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desiredemonwithahumanname (theeldritchmortician hi!) - “I look forward to getting to know you better.”

Arranged marrage meme x accepted

“suppose that is part of the bargin”, he sighed and pulled his fingers through the floppy hair that hid most of his scruffy face from view. He hadn even bothered to shave or dress up for the occation, to his parents dismay.

I wish God would stop with this non-existance thing for just 5 minutes so I could actually make bargins with them.

I say mentally to myself if my brain does not revert to within these perameters, I will kill myself. Because I have so much to give the world but doubt that I can physically function to fundamentally change the world under these mental conditions.

I know it sounds selfish or whatever, but I do believe that the world would be a much much better place with my brain fixed than not.

This sounds like I am bargening with someone. I have so much to offer the world, free me again or I kill myself and the world does not get the marginal benefit of addled!me to add to the sum of human experience.

But whose at the other end? I’m pretty sure it’s not good policy to send these types of letters to my endo. She isn’t a bad god as gods go. On the flip side, most deities aren’t hard to ethically surpass.

But even among endocrinologists, she’s pretty great.

She said she would look into clomid. But asked me to see a therapist to work out my singular gender.

It feels weird to keep breaking precedent with a planetary expert in endocrinology for trans people. Progesterone and testosterone taken together is just not something that is done.

My mental reactions are not something that happens. Apparently.

Heh, doctors put rainbow flags as a sign that the promise not to harm LGBT people. God had a similar contract with humanity, after wiping nearly all of them out. Ignoring their screams of protest because they were dirty and impure.

Now I’m talking about AIDS.

I want to do something quickly I want to throw up I want my brain changed back please

Branding your pharmacy series | 5 | Understand how close you are in reality to achieving it

The next step in the branding cycle is to take a look at how your customers currently perceive your business.

Disciplined research is key to exploring the brand experience that you currently create. Try to see it through your customer eyes or better still, feel through your customers’ senses.

Check how your pharmacy looks. Really look at it. Is it professional? Does it give the impression that you wish it to give? Will patients trust you to provide the latest clinical service if the retail area is full of bargin basement offers? How does it smell? Is it too hot or too cold? Don’t stop with what you can see. Experience is defined through all of the senses.

Check your current visual identity. Is it fit for purpose? Does it communicate what your brand is all about? Review all of your marketing materials. What messages do they carry? Look at every sign, every sticker, every window display.

Check your efficiency. What is the average waiting time for prescriptions? Is it the same when you are not in the pharmacy? How long does your driver spend on each delivery? Is that good or bad?

Take the time to speak to your employees, customers and suppliers, about how they what experiences they have when they come into contact with your pharmacy. You may want to use a survey to give you some more information to work with.

Consider everything. Leave no stone unturned. When you have a clear understanding you can compare it with your ideas about what you want your brand to be. Identify the differences and you are ready to progress to the next step.

If you want some more bespoke advice then get in touch and we can talk about how to build sustainable advantage through your pharmacy brand.

“I really don’t wanna marry you, I just like wasting your time.” - pher

“And he tries to being her back, but he has no soul to bargin with.” - luci

Friendship where???????