You worshiped everything about Jungkook. How could you refuse when he asked to be your boyfriend? Well, pseudo-boyfriend. 

Word Count: 5,031

You barged into the chaotic apartment littered with dirty laundry, empty coke cans, and unfinished bags of potato chips. A whiff of frat boy hit you, but as always the smell died out, amalgamating with your aroma until you were unfazed by it.

Four pairs of eyes simultaneously landed on you, but your gaze only met with your target’s wide ones. “I’m going to kill you!” You seethed, taking large strides to his nonchalant spot on the couch. Once he processed your rage, he chucked the controller carelessly from his lap and hopped over the couch, the one obstacle preventing you from committing murder.

Namjoon had been studying in the dining area, Jungkook sitting on the couch now in between you and Jimin, and Taehyung sitting on the floor in the living room most likely in the middle of a game of Call of Duty. Jungkook, who had still been sitting on the couch in a daze, puzzled to your unexpected outburst, stretched his arms outwards to grab your waist, leaving you immobile.

“Let go of me!” You ordered, squirming in his tight hold, not taking your squinted eyes off Jimin, who cowered behind the couch. You were impressed with Jungkook’s strength as he held you down effortlessly.

“Not till you calm down!” He urged, still perplexed by your wrath. You immediately stopped fidgeting to show your accommodation, but the second he distracted his grip, you charged towards Jimin. However, expecting your retaliation, Taehyung had gotten up behind you, and he wrapped his arms around you before you could move another inch.

“What’s got you vexed this time?” He laughed, amused with your ludicrousness.

“He broke the rules!” You whined and nodded your head towards Jimin accusingly. You tugged at Taehyung’s arms around your stomach before continuing, “you had sex in my bed! The bedroom is off limits!”

The other three boys looked at Jimin expectantly for his defense, but all he could offer was a ‘how did you know?’ while not outright admitting it, clearly not denying it.

“Because I found this by my pillow,” you reached into your back pocket to reveal the scarlet thong you found ten minutes ago. Taehyung finally freed you, allowing you to display the flimsy garment.

“Whoa that girl’s got taste,” Namjoon complimented, still sitting at the dinner table with his books spread out. His smile faded quickly after catching your glare.

“How do you know those aren’t yours?” Jimin tried, but he clearly lacked vindication.

“I don’t wear thongs,” you scoffed, throwing the lacy material at Jimin, but it caught too much air and dropped lifelessly onto Jungkook’s lap.

“Did you have to ruin it for the rest of us?” Namjoon groaned at your blunt words while Jungkook visibly gulped, unsure of what to do with the thong on his thigh.

“Stop being a pervert,” Taehyung came to your defense. He picked the thong off of Jungkook with two fingers and tossed it towards Jimin, who caught it.

You felt most comfortable with Taehyung since you had known him the longest. Your inexorable friendship began freshman year of college since you had three of the same classes. You never thought the outgoing ball of sunshine would reach out to your timid shadow, but you were glad he did.

Not many girls were into computer science, which left you outnumbered and isolated. After befriending you, Taehyung introduced you to his close knit group of friends, which all soon become yours.

Sophomore year, you upgraded from closet-sized dorms to a one bedroom apartment close to campus. While the boys helped you move in, an advantage of numbers not muscles, they came up with a proposition…or more like an idea for their personal benefit.

Since the seven of them shared a four bedroom apartment, they claimed it was hard to bring a girl over for the night. With the exception of Hoseok, who had a girlfriend anyways, everyone else had a roommate and their apartment didn’t give the best feel for getting into the mood.

So they were allowed to use your apartment every now and then and you would just sleep at the guys place as long as they stayed out of your bedroom. You had a very nice sofa so you didn’t see the problem. And agreeing in the first place was more than generous of you. So finding out that Jimin broke the rules infuriated you. Despite it being the first time you caught him, there was no telling how many times he had done it before without you noticing.

Nonetheless, the boys somehow found a way to calm you down with fries and a chocolate milkshake. You and Taehyung were destroying Jungkook and Jimin in capture the flag on Call of Duty when Namjoon interrupted. “Could I use your place tonight?” The nerve of him to bring up the subject only two hours after you berated Jimin.

Instead of lashing out and going full Hulk, you shrugged phlegmatically, “sure.” Just because Jimin broke the rules, didn’t mean you were going to be bitch to everyone else.

Namjoon thanked you excitedly, attempting to hug you as you shoved him out of the way so you could see the tv screen.

You also didn’t mind him using your apartment as much because A) he rarely managed to get the girl there in the first place and ended up sleeping on the couch alone and B) you get to sleep in his room, which he shared with Jungkook.

Your infatuation with Jungkook started one night when he stayed up late to help you with some algorithms for an assignment due the next morning. He minored in math because his parents wanted him to have what they considered a “stronger” subject to fall back on “if” photography didn’t work out for him, which was a bunch of bullshit. Just because it wasn’t in the STEM field doesn’t mean it’s worthless, especially since Jungkook was a phenomenal photographer.  

Ever since then, you’ve had great talks at night when you took Namjoon’s bed. Sometimes you would discuss the goofiest things like how did Zordon convince five random teenagers to fight evil under his command or have the deepest conversations like will humans ever be able to comprehend the fourth dimension?

You also loved his artistic side. Going through his photos, it became adamant to you that he saw the world differently. He seemed to catch things no one else did. You’d seen some sketches he drew of pictures, but he often put a twist to it. There was one photo in particular of you swinging in the fall with crunching autumn leaves. But he redrew it in the spring with blooming cherry blossoms.


Jungkook dug through his dresser before tossing you a black, cotton t-shirt ‘In Bloom’ inscribed in a-day-without-sun font. You thanked him, grasping the soft material. You were about to go to the bathroom to change when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you in for a hug, burying your face in his chest.

“Jungkook,” you murmured, the sound waves cut off as they collided with his body.

“Sorry,” he pulled away. “I just can’t imagine how hard it must be to sit by and watch Jimin fawn over his nights with other girls.” He looked down at you endearingly, arms still decorated around you.

You pressed your lips together, unsure of how to respond. All of the boys knew you liked Jungkook, except for the photographer himself. Unintentional eavesdropping somehow led to Jungkook discovering that you did in fact like one of the boys, he was just under the impression that your feelings were for Jimin. You realized how he probably saw your anger from earlier that evening as translucent jealousy.

“Yeah, um I’ll deal with it,” you shrugged, stepping away so his arms fell to his sides. The lying made you uncomfortable. You shared such a vulnerable side of yourself during your late night talks, yet every lie seemed to cancel it out.

“You don’t have to put on a brave face. You know you can always talk to me,” he tilted his head to look you in the eye seriously.

Your nerves tugged at your heart. As much as you loved the attention and sympathy from him, you were not looking forward to a confession about your nonexistent feelings for Jimin.

You decided to put an end to it and tell him that you were over Jimin, but before you could collect your thoughts, Jungkook continued talking, “maybe we could help each other?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m having a similar problem with this girl, Yoona. Yoongi brought to my attention that sometimes people are more interested in things that already have some attraction,” he bit at his bottom lip nervously.

Your heart dropped at the mention of another girl. One of the reasons you became attached to him had to do with his nonexistent reputation with girls. Jungkook had never once used your room, despite its availability to him. “I still don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Will you be my pretend girlfriend?” He proposed, vomiting the words out. Your eyes widened, so he explained quickly. “Jealousy. I’ll make Jimin jealous while you make Yoona jealous. It’s a win-win situation.”

You wanted to disappear from the face of the earth in that moment. The boy you were head over heels for actually asked you to help him impress this other girl. “Why don’t you just ask her out?” Your tone a little too hostile.

“I’m having trouble getting her attention. I need something to make her more interested.”

You mean someone.

But then it occurred to you that until that time came, Jungkook would be your boyfriend. Disregarding the fact that it would all be fake, he’d still have to act like it. And that naïve part of you clung to the hope that he would fall in love with that false love.

“Okay…” you agreed hesitantly. “Let’s do it.”

⏩ ⏩ ⏩

“Jagi?” Jungkook whispered into your ear, cuddling closer into your smaller frame.

“Hmm?” You snuggled in tiredly, pulling the cozy blanket tighter.

He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear before tracing your jawline. “You’re falling asleep at the best part.”

It had been a week since you agreed to fake date Jungkook. The only other person that knew was Taehyung, solely because he saw right through you. He tried to talk you out of it, convinced you would get hurt. You understood his point, you were risking your feelings, but you still didn’t care. You were willing to have Jungkook in any way, no matter how unhealthy.

You also met the girl that made Jungkook tongue tied. Yoona possessed what you longed for so badly and she had no idea. She did not seem the least bit jealous during your lunch together. To make things even worse she was very pretty and sweet. You couldn’t hate her when she laughed adorably, sipping her mango smoothie, and commented on how well you looked together.

Cute, healthy, and kind. She unknowingly intimidated you on all levels. You found it easier to overlook all of this when Jungkook held your hand in his and Yoona sat across the two of you as a couple.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have picked a movie I’ve already seen a thousand times,” you grumbled as you watched Park Si-hoo sprint across the screen.

“I thought you loved action movies.” You couldn’t see it, but you knew a pout formed upon his lips.

“Not when I had an exam two hours ago,” you closed your eyes, attempting to drown out any memories of it.

You could feel him laughing silently. “You’re cute when you’re cranky.” Moments like these when he sounded so sincere really had your stomach doing somersaults.

“That’s a lie. I took the same test and I didn’t throw a fit over pizza toppings,” Taehyung interrupted.

“Ugh just go home.” You sank further into the couch, squishing Jungkook behind you. He laughed again, but this time it was audible.

Secretly, you were thankful for Taehyung’s presence because otherwise Jungkook might not be so lovey-dovey.

“I still think that was cute too.” He tugged your shoulder over to kiss your nose. After untangling himself from you and the blanket, he dragged Taehyung out of your apartment.

You wondered if you would ever protest, knowing well how wrong the situation was, but the butterflies in your stomach messed with the conscience in your head.

⏩ ⏩ ⏩

You snickered as Taehyung balanced a cold egg on Yoongi’s butt, right in the crack. Unfortunately for him, he had fallen asleep on his stomach in the living room - dangerous napping territory.

There were already shoes stacked upon his back and a Doritos chip wedged in between the slight gap in his mouth.

“Hold on,” you intervened, grabbing the sharpie Jungkook had used to skillfully draw a mustache and unibrow on Yoongi’s pale face. You decided to doodle a smiley face on the egg. Unsatisfied with the friendly look, you added slanted eyebrows as a finishing touch.

You all tensed up in fear that Yoongi would wake up when Taehyung’s phone chimed, but luckily he breathed slowly, still deep in sleep. “Oh, Jimin’s here. Tell him I’m getting the boards,” Taehyung whispered after checking his phone and heading to his room. He had plans with Jimin to go to the skate park.

When you sat down next to Jungkook on the couch opposite of Yoongi, he was going through the photos on his Canon that he just took of Yoongi. You giggled at the sight of the picture even though Yoongi laid one meter away. This was blackmail worthy material.

“The facial hair suits him right?” Jungkook comically questioned his artistic skills.

He then swallowed your response that was on the tip of your tongue, pulling you in for a very heated kiss. You gasped at his brash behavior, giving him an opportunity to slip his tongue in, colliding with yours. You ended up straddling him, the camera lost between your crotches. He removed one of his hands from the back of your head to set the camera where you were sitting moments ago and tugged on your hair, while using his elbow to push your lower body closer, replacing the gap from the camera.

He had never kissed you like this before. In fact, he had never kissed you on the lips before. Only pecks on the cheeks and nose for show. You didn’t even have the ability to be curious about what he was doing, keeping your hands wrapped around his strained neck, playing with the ends of his hair on the back of his neck.

You swore he was about to moan, but the clearing of a throat beat him to it. Opening your eyes and turning over, you noticed Jimin standing at the door.

You jumped off Jungkook’s lap so quick that you crashed into the coffee table. “Ow,” you sat on the floor, massaging your lower back that was possibly bruised from the impact.

You debated on explaining what was going on to Jimin, but you feared he might tell Jungkook and you didn’t want this to end. Having to play the part wasn’t far off from the real thing.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Jimin apologized, smirking at Jungkook. “Is Tae here?”

“Right here,” Taehyung answered with the skateboards in his hands.

“You do realize your room is two meters away?” Jimin joked before grabbing one of the boards and heading out.

Taehyung glanced at you both in confusion, unaware of the meaning to Jimin’s words.

⏩ ⏩ ⏩

You held the water hose over the kiddy pool, refraining from starting a water fight and directing it at Jungkook, who sat on a folding chair with his phone in his hand.

The two of you were out there with Hoseok and his girlfriend, waiting for the rest of the guys to finish studying or doing homework. That is, until Hoseok decided they needed to buy hotdogs, leaving you and Jungkook alone.

It had to be one of the hottest days this week as summer slowly encroached, so at the time of Namjoon’s suggestion, the kiddy pool sounded like a great idea. After mentally measuring the dimensions of the large, plastic bowl, you estimated five people could probably fit in comfortably. Turns out, this wasn’t one of the best ideas you guys had had.

You almost wished you hadn’t finished your homework earlier as you sat in the silent heat. Luckily, loud footsteps sounded from the building, increasing gradually as the person walked downstairs.

Jimin joined the two of you with his fancy sunglasses next to their apartment building. “Where’d Hobi and Yubi go?” He asked.

You dropped the hose when you felt Jungkook’s arms wrap around your waist, resting his chin on your head.

You were a mess with his bipolar behavior. Initially, Jungkook dedicated extra time to you, went on coffee dates, held your hand in public, called you pet names. But lately, he had been distant, yet so aggressive, displaying his affection with intense make outs, excessive back hugs, and sitting you in his lap. Not that you were complaining. You were addicted to his intoxicating flavor. You just missed movie nights and lounging around together.

Taehyung voiced his disapproval of your destructive relationship, but he also didn’t want to ruin your happiness. Clearly, you loved the attention you were getting, but it’s not like it would last forever. There was just that small sliver of hope that through it all Jungkook might forget Yoona and fall for you.

It had been a while since he even mentioned her. You hung out with her two other times, and Jungkook had dialed down significantly. Especially the last time you met up. He wouldn’t even hold your hand in front of her. But that had been over a week ago.

“Went to get some snacks,” you answered casually as you saw Taehyung tip-toe behind Jimin with a finger pressed to his lips.

“Oh did they-”

Taehyung chose to attack Jimin mid-sentence, landing a playful punch to the stomach. “Gotta always be flexing!” He cheered. It was a game you and the boys played as an excuse to punch each other.

Jimin tried to get him back, but Taehyung stepped out of the way, thinking one step ahead. After Jimin gave up and Taehyung calmed down, they asked how the pool was turning out.

“I mean, it’s as good as it’ll ever be. Might as well call everyone else.” You shrugged.

“Okay,” Taehyung turned around to head back inside, still chuckling to himself.

“Hold up! I wanna get my sunglasses,” Jungkook left his position behind you and followed Taehyung into the building.

“You don’t look so happy for someone who’s got the man of her dreams,” Jimin teased, turning off the hose before it flooded the parking spot.

“Shut up,” you blushed, avoiding his eye contact.

“If it helps, he talks about you a lot.”


“Yeah he’s always blabbing about what a great girlfriend you are. You must be amazing in bed or something because I swear he never stops talking about you,” he threw a playful smile your way.

“Rude!” You hit him in the same spot Taehyung had.

“Okay okay! Or you’re just a really good girlfriend,” he protected his tummy from any more harassment. But then he couldn’t help himself from adding in a quieter tone, “I guess I’ll have to test it out myself to see.”

“Right. After you test all the willing girls on campus.” You rolled your eyes.

“I mean, you said it not me.” He put his hands up in defense.

⏩ ⏩ ⏩

You had been together for two months. It was almost too good to be true.

You rested your head in Jungkook’s lap, skimming the photos he recently developed as he took some more of the scenery. You were both laying in the grass in one of the lawns near the technology wing. There happened to be less people crowding around and Jungkook loved how the calm tone easily captured in his pictures.

Moments like these were rare now. Jungkook busied himself with his phone in your presence and claimed he was always studying when he couldn’t meet up or join you and Taehyung.

You held the photographs directly above your face, angling them against the sunlight. As you inspected a picture of the streets taken from a roof, someone stood over you, their dark shadow making it hard to see the photo at all.

There, blocking the sun from your eyes, stood Yoona.

“What are you guys doing here?” She smiled.

You lifted your head from Jungkook’s lap. “Hey! Just taking a break between class. What about you?” If you recalled correctly, she studied Education and those classes were on the other side of campus.

“Oh, I actually just came from the library when I saw you two. Umm do you mind if I borrow Kookie?”

Kookie? You hadn’t heard about nor seen Yoona for a while now, yet she had already nicknamed Jungkook?

“Sure,” you shrugged, looking over at him, who had been silent this entire time. You didn’t miss the way he looked her up and down, which reminded you of your reality. He’s not really yours. No matter how blissful the past two months had been, he never reciprocated those feelings for you.

“Thanks! It’ll be real quick- it’s about this portfolio I’m making for a class.” They both walked a few meters over, leaving you to sit in the grass alone.

You tried to take interest in the photos again, but the thought of them talking itched the back of your mind. When did they become so friendly?

The second Yoona showed interest, he was hers. Could Jungkook’s plan actually be working? The thought crossed your mind every now and then the past two months, but it worried you less and less since he hardly mentioned her. Jungkook played your boyfriend so well, you felt fooled too.

Blanking off in space, you caught Taehyung skateboarding, recognizing him easily with a pair of sunglasses worn on the back of his head.

You crept up behind him silently before playfully punching his stomach and yelling, “gotta always be flexing!”

He groaned, clutching his stomach. “Why are you here?” He groaned. “Class isn’t for another half hour.”

“We had lunch, so we were waiting in between.” It would have taken far too long to go to your apartments and back.


“Jungkook and I.”

“How’s that going?” It had been a while since he mentioned anything about it. He seemed quite comfortable with the idea of you two together now. Just hesitant about the fabrication behind it all.

You sighed. “You tell me,” you stepped to the side so he could see Jungkook chatting with Yoona.

“That’s Yoona?” Taehyung asked, raising an eyebrow.

You nodded as you stared at them and replied in a murmur. “I know. She’s really pretty.”

“No it’s not that. She came to our apartment the other day.”

This caught your attention. “What?”

“Yeah. She said it must’ve been the wrong place when I answered the door and left.”

You struggled to reply, hundred of scenarios screening in your head. Your time was up, your fairy tale coming to an end.

“Let’s get ice cream. There’s a Ben and Jerry’s nearby.” Taehyung switched the topic, turning you to face him. “Oh and also?” You waited for him to finish. “Gotta always be flexing!”

Since he started to speak before he made contact with you, you dodged his punch, but he grabbed you so he could land multiple light punches to your stomach.

“Tae!” Instead of hurting you, it felt more like a tickle.

“I’ll stop if you get ice cream with me!” He persisted.

“Tae!” You hated how your heart melted at Jungkook’s rich voice.

“Hey,” Taehyung waved back at Jungkook, letting you go. The four of you stood there awkwardly.

“I’m Yoona,” she introduced with a sweet smile.

“Taehyung. Did you ever find who you were looking for the other day?”

She looked down and smiled to herself as if she knew something you didn’t. “Yeah, it was the wrong building. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. Well we were going to get some ice cream. You in?” Taehyung directed his question to Jungkook, but Yoona replied for him.

“Actually I still need some more help. Do you mind finishing it first? It won’t take long, I promise.” She asked Jungkook.

Of course he agreed. Why wouldn’t he? She finally paid him the attention he had been so desperate for. All that was left was for him to break things off with you.

⏩ ⏩ ⏩

You anticipated the day Jungkook would end things. He won her attention. It was over. Yet, he continued to stay with you. In fact, Jungkook took his obscene actions to an even higher level. He practically dry-humped you anytime Jimin breathed the same air as you. It seemed like the only time you spent together was around Jimin and you couldn’t understand why he focused on agitating Jimin so much.

Speaking of the devil, Jimin had just asked if he could use your apartment for the night when Jungkook pulled you into his room.

“There’s something I need to tell you.” He spoke slowly as if he regretted every syllable. “I know we agreed to this thing to help each other out…and I really wanted to do my part for you, but- don’t you think you deserve better than Jimin?” What was he implying? “I’ve been trying hard ___, really, but I just don’t think you guys are right for each other. He’s still asking to use your room. You should move on.”

Now would probably be a good time to dismiss any supposed feelings for Jimin. “You’re right.” You nodded.

“Really? Oh thank god. To be honest, Yoona came on to me a while ago, but it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t get Jimin. I thought if he saw us together, he would maybe see you in a different way, but I don’t think he ever will,” Jungkook explained.

“Yeah,” you muttered softly. You took his words in slowly.

“Hey, don’t cry. Come on, there are plenty of other guys that are way better than Jimin. From my experience, you really are a great girlfriend.” He tried to cheer you up, but the more he spoke, the more you felt bile build up deep in your throat.

“You didn’t have to stay in the relationship for me.”

“That would make me an asshole. I’m just sorry things didn’t work out the way you wanted.” He did nothing wrong, yet you still felt betrayed. But no matter how much he hurt you, you couldn’t stop loving him.

“Yeah. I am too.”

⏩ ⏩ ⏩

You hadn’t been to the boys apartment for two weeks. Everyone assumed you were struggling through the break up, which technically you were. Taehyung, the only one who knew what really was going on, visited you every day. He never rubbed in your face that he was right. He just helped distract you, but it felt impossible to move on.

Jungkooks was probably too busy in love with Yoona to even notice your disappearance. And here you were mourning something you saw coming months before.

Namjoon and Taehyung had taken it upon themselves to convince you to come over today.

“We all miss you.” Namjoon insisted.

“You miss my empty apartment.” How would they ever hook up with any girls now that you practically lived and breathed your apartment?

“That’s not true.” Taehyung reassured, staring at you with melancholy, looking almost hurt.

“Even Yoongi has been asking for you to come back.” Namjoon chimed in.

“Why?” You weren’t particularly close with him, but you had a tradition of making playlists for each other.

“Because you’re fun! There’s no one to make fun of, no one to help prank each other with, no one to play music to dance to in the living room. We are all boring people without you!” Namjoon whined.

You felt he had been exaggerating, but that didn’t negate the fact that you had a lot of fun with them. They were your only friends. “Fine I’ll come over!” They had been complaining about your stubbornness for the past two hours. “But only if you pay for dinner.”

“Deal, Jin’s cooking tonight!” Taehyung smiled.

There was no awkwardness like you expected when you got to the boys place. It felt like you never disappeared for a couple of weeks. Although, you didn’t miss the fact that Jungkook wasn’t there. You didn’t want to think about how he was off with Yoona, cuddling her instead. Sketching pictures of her and not you.

“___ can you get the speakers? I think they’re in Jungkook’s room.” Yoongi asked you as he sorted through his burned cd’s.

“Sure,” you nodded. You didn’t expect to see him there on his bed, curled in a ball with the blanket over his head. Did the other boys know he was even home?

“Jungkook?” You asked softly, putting a gently hand on his body.

He pulled the covers down a bit, revealing his puffy face. He had been crying.

“Oh my god are you okay?” It ached to see him in this state. So miserable and depressed.

“I need you.”


“Without you… she only liked being with me because I was already taken. She liked hiding and fooling around. She only wanted me for the thrill…not because I was anything special.”


And that’s when you realized your predicament. Jungkook needed you. He needed you to pretend to be his girlfriend in order for Yoona to be interested in him. He wanted her just as desperately as you wanted him. Even if that meant not truly having the others heart. You were the last piece to his jigsaw puzzle.

Were you willing to fake date him again to let him be happy? While knowing he would be seeing her secretly as you played his girlfriend in public. Was he worth it?

“Let’s go out again.”


Frankie: hey, so like, I’m super glad you decided to show up to my welcome party this time, but aren’t you forgetting to give me something before you just barge into my house and start watching tv? perhaps a disgusting cake of some kind? a fruity chance at redemption, if you will?
Johnny: oh Frankie, I’m so glad you didn’t lose your sense of humor!
Frankie: I :) wasn’t :)  joking :)


The blonde didn’t remember what happened, she didn’t know who was there in the bathroom with her as she went to use the toilet. She was almost finished in the stall when someone barged in and stuck the needle into her arm.

It all happened so quickly. Before she had a chance to turn around to face the attacker her body was already giving up on her. She slowly slid down the wall and to the ground, her baby blue eyes dropping close as her mind began to spin. She felt sick out of her head but at the same time it was weirdly calming as the drug began to spread through her body.

Harley managed a soft smile at the sound of her King’s voice. Her Puddin’. The most important man in her life. But her thoughts slipped again as the intoxicated mind lost its focus.

[ Blanche has a huge lab in their home with glass windows you can look into. One day Candela walks past it multiple times sees Blanche sitting in the same spot the whole time. At some point, she barges in and tells them to get the hell up. Blanche says they’re fine, as always, but the moment Candela starts rubbing their shoulders, they wince in pain.

From this moment on, Candela makes sure Blanche does some stretches a few times a day if they’re sitting for long hours. ]

Don’t Touch Her

He had just gone out to do a quick shopping; not more than ten minutes. The grocery bags fall down and he was quick to have his hands on his gun, already aiming at Mephisto. 


Your voice was calm, indicating he had done no harm. Yet. “Are you okay, (your name)?” Before your could answer, Mephisto already barged in. “Of course, she is. What a sweet girl you found, Yukio.” He moved to pat your knee, a small thanks for treating him like any other visitor. 

The silence was interrupted as the safety was pulled off. “Do not move any closer.” Mephisto held his hands up in defense but the glimmer in his eyes said the opposite. “It’s better you go now.” 

“Of course, I know when I’m not wanted anymore.” Despite his words, it didn’t stop him from kissing your hand as he said his goodbyes and waltzed out.

You turned towards your boyfriend. “I think there’s something you need to tell me, love

vidduality  asked:

First, THANK YOU for the breakdown of Scorpius's stage portrayal! And for all the scene descriptions you've done thus far (I had no idea the staging has him crying on the staircase throughout Harry/McGonagall's office scene as well... and I thought the SCRIPT made that sequence heartbreaking). Definitely don't feel you need to hold back... the more details the merrier I say! :) How about the dark AU Hogwarts scenes with Snape?

I have to say I’m not the best Snape expert around so I can offer very few remarks about his portrayal, but I’ll try to explain how the scenes looked like! This is act three, scenes five through nine:

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ezzoh  asked:

Ghetsis :D

  • First impression

I see you, villain.

  • Impression now

I SEE YOU, VILLAIN. But I’m not sure you can see me, now; please go see a doctor for the right side of your body.

  • Favorite moment

Him barging in in the Throne room. He was. terrible. utterly terrible, wow. (Also that scene on the bridge with the ninjas?! and when you discover him in B2&W2???!)

  • Idea for a story

Either younger!fic with him and Adeku, foreshadowing his plans… either the goddesses and overall the Plasma family taking care of angry cranky (now harmless but still spiteful) old grandpa in Hodomoe City.

  • Unpopular opinion

Dunno if unpopular but: he is N’s biological father, and he himself spread the rumours about N not being his biological son. It’s better if people think that N was born from Pokémon or something.

  • Favorite relationship

With N. It’s awful.

  • Favorite headcanon

*cries* I know about Life Orb + Frustration but… Sazandora is his pet monster, Ghetsis takes good care of it and Saza adores him, okay. (Which can be related to the fact that Saza is sometimes fed humans.)

Hi friends,

I’m sorry for being MIA lately. Things haven’t been going so well.

As you know, I recently graduated nursing school and work as a pediatric ICU nurse. That may change pretty quickly. I always thought the cliche about nurses eating their young wasn’t true-but it is. It really really is.

My preceptor is a complete and total nightmare. She’s clearly a very good nurse but has no patience whatsoever. She is SO demanding-I never do anything right and she literally tears down everything I try to do. It feels like a constant test, with never ending pimping, passive aggressive statements when I don’t know the answer or ask a question that she doesn’t like. She asks questions that she thinks she knows the answer to, to try and catch me in a lie. She micromanages everything-barging in the room in front of the family to ask if I ‘washed my hands before touching that child’. She had me relabel the lines and then immediately ripped them down because they weren’t how she likes to do it. I dont cry and I cry in the bathroom/med room/formula room a lot. 

She clearly doesn’t like having orientees. Other nurses have come by to gossip with her and they talk about other people on orientations. They talk about how they hate having people with them but its ‘$4 extra dollars an hour’-barely worth the pain in the ass nature of showing them how to do EVERYTHING. 

The worst part is that I made a horrible horrible error that could have ended VERY badly. It was 100% my fault and 100% an accident-but if we were to swiss cheese model this, a large part of it relates to her. She had me do something that didn’t make sense to me, wouldn’t explain it to me, it had to be done multiple times throughout the shift and the last time I did it, I fucked up. When I told her about the mistake, I cried as she told me how fucked up it was and how she didn’t think I understood the gravity of the mistake. Believe me. I knew. I knew and she just wouldn’t stop talking. 

I feel like I can’t learn and grow with her. I love pediatrics, I love working in the PICU but she makes me dread every single day. I requested another preceptor from my educator. Many things happened. My educator left on maternity leave(aka suddenly delivered her baby) and she was my one advocate. The managers touched base with my preceptor and she told them all of these horrible things-that I was negative(they made it sound like I constantly rolled my eyes, sighed, ect. Yes, i know thats not professional to do-and I don’t feel like I did it a lot. I tried so hard to be perfect-it was just like the bubble burst), that I wasn’t a team player, I wasn’t interested in learning, I was unsafe, and I had no integrity. This was SO devastating. I’ve never had management think this about me-ever. They told me I needed to learn a lesson and that they were going to make me continue to be with this preceptor, for the next 6 months.

I cannot do that. I just can’t. I began to look for other jobs-to see if there were other options. I want to move back home. 

More drama ensues. Essentially I spoke to the new educator and she managed to get me another preceptor. I still feel intensely uncomfortable and kind of…damaged from the entire unit-can I continue to work when I know my old preceptor has been talking shit about me and my managers don’t think highly of me? Can I grow when I feel so unsupported?

Even worse(better/worse/whatever), when I reached out to the other hospitals back home who had offered me jobs previously, I didn’t expect but maybe one response…maybe. Both hospitals-both very good have essentially reoffered me positions-one in the ER/peds ER, and one in the pediatric critical care float pool where I would work in both the PICU and the pediatric BMT unit. 

My long term goals were to finish out my residency training at my current hospital and then move back home. Now…I have to burn 2 bridges either way I go. If I turn down either of these hospitals after they’ve gone out of their way to make this work for me(after basically begging them for help), I will certainly never ever ever get another chance at that institution. If I break my contract at my current hospital, while there is no monetary penalty(like many residencies, thank god), I will never ever be able to work there again-and its a MAJOR pediatric hospital. 

Either way, I’m kind of screwed.

On top of everything else, Sweetheart and I broke up about two months ago and people suddenly seem to have taken this week as a free for all, lets all tell chronicallysleepdeprived how they’ve been in love with her for years/ask her out. Literally. Like over 6 people. Over the course of one day. There must have been some secret guy meeting I missed. 

This is not flattering. This is horrifying and upsetting because I dont want to hurt people and so many of these folks are my support system-my good guy friends. Of course the one guy I’m actually into-a guy I’ve been on several dates with, is being weird and MIA so…what in the actual fuck is my life right now????

To be continued…

Something of Value 08 link | ao3 link | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Pairing: N/A

Warnings: N/A

Summary: Tsuna just wanted to be worth something to someone. He hadn’t expected seven babies to barge into his life and make themselves comfortable. Arco!Tsuna, Arcobaleno+Tsuna bonding

Reborn was right. Something eventually gave, but per his interactions with Tsunayoshi, it wasn’t anything that he expected.

Sunday had arrived and Reborn contemplated his options. There was no school today. So… technically he didn’t have to meet Tsunayoshi. There were no grounds to since he wasn’t supposed to ‘know’ where Tsunayoshi lived. He sat in the tree across the street from the Sawada Household, weighing his options.

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the funniest scene in xena is from the groundhog day episode where she keeps repeating the same day over and over again and every morning joxer barges in and wakes her and gabrielle up and after like dozens of resets like that one day xena just throws her fucking chakram at his chest and literally kills him because she knows it’ll just reset and gabrielle’s screaming and crying like “XENA WHAT DID YOU DO” and xena just goes back to sleep

what possesses people to barge into a conversation about shitty parents with stuff along the lines of ‘oh my parents were suuuuuuper loving and supportive but I’ve heard about stuff like this happening and it really sucks’ like. I don’t give a fuck about your loving and supportive parents. no one here does. go tell someone else or even your damn parents themselves about how ‘unconditionally kind and understanding’ or whatever the hell they were cause I’m not here to listen to that shit

Is this child abuse?

- Barging into their child’s room every few minutes to yell about something

- Constantly telling their child how ugly they look and going to be when they grow up

- Guilt tripping, blaming the child for their sadness/Losing money

- Laughing at them when they make a point about something

- Telling them to be quiet because ‘The adults are talking’ and their opinion doesn’t matter.

- telling their child just to 'Get over it’

- threatening to take away things over little problems

- laughing when they get hurt

- Homophobia/transphobia/Etc. refusing to use proper pronouns and telling their child they’re going to hell or confused

- touching them when they don’t want to be touched, trying to convince them to desensitize.

- being just plain rude/disrespectful to their child

- telling their child they have no authority and everything in their room belongs to the parent, nothing belongs to the child, etc.

My mother and father do all these things.

anonymous asked:

What if you & Kylo have to infiltrate a fancy gala to acquire important intel, but you have to disguise yourselves as aristocrats to do so? *Cue Kylo Amidala* ;) // "I look ridiculous," you complain, adjusting your elaborate robes. Kylo shrugs. "Then we'll look ridiculous together." You stare. "I'll say, Master. You're wearing lipstick." Kylo stands up straight, looking defensive. "No one can recognize me," he insists.

Ooo, that would be interesting to say the least. Haha I always perceive Kylo as the type who does not go for subtly even in the slightest fashion, he goes straight for that dramatic gasp of fear when people see him enter a room. So idk if he’d ever actually go undercover, like he wants people to remember the day he barged into their party and practically made them shit their pants. 

That being said, if he ever did go undercover, he would likely make up a ton of excuses as to why he had to wear all kinds of ridiculous things to “assure no one knows who he is” even though barely anyone has seen his actual face. It’s really just so he can try stuff out, or cause he’s always silently held a desire to. So que the “if I wear this it’ll really throw them off” and reader’s like 

“Yeah…that lip color totally changed the entire dynamic of your face. Totally different person.” *eye rolls* 

I bet Kylo would lowkey enjoy switching up his attire though, especially considering how many pieces go into his usual attire. He’d probably be relieved to just put on some pants, a shirt and some ridiculously luxurious robe and call it good. Though let’s be honest, it would all still be black, because black is by far the best and happiest color of them all. 

I was in California and I happened to run into Thom Yorke at a local diner. He was sitting alone and it looked like he’d only just started eating, so I decided to just go up and say hi (if his friends were there I would have just let him be). Anyway, I walk up and say hello and tell him I know him from Radiohead. Nothing. No reaction. Doesn’t say a word. He just sits there, staring right through me. Staring intensely, but with no emotion whatsoever.

I begin to feel awkward, so I say “sorry to disturb you” and start to walk away but before I even get a chance to turn he just gets up suddenly and starts walking toward me, still making full eye contact. At first I thought he was going to try and barge into me or something, but at the last minute (like an inch away from me) he turns and heads toward the trash can. Then he starts dumping everything on his plate into it. One by one. Potatoes, carrots, everything. He picks up each bit of food up, holds it high above the can and drops it. Some of it (the steak) didn’t even make it into the trash because he wasn’t looking at what he was doing.

Finally his plate is empty and this is the part that really fucking weirded me out. He looks around to check no one (but me) is looking, then slides the plate under his jacket and walks out.

I was just astounded, it was pretty surreal.


The Royal Barge–Built in 1732 for Frederick, Prince of Wales 

The Royal Barge is a clinker-built open rowing boat. The prow, stern and rail are carved and gilded with the royal coat of arms and Prince of Wales feathers among riotous sea-creatures, swags and Vitruvian scrolls. The State House, surmounted by a crown, is fitted with upholstered seating, carpet and painted ceiling. The barge is accompanied by 24 oars.

The Royal barge was built in 1732 for Frederick, Prince of Wales by the shipwright John Hall to a design by the architect William Kent. The work was supervised by Lord Baltimore, the Prince’s friend and adviser. The original intention was to launch the barge on the Prince’s birthday in January 1732, but in fact the bill for £1,002 9s 1d from John Hall was not submitted until July of that year. The full list of workmen includes James Richards, the sculptor and carver who succeeded Grinling Gibbons as Master Carver to the Crown, and Paul Petit, the gilder, as well as a joiner, laceman, mercer, upholsterer, sailmaker, oar-maker, glassman and locksmith. The barge was designed to be rowed by 21 oarsmen and a Barge-Master. Its first outing was to take Frederick with his mother, Queen Caroline and five sisters, from Chelsea Hospital to Old Somerset House to view paintings from the Royal Collection undergoing restoration. They were attended by Officers and Ladies in a second barge and a group of musicians in a third. Frederick used the barge for a number of pleasure trips, including, in 1749, one in which the entire barge was decorated in the chinoiserie style and the bargemen dressed in orientally inspired uniforms. The barge continued in use until 1849 in various state processions - its last outing was to carry Prince Albert and the Princess Royal to the opening of the Coal Exchange. After this it was placed at the Royal Barge House in Windsor Great Park. In 1883 Queen Victoria loaned the barge to the Science Museum. In 1925 it was transferred to the V&A Museum, and in 1951 it was placed on loan to the National Maritime Museum. Kent’s designs for the barge are held in the Royal Institute of British Architects.  

William Kent (1684-1748)  

Royal Barge  1731-32          

Gilt wood and iron |    RCIN 69797

National Maritime Museum [London]

Some pictures by Photographer:Bruce White

Living With The Marauders Would Include...

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  •  lets be honest, you’d have no privacy
  • “James! Get out! I’m peeing!”
  • James: “Y/N there’s only one bathroom in this- oh crikey.”
  • them leaving there stuff e v e r y w h e r e
  • “Peter I swear on Merlin’s Beard, if I find another one of your bloody socks in the hall.”
  • them always barging into your room
  • “Y/N, I need help.”
  • “Sirius, it’s 3 in the morning.”
  • you forcing them to learn how to make your own food because cooking for them would be like feeding an army
  • but occasionally, you would cook for them
  • them sneaking into the kitchen when your back is turned to sneak a taste
  • “James! Stop licking the spoon you twat!”
  • laundry is always fun
  • *something flies past your head, you duck around the corner*
  • the guys are all snickering
  • going grocery shopping is hell
  • “No, stop! Remus, we don’t need 20 bulk packs of chocolate.”
  • eventually just giving up and letting them buy whatever
  • giving the girls they bring home the stank eye in the morning
  • also, vice versa you COULD NOT bring a guy home
  • they literally scare off every guy
  • “I have a wand, you know.”
  • everyone laughing over coffee the next morning when one of their visitors is loud
  • James: “Good company last night, Sirius?”
  • Sirius: “James, shut up you’re not that slick we always know when Lily is here.”
  • weekly movie nights
  • HUGE movie and vinyl collection between all of you
  • you falling asleep on the couch
  • them tucking you in
  • sharing a huge book room with Remus
  • it’s also never quiet
  • their rooms are down the hall and they’re always yelling
  • “REMUS!”
  • “WHAT?”
  • making them set up rat traps when you find one in the kitchen (lol)
  • Peter: “It wasn’t me!” 
  • “SIRIUS, clean up your bloody paw prints!”
  • waiting up with takeout after full moons
  • them always stealing your stuff
  • “Sirius.. did you use my bubble bath?”
  • Sirius: no, i just smell like lavender for no reason.
  • you stay up super late, and when they wake you up early you’re really pissy
  • Remus always making your cup of coffee 
  • literally you walk around without pants cause why the fuck not
  • “Nice knickers.” 
  • “Thanks, maybe the girls you bring home should learn from me.”
  • them knowing your time of the month, so they’re all on edge 
  • you guys all record shows for each other
  • being the “mom” figure
  • when one of you is sick, all of you are sick.
  • “Y/N, love, want some soup?”
  • when one of them couldn’t sleep, and they came into your room
  • James: Y/N? Can I come in?
  • cuddles
  • somehow they all end up in your room
  • “I, Remus- move! Sirius your foot is in my face!”
  • having little things with all of them, Remus knows coffee, Sirius knows food, James knows your shows.
  • them freaking out when you come home late
  • Sirius:“Where the bloody hell have you been?”
  • James: “You were supposed to be home 10 minutes ago!”
  • Remus: “We were worried sick!”
  • “I was at Lily’s, you boobs.”
  • parties, SO MANY PARTIES
  • you getting super drunk and falling asleep on the couch
  • them cleaning up
  • “Bloody hell how does she do this all the time?”
  • sundays consisted of somebody picking a vinyl and everyone dancing around in their pajamas
  • “Can we get a pet?”
  • James: WE HAVE 4, Y/N!
  • but honestly, it would be a blast
  • one big happy family