English Accent Headcanon:

(Batboys + Bruce x Reader)

Requested: yes, by a gum drop anon

Request: Omg hi! Could you please do HCs of the batboys ft big boi Bruce with an s/o who had a super strong english accent and who like uses a lot of English slang! Thanks 👌❤

Warning/s: none


  • He loves your accent
  • Since he grew up with Alfred and his accent he’s glad to hear another important person in his life have one
  • Whenever you use slang words he constantly searches them up to see what they mean
  • “I’m not interested in getting into an argy-bargy with you Bruce”
  • “I’m sorry honey”
  • Bruce: *goes on the Batcomputer to look it up*
  • “Bruce I’m so proud of you, you’re a great corker”
  • Bruce just kisses you so he doesn’t respond to your compliment in the wrong way
  • I’m like 100% sure he has an English accent fetish


  • He would, without doubt, fangirl over your accent
  • You can find him laying on his belly, his head in his hands, legs up and looking at you when you’re talking on the phone
  • “Don’t earwig on my personal phone calls Dick”
  • Dick: *giggles like a school girl*
  • “You’re such a berk”
  • Dick always protects you from anyone that says your accent is too much or fake
  • No one talks to his S/O like that


  • Jason always makes you read to him since he adores your accent
  • Out on patrol he just can’t stop listening to you sass a thug
  • “You’re all mouth and no trousers asshole”
  • Thugs just there like ???
  • When you fight you’re known to say that Jason is throwing a paddy
  • It actually calms him down
  • Even if he doesn’t know what it means
  • Your accent turns him on so much and he just can’t resist you
  • Then a make out session turns into you two not being seen for two days


  • The first time he heard your accent he was charmed by it
  • It’s so fucking beautiful 
  • He would often ask you to stay up late to talk to him while he’s working on something
  • Whenever he does something he’s proud of you call him blinding
  • “But (y/n) I’m not blind”
  • You have to tell him it’s a compliment for excellence 
  • “Ohh that makes sense”
  • He’s your little nerd but you still adore him


  • This boy will talk with an Arabic accent to one up you
  • “Damian you’re such a nob”
  • “tt. Beloved I am not”
  • Is very confused as to what you said to him
  • “Damian you can’t just paste your brothers”
  • ????
  • “Punch Damian, it means punch”
  • “tt. I knew that”
  • “Sure you did”
  • He would never admit it but he secretly loves your accent 
  • Even if it seems like he doesn’t
Favorite parts of tonight's H50

The t-shirt!!!

McDanno picking out fabric swatches

Steve: I’m just saying red is cliché.
Danny: You’re cliché.

Haery: “I can get away with saying yummy because I’m British”

*Steve shoots a guy*
Steve: “Hey Danny is that the color of the booths?”
Danny: “Nope. That’s blood. I ordered garnet”

Harry: *to Tani* And you still have that spark, unlike these guys who are dead behind the eyes.
Danny: It’s true. I’m dead inside.


Harry: “Your constant bickering, it comes from a place from love. You can’t bare to be apart. That’s why you want a restaurant.”

The failed test run of the restaurant when they tried to make dinner for Harry and his girlfriend.

Danno still has his chef hat

Argy-Bargy -- Arthur Shelby

From this prompt list:

21)  “I’m bulletproof…but please, don’t shoot me.”

Arthur’s ignored me the entire time I’ve been at the Garrison, too busy letting a gaggle of drunken women flirt with him, and I’ve had enough, so I storm back to the bar to get another drink, when a bloke sidles up to me.

“You here on your own?” he says, and there’s a slight slur to words that tells me he’s on his way to getting as off his face as everyone else here.

I look back over to Arthur who’s lounging back in his chair, reveling in the attention he’s receiving.

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  • This combination can work
  • Aquarius will tempt Capricorn with their rebellious nature
  • You both love to argy-bargy about how to change the world!
  • Capricorns like Aquarians helpful and well-connected nature
  • Aquarians make Capricorns the right contacts
  • They will have a prim and proper marriage
  • The ‘nice’ couple
  • They may get married and have kids
  • This relationship may last forever
  • If Capricorn loses Aquarius they won’t want to be with anyone else
  • Capricorns and Aquarians are a team
  • Capricorn will respect the Aquarian
  • Capricorn won’t cheat on the Aquarian
  • Aquarius will be respectful and committed to the Capricorn
  • They are a team
  • Capricorn will like Aquarians sense of humour
  • Capricorn will stand by Aquarius regardless
  • The hippie couple
  • Capricorn will laugh at the Aquarian and insult them
  • If Capricorn insults Aquarius, Aquarius won’t like this

Summary: Tom makes a tiny slip up on his interview with Ellen
Pairing: Tom x Reader
Word Count: 2,219

You sit in the waiting room, watching the large television directly in front of you as Ellen starts her show. It’s only been around three months since you last guested here, and the only reason you found yourself back here so soon is because of one name; Tom Holland.

2 Months Earlier

Ellen sits in the familiar arm chair as she welcomes Marvel’s newest hero.

“…And joining us today is Spiderman himself, Mr. Tom Holland!” She gestures toward the entryway for the guest just as Tom makes his way in.

He sits comfortably in the chair with a laugh, “Hey there!” He waves at the audience.

Ellen clears her throat, “So Tom, this is your first time guesting here, how is it?”

He scratches his chin, “Well, honestly Ellen, this is such a huge deal for me. It’s massive! I didn’t even think I’d ever step foot on this set!”

Ellen laughs, leaning back, “So Spiderman Homecoming is a huge hit.” She pauses to let the audience give an applause, “See? All those fans, they’re all here for you.”

“I know. I-I mean it’s crazy! Isn’t it? Just a couple of years ago, I was just some nobody actor who also happened to be a huge Spiderman fan, and now, I’m Peter Parker!” His eyes widened in excitement as he practically bounces in his seat.

Ellen gives a small laugh, “Well, I’d say it’s more like Peter Parker has become Tom Holland.”

Tom teasingly acts shy, giggling, “Oh stop it, you.” And the whole audience goes crazy over it.

“Alright, I love your accent, given that English accent; I take it that you’re not a kid from Queens, so I’m curious how did you go about becoming a kid from Queens. Did you go to Queens at all? Did you maybe immerse yourself with New York in general?

He takes the mug off the table and sips, "Actually, there’s a story about that. Yeah, it’s funny. Marvel actually sent me to a school in the Bronx where I had a fake name, and I put on an accent, and I went for like three days. I basically had to go to this science school and blend in with all the kids, and some of the teachers didn’t even know. It was a science school, and I am in no way a science student.” He laughs, “It was actually my worst subject and so Some of the teachers would call me up in front of the class and try to get me to do science equations and stuff – it was so embarrassing. But it was actually really informative because schools in London are so different. I would go to school every day in a suit and tie, with just boys. To be in a school where you can be free and let loose, and be with girls, it was so different. Like SO different. But yeah, it was a really great experience.”

Ellen laughs, “So how did it feel? Did nobody really notice that you were Spiderman? I mean that’s crazy!”

Tom is an excited babbler, if he somehow gets overexcited about the conversation, he doesn’t have an off button, he just goes on and on and this was the reason he was so lousy with secrets, “Oh Ellen, it was amazing.”

Ellen cuts him off, “You find it amazing that nobody knew you?” The audience laughs.

He nods excitedly, “Oh absolutely! It was great, I mean to be Spiderman, you can’t have people knowing who you were so nobody figured it out.” He laughs, “It was just an experience, not even my girlfriend knew who I was at first, and that’s kind of strange since she’s an actress, but at the same time, it made me very happy since no one could tell that I was the new Spiderman, and that’s what and who Peter was, a nerdy kid who nobody would ever suspect of being the guy in red and blue.”

Ellen’s smile gets bugger as Tom continues to talk about going undercover in Queens, “Sorry to interrupt, but girlfriend?”

Tom looks like he’s on cloud nine, not realizing exactly what he was doing, “Yeah, my girlfriend, Y/N.”

He pauses midsmile and looks directly into the camera, eyes wide, and his facial expression frozen in an open mouthed smile as he realizes exactly what he’s just done, “Holy shit.” He furrows his eyebrows and shuts his eyes as he clenches a fist and holds back a laugh, “Oh God, I am such an idiot!”

The audience reactions are a mix of laughter and catcalls as Ellen tries to calm them down, “It’s alright Tom! But just so we’re clear, you’re talking about Y/N? As in Y/N Y/L/N?” A picture of you from a recent photoshoot popping up on the screen.

He sighs in defeat and lifts his head up, “She is going to kill me.” He laughs and looks at the screen, “But yeah, that’s her. She looks quite lovely in that picture.” He smiles at it.

Ellen chuckles from the background, “This young love is just too cute. Isn’t it folks?” The crowd answers with cheers, “So how long has this been going on? How long have you been fooling us Tom?” Ellen jokes.

He runs his hand through his hair, “Alright, so first…” he looks into the camera, “Y/N, darling, sweetheart, I am so sorry. I am a dead man walking, I know, but look how lovely you look up there.” He points to the screen and looks at Ellen, “I am so dead Ellen. She will kill me, oh God.” The audience laughs at his reaction.

Ellen presses a few buttons on what could be assumed as the master control and a video from an award show pops up, “Do you mean to tell me, that this wasn’t some random encounter?”

Tom looks at the screen, it was a video of you walking the carpet and he was looking at you the moment you arrived, upon coming face to face you two waved at each other and instantly once the video ends, he buries his face further into his hand, “Please don’t hate me.”

Ellen stands, “Alright! That’s all the time we have for today! But Y/N, you owe us an interview.” She laughs into the camera as it pans out.


“So, how have you been?” Ellen stares at you from the other chair over, and you find yourself looking out at the audience in surprise.

“Fine.” You squeak, it has Ellen jokingly squinting at you as the audience bursts into laughter.

“You have a major offense Y/N.” Ellen laughs, “Why do you do me dirty like this?”

You lift your hands up in surrender, “Hey, not my fault you didn’t ask.”

Ellen looks at you incredulously, “Last time we talked, you said you weren’t dating anyone!”

You laugh with a snort, “Well technically, I’m not. First, we’re not dating anymore, it’s more like a business deal. Like you should see us in the morning when we’re getting ready, we’re like a well-oiled machine.” The audience laughs once again, “And second, I don’t consider Tom a person.”

Ellen holds back her laughter, “In the morning? So you two live together? Are you kidding me right now? You two have been going behind my back?” Ellen gives you a surprised open mouthed smile, “You know what? How about we bring Tom out here to explain!” And the audience erupts in cheers, as you sit dumbfounded on the sofa before a pair of arms are grasping your shoulders.

“Oh, come on Tom! Just a shoulder squeeze?” Ellen gives you two a disbelieving look.

You hear him chuckle beside you on the couch which you had wondered about earlier on during the practice takes, “I wasn’t too sure if it was appropriate.”

Ellen smiles at you two before you speak up, “What the hell are you doing here?” You look at him with a happy but confused face.

He looks to you then to Ellen, “I don’t think she wants me here.”

Ellen quiets everyone down before speaking, “You know Y/N, the funny thing about that is we actually didn’t invite him. He just invited himself, like literally.” Ellen looks to the crowd, “I texted him yesterday that you were coming and he just replies with…”

A picture pops up on the screen in a text message conversation between Ellen and your boyfriend where his final reply is, “Oh cool, can I come? Never mind, I’ll come anyway. I’ll even bring some coffee.”

You scoff at the screen before facing your boyfriend, “You are incredible.” You give out a hollow laugh and look at Ellen, “See? I told you, he’s not human.”

He relaxes on the couch and crosses his ankle over his thigh, "I just wanted to support my girlfriend you know?”

You roll your eyes at him playfully, “You know, the only reason I’m here is because of you right?”

Tom laughs adorably before Ellen speaks up, “Actually, about that. How did you handle it?”

You sit up, brushing debris off of your skirt, before Tom’s covering your legs, “Babe, you’re on television.” You scoff and give a disbelieving look at Ellen.

“Do you see what I mean?”

Tom quickly takes off his jacket and places it over your lap, stopping in front of your face for a kiss on the cheek, which you give, “So back to what I was about to explain, we met even before he started filming for Civil War. During his undercover stint in Queens, where I was doing a photoshoot.” Your voice cracks due to nerves and you suddenly stop when Tom grabs your hand and squeezes it, “So I snuck off to this local comic book cafe, and I am a big Spiderman fan. So here I am drinking my coffee while looking at a Spiderman comic, the one where Gwen Stacy dies, and this strange guy where an ID from some science school in Queens approaches me points to the comic book, and goes, "I’m gonna be that guy.” and it should have warded me off.“ You look lovingly at Tom, "But it didn’t. He is just the sweetest guy.”

“Well that is just adorable, but Y/N, tell me this. You have never gone public when dating someone, you’ve never actually revealed who you date, so what makes this different?”

You laugh nervously, “Well first of all, he told you all. But like I said, Tom is an amazing guy. He just makes me want to be better.”

Tom cuts in, “I actually did feel quite guilty then.”

Ellen sips from her cup, then looks at the two of you, “So about that, how was that? How did you find out? Because I had a bet with my wife that Tom would wait until the actual televised showing to actually reveal to you what he did.” Ellen jokes.

You look at Tom playfully, and he only opens his palm to you as a gesture for you to answer the question and you laugh, “Oh my gosh, just imagine it Ellen. I’m in bed, sleeping and this guy” You point an accusing finger at Tom, “comes barging in in the middle of the night, asking me why I haven’t been answering my phone, and I try to tell him that I lost it when he suddenly blurts out that I’m going to hate him. I didn’t believe it at first, but yeah, I did. I did briefly hate him.” You laugh, “He got pretty smug about it too, he goes, “So I went on Ellen today, and I told them about you.” And he just shrugs while I’m sitting in bed, just gaping at him.”

Tom scratches the back of his head, “I actually was kind of nervous to tell her since Y/N is a very private person and she’d only been talking about trying to be more open, but doing that all of a sudden, I was scared she’d kick me out, or break up with me.”

Ellen nods in understanding, “So do you two live together? How long has this exactly been going on?”

Tom readily takes the question, “It’s not that we’re living together, it’s more like, I’m just either over at her place all the time or she’s at mine all the time. Right now, we’re at about over a year and a half?”

Ellen looks at the audience with a laughing face, “So you two basically live in two houses?” She turns to the audience, “Can y’all just imagine the bills they have to pay?!”

Ellen clasps her hands together and looks at the two of you, “Alright, so the interview is just about done, do you two have any messages for each other? Just so the audience has something to think about before going to bed tonight.” She jokes.

You look at Tom, only to see that he’s already staring at you as if you created the very galaxy, he smiles and then sighs, “I don’t know. I love you Y/N. I guess that’s it.”

You smile softly at him, and mouth a silent “I love you too.” In his direction before he’s leaning in to kiss you, “You’re still an idiot though.”

And all he can do is smile at you.



Well, Eben Etzebeth Earned His 5-0th Cap Today, Making Him At 26 The Youngest Springbok To Achieve That Milestone. But He WAs A Bit Of A PWE, Getting Yellow Carded For Getting Into An Argy-Bargy With The Wallabies.

Still, He Looks Sexy As Hell With A Torn Jersey!

Woof, Baby!


Yola Zong (An Old Song), sung in Yola, an extinct dialect or language descended from Middle English which was spoken in the Forth and Bargy baronies of Wexford, Ireland, until the 19th century.


Jenson’s reaction to:

Question to Lewis: Lewis will you speak together before the race to ensure there is no argie bargy out there?

Lewis: No

Question to Lewis: You don’t need to or you have an understanding already?

Lewis: Its been discussed at the beginning of the season and several times through the season and particularly after Spa so there is no need to revisit it we are not children we should know what wrong and what’s right.

Question to Nico: Nico do you have anything to add?

Nico: Yes Lewis can do something to keep it clean and that’s to drive cleanly himself so its not like he can’t do anything.


Once, in an interview I was told, rather absurdly by a professor that there are no Dalits in West Bengal. I had responded with a wry smile and had nothing to say. It is my contention that there are no Dalits in West Bengal because of the simple fact that Dalits are not allowed to exist. You can be a casteless Brahmin, Baidya or Kayastha. On the other side of the equation, you can be an untouchable/achyut waiting to be emancipated (accultured) by upper caste casteless radicals or you can be a scheduled caste employee perpetually embarrassed for enjoying the “privilege” of affirmative action.

The word Dalit as I understand it refers to dignity of the person concerned without taking away the history of prejudice and discrimination that he or she still faces in forms that cannot be explained through Bhadrolok Marxism. It has gradually incorporated within itself the long history of resistance against caste system as well as our claim to an autonomous identity that cannot be equated with the predicament of being poor, working class or an untouchable but includes something more than that.

When I identify myself as a Dalit I am making a claim and seeking recognition for that discrimination, prejudice as well as that resistance. But inadvertently by identifying myself as a Dalit I am also doing something more. I am challenging a practice of “division of labourers” that is endemic to West Bengal. This is the division between emancipators (which includes writers, intellectuals, social activists, doctors, economists, trade union leaders, Naxalite leaders) and the to be emancipated (which includes peasants, workers in factories and homes, taxi drivers, rickshaw pullers etc).

Just browse at any book store or go through the names of the faculty of the famous universities or the list of authors in any random little magazine dedicated to social transformation in the state. You will find the Bhattacharjees, Mukherjees, Boses, and Dasguptas glittering on the pages. And then try to find out the surnames of the thousands of men and women who form the crowd at any political rally or gathering, the men who clean the streets every morning and take away our shit and waste the women who commute daily to keep the houses of Bhadrolok clean.

In this context a Brahmin taxi driver or a Dalit lecturer or activist (especially) is an eyesore, a cause of moral and political anathema. This is feudalism twisted to suit the needs of Bhadrolok Radicalism. Bhadrolok Marxism entailed that a caste of people /bhadrolok will be destined to emancipate another caste of people, the chotolok. If the chotolok suddenly claims to be a Dalit and emancipates himself or herself then he/she challenges the bhadrolok’s prerogative to liberate the chotolok thereby challenging a system of dependence, power and relationship of dominance and subordination. He/she is also laying a claim to a history of movement that has focused on the agency of Dalits and suspected the benevolence and the radicalism of the savarnas.


Drishadwati Bargi, “The Dilemma of an upwardly mobile, English speaking, Bengali Dalit woman”


you guys. he’s just so fucking nice

when he’s talking about ~staying grounded and just being kind to people and how it makes his skin crawl when actors are awful to those around them and how he can’t stand conflict and getting into any sort of ‘argy bargy’ ruins his whole entire day asjdlgkhldk


The Yola language – actually a dialect of English! – was spoken in the baronies of Forth and Bargy, south County Wexford, in Ireland, from medieval times up to the early 19th century.