FLUORITE and BARITE (Calcium Fluoride and Barium Sulfate) crystals from Hastings County, Madoc, Ontario, Canada. The greenish fluorite crystals sit on a matrix of creamy white barite crystals.

Gorgeous Fluorite specimen! 🙌 So in love with these colors ✨ || “Bluish-green and lavender Fluorite cubes with Barite from Iran.” Photo via exceptional

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Video of the Day: Properties of Barite

Want to promote feelings of frienship and harmony in a particular space? Try keeping a piece of Barite in that area of your home, office, etc.! If you’d like to learn more about the metaphysical properties of this stone check out the Barite entry of our Metaphysical Crystal Directory.

OC Week AND Summer of Steven? Too good to pass up. This is Barite Rose (Desert Rose) and Tektite (Desert Glass.) They run a small, classified operation on Mars for Yellow Diamond.

Barite Rose-
Age: You never ask a lady how old she is
Height: 6’
Weight: You never ask a lady how much she weighs

Age: 489 years
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 120lbs