Keith (talking to Shiro): Sorry I’m late. I was… doing things.


Keith: Push is such a strong word, I prefer to call it, “giving you a little nudge.”

Lance: Oh I’ll give you a little nudge when I put my foot up your ass!

Keith: HEY! Watch your fuckin language in front of our leader.

So there seems to be a rise in unsolicited /tells from folks who take exception at players looking like NPCs, and I feel the need to point out how silly they are.

Now, we’re “allowed” to act like Disneyworld mascots. They’ll permit us that. Harassment only comes if that unwritten rule is broken, and of course we deserve bullying then. No, fuck that noise hard. If an NPC player barges in on your personal RP or disrupts your events, that’s a bad ROLEPLAYER. The NPC part’s got NOTHING to do with that. You’ve got no business concern-trolling /tells to folks who are doing nothing but AFKing by the Aetheryte or a Marketboard while looking like an NPC, or are interacting with people who aren’t you.

What’s that? Because That One Nanamo was a bad, that means of course ALL NPC players are bads who must be dealt with before it’s too late? Then of course this means that all RPers are pretentious assholes like you, the random /teller! Right?

Nope, nope, nope. Ding-dong, you are wrong.

The irony is, I’ve never seen an NPC player roaming about with an RP tag on. I don’t use it, Sunshine doesn’t use it, Tara doesn’t use it. We roleplay among ourselves (rarely publically), or when approached by folks who want us to respond as the character we’re playing. But that apparently isn’t good enough for these folk. The reasoning is that they’re protecting immersion, but all they’re actually protecting is how THEY think people should play this game.

“Buh-but IMMERSION–” No. Stop. Stop right there. I love RP, but neither Balmung, nor any other server, is an OFFICIAL “RP server”. Squeenix was kind enough to give us an RP tag, but there are no official rules attached to it. In fact, they’d love to sell you some Scions outfits and hairstyles over at the Mog Station. We are a drop in the bucket in this playerbase. You want to curse the player standing on top of you while you sit and wait for an RP bite at the Quicksand? They might be cursing your nameplate for getting in the way of clicking their quest NPC. You want to howl about someone laying on “your” table as a tablecloth? Imagine how you’re intruding on all the non-RP players’ immersion of the OFFICIAL game storyline, by cluttering up multiple public chat channels with wordwalls of random original characters you never asked if they wanted to see.

Seriously, for those whose immersion jimmies are rustled that badly just by SEEING an NPC player, I have to ask: how do you function at all in this game? Those players over yonder with names completely out of naming conventions? That guy over there in the Cloud Strife set? Those official crossover events with completely non-related franchises? That time Yoshi-P threw your immersion out the 18th floor window? Did you explode? Do you stay up long nights, crying and gnashing your teeth, wailing into your pillow that your World Is Ruined Forever? Y'know what would be the reasonable, productive way of handling it? Moving the fuck on with doing your own thing, and understanding that game servers are a lot of different strokes for different folks. Learn to focus on YOUR strokes, because it almost seems you prefer bitching about other people doing things You Don’t Like than actually playing the game.

If it helps, from a roleplay standpoint, consider that your Extra-Special Everyday Joe (who shockingly sometimes has a non-conforming name themselves) really shouldn’t even KNOW a lot of major or even minor NPCs on sight, let alone by name, as many are encountered as the Warrior Of Light–a role that, as I understand it, is another no-no in srs RP circles. Even Hildibrand isn’t really all that famous, folks. That’s part of the joke. That’s why the Yellowjackets beat him up in 1.0 and made him cry for Mummy.

Then there’s the passive-aggressive presumed insult that NPC players need to work on their creativity so they can make OCs like the “good” roleplayers. It isn’t that deep, brotato. Personally, the three of us DO have OCs as well. But these are characters we enjoyed in the storyline, and wanted to see more of than the game allowed us to–and we love running into other fans of the character. Even then, it isn’t as easy as you’re trying to make it. There’s a challenge we enjoy in recreating these guys. To correctly reproduce them often requires maxing an alt in a very alt-unfriendly game in order to farm the right clothes, and in Tara and Sunshine’s case, maxing certain crafting professions. Before dataminers uncovered the character creation settings for NPCs, it also often involved running ten level one throwaways to an NPC out in the world proper for comparison–or levelling multiple throwaway rogues to get that One Rogue Quest NPC just right.

They’re a labor of love. Just like yours.

I have to say though, it’s bemusing to learn there are presumptuous folks who would judge us for this and snub us as lessers, because gosh, you do that like we’d want to interact with a dick in the first place!

You ignore us, we ignore you, and Nothing Of Value Was Lost. Or, I’ll see you around on my minor NPCs, whom you’ll be fine and dandy with until you eventually find out they ARE NPCs.

Please Look Forward To It™.

I appreciate Shane and Sebastian in Stardew Valley because they’re both basically like, “fuck off I don’t know you.” 

Which is far more realistic than the fact I can barge into a stranger’s house and give them berries I picked up off the side of the road. 


“Hello?” Ellis went down a small corridor and opened a door to his right, he jumped a little when he heard a voice behind him.
“Hi!” it was a light and happy voice.
“Oh, hey, I’m so sorry for just barging in - I heard a thud and thought maybe you hurt yourself or something.” Ellis admitted sheepishly.
“Oh that’s so sweet of you.” the girl smiled “No, I’m so clumsy, I just dropped a box in the bathroom, you’ll probably learn it sooner or later when I accidentally hit you in the face.”
“With a box?” Ellis chuckled.
“Not on purpose of course!” she insisted “Aw jees I’m making a mess of this huh, worst first impression.” she said scratching her head.
“No, you’re fine - don’t worry.” Ellis chuckled and reached out his hand “Hi, I’m Ellis.”
“I’m Darcy!” she said and shook his hand “I’ve seen you at the gallery!” she said “You always seemed like a nice guy.”
“You should have came up and talked to me, I am a nice guy!” Ellis chuckled.


 “You give terrible dating advice,” Simon said. He had just barged into Magnus’s apartment and found Jace lying down in the spare bedroom. He couldn’t believe he embarrassed himself in front of Maia like that. And it was all because of Jace. How stupid could he have been?

Simon goes to yell at Jace about his terrible dating advice and gets more than he ever imagined he would.

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that moment when your future lover idol is coming to your shrine room. And you just realized you have papered the wall with his face

and you took down all of it

and forgetting that you still have a framed picture of him on your desk


Just imagine Sherlock ambushing Molly for a cuddle because his mind is racing so much and he can’t take it. Cuddling with Molly, burying his head in that space between her shoulder and neck, enveloping his arms around her waist, tangling his legs with hers, blocking the world by sinking in her comfortable embrace - he had discovered that this is how he could let his mind calm down.

Imagine Molly running her hands in his curls, soothing away tangles, knots, confusion and pain. 

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This piece inspired by my shriveled shipper heart. I will only accept the reveal if it’s in the rain. All aboard the garbage barge!

Dancing Away with my Heart by Lady Antebellum plays unironically in the background


|Timeless| Favorite Ship: Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston


That tamlin can’t even flirt, the curse depended on him flirting with feyre and winning her over and all he says is ‘you have clean hair’. AND lucien even gives him an encouraging nod they both suck 😂.
Just imagine lucien flirting with elain like *sweats nervously* you have a pretty straight nose