Bryaxis is so cute

I mean, this crazy scary demon monster thing that lives at the bottom of the library and Cassian is super afraid of, could have asked for anything. And when offered the chance to be free, he was like “nah I’m fine here” and the only two things he asked for in Feyre’s bargains were someone to talk to, and a window. That is just so pure, I mean the Bone Carver made her look into the mirror and Bryaxis was like “I just want to see the sky”

Stages of Grief

Denial - marked by shock and an inability to face reality; helps the individual to survive the loss and keep from being overwhelmed with their life and obligations

Anger - frustration at the injustice of the situation; the individual may be prone to extreme overreactions and must work to avoid assigning unwarranted blame to keep from damaging other relationships 

Depression - distinct period of sadness and reflection which may feel never ending; an individual will often look back on the past and think of memories with the lost love one 


Note: Not all grievers go through all stages



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some sentence prompts 3
  • “Hey guys, I’m here and I’m ready to bitch.”
  • “The five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, Seinfeld reruns and acceptance.”
  • “When Michael sang ‘Smooth Criminal’, he was actually singing about me.”
  • “Stupid beats boring.”
  • “You lay a finger on Dr. Dino and I’ll end you.”
  • “That’s it, I’m ready to go solo.”
  • “Alright, I’m leaving without you.”
  • “I shouldn’t have eaten that.” “Why?” “I’m allergic.” “WHAT!?”
  • “That kid has like, 1000 times more class than me.”
  • *shouting* “I swear I won’t tell anyone her about the time I saw you *embarrassing thing*”
  • “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost killed someone. 12.”
  • “Here’s a hint: I’m not telling you.”
  • “Look, I care about you.” “Really?!”
  • “You have beautiful eyes.” “Complimenting me won’t distract me from the fire, A.”
  • “Alright, I’m gonna go cry.”
  • “Kicking it doesn’t help!”
  • “You killed Dr. Jones!” “For the last time your Indiana Jones figurine was not alive to begin with! I bought you a new one!” “It wasn’t the same!”
  • “That’s not what they say!”
  • “Are you still looking at the moon!?”
  • “You poor children.“
  • “Don’t be fooled, I’m the epitome of a mess.“
  • “Success is more important than human contact and love and hugs and…“ “…is that why you’re crying?”
  • “If you don’t stop procrastinating I’m going to kick your ass into action.“
  • “We get it!“
  • “Hey, I just wanted to check if you’re okay, you’ve been listening to SexyBack on repeat for an hour.“
Am I undeveloped or developed?

Those who are “undeveloped” will naturally express the negative qualities of their particular sign whereas those who are “developed” will express the positive. It’s important to note that everybody has room for improvement and it’s likely that you’ll relate to a combination of both the undeveloped and developed characteristics of your sign. 

Be sure to check your Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Lilith.

UNDEVELOPED ARIES: childish, becomes profoundly angry over insignificant issues, aggressively competitive, confrontational, erratic mood swings, doesn’t want their ego to be hurt, impatient, compares themselves to others, jealous, often feels offended, only desires physical affection,  antagonistic, too competitive, forgets that other people can assume responsibility and leadership roles, domineering, tendency to start a project and then lose interest in it if progress is too slow or things have become too complicated.
DEVELOPED ARIES: energetic and dynamic, sociable, extroverted, wants to have fun, openly affectionate, adventurous, motivated, inspirational, enthusiastic, independent, studious, open to new opportunities, talks about their feelings, loves to go out, shows you off, goal-orientated, hardworking, capable of great accomplishments if they learn how to constructively use their abundant energies, naturally enthusiastic and always ready for activity and competition, inspiring to others, ideas and creative projects seem to flow from them in a never-ending stream, full of energy and never lack courage, straight-forward, doesn’t hold grudges.

possessive, clinging, overly jealous, refuses to open up and speak about their emotions, apprehensive about falling in love and becoming vulnerable, headstrong, intense need to possess, resistant to change, shy and reserved, immense fear of being rejected, lazy, insensitive, holds grudges, better at sustaining what others have started rather than starting things themselves, critical, has to be right all the time, treats people as objects or possessions thus leading to difficulty in relationships, can be lead but never pushed, slow to change their opinions.
DEVELOPED TAURUS: strong, deliberate, practical, exacting, determined, persistent, persevering, compassionate, loves harmony and beauty and can be extremely affectionate and romantic, loyal, extremely productive, amorous, passionate and tender-hearted, extremely romantic, only wants the best for those they care about, thoughtful, unashamedly affectionate, supportive, emotionally stable, good with money, able to bargain and compromise, always finish whatever projects they start, reliable, trustworthy, careful, steadfast, people tend to feel secure around Taureans, patient, cool and collected, they have the patience and ability to devise practical solutions to problem.

UNDEVELOPED GEMINI: judgemental and disapproving, frivolous, control-freak, disingenuous, scheming, has ill intent, contradictory, restless, impatient, emotionally closed off, poor listeners, superficial, deceitful, insincere, untrustworthy, plays mind games, usually emotionally detached, self-centered, obnoxious, con artist, trickster, they gather in all types of information but seldom getting to the depth of any subject; broad and not deep, people may have difficulty in keeping up with their rapid change of conversation topics, often finish other people’s sentences, indecisive, emotionally detached, difficulty in projecting themselves into the emotional reactions of other people, lack of concentration, undependability, wishful thinking, dreaminess.
DEVELOPED GEMINI: friendly, clever, talkative, versatile, curious, perceptive, intuitive, logical, interesting and entertaining dialogue, realistic, gives sound advice, carefree and relaxed, great communicators, very intelligent and talkative, outgoing and a socialite but doesn’t rely on the company of people for happiness, persistent, gaining knowledge and disseminating comes naturally, quick thinkers, ability to use the right words in any situation, possess tremendous wit and a good sense of humour, they use their minds rather than their hearts to find their way through life, logic and reason are their guidelines, ability to understand what makes other people behave as they do.

UNDEVELOPED CANCER: domineering and arrogant, emotionally manipulative, feelings are easily excited and displayed, codependent, melodramatic, jealous and possessive, clingy, emotionally volatile, unsteady, manipulative and conniving, bad-tempered, moody, overprotective, controlling, anxious, argumentative, sensitive, martyr-like, responds to life through their emotions rather than through their minds, tend to absorb the emotional vibrations of wherever they are which can be exhausting, unconsciously seeks sympathy, attention, and affection from others, tendency to keep all their problems to themselves.
DEVELOPED CANCER: kind-hearted, affectionate, selfless, benevolent, supportive and nurturing, counselor, takes the time to empathise and understand other perspectives, openly affectionate, respectful and considerate, tenacious, sympathetic, industrious, thrifty, protective, caring, eager to help, accommodating, charitable, likable, amiable, bashful, excellent memory, home-bodies, fond of family life and domestic tranquility, enjoyers of travel and adventure, quietly tenacious and hard working.

UNDEVELOPED LEO: has an attitude of superiority, vain, desires recognition, thrives off of compliments, doesn’t care about the needs of others, insecure, egotistic, autocratic and tyrannical, insolent and ill-mannered, conceited, head-splittingly loud, obnoxious, demanding, intolerant, overly pessimistic, domineering, lazy, close-minded, gossips, unable to accept criticism without being offended, narcissistic, feelings are easily hurt, money seems to slip through their fingers.
DEVELOPED LEO: supportive and encouraging, proud of their friend’s achievements, considerate, attentive, thoughtful, compassionate, extremely romantic, cheerful, hopeful, dignified, playful, treats those they love like royalty, optimistic, expressive and communicative about their feelings, emanates a powerfully positive aura, adventurous, confident, socially conscious, friendly, mean and cruel acts are beneath them, they always have the belief that whatever they do it for the other person’s benefit, affectionate, they can be counted on to bring the snshine to other people’s lives, exceptionally generous, seldom depressed, resilient.

UNDEVELOPED VIRGO: victim mentality, likes the idea of being seen as cold-hearted and emotionless, seldom opens up, unreasonably high standards, overly pessimistic and negative, too critical of themselves, can’t accept compliments or praise, incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions, hypercritical, skeptical, dull and bland, undemonstrative, pedantic, desire to be unapproachable and mysterious, jeopardises mental health to maintain an image of perfection, discriminating, aloof, skeptical, picky, sarcastic, whiny, self-centered, always seeking perfection in whatever they attempt and thus easily disappointed, tendency to worry, difficulty expressing themselves as passionately as they desire.
DEVELOPED VIRGO: a high achiever, productive, laid-back, sweet and affectionate, thoughtful, caring, fast learner, achieves their goals through determination and hard work, can work well autonomously and in groups, selfless, intelligent, more than willing to help others, adaptable, perfect organisers, handles mental health well, punctual, reliable, great deal of common sense, practical, friendly, logical and able to main an objective perspective on issues, detail-oriented, keeps a clean work and home environment, curious and inquiring minds with keen analysis and a great memory, enjoys analysing people, situations, and problems, always looking for new ways to take care of themselves.

UNDEVELOPED LIBRA: dependant on the advice and opinions of others, hopeless romantic, unable to take into consideration the feelings of others, believes the world revolves around them, missing sense of identity, indecisive, extraordinarily superficial, places immense value on appearances, unsure about who they really are, neurotic and paranoid, manipulative, uses people for their own benefit, charms their way out of dilemmas, compulsive liar, enormous inability to take responsibility for their own actions, impulsive spender, passive-aggressive, adverse to confrontation, can be idealistic, dependent, insencere and lazy, has a difficult time being alone, in love with the idea of love and thus rushes into relationships without forethought.
DEVELOPED LIBRA: sweet and affectionate, nostalgic, hard workers, shows their partner off, proud, caring, protective, a good friend and advisor, happy-go-lucky and optimistic, opens up about their feelings, loves to talk, strives to maintain balance within their relationships, romantic and sentimental, diplomatic, peaceful, fair, cooperative, sociable, finds the most peaceful solution to benefit everyone, able to listen and make compromises, mediator, helpful, happiest when in a relationship or in situations where they can work with other people, able to provide sound and practical advice.

UNDEVELOPED SCORPIO: paranoid, distrustful, refuses to open up, emotionally volatile, mood swings, emotional outbursts, possessive, overly jealous, incapable of handling rejection, resentful, focuses solely on their partner and forgets about themselves, often too passionate about the wrong things, grudge-bearing, stops at nothing to exact their revenge, stubborn, overly sarcastic, vindictive, pseudo-intellectual, victim mentality, immature and childish, bad-tempered, surly, social recluse, misanthrope and a cynic, controlling and power hungry, makes unconscious agreements with themselves that they must fulfill which leaves the people in their life confused and puzzled, all or nothing mentality, self-destructive, fixated on finding true love and finds themselves stuck in toxic relationships, insolent.
DEVELOPED SCORPIO: productive, studious, hardworking, works well in teams, provides security and stability to those closest to them, ambitious, efficient, courageous, resourceful, incredibly intuitive, charismatic, enjoys and tackles challenges, friendly, loyal to the end, make friends easily and give unwaveringly to them, capable of extreme self-sacrifice for those they love, friendly, empathetic and caring, magnetic personality, self-sufficient and independent, demonstrative, happiest and most fulfilled with one partner with whom they can combine emotional and sexual love, persuasive, passionate, energetic and zealous, artistic, generous, values justice, loves to look after and take care of people who are close to them, sensitive and loving in nature.

UNDEVELOPED SAGITTARIUS: finds it difficult to express their feelings properly, believes they’re always right, easily offended, disrespectful, tactless, brutally honest, hasty and impulsive, overactive mind, careless, obnoxious, critical of themselves and others, incredibly irresponsible, boastful, self-righteous, arrogant, quarrelsome, dogmatic and dictatorial, outspoken to the point of bluntness, “truth hurts” mentality, easily distracted, tendency to over-indulge in food and drinks, restless, reluctant to commit to people and careers, overlooks small details.
DEVELOPED SAGITTARIUS: dependable, generally always optimistic regardless of the difficulties that may be besetting them, open-minded, friendly, honest, versatile, adventurous, enjoys the outdoors and sports, aspires to travel the world, philosophical, desire to understand the deeper issues and abstractions of life, both physically and mentally healthy, friendly, helpful and humorous, excellent conversationalists, gift for making friends, humanitarian, will help anyone who is need, loyal and honest, straightforward and sincere, there is nothing devious or manipulative in their nature.

UNDEVELOPED CAPRICORN: bossy, worried, pessimistic, retaliatory, suspicious, stubborn, intolerant, hard to please, does not have a lot of self-confidence and doubts themselves constantly, cold and comes off as heartless, only interested in their work, makes up no time for their partner, flinty, cold-hearted, seems like they don’t have emotions, too hard on themselves, fears failure, inferiority complex, seeks retribution for wrongs done to them, tendency to isolate themselves from people due to their reserve and fear of being hurt, self-doubting, lacks confidence, prone to overworking themselves, difficult for them to relax, lacks personal magnetism, feels inhibited in expressing their emotions.
DEVELOPED CAPRICORN: have goals that they aspire to reach, supportive, persuasive power, can inspire others, desire to climb whatever mountains are necessary and to stand on their own two feet, organised, methodical, responsible, honest, efficient, patent, practical, goal-oriented, dependable, only expresses hostility as a defence when attacked, very loyal to close friends and people they care about, respect and recognition are important to them, strong self-discipline, nothing turns them from their course if their mind is made up, will give up many pleasures in order to reach their goals, hard work invigorates them, thifty, abhor waste; this includes wasting a lot of talk in idle chatter, creative, work becomes therapeutic.

UNDEVELOPED AQUARIUS: social recluse, impersonal, unpredictable, hard for them to show affection and love openly, radical, doesn’t know what love feels like, avoids relationships, cynic, tactless, harsh, hard for them to open up to someone, stubborn, lost in their own world, rigid, uninterested in romance, rebellious, can’t find their place in the world, acts cold, uninterested, bored, hard to reach, delusive, idealistic, low energy levels, can be absentminded at times, will rebel just for the pleasure of it, do things to deliberately shock people, not prone to excessive displays of affection.
DEVELOPED AQUARIUS: friendly, original, unique, intuitive, broadminded, non-conforming, different, independent, freedom-loving, scientific, unusual, helpful, super practical and great worker, seeks to share knowledge with others in order to bring about a better life for all, group activity is their customary mode of operation, helps others so they can help themelves, concerned with humanity as a whole rather than any one particular individual, philosophical, visionaries, determinated, persistent, analytical and scientific minds, ability to think things through to an accurate conclusion, they do not like arguments unless they feel there is a need to defend a person, an ideal or a principle, loyal and faithful, desires independence.

UNDEVELOPED PISCES: impressionable, indecisive, self-pitying, hypersensitive, changeable, unassuming, idealistic, moody, manipulating, expects too much from others and then feels hurt if the other person doesn’t come through for them, strong tendency to place their loved one on a pedestal which can lead to disillusionment when they discover their loved ones has faults, insecure, easily carried away, generally do not possess strong willpower nor do they have a dynamic approach to life, can appear to be determined on the outside but underneath inner doubts are brewing, insecurity causes them to seeek reassurance from others, difficult time saying no, will stay in bad situations thinking that they can somehow change the other person, some love to play martyr while others need to play the saviour, tend to think with their heart rather than their head, easily used by others, falls for any kind of sob story.
DEVELOPED PISCES: sympathetic, compassionate, helpful and caring, very sensual and sensitive, loyal and honest, creative, extremely active minds, strong imagination, sentimental and romantic in love, very generous with their time in helping other people, always feel their best when they are serving others in some capacity, will become less moody and introverted by using their compassion outwardly for others, reluctant to hurt others, makes friends easily and are quite loyal to them, many forms of art, dance and music appeal to them, instinctively seem to know their own capabilities and limitations.