

Turning on her heels, the snowy-haired Au Ra gave an alerted look before her lips curled into a smile at the person calling to her—Lowell, a familiar Hyuran man. Like her, he resided in Tailfeather, though unlike many of the other residents he was no hunter.

“Lowell-san,” Ryuuko said in greeting, turning to him fully and bowing straightly. Lowell practically jogged up to her.

“Sorry I caught you so early in the morning. I had the fortune of seeing you and I wanted to talk to you. Do you remember me?”

Her face was serious as she concentrated on the foreign words, but she smiled eventually. “Yes! Kind man, tried to pay me for fortune,” she recalled with a sweet giggle. A baritone laugh accompanied, and Lowell set his hand on his hip, feigning indignation.

“You should be paid, you’re providing a service!” He watched as Ryuuko made a polite dismissive gesture, which only prompted him to cock his head in false annoyance.

“You want another reading?” Ryuuko asked. A smile of amusement followed, “Still, no pay.”

Surprisingly, Lowell shook his head, and relaxed from his playful chiding. “Actually, I don’t. I wanted to talk to you.”

Ryuuko’s pale yellow eyes blinked. “Oh. Yes?”

“Your last reading… You told me I would meet a beauty, a woman who would show interest in me. Only just two weeks ago, I met Bethana, and I must say you were completely correct! A truer beauty I’ve never seen—I think I’m in love!”

That was a lot of words all at once, and in a fast, rambling pace at that. Ryuuko had to focus pretty hard to catch all of it, but the clear delight that eventually covered her face made it obvious she understood just fine. “Ah, I am happy!” she exclaimed, enthusiastically clapping her hands together once. “I wish happiness for you.”

Lowell couldn’t stop himself from smiling, however slightly. “And Renfar—you told him that by the end of this moon, he’d hit some luck and make a small fortune. Do you know just two suns ago, he made preparations to move to Ul'dah to expand his business? He’s struck it rich!”

“Ohh! I am happy!”

“Tell me, Miss Ryuuko. Do you know everything?” Lowell finally questioned, tilting his head ever so slightly in curiosity.

Ryuuko shook her head, her snowy hair swaying with the movement. “The future is many paths, I see one,” she explained. “Follow path I see, fortune always true. But, future is yours, not mine. Choose path I did not see, and you choose future.”

Lowell admittedly didn’t quite follow, but he nodded along nonetheless, and Ryuuko continued.

“Future is not certain because of many paths. If correct, I am happy—if wrong, I am happy. Still, future can surprise you.”

The symphonic beats drifted through the room and over the crowd that had formed to cover the dance floor. The usuals clubs were gathered inside and mingled amongst themselves and anyone they deemed worthy of their time. Bobbie sat at the bar alone and waited for her drink to arrive. Despite the lack of patrons at the bartender took his time tending to her request.

Bobbie sighed heavily, her head falling as she relaxed the muscles in her neck to display a defeated posture. “The nerve of this guy.” A deep baritone struck her and she lifted her head to look over to the stranger who sat not far from her at the bar. “Huh?” She shouted out over the thumping bass. He opened his mouth to speak but said nothing, the music was far too loud for an actual conversation. They both just laughed.

The handsome stranger stood slowly, taking his time getting to his feet before he moved closer to Bobbie. He presented himself to her and winked as he pulled a small notepad from the pocket of his sweater. Both a name and a number were scribbled down but his eyes never let Bobbie’s.

Bobbie opened her mouth to speak but no words came out and the handsome stranger had already started to make his departure. With a wide grin on her face, she looked down at the note and saw his name in a beautiful cursive script. 


The Stereotypical Musician
  • Band Version, as determined in a half hour discussion in the band room
  • Piccolo:Quirky, lighthearted, wants to be left alone about their instrument
  • Flute:Takes things way too seriously
  • Clarinet:Shy, goofy when you get to know them, watches anime
  • Oboe:Tired
  • Alto Saxophone:Chill, usually an attractive guy
  • Tenor Saxophone:Awkward girl
  • Bari Sax:Doesn't look like they should be playing bari sax
  • Bassoon:Tall and serious girl or a short carefree guy
  • Bass Clarinet:Short and irritable
  • Trumpet:Immature, but fun
  • French Horn:Very few morals, if any
  • Trombone:Very flamboyant in all that they do
  • Tuba/Baritone:fat white guy with pimples
  • Percussionist:either is very serious about their instruments, but doesn't have the best rhythm or not very serious about their instruments but knows what they're doing.

Up next on weird instruments I found at NAMM: piccolo French horn, “wave” flute, Bass trumpet, and a trombone with a slide AND keys

Beginner Musician Guide: Instrument Names
  • Flute:Fruit
  • Oboe:Oblow
  • Clarinet:Squidward
  • Saxophone:Sax
  • Alto saxophone:Tall sax
  • Tenor saxophone:Ten saxes
  • Baritone Saxophone:Berry Sax
  • Bassoon:Bass soon
  • Trumpet:House pet
  • French horn:Drunk trumpet
  • Trombone:Slide trumpet
  • Tuba:Giant trumpet
  • Euphonium/Baritone:Mini tuba
  • Percussion:Concussion

The best part about dating luke would be discovering the little sounds he makes and the voices he uses. like, you’d get to hear the songs he’d hum as he burnt the toast at breakfast and the little whiny groan that’d push past his pouting lips as he stretched his arms above his head in bed after you woke him up because he “already slept through 3 alarms and was going to be late”. You’d get to be on the receiving end of Luke’s baby voice as he mumbled “love you, baby” and pressed a kiss to your temple. He’d probably always puff the air out of his cheeks as he jogged down the stairs. And you’d be lucky enough to hear him singing in funny voices in the shower, like when he’d lower his voice and sing baritone or when he’d sing Green Day in a country accent. You’d hear the loud groan and shouted curse word as Luke stubbed his toe on the couch for the billionth time and the “shUT UP” he’d scream at you when he heard you giggling even though you were in a different room. You’d hear all of his different laughs: his high pitched wheeze laugh, the loud and throaty laugh, even his giggle that made his nose scrunch up. And finally, even though it was a tad annoying, you’d get to hear his soft and slightly wheezy snoring in your ear as the two of you fell asleep together.