Well, Eben Etzebeth Earned His 5-0th Cap Today, Making Him At 26 The Youngest Springbok To Achieve That Milestone. But He WAs A Bit Of A PWE, Getting Yellow Carded For Getting Into An Argy-Bargy With The Wallabies.

Still, He Looks Sexy As Hell With A Torn Jersey!

Woof, Baby!

you guys. he’s just so fucking nice

when he’s talking about ~staying grounded and just being kind to people and how it makes his skin crawl when actors are awful to those around them and how he can’t stand conflict and getting into any sort of ‘argy bargy’ ruins his whole entire day asjdlgkhldk


The Yola language – actually a dialect of English! – was spoken in the baronies of Forth and Bargy, south County Wexford, in Ireland, from medieval times up to the early 19th century.