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Barista Boy || Yoosung X MC

You waltzed into the coffee shop as you did every other morning. There was something different this time, though. This time, you were heartbroken.

“ Hey! What can I get you ” a quirky blonde at the register gleamed.

“ Can I get an Affogato ” you sighed, checking your phone to see if an apology text would spontaneously arrive.

“ Rough morning? ” the barista frowned, grabbing a mug and writing your order on a small tag that was attached by ribbon.

“ Rough week ” you laughed, earning one from the blonde as well, “ I’m just waiting for my friend to get off of work. I can’t wait to get on my computer and talk to him. ”

“ I totally understand. If I’m not at school, I’m gaming my days away. Today is my first day so I didn’t want to make a bad impression coming in with dark circles from staying up all night ” he brewed the coffee and pulled the ice-cream out of the freezer.

“ Ah, that explains why I’ve never seen you here before. I come every Saturday ” you sat at the bar, attempting to make small talk.

“ I think the last guy got fired for throwing an Irish coffee at his girlfriend. The nerve of some people ” the barista hissed.

“ I was that girlfriend. I am now that ex girlfriend ” you huffed, recalling the stinging sensation of the hot coffee and whiskey dripping down your torso.

“ I am so sorry. I hope I can make happier memories for you here ” blondie shook his head, spooning the ice-cream into the cup and drowning it with coffee. Once you finished your drink, he pulled out his wallet and put some cash in the register, “ On the house. You really deserve it. ”


“ I missed you ” you dragged out, adjusting your headset and signing onto LOLOL, “ How was work, cutie pie Yoosung? ”

“ It was great, MC! I met one of our regulars and she seemed really nice ” Yoosung giggled. God this boy was precious. “ How was your day? Are you feeling better? Has the wood troll spoken to you? ”

“ Everything’s been good. The evil wood troll has yet to return ” you sighed happily, wishing there were more guys out there like Yoosung. Once you told him about your ex, the two of you made jokes and began to refer to him as the ’ wood troll. ’

“ Let’s kick some ass! Seven offered up a raid before I left for work ” Yoosung declared. The two of you spent all day on LOLOL making jokes, kicking ass, and what not. Talking to him really made you feel at ease. Yoosung was your escape from the harsh reality. He never cared about what you look like or what city you live, he just wanted someone to play games with. Someone who would laugh with him and be his partner.

“ Yoosung! ” you cried, “ My computer is heating up! ”

“ Can you still call me? Pretty please? ” Yoosung begged.

“ Oh, of course ” you logged off of discord and shut down your computer. Dialing Yoosung dragged out for what seemed like forever before his lovely voice rang through your ear.

“ Thank you~ Talking to you makes me so happy. I want to meet you one day. ”

“ Yeah… maybe one day ” you grinned to yourself, realizing how much you liked this guy.

“ It’ll happen! You’re my best friend, MC. We’re bound to meet. ”

Ouch. Friend zoned.

“ You’re mine too ” you yawned.

“ MC, am I keeping you awake? ” Yoosung quizzed.

“ I’m keeping myself up. It’s one in the morning now~ ” you giggled.

“ Go to bed, my warrior princess. You did well tonight ” Yoosung cooed.

“ Thank you, guild master. You did excellent as always ” you played along.

“ Good night ”

“ Rest well, cutie. ”


The next morning came a bit too quickly. You decided on going back to the coffee shop to wake yourself up a little.

“ Oh hey! I thought you come on Saturday’s? ” the same blonde barista from yesterday spoke up.

“ I gotta wake myself up a bit. I stayed up pretty late ” you yawned, sitting at the bar.

“ What can I get for you this time? ” the cute barista quirked, leaning over the counter.

“ Flat white, please ” you ordered. The barista boy grinned and nodded.

“ So what game you play that keeps you up all night? ”

“ LOLOL. I’m number four in my server ” you stated proudly.

“ I’m number two in mine ” the boy stuck his tongue out playfully.

“ What’s your screen name? I’ll be sure to add you ” you quizzed, watching him take a toothpick to the coffee to make a heart.

“ Shooting Star Yoosung ”

Your jaw fell slack as the ever so familiar name fell from his lips.

“ You Leeroy Jenkins cunt! ”

“ Suck my water nymph! ”

The two of you burst into fits of laughter. You were happier than ever now that you knew your crush in person.

“ MC, am I dreaming? Pinch me ” Yoosung fixed his hair, a bright and beautiful smile remaining on his lips.

“ I’d rather hug you. Get over here ” you gestured. Yoosung emerged from behind the counter and wasted no time pulling you into his arms. Everything about this boy was soft, his voice, his smile, his laugh, and especially his embrace. You nuzzled further into him, never wanting to let go.

“ Let’s go somewhere after my shift, together ” Yoosung offered.

“ I actually can’t tell if your asking me on a date or to hang out ” you pulled away.

“ I-I mean… w-well….. if you wanna…. I mean… I like you…. um….. whatever you…. prefer- ”

“ Let’s go to the arcade. Like a date ” you cut off his stutters.

“ Sure thing, my warrior princess. ”

“ I’m glad I got to meet you, barista boy. ”

- Admin Taylor ( Not Revised )

incase you were wondering how productive my day was @ work. this is probably what a day in the life of a barista looks like, to the tune of the 2nd verse of blank space.

green apron, venti chai
i can show you incredible teas –
passion tango, and cool lime
or perhaps just some coffee?
find out what you want,
write your name on a cup
and your drink is next to come – oh no!

spilled coffee on the floor,
what’s that leaking out of the urn?
frappuccino, such a chore,
everyone in line’s like,
“oh my god! vanilla bean!
wait a sec, make that three!”
and they’ll come back each time they leave,
“i asked for skinny mocha with extra whipped cream.”



We know thousands upon thousands of letters and tour outfits flash across your screen in the late hours of the night after your shows, but we thought we’d write you a little note to thank you for bringing us together. When I was in 7th grade (Amanda) I met the really loud girl who moved from Brooklyn on my soccer team (Victoria) and somehow her yelling at the refs made me want to be her friend. Fast forward one year and its May 13th and we are going to see the Fearless Tour together. That was the first time I have ever seen you live and I cannot begin to tell you how much it changed my life and our friendship. I remember coming home from the concert around 2 AM and immediately going to buy the Deluxe Edition (How could I ever have lived without it?). The best part of that day was the affirmation that Vic was going to be in my life forever. Fast forward to Speak Now Tour, Emily & Caileigh came with us and we watched you sing all of our favorite songs …so naturally, we had to go three times! We were lucky enough to be there on the closing night of the Speak Now Tour, where you sang my favorite song “Fire and Rain” with James Taylor. Speak Now came at a perfect time in my life and I never knew that to this day it’s the soundtrack to all of my happiest memories. Fast forward to RED and the four of us went to Metlife Stadium and were blown away by your presence in a huge arena…you were made to do this, Taylor. As much as we loved the songs and the dancing and the crying and the thrill of making outfits and posters there is nothing that beats driving to the concert with a car full of your best friends belting out the lyrics to the songs you’re craving so much to hear live. The four of us all go to different colleges, all live in different parts of New Jersey, but somehow you’ve always been the common ground for us. Your concerts are our sparkling nights together. So thank you. 

Fast forward to today, and in two days we will be seeing you in Philly clad in our homemade barista outfits and polaroid poster. We also thought since you love singing about Starbucks so much you’d probably want a gold card, so we made you one. Coffee sometime soon?

Can’t wait to see you again, 
Your Starbucks Lovers 

P.S. We know you dont follow us or anything so if people could reblog/like to help us get Taylor to see this we would love you forever and ever taylorswift tree-paine tswiftontour

P.P.S. Yes that is our local Starbucks, yes we were judged. starbucks

An Early Run With Benefits- Part 13

So, there is a cute bone in my body, I guess. Not really sure about this chapter, but hey. Parts 1-12 are down below! Enjoy babes!

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I just look at Harley and laugh, “Were we that loud?” “Yeah. It was cute, but made me miss Johnson. "Go with him then. I’m good for the night. "You sure?” “Of course, have fun Har.” She grabs her pajamas and walks out, locking the door. I lay down on my bed and sigh. After a couple minutes, I grab my pajamas and put them on, laying back down. I turn my rainy day playlist on, falling asleep to the sound of the Arctic Monkeys.

When I wake up, I find Harley still gone. I get up and put on my running clothes, and go downstairs to the beach. I put my headphones in and start to run on the beach, going down to the pier. As I run, I start to sing along to Eminem, “Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out, till my legs give out, can’t shut my mouth…” People start to stare, but I just start to sing louder.

I reach the pier, and catch my breath for a second. As I do, I hear someone come up behind me. My body tenses as I turn around, ramming into the person. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry.” I say, looking up to see who it is. “Taylor?” I say, confused. “Oh my gosh, (Y/N)! What a surprise. You live here now?” “Yeah, I moved from Arizona a while back…” I say, moving back a couple steps.

Taylor and I were dating for over a year when we broke up. In high school, we were the perfect couple. Always respected one another, loved each other’s company, never went crazy with affection. But a few months before the break up, Taylor changed. He was the same with others around, but with me, he was rough. He started to want more from me, more than I was wiling to give. 

One day, I snapped. He tried to take off my shirt, and I kicked him in his privates. I tried to get away, but he was quick and strong. He grabbed my arm with such force that it bruised for two weeks. As soon as he did, I bit his arm and ran away, never looking back. Since then, we have never talked. I honestly preferred staying away from him, until now.

“Well, how ya been?” Taylor says, giving me an awkward hug. I return the hug and smile. “Good, good. You?” I say, trying to make as little conversation as possible. “I’ve been doing pretty good since we last uh, saw each other.” His voice goes low when he says, “About that. I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to invade your privacy and…” He trails off, his words becoming jumbled. 

“It’s okay, I accept your apology.” I say, flashing him a small smile. Honestly, Taylor got hot. Not as hot as Jack, but still. Oh God, I’m comparing him to Jack. I shake my head as Taylor says, “You uh.. wanna get some coffee? Just talk about what’s going on?” He says, a little nervous. “Sure. That sounds great.” We walk down to Starbucks and talk about college. 

When we arrive, my phone goes off. I check to see a text message from Jack: I had a great time last night. We should do it again sometime. I smile, and type back: Yeah! Sounds like a plan! Have fun a practice today! I put my phone away, and order as we get to the counter. I grab my wallet, but Taylor puts his hand on mine and says, “Don’t worry. I’ll pay.” I blush, the feeling from when I was with Taylor rushing back. I start to get butterflies again. I try and shake the feeling, but it stayed.

“For Taylor!” The barista says, giving us both of our drinks. “Thanks for paying, Taylor.” “No problem. This reminds me of when we had late night study sessions here.” “Oh my gosh, don’t remind me Taylor!” I say, laughing. “Remember the one time I spilled the coffee on you?” I say as Taylor starts to laugh. “Yes, I was almost in tears it was so hot.” We both start cracking up as my phone goes off.

I see a couple texts from Jack, one asking me to lunch. I decide to call him. “I have to call my boyfriend, I’ll be back.” I say, moving to a less busy corner of the store. On the second ring, he picks up. “Hey Jack! I say, my face lighting up.” “Hey babe, wanna get some lunch today? I don’t have practice until 5.” I look at my watch and see it’s already noon. “Uh, I would love to, but-” I can already hear the silence through the phone. “I just met up with a close friend, we might be here a while.” I say, laughing to lighten the mood. 

“Okay, have fun!” Jack says, about to hang up. I hurry and say, “But, we can have some pizza at my place tonight with Johnson and Har?” I could picture the smile plastered on his face. “Yeah, I would love that.” I smile and say goodbye, returning to the table where Taylor was. I sit back down, and sip my coffee and Taylor leans back and says, 

“So, where were we?”

HAPPY JULY 5TH taylorswift!!!
I worked ALL WEEKEND (Friday-Sunday) makin’ drinks for all the starbucks lovers out there (even though that’s not the lyric).
And now I’m exhausted, but tomorrow my LAST DAY OFF before I take time off to go down to see you in DC a WEEK FROM TOMORROW ON THE 13TH!!!
I hope you had an amazing weekend with your friends and I hope you’re excited to start back up on the tour!
Love you lots!
❤️ Your Favorite Starbucks Barista