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“I really had no idea. They barged into my house in April, brought me happiness, and now gave me this award. Thank you so much. I’d like to thank all the production related staff… also, I like to adress them not as “hyungs” but as “my members.” I’ve always been scared, afraid and nervous doing a variety show, but I’m so happy to be together with my members. When I was serving in the military, I was longing for this moment so much. I’ll accept this award as you telling me to do better. When you search my name online, “not funny” pops up as related. I’ll set my goal in getting rid of that. I’ll try hard to live up to the expectation of this award. If you call me Takgu, I’m Takgu, and if you call me Donggu, I’m Donggu. As Donggu, I’ll let go of myself and try my best to make you laugh. Thank you.”

i really hate my online teacher….. he accused me of plagiarism before and told my guidance counselor that but it’s all good now cause apparently i was saving it in a way that couldn’t make him see what i wrote and the system would mark my stuff weird or something like that but i talked to someone else from the online school and i just redid everything so i have an a now from a freaking d but i just saw that he put in a 0 for a quiz i got 100 on what the fuckery fuck i’m so done with him


Model box for The Bureau of Lost Things by Chris Bush, a piece of new writing that I designed set and costume for in June 2015 at the Barge House, my secondary show at Rose Bruford College. It was directed by Tom Latter and Steve Harper in collaboration with Theatre503, the music was composed by Matt Winkworth.

The Devil’s Temptation

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Title: The Devil’s Temptation

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,125

Warnings: Fluff?

A/N: Things happened today and I apologize for getting this out later than usual. Things here are just not looking up and shit is crazy, but no worries. I will not stop writing. Hopefully I can write enough tonight to have some different fics than Gabriel. I’m trying guys, I am <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

The wind whipped through your hair on the cool fall night.  You tucked your hands into your pockets.  You told Sam and Dean that you were going for a walk.  They didn’t need to tell you to be careful; you knew demons were everywhere now.  Your eyes traveled to the abandoned house you were about to walk past.  Your eyes scanned over the property.  You saw what looked like an old friend of yours, standing in one of the windows.

You didn’t think twice about dashing towards the house and barging through the door.  The person you saw was on the second floor of the house.  You padded up the stairs carefully.  You kept a hand on your gun just in case.  As you reached the top of the stairs you could tell the atmosphere was different.  If it wasn’t for the flickering light down the hall, you would have turned back and left.  You slowly walked into the room with the flickering light.  The door abruptly shut behind you, causing you to spin around.  As much as you tugged on the door’s handle, it wouldn’t budge.

“It’s nice to see you again [Y/N],” Lucifer mused.  “You seemed pretty concerned about whoever you saw in the window.”

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Imagine being arrested by shadowhunters for breaking the law...But your innocent.

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You barged into Magnus’ house, starting him, Raphael and Ragnor.
“Help me!” You cried, sobbing hysterically. “I didn’t do it!”
Before anything more could be said shadowhunters grabbed you tightly making you squeal and moan in pain.
The three went into a defensive position, Raphael hissing.
“Enough! You’re hurting them!” Magnus demanded.
“They are under arrest!” The shadowhunter insisted.
“Magnus please! I didn’t do it. Please help me!”
“We’ll fix this, don’t you worry!”


“Hey, I’m sorry for whatever you think I did,” you panted, eyes darting wildly around the room as you looked for a way to escape from these two psychopaths, “But will you please let me go?”

“Really?” the taller man scoffed with a roll of his eyes, leaning in and looking at you with disbelief. “You’re gonna pull the ‘I’m human’ card?”

“Just tell us what we need to know and we’ll let you go,” the other one said gruffly, but you could tell by the way he was eyeing you that you weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Please! I promise I won’t press charges, just let me-” you were cut off when a splash of water hit your face, and you sputtered, shaking your head to get rid of some of the excess water dripping down your face. “W-what the hell?!”

Both of your captors’ eyes widened, and they shared a look, regret beginning to make its way onto their faces. “I, um, it seems we’ve made a mistake.”


Forbidden Love

Characters: J-Hope (Hoseok), Reader, rest of BTS

Genre: Gang/ Mafia AU, angst

Warnings: death mention, adult language  

z808z asked: Hi  😄 Can I request a jhope imagine where bts are a mafia/gang group and is dating you but dating isn’t allowed. One day bts find out and barge into the house threatening to kill you and you end up being shot. Can it be in jhopes pov 😄 thank you I love your writing 👍😍

A/N: Thank you for requesting this scenario I actually wanted to write a gang au again :D It’s not really long sorry!

I apologies for any mistakes in there like always lmao

I had nothing. I was alone. Darkness was the only friend I had.

Until I met them.

“Jung Hoseok, welcome to the team” the man announced as he shook my hand with one hand while putting a gun into my belt with another. “We will count on you” he said and I nodded.
I sat down on the chair again next to the other 6 boys that were chosen to join the gang, besides from me.

“We have 2 simple rules” the man continued talking while walking around. “Number one! Once you enter the team you can’t leave! Number two! You are NOT allowed to date or fall in love!” He stopped in the middle of the room that was deadly silent while his strong gaze was scanning our faces. “If any of you break any of these rules, than I am afraid that you won’t see the light of the world ever again, Understood?”

“Yes sir!”


Climbing out of the shower I reached out for a towel to dry my body with it. The warmth of the fabric was just something I really needed now. The mirror was foggy, caused by the steam of the hot shower. I whipped it off with my right hand to see my blurry reflection in it, staring at it for a few minutes before I touched my face, carefully running my hand over my cheek and lips to my chin.
With a sigh I turned around to grabbed my cloths that were lying on the floor that still had some red blood stains on them. I looked at them for a while before I threw them in the trash and changed into some new garments.

Suddenly the door bell rang a few times.

“Hey babe” I smiled as I saw my girlfriend, who I was calling one hour ago to announce my return from my trip so called “business” trip, standing  in front of me. I hugged her and gave her a quick peck on the lips. “I missed you” she said and hugged me tighter.

“Me too” I whispered and stroke her hair. We broke the hug and walked over to the living room that was still messy with a lot of documents lying on the ground and on the little living room table. “Sorry I just took a shower and forgot to clean up” I explained.

“It’s alright” she smiled. “…I see you haven’t paid the rental fee again?” she said as she picked up a sheet from the table. “Should I borrow you some money?”

“No Y/N, you need to saved it for yourself. I’ll get some money soon and then I’ll be able to pay all the bills” I smiled and sat down on the couch next to her. She was working hard for her own money and I didn’t want to make her feel like she needs to help me out with my financial problems. “And maybe we can also do something together” I snuggled my face into her neck. She pushed me away while giggling. “I hope so” she smiled “but I’m still afraid if they will do something to you when they find out about me”

“They haven’t find out for 2 years and they won’t ever” I smiled and cupped her cheeks with my hands. “There is no way that I will leave you” I moved closer to her and placed my lips on hers. I broke the kiss to look into her lovely eyes I fell in love with at first sight at a small bar where we meet. She was my everything.

The message ringtone of my phone interrupted us and made me groan in disbelieve.

Namjoon: Come over

“I need to go” I explained and grabbed my jacket as I quickly made my way to the main door. “You can stay here if you want” I told her and grabbed the doorknob but before I could turn it, her soft hands travelled over to mine from behind.

“I love you” she peeked my cheek and let go of me slowly, like she didn’t want me to leave.

“There you are!” Our leader, Namjoon, yelled as soon as I entered the almost forsaken warehouse where he was sitting on a table, waiting for me. The other members were busy cleaning their weapons or fixing cars or other gadgets.

“You called me” I said while walking over to him. “What’s up?”

“We are about to get through our new plan” he hopped off of the desk and called the other boys over.

“BTS! We are only one step away to become millionaires and make our boss proud of us. This plan is the door to our success.” Namjoon announced and rolled up a map of the city with a red mark on a building. “The national bank of Seoul it is” he smiled a huge smile.

“Yo but how should we do that?” Taehyung, who was in charge of hacking into all kind of systems, asked. “That’s the most secured building in the city! We would need a new technique to get through the security system.”

“We will get through it” he answered “Team work makes the dream work, remember?”

I sneered.

‘Team work makes the dream work’

That was decided to be our motto 3 years ago as we started to be a gang. We all had the same destiny and that was, what made us stick together and understand each other. We all grew up alone or by other people, since our parents left us or died early. Never have I thought that I would meet people that felt the same pain as me.

“When do we start?” Jin, our driver and our so called “secret weapon”, asked while sitting on a chair with his feet on the desk. “I mean I still need some time to fix that junk car”

“Don’t worry hyung!” Jimin, the master of stealing, said and put a hand on his partner in crime “Jungkook and me will get you a new one”

“I hope you’ll get us something better that the last shit you both got me” he smirked and Jimin only glared at the older one.

“We also need new guns and weapons” Yoongi, the assassin notified.

“We will get you all of this” Namjoon said. “Jimin and Jungkook are on it” he said and turned his head over to them. They nodded and left with the other to get what they needed, so I left alone with our leader. I leaned over the table and looked at the city graphic more detailed and marked every important spot with different symbols that had different meanings. I was the second assassin and the one who plans everything along with Namjoon.

We planned everything until the last detail and within a week we were ready to fulfil our plan. I put on my bulletproof west and a black shirt over it and made sure that I put all my weapons into my pockets before I got in the black van where everyone else was waiting. The ride was only 20 minutes long and Seokjin parked the van a few meters away from the bank.

“Everyone get into their position and make sure that your walkie-talkies are on” Namjoon ordered as we were ready to swarm out. It was as cold day and the sun started to set. Only a few people were on the streets and the bank was nearly to be closed. Seokjin and Taehyung stayed in the vehicle to look at the security cameras on the laptop to lead us and the oldest to be ready to flee as soon as we needed to leave.

I was climbing up a tall buildings that was next to the national bank to get on the roof while Yoongi was doing the same at another building  as the rest was getting in to get into their characters and positions.  As I arrived at the building I set up my shot gun and looked through the spyglass.

“Position one is ready” I said trough the walkie-talkie to informed the other members.

“Position two is also ready” I heard Yoongi’s voice cracking through the little gadget.

I searched for Jimin and Namjoon with my pair of binoculars and spotted them talking like average citizens to the banker at the counter near the entrance. “Good” I said to myself and switch over to another window to find Jungkook walking over to an elevator to get to the upper half of the office block. He was doing a good job as a fake new co-worker.

“I’m on my way to the owner of the bank” I heard Jungkook’s voice from the small tool.

“Alright Namjoon and Jimin get ready to get up too” Taehyung said.

I switched back to the duo and watched them walking to the back where the another elevator was standing, accompanied with the banker. Suddenly Jimin pushed him to the wall while holding his head up and Namjoon took everything out of his pockets before Jimin cut his throat with his pocketknife.

“Going up now” I saw him talking into his sleeve before entering elevator while Jimin was dragging the dead body into a corner.

I looked back to the window where I saw  Jungkook a few minutes ago but now there was a woman’s back blocking the view to look into the room.

“Damn it” I cursed “Yoongi can you see what is happening in there?”

“There is no window on my side to the office.” he answered.

Annoyed I walked around to search for another window and suddenly heard glass breaking. I immediately searched for the shattered window and it was the one at the main floor where  the police was walking in. I quickly ran over to my weapon and helped Jimin to get rid of the cops.

“Jungkook and Namjoon you guys should hurry up” Taehyung’s voice rang out of the walkie-talkie. “Hoseok you observe the office, Yoongi will get Jimin’s back”

“Ten four!” I answered and shifted to the higher window where the view was free now. Namjoon was yelling at the boss, the woman that had blocked the view was tied down on a chair near the table by Jungkook, who was now leaving the room. I heard Taehyung guiding Jungkook around the building to get to the safe.

“Found it!” Jungkook said after a while and Namjoon was already coming over to him with a piece of paper in his hands, probably the code to open the bank vault.

I looked back through the window of the boss’ office and noticed a police officer looking at the corpse of the tied woman and the bank owner lying on the messy desk with a shocked expression. I pulled the trigger and shot him right before he made his way out to search for my gang members.

“Jin! Drive to the entrance we got the cash!”


“Good job guys” our boss smiled. It was the first time I saw him smiling this year. We were in his office, standing side by side after we returned from our rob. “You did a really god job. I know I can always count on you” he sat down on his rich, black leather chair behind his huge desk.

“Thank you sir” Namjoon bowed.

“Now take your reward” he signalised with a hand motion to the bags that where filled with the money. “100 Million Won for everyone”


“100 Million Won!!??”

“Yeah I know!” I screamed along with my girlfriend as she jumped at me to hug me tightly.

“Wow Hoseok that is…so much…” she said as we broke the hug. “We need to celebrate that” she smiled and kissed my whole face out of happiness.

I giggled and cupped her small face to look at me “Let’s go to that one fancy restaurant” I suggested and she nodded excited. “But first I need to buy myself one of these expansive dresses and you need a nice suit” she grinned as she took my hand to lead me out of her flat.

“To us!” Y/N said as she raised her wine glass before she brought it to her lips to drink the dark red alcoholic liquid.

“You look extremely beautiful in that dress” I complimented her. “Really stunning”

She chuckled before she took another sip of her drink. “You also look incredibly good, Hobi” she smirked.

While we were eating we thought about what we should do with the rest of the cash, after we paid our fees and bills, dreaming over a luxurious vocation to places we only saw on pictures, to buy a house, get married and have children.

Only if there wasn’t that one problem.

“Where were you last night?” Namjoon said while he looked at me with a drilling glance, standing there in front of my now open house door.

“At home” I lied without hesitation. “Why? Because I didn’t answer your messages and calls? Sorry I was dead drunk last night”

He pushed me aside and allowed himself to step into my flat. “You were drunk but it definitely wasn’t because of the alcohol” Namjoon said and sat down on the old leather couch and threw something on the table.

“What’s that” I asked curiously.

“You tell me”

I slowly stepped closer to the living room table and noticed that these were photographs of me and Y/N as we were at the restaurant.


“Have you forgot something? Maybe one little rule that our boss made up and he dared to fucking kill us if we break it?” I could tell by the way his voice sounded that he was angry.

“I am not dating her.”

“Lair!” he threw more pictures on the table, showing us walking to her home, in the city and even where she was in my apartment.

“Who made these?” I asked calmly looking at him with a poker face.

Namjoon sneered and shook his head, “I didn’t come here to chat about this, we have a mission”

“If you want to kill me then do it! Don’t bother me with this bullshit!” I raised my voice and spread my arms out. “There! Shoot me or stab me I don’t care!”

“Oh no, I’m not here to kill you” Namjoon shifted in his seat “I just want to make sure that you won’t make such a stupid mistake again”

“What do you mean ‘again’? You are not-” Suddenly it hit me like a train as I realised what he wanted to tell me.


“The others are at her place already. We just don’t want to lose such a good assassin like you” he said like he was talking about the weather.

My feelings exploded and I quickly ran out of my flat, without bothering to even take some shoes on. I quickly unlocked my car and started it to dashed over to her apartment.

“Y/N!!” I yelled as I knocked as hard as I could at the wooden door. “Y/N ANSWER!”

Suddenly the door opened.

“You asshole!!” I yelled as soon as I saw Yoongi’s face and punched him, causing him to fall to the ground.I hovered over him while hitting him again and again not caring about the pain in my fists. Someone pulled me off of him I haven’t noticed who that was as I was blind with anger.

“Hoseok!” I heard her calling me. I quickly turned my head to where I heard her voice and saw her on her knees, while Jimin was holding her wrists up. Her face was wet caused by her own tears and she started to sob heavier as she looked at me.

“Let her go! You are supposed to kill me not her!” I yelled while I tried to get out of Jungkook’s grip.

“Like I said, you are just too good to leave our gang” Namjoon suddenly appeared next to me. “And you are hard to be replaced”

“I would rather die than live without the person I love!”

“Then promise me that you won’t love anyone more than her” Namjoon said and I saw Yoongi setting his gun on her as he whipped his blood away off his bleeding mouth.“Because you won’t fall in love ever again”

I aggressively freed myself out of Jungkook’s strong hold to yank the weapon out of the boys hands.

But it was too late.

I watched her wide open eyes staring at me as she was slowly falling to the ground, her white shirt was changing its colour to a dark red. I called her name over and over again, but she didn’t answer.

“Get her out and leave before anyone notices.” I heard Namjoon instructing the others before he went out as I was still sitting there in shock, watching Jimin and Yoongi getting her lifeless body into a large, blue plastic bag.

“Y/N..” I almost whispered and tears started to form in my eyes. “Y/N please stand up” I started to sob heavily. “Please!” I felt Jungkook and Jin lifting me up and getting me out of this horrific scene.