lol people saying they fixed Taylor sleeves when there is pics of a bodyguard/security guy all tattoed doing it, and there was a meter at least from the baricades to the stage (I was there), Being front row is special enough, dont lie :)

Fucking hell

Fascists in Poland threw a hand granade into a caffe and baricaded the doors so that noone escapes.

I want to kill them. Would have if I could.


Anything by Catfish and the Bottlemen || Kansas City, 10/10/16

I'm just saying

Girl meets world kind of reminds me of Les Miserable (but way less dramatic obvs). I mean Lucas is Marius, Riley is Cosette and Maya is Eponine because there are hella parallels (also it just makes me laugh that this would mean Cory is Jean Valjean and that is too funny). Minus all the death and baricade stuff, I can see it haha