barge canal

Cohoes Falls, Mohawk River, Upstate NY

90 feet high, 1000 feet wide

The Erie Canal was planned to overcome the navigational barrier of the Cohoes Falls. The original “Clinton’s Ditch”, the Erie Canal of 1825, was built through the city of Cohoes. The later Enlarged Canal was realigned, yet still went through the City of Cohoes. The Barge Canal, which opened in 1918, bypasses Cohoes and runs through the Village of Waterford via the Waterford Flight of Locks. (wikipedia)


Narrowboat by Robert

Greetings from @thechesterfield! I was excited to see a new place to be creative, thanks for the opportunity to participate!

I decided to fill the frame with this new handmade textile from Mexico. Last month I visited Mexico City for the first time and was thoroughly enchanted by the vibrant colors. We spent one afternoon on a barge floating down a canal–it was unique because other boatmen would sail up next to us and offer their wares, everything from blankets to jewelry. We enjoyed listening to traveling mariachi bands gliding by on other barges and our own musicians battling them with enthusiasm. There may have been drinking and dancing! 

Having this beautifully stitched blanket on my wall will always remind me of that lovely day! ♥em

Welcome to the group @thechesterfield!! Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful picture to go along with it! Great job!

Little Venice by Robert