anonymous asked:

who are your top 10 blogs?

Hmm, that’s a tough one. Lemme see… I’ll go by who I reblog the most from/who I remember the best (:

metalheadmariana she was one of the first I followed, I believe. I reblog a TON from her xD

bargainbinblasphemy is a blog I just started following, but I find it HILARIOUS.  

thatone80skid posts a lot of cool stuff. he has great taste!

necrofrank just started her blog over. She’s like me and posts a lot of just whatever makes her smile. 

almostf-ckingperfect is a great kid to follow for laughs. Just started following him recently, and he’s already one of the people I reblog most from.

mushroommuncher (: She told me how great tumblr was YEARS ago when she moved away. I wish I would have listened. Her blog feeds my “Pink Floyd” side.

fuckyeah-workaholics I love Workaholics. There’s a lot of great blogs dedicated to the show, but I think I reblog most from this one. 

hairforce-one someone that I actually talk to sometimes :D She seems cool as hell, and makes me wish cooler chicks lived around here.

workaholicblog  another really good Workaholics blog!

thedevilwearstyler not just because he’s my best friend :P he posts random stuff, but it’s always relatable. 

I can’t say those are really in any order…and I may have left someone out that I reblog a lot from. I’m sorry if I did! I have a horrible memory and did the best I could xD

Honorable mention: maidentallicadeth just started using tumblr again recently. Posts a lot of great music related stuff (: 

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