To Master Strength you mast first point at it, mind and body as one!


Onelover everyone train hard be motivated, enjoy the experience.

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Almost nothing takes your fitness to the next level like having a good, RELIABLE 🌟 workout partner like @matteo_ralletto! Not only do partners help push you, but also they can help keep you “safe” so you can realize personal goals by spotting/supporting you on certain exercises. Skip the gym one day this week(end) and head outside for a #FitFam partner workout. 👉👉Here are 2 great exercises you can do with your partner. 🌟 (1) Simultaneous Pushup & Dips - one person performs pushups, while the other performs dips. These will help build chest, triceps & shoulders, while also activating the core. You’ll be surprised at how difficult this really is. Try 4 to 5 sets of 10 to 15 reps. 🌟 (2) Partner Leg Raises - hang back-to-back on “monkey bars” and perform straight leg (or bent leg) raises for the abs and hip flexors. Use your partner’s back as support to keep you from swinging your legs. Try 5 sets of 8 to 10 slow, controlled reps. *** ✳ And if you don’t have a partner? Set a goal to make a new friend at your gym, or find people on IG in your area and go kick each others’ butts. Also, boot camps and exercises classes are GREAT ways to meet fitness-minded people like you. Thank you, @matteo_ralletto, 👏 for the #fitspiration! Raise your hand if you have a good workout partner!! ✋ 09.20.12 #motivation #barholics #counts (Taken with Instagram)

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