So this a new clip with a different angle of the 1988 Radioshack filming. Also, this doesn’t have a news anchor talking over the audio.

an empty bar and long cast shadows

I have no idea what this is. No idea whatsoever. It’s also 1am. I am also very tired. Jane and Kurt and a friendly bartender.

From where he stood, all the old bartender could see was the long shadows they cast fall on the brick wall across from him. They were the last two left in the bar, but he was in no rush to get them out as he slowly worked on cleaning up behind the bar after a long day. He recognized them. He didn’t know their names, but they had recently become regulars at his place. He didn’t know their names or their story, a rare thing at this old bar, but he knew they were quiet, private people. He knew they were FBI. That was enough for him.

He couldn’t see them clearly, not with them occupying the farthest booth from where he stood. But when he turned on the old radio, and the slow tune traveling across the lonely bar, he smiled as he could see her gently get closer to him and rest her head on his shoulder. He glanced over once again to see in their shadows as he lifted his arm and wrapped it around her.

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