Author: hwespn

Rating: G

Status: Completed in August 2017

Word Count: 15,230

Summary: AU where you know someone is your soulmate when they make a certain noise. It could be laugh, a sneeze, a moan, or simply them talking. Whether you decide to listen to that noise is up to you.Blaine Anderson is a 23 year old fresh-out-of-college music teacher. Kurt Hummel is a 25 year old barista and aspiring fashion designer. They hear each other, but will they listen?

Tropes/Genre: soulmate!Klaine, friends!Klaine, romance, angst, alternate meeting, barista!Kurt, teacher!Blaine

Lynne’s review: Very interesting take on the soulmate trope with some silliness and miscommunication thrown in. An enjoyable read for sure.

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Money Doesn't Buy Happiness - Chapter 1 - Itsaklainething - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Author: Itsaklainething


When Kurt meets his idol Blaine Anderson, he didn’t expect to him to stick up for him after being harassed in the line, he also didn’t think that he would leave feeling humiliated. But when Blaine bangs into him in the street the next day and gives him his number feelings start to develop, but Blaine’s straight right? Or is this what his manager wants people to think? Famous!Blaine

Rating: Mature

Words: 40,712

Chapters: 27/27



A wee barista!Kurt drabble based on this post

Kurt feels odd as he set a mug of coffee down on the table in front of one of his customers. It is a strange, prickly sort of feeling, almost as if he is being watched by someone. But who would be watching him? He’s just the newest barista, not yet completely competent, not wearing anything outlandish enough to draw any unwanted attention. He should really just dismiss this feeling as just that - a feeling, not based on fact and easily ignored. He nods politely to the woman at the table in front of him and turns to make his way back behind the counter; a bit of a queue has formed and Lucy, the other barista working this shift, is looking a little overwhelmed.

As Kurt turns, he notices someone else, a someone else with short, dark hair, gelled down, and a navy blue jumper making the same movement, though his turn is much quicker and more hurried than Kurt’s. The boy dips his head, looking down at the table, and then glances over to the counter as Kurt reaches it. He tilts his head to one side, eyes still fixed on Kurt, and gives a little wave.

So maybe the creepy-crawly, “Someone’s-looking-at-me” sort of feeling that Kurt got wasn’t just a feeling. He bites his lip and waves back shyly before turning to Lucy.

“You need help here? Or should I go clear some tables?”

Lucy was watching the entire exchange between Kurt and the dark haired boy, and she grins. “I think I can hold the fort for now,” she says. “The queue’s died down some, and we do need clear tables…”

Kurt smiles too, matching her grin. It feels so good to have a partner in crime again, one that wants something different from what he wants. Lucy is pre-med, and engaged to a beautiful redhead named Emily. They have enough in common to make them friends, but Kurt doesn’t have to worry about them getting into a friendship-destroying fight over an internship at the right magazine, or how many designs they have in their portfolios. The can rely on her to always be in his corner, and in return he’ll always have her back too.

He darts around the shop, picking up any leftover cups and empty trays and stacking them behind the counter, but he slows, dawdling, as he nears the boy’s table. He picks up an empty mug from the table next to his, then turns to look straight at him.

“You finished with that?” Kurt asks.

The boy looks up at him, hazel eyes wide. “N-no, I’m good. Thank you.”

“No problem. Are you okay, though? I thought I saw you looking at me earlier.”

The boy flushes an uncomfortable-looking shade of scarlet. “I’m fine. Nothing’s wrong.”

“I didn’t mind you looking,” Kurt says quietly.

The boy flushes even darker, if that’s possible, and rubs a hand over his face. “I’m still sorry, though  It was creepy, and I’ve probably freaked you out and all I wanted to do was impress you and maybe make you notice me and-” The boy stops, looking horrified. “Oh my God, I should just stop talking, I should really stop talking…”

Kurt smirks, amused. “You wanted to impress me?” He glances down, then flicks his eyes back up to the boy’s face. He’s still tomato red, but he’s smiling as well. “I’m Kurt.”


“Well, then, Blaine-who-wants-to-impress-me, I finish in half an hour. Do your worst.”

Blaine gapes dumbly for a moment, then nods far too quickly. Kurt gives one last smile before dashing off to help Lucy. She was lying when she said the queue was dying down and now she’s suffering for it, but Kurt’s grateful. He got what he wanted; owing her was well worth it.

A cute lil’ barista!kurt besotted!blaine story inspired by this beautiful giftset.

It’s cold out. Blaine stuffs his blue-hued hands into his pockets as he shuffles through the thick New York snow at his feet, eyes peeking out from under a hat to scour his unfamiliar surroundings through a white wash of snow-filled air. Getting suddenly lost in a city so smothered in ice is easier than he first thought. His whole body is overcome with phantom warmth when Blaine catches sight of a coffee shop, windows glowing golden onto the white canvas of snow in front of it, and he jogs to it as best as he can on the slippery ground, numb fingers scrabbling with the door as he enters.

The glistening oak of the coffee shop is almost as inviting as its rich smell, and Blaine approaches the bar with a heavy relief, only to find it empty despite the shop teeming with humans hiding from the bitter cold. He spies a bell near his hand, and reaches forward to press it, but pauses when he sees a man in a barista uniform appear from the store room, swift and graceful and lithe and utterly, completely beautiful. Hair swooped into an almost comically tall quiff, with a smooth jaw and pearl-white skin and inquisitive, sea-washed eyes – that are staring right at him.

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Fic: Learning Who You Are

Boy band member!Blaine/not famous!Kurt. When Kurt meets a cute guy in a coffee shop, the outcome is a little more than he was expecting. Mentions of Finchel, slight age difference (20/18).

~2600 words, PG-13ish, fluff.

Kurt was so excited he was legitimately worried he was going to explode.

“It’s tomorrow!”

“Oh my God, I know!” Rachel replied, actually jumping up and down beside him in line at the Lima Bean. “We’re twenty-eight hours away from seeing New Directions live and in person!”

They both squealed, earning a couple of judgmental glances from the other customers. Kurt just scowled back, unwilling to let them ruin his mood.

“And we’ve got floor seats, too,” Kurt said, sighing dreamily. “Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am for your near-encyclopedic knowledge of pop music history?”

“Only about fifty times since I won the tickets,” Rachel said with a smirk. “Funny how you never appreciated it while I was talking about the musicality of our set lists in Glee before.”

“To be fair, it was also ninety degrees that day,” Kurt said. “I didn’t plan on falling asleep.”

“I know, I know,” Rachel said, patting his arm. “Now order your drink before this barista hates us forever.”

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sequel to this, aka the one where Blaine writes Kurt poetry.

By the time three o’clock rolls around Kurt is a nervous wreck. He wipes off tables that don’t need it, stacks and restacks cups for both iced coffees and regular ones. He glances at the clock every few minutes, his lips thinned, and a mass of apprehension, excitement, and nervousness twists over and over in his stomach. It would help if there were more people in right now to distract him, but it’s still an unusually slow day.

“I was gonna ask if you wanted to stay a little longer today,” Suzy says right at 2:59, “but I can tell you want to get out of here.” She raises an eyebrow and leans back against the counter, folding her arms across her chest. The appraising, calculating look in her eyes makes Kurt shrink back and pretend to adjust his nametag on his apron for the fifth time. “Where’s the fire?”

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the line between spontaneous and stupid

summary: Kurt is a barista. Blaine is charming. Can I make it any more obvious?
author’s note: based on this post
word count: ~2200 

Kurt honestly thought that his summer job at the Lima Bean would suck. And yeah, it kind of did. There were so many rude customers and people who recognized him from McKinley and he’d seen rats in the kitchen more than once.  

The one and only perk of his job was the tall, muscled blonde hunk that came in every Tuesday and Friday at 4pm. Kurt didn’t know his name or even if the guy was gay but there’s was no harm in admiring him from behind the counter.

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Ugh, this sounds really bad, but I just saw barista!Kurt…

And oh… my… god.

I think.. I think I’m in love.

OKay, like, why couldn’t they have just had Kurt stay in Lima with loads of people who actually love him, and build himself more experience by joining theatre groups/helping out with New Directions and working at the Lima Bean?

Because I hate this fashion storyline. I hate it so, so much.

Maybe it’s because I’m bitter, and I want Kurt to show how you should actually get into theater school. Or hell! Any school at all! Because trying again, and building up your experiences? A much better example for young people than stalking and hounding the dean to the school you want to get into.

Full Fic: Scenes from the Broadway Bean

Summary: Coffee shop AU. Kurt and Blaine. New York and a coffee shop. 

Kurt is a freshman at NYADA - top of his vocal class, stage combat superstar. He’s busy becoming a star, so what if he scores a zero in coffee shop romance history? Or in romance history all together?

Blaine Anderson is a sophomore at NYADA. Song writer. Performer. Barista. Sworn off boys altogether. Though he really hopes Kurt Hummel will let him buy him a biscotti. What? White chocolate cranberry is seasonal. And delicious.

Words: 16,130

Rating: Well, there is some sex in it.

Note: Many of these scenes are in Kurt POV, followed by the mirror scene in Blaine POV. Those scenes are marked iii.a. (Kurt) and iii.b. (Blaine), for example.

Scenes from the Broadway Bean

i.a. (Kurt)


Kurt slumps into the brown leather chair across from Rachel, gratefully accepting the non-fat mocha that she slides across the table to him. The November chill has set in and the Broadway Bean is packed with bustling NYADA students. Even the deliberately named campus cafe prevents any reprieve from the driven, goal-oriented dreams of all its competitive select students. Like it couldn’t just be a ‘Coffee Bean’? And it’s perfect for Kurt. It is. He has the drive and the dream. He just needed the audience. And in two and a half months, he’s top of his vocal and stage combat classes, and has been asked to sing in the winter showcase. He never loses focus.

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