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Can you confirm something? Toolcraft Exemplar can crew a vehicle with crew 3 as long as it's used to crew it during the beginning of combat phase, correct? I think it can but the window of opportunity is small (i.e., not in main phase, and not in declare attackers)

Yes, this is correct.

You’ll have priority in the beginning of combat step after Toolcraft Exemplar’s trigger resolves and you can crew a vehicle with it at that time and still be able to attack with that vehicle that combat.

In a tournament setting, you need to be explicit that you want to act in your beginning of combat step this way by saying something like “Go to beginning of combat and use Toolcraft Exemplar to crew Bomat Bazaar Barge after the trigger resolves.”

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Clarke coming into Polis still angry with Lexa. She loves her so much but shes never been so hurt. She cant honestly say she wouldn't stay even if she wasn't made ambassador tho. One day angry she storms into Lexas chambers not knocking and the guards having been told to always let her through. She barges in only to find that Lexa is in mid bath and staring with wide eyes. For once Lexa doesn't seem inclined to talk. Clarke stubborn as she is,plops into the bath fully clothed to make her listen

“I’m never going to be able to forget what you did.”

“Can we have this conversation at another time, Clarke?” Lexa gestures to herself, her frustration at having been disturbed a perfect distraction from the very real and very obvious fact that she’s currently nude under Clarke’s anger-filled gaze. She attempts to settle back into her peace when Clarke falls silent for a moment, hoping she leaves before she notices the heat building up on Lexa’s cheeks.

“No.” The voice comes just a moment before the splash. Water overflows from the tub with Clarke’s added presence and spills out onto the floor. Lexa feels her eye twitch, and locks and unlocks her jaw repeatedly before meeting Clarke’s unwavering stare head-on.

She really shouldn’t be shocked at Clarke’s boldness, her tendency to do exactly what she shouldn’t in situations like these long-established. It’d be amusing if it wasn’t so obnoxious.

“The room, the food, the clothes, the promises, the time… you can give me all you want, Lexa. None of it is going to be enough for me to forget about the Mountain.”

“These accommodations don’t come in exchange for your forgiveness, Clarke.”

The matter-of-fact nature to her statement seems to surprise Clarke. Her anger and determination fades to surprise, only momentarily, before falling back into place on her features. “Good. As long as you know that I won’t be bribed.”

“I’ve never assumed you could be.”

“I don’t hate you less because I’m not being kept in the dungeons.”

“Less comfortable room and board can easily be arranged, Clarke.” The threat is delivered more out of irritation than a desire to act upon it.

“I’m staying because that’s what’s right, nothing else. Just so we’re clear.”

She hasn’t let herself hope for anything otherwise, but her throat swells nonetheless. Lexa nods in acknowledgement.

Clarke rises from the tub. Water drips from her soaked clothes into the bath, and onto the floor when she steps out of it, tearing her eyes away from Lexa. She moves to exit without another word.

Lexa calls after her, “Clarke.” She’s surprised when she stops moving, though she keeps her back turned.

“My apologies come without the expectation for forgiveness. I say it because I am, not because I expect you to believe it.”

A trail of water is the only indication that Clarke had been there at all. Soon even that goes cold, before disappearing entirely.

I was in the principal’s office for something and this girl, who was one our friends, was in there too. She had just been accepted to Yale. And then like Kramer on Seinfeld, Jose barges in. He was all riled up about his homework or something, and the principal was there. He and Jose spoke Spanish a lot. He told Jose to calm down. ‘You’ve got to congratulate Sarah. She is going to Yale.’ Jose goes, 'No, Sarah is not going to jail. Sarah can’t go to jail.’ We were laughing for the rest of the period.
—  Mike Fahrman, on José Fernández during their high school years. 

The boys aren’t happy with their wardrobe update.

I cannot draw face shapes
And Ace looks so smug. And yes, Ace now has a ponytail. Also, pardon for the wrong colours, I literally have three blue pencils that produce THE EXACT SAME SHADE OF BLUE. Same with brown.
Someone has probably done this already lol because soupnido made a tumblr post about this

I’m Already Gone

A/N: Ah okay, this is just angst Steviepop stuff I thought of randomly. And like trust me, it’s not that good .-. 

Steve has always feared Sodapop leaving him for someone better. He’s even had nightmares about it. But he’d always put it to the back of his mind and pretend not to care about it.

 Yeah, it worked. For a while, at least.

 Steve barged into the Curtis’ home, like he always did, only to stop himself when he saw Sodapop quietly sitting on the couch. Which he thought was extremely odd as he cocked an eyebrow.

 “Uh… Soda? Babe? You alright?” He sat down next to Sodapop and put an arm around him, only to get it pushed away as Soda scooted to the other end of the couch.

 “… Soda? What’s wrong…?”



 Sodapop took a deep breath and looked over at Steve, who had the most confused expression on his face.

“…Look, Steve. I don’t really think it’s working out… I think we should break up…”

 “… What…?” Steve’s eyes widened in shock as he stared at Sodapop in disbelief.

 “You heard me.” Soda muttered coldly. How the words rolled off Sodapop’s lips caused Steve to start shaking slightly

 “No, Soda, please, don’t…”

 Sodapop stayed silent as Steve began to get more and more anxious.

 “Soda, please!” Steve shouts, beginning to tear up as Sodapop growls slightly,

 “We’re done.” He stood up and began to walk away from Steve, but he quickly ran after him. “No, w-we’re not!”

“Yeah, we ar—” Before Soda could finish his sentence, Steve hugs him, pulling him back, “Please don’t do this, babe.” He shuts his eyes tightly as he buried his face in Soda’s shoulder.

 Sodapop rolled his eyes and pushed him back, “I’m not your ‘babe’.” He gives Steve a blank look as he stared back at Soda with a horrified expression. “No…”

 He didn’t respond as he turned around again.

“Soda… P-Please, you can’t do this. Please… D-Don’t leave me… I love you s-so much…” Steve managed to muster out, his breathing heavy and his arms shaking as they gripped onto Soda’s shoulder.

 Sodapop stared down at him and put a hand on Steve’s cheek, forcing him to look up at him. “Oh, Steve…” He caressed Steve’s cheek for a bit. “I’m already gone.”

Throam live-blog pt. 6

Volume 1/ chapter 2

Brent asks, “What about you?” He is addressing Brendon. “You got a girl back home?”

“I’m single,” Brendon says, speaking for the first time in a while.

Andy nods approvingly. “Good, that’s –”

“And I’m gay.”

- I am fucking blessed. on this day my crops are bountiful, life is pleasant and the future is bright. 

“I’m young, I’m cute, and I live in the Castro. I’m not looking for anything, definitely not to settle down.”

“Very sensible,” Andy grants him. 

-       Im in love. can you believe my son is so wonderful?  

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I get why he was flustered when I barged in while he was barely dressed. I thought nothing of it, but if he’s a homosexual, he would perceive the situation entirely differently.

-       Omg what? did it ever occur to you that he was surprised someone was suddenly invading his privacy? no ? your cute but find some chill my pal. 

Volume 1/ chapter 3

“It’s not that weird. Like, some people don’t want to step on the cracks, you know? And fair enough, I’m one of those people, but I also have other things.”

“Double fucked up.”

-       You love it. you love this weirdo. he makes you smile. Watching your slow, gay decent is both delicious and frustrating. 




Best Out of Five

Aka The four times Moritz attempted to lose his virginity and the one time it actually worked

so a while ago i wrote the headcanon:

They’re literally cursed and the first few times they tried to have sex (and by first few I mean first TEN) they got walked in on. Before they even got their pants off, someone was barging in and screaming.  It’s been Hanschen about four times.

and someone suggested i make it full length so….here we go.

WARNINGS: NSFW (obviously) but nothing explicit. (just a lot of making out tbh)

“Off,” Melchior insisted, tugging off Moritz’s shirt so quickly it almost ripped in two.

“Ow, stop!” The older of the two chirped, carefully setting the black tee shirt aside. “You’re going to break me, Melchi.”

Melchior immediately began to gnaw and kiss at Moritz’s neck, trying to devour him whole by the looks of it. He was obviously much more ‘caught up in the moment’ than Moritz. “Good. That was the goal.”

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“Have you ever thought that maybe you should choose to be stealthy at times as opposed to barging in and challenging everything in sight to a fight?”


Ulfina sighed. “ Well, at least you think about it.”

What i wish to do right now...

*Called She li into the office (preparing for battle)

Me :‘young man, i just read the latest chapter…you see, when a boy is in can’t just barge in and pose with your handsome-pose with chilly mysterious handsome looking face and say *deepen voice* i came to rescue you..and then throw him onto a path where all devils are gathering around to snatch him..its very unheroic..’

She li : ’….. am not trying to-’

Me: 'well..anyway i don’t want to hear your are dismissed.’

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My big brother said I am so naive and mature to like miraculous ladybug. And the next day, he became a great fan of ML. What the HELL

People change opinions, my dude. One of my roommates, Scott, barged into my room the other night demanding that I explain ML to him and when I showed him an episode I made him leave like a quarter way through because he wouldn’t stop complaining about how bad it was. I mean he still doesn’t like it but I think he’s making an effort? I mean I still do not like him at all but eh

Honestly ML is a great show with likable characters and fun plots. It’s no wonder your brother made such a switch :)


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Sorry for barging in, but may I ask why you hate that fic? I haven't read it, so the statement in your tags caught me a little off guard. I've never seen you openly state an opinion like that about a fic before.

It’s very, very rare for me to express a negative opinion about a fic publicly – my whole career has been about encouraging creative expression through writing, and there’s a fine line between critiquing something and ruining a burgeoning writer’s self-esteem.

I’m not going to talk about the troubling content of the fic in question – there’s a LOT of it, but that was, rightly or wrongly, the theme the author was going for. They specifically state that the fic isn’t for everyone, and it’s clearly intended to be VERY dark and twisted.

But at the end… they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot so much as blow up both feet for inherent shock value. They built an extensive storyline over many, many chapters, developed conflict, forged bonds between characters… and then rendered every single word of it meaningless in the very last chapter. The entirety of the story was negated by a jarring “twist” that for all intents and purposes seemed to be done just for shock value.

And when you get down to it, that’s a betrayal of your readers. When you write a story, particularly a long, epic-style one, you’re almost forging an unspoken contract. Your readers are trusting you to craft a compelling story arc with pieces that come together to a satisfying conclusion. If you suddenly, with no warning or foreshadowing, veer the story sharply in another direction, especially in a way that makes everything you’ve done up until that point meaningless, you’ve done your readers a huge disservice. You’ve wasted their time and betrayed their trust. Remember the furious backlash to the finale of HIMYM? That was a case of writers doing exactly this.

To be clear, I don’t begrudge anyone liking the fic in question. Taste is subjective. But for me, even putting aside the unsavory plot and questionable characterization, the total betrayal of audience is unforgivable.

This piece inspired by my shriveled shipper heart. I will only accept the reveal if it’s in the rain. All aboard the garbage barge!

Dancing Away with my Heart by Lady Antebellum plays unironically in the background