Dead Girl Walking / Another Day
  • *Veronica climbs in JD's window*
  • JD: ♪ Who do you think you are?
  • Barging in on me and my guitar
  • Little girl, hey, the door is that way
  • You better go you know the fire's out anyway
  • Take your powder, take your candle
  • Your sweet whisper, I just can't handle
  • Well take your hair in the moonlight
  • Your brown eyes, goodbye, goodnight
  • I should tell you, I should tell you
  • I should tell you, I should, no!
  • Another time, another place
  • Our temperature would climb, there'd be a long embrace
  • We'd do another dance, it'd be another play
  • Looking for romance? Come back another day
  • Another daaaaaaaaay ♪
Wayhaught Breakfasfs
  • Nicole: what do you want for breakfast baby?
  • Waverly: how about pancakes? or is that too much? it doesn't really matter to me because it's just breakfast right? and yeah, I guess it is the most important meal of the day and al—
  • Wynonna *barging in*: Haughtstuff! Make me some waffles!
  • Nicole *rolling eyes*: hi Wynonna
What is wrong with some parents these days?

I’m part of a parenting thread that really is the bane of my existence. Today, one woman mentioned that she noticed her daughter suddenly “has boobies”. The response of another woman, and I s**t you not - “Oh no! Now I have to “accidentally” walk in on my daughter in the bathroom to check on hers!”.

Like … what? You are going to “accidentally” (and I don’t understand why the word is in parentheses. We’re not idiots “Sharon”!) invade your daughter’s privacy to catch a glimpse of her chest? You’re not maybe going to just talk to her about it (not that it’s this woman’s business anyway)? I truly don’t understand a parent who finds no problem barging in on their kids in the bathroom to check their anatomy in this way. What kind of human being does that … you know, besides a sexual predator?


I never realized how invested a bunch of people are in ACTIVELY DEFENDING THEIR RIGHT TO BE CRUEL until I woke up this morning to a bunch more shit in rebagels of, you know, something i meant to discuss with my followers because i don’t give a shit what a bunch of randos think

for a bunch of women who supposedly hate men, they sure do like barging in their opinion where it isn’t wanted

Dating Yongguk Would Include...

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  • Melting every time he smiles that adorable gummy smile
  • Being the only person he allows to wear his earrings, shirts, hoodies, etc
  • Getting sent a playlist of songs that reminds him of you
  • Going on dates to music stores
  • Waking you up with kisses
  • “I love you” in that super sexy voice of his
  • Shy Yongguk
  • Protective Yongguk
  • Being super supportive whenever he’s going through a rough time
  • Being his muse
  • Where Yongguk goes, B.A.P follows
  • Like you could literally be making out on YOUR couch in YOUR apartment when all of a sudden Youngjae just barges in, takes the remote from the table next to you, turns on the TV and doesn’t say a word
  • Speaking of making out, kisses with Yongguk would be AMAZING
  • His lips would literally feel like a cloud
  • Watching sad movies together
  • Listening to music together
  • Attempting to help him write his raps
  • He tells you they’re good, but you know he’s lying
  • Secretly taking pictures of one another
  • Being in love with your best friend



Reminder to girls who are afraid that they won’t ever find someone who’ll love them because of their intelligence or capability:

Don’t let this thought stop you from gaining more knowledge or working at your dream company. Never ever think “I wish I wasn’t this clever and capable”. You’ll find that special someone eventually, maybe just not now. One day, that person would barge in your life and show that you don’t have to be smart or clever or capable in front of him/her. You just need to be you.

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Asha x Cullen snuggling down to keep warm for dwc?

For @dadrunkwriting !

It might not be snowing inside Skyhold’s walls, but there’s definitely a blizzard raging outside of them. The air inside of Skyhold is cold, colder than it’s been in the entire time the Inquisition has called Skyhold home, and Asha’s every breath fogs in front of her face as she walks through the courtyard.

It’s dark. The sun set hours ago, and Cullen is still in his tower, which means he’s planning on sleeping in his bedroom. The bedroom with the hole in the ceiling and no fireplace, which is absolutely unacceptable no matter how hot he runs.

She barges in without knocking, coat pulled as close to her body as she can manage. Cullen is still awake, still fully dressed in his armor, and he blinks blearily at her when she throws open the door.

“Asha,” he greets, smiling and standing up straight.

She glares at him. “Come to bed.”

“I still have work to do.”

The wind picks up, and Asha shivers, her teeth chattering. “It’s nearly the middle of the night, and I’m freezing. Come to bed. You can finish this in the morning.”

Cullen hesitates. Asha can see the indecision, the want to finish working warring with the want to go with her. Finally, finally, he gives in. He straightens his papers, puts paperweights on the ones he’ll need tomorrow, and blows out the candles before following Asha out into the darkness.

He wraps an arm around her as soon as he’s next to her, pulling her against his body. It offers little warmth, not through layers of leather and metal, but she lets him hold her until they get back to her rooms.

The fire is roaring brightly still, but it doesn’t quite heat the whole room. Asha sheds her coat and boots and dives under the covers still wearing shirt and leggings. She yanks the blankets over her head and makes a dramatic shivering noise to get Cullen to hurry.

He smiles and removes his armor carefully, putting it on the armor stand in Asha’s dressing room, the one she had brought in just for him. When he finally peels back her covers to join her, she beams up at him and cuddles against his side before he’s even finished situation himself.

Her nose is cold where she presses it into the center of his chest, her toes are cold where they press against his ankles, and her hands are cold where they grasp his hips, but he lets her do all of those things, drawing his warmth from him. She shivers against and tries to burrow closer, making him laugh even as he wraps his arms around her to pull her closer.

“You’re so warm,” she coos, and she shifts enough to press a kiss to his bare skin.

He’s still wide awake, but he can tell Asha is already drifting off to sleep as he rests his chin on her head. “Always happy to help, my love.”

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice- Part 3

Part 2.5 (contains links to rest of the parts).

Pairings: Loki Odinson x Reader

Plot: Loki takes an apprentice he finds himself getting unusually attached to.

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hey sorry to barge in like this, but are you some dumbfuck who didnt follow the show? aang became a fully-realized avatar after sozin's comet which is how he was able to control his avatar state controlling that river. his avatar state in the LoK flashback also wasnt just a defence mechanism, he was in full control of it, like how he was in full control taking ozai's bending. maybe watch the show with a fully functional brain next time.

Lol why the fuck can’t anyone spell “defense” correctly? There’s a trend here.

that moment when your future lover idol is coming to your shrine room. And you just realized you have papered the wall with his face

and you took down all of it

and forgetting that you still have a framed picture of him on your desk


This piece inspired by my shriveled shipper heart. I will only accept the reveal if it’s in the rain. All aboard the garbage barge!

Dancing Away with my Heart by Lady Antebellum plays unironically in the background

Okay but can we all agree that the character contrast in Wonder Woman between Steve and Diana was one of the best, most thought-out things we’ve seen on screen in some time? 

I mean, think about it. Steve is a spy. He is used to doing things covertly and subtly. He likes to find the secret passages, physically and figuratively. Diana, on the other hand, is a warrior. She does things with force, whether it be gaining information or taking out the enemy. She barges right in, rather than looking for a secret entrance. Where Steve would rather place a bomb, Diana would rather prefer by hand.

At the same time, Diana is still so fresh in this new concept of war. She is the best warrior, but she has yet to see battle. Steve has externally hardened himself against the roughness and heartache of war. Diana focuses on the details (the people enslaved in the village) and Steve looks at the big picture (Axis powers are planning on killing more than just a village with the gas). These differences alone are what makes their team work; Steve keeps Diana focused on the mission, while Diana makes sure Steve remembers why the mission exists in the first place. 

They are divided by method, but connected by their goal and their hope of stopping more death.

Their relationship, both working and personal, was so beautiful and well thought-out that I got chills watching them work together. Their differences didn’t create friction, but gilded together like a machine. They did have hiccups along the way, but they learned from them and adjusted accordingly. This is how characters were meant to be written.

Homie out.