Should I Stay or Should I Go? || Klaine

[Blaine makes for himself and Luna and goes about taking care of her like normal through the evening, though a decision is weighing on his mind. After he says goodnight to his daughter, he goes into his bedroom to change into his pajamas and gets into bed with his dog. He just lays there and thinks for a while before he decides to read his Bible. He waits for Kurt to get home so he can share his first day back at work with him.] 


I love victorious wtf okay that show was iconic anyway this is a Warren X reader au lmao bc I’m trash

  • Warren Worthington III as Beck Oliver
  • Reader as Jade West
  • Kurt Wagner as Robbie Shapiro
  • Jubilation Lee as Cat Valentine
  • Jean Grey as Tori Vega
  • Scott Summers as Andre Harris
  • Peter Maximoff as Sinjin
  • Ororo Munroe as Trina Vega

  • being that one “dangerous” lookin couple that everyone wants to lowkey be
  • always together lmao
  • and he always has his arm wrapped around your shoulders
  • Warren constantly teasing Kurt
  • Kurt always getting teased about his crush on Jubilee
  • having Saturday detention w the crew
  • that episode was basically the breakfast club bye
  • jubilee being lowkey scared of you bc of ur beauty and boyfriend
  • Jean being the Main Character™
  • Scott is that one guy who’s usually lost about everything but can be smart and stuff
  • Peters that one older upperclassman who always hangs out with people younger than him
  • okay but Peter hosting the show “queries for couples” (like Sinjin did) – you and Warren getting in a huge fight bc it seems like you both barely know each other
  • fake couple Jean and Kurt know each other better than the two of you, an actual couple
  • the boi don’t even kno ur favorite band smh
  • you end up breaking up on live television
  • you try to get back with him only to find him almost kiss Jean like two months later
  • prompting you to decide to never forgive him
  • boi tries to get with Jean and ur like “whatevs idc”
  • you really care
  • you totally care
  • he cares too but he feels like shit
  • Jean tries to get the two of you back together
  • she fails
  • and then one day on a mission when you’re doing your thing, Warren realizes that there’s never going to be a girl like you, who can make him so mad and so happy at everything you do
  • he tells you that you’re the only one for him
  • and you end up telling him that he’s the only one for you
  • bye this au killed me I miss this show