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We havent had any headcanons in a while *wink wink nudge nudge*

and a *wink wink nudge nudge* to you too, anon

  • pidge: “when have i ever lied?” hunk: “wh- you literally created a fake identity??”
  • lance refuses to learn the actual definition of quiznak
    • i mean he can pretty much guess it
    • but he’s not allowed to curse at home so quiznak’s perfect because he can just keep pretending he doesn’t know it’s a bad word
    • “you’re still using it incorrectl-” “shut up keith i need plausible deniability”
  • *food network voice* “chef coran has crafted… something”
  • lance, after being slightly inconvenienced: “this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me” keith: “…didn’t you get blown up that one time?”
  • Shiro the Hero
  • one day lance barges into keith’s room because “that’s it we’re gonna make some hand signals”
    • lance claims they’re doing it because he’s tired of keith not understanding his awesome plans during missions
    • (but lowkey team hand signals are one of his favorite movie tropes)
    • anyway lance and keith are really good at charades now?? good for them
  • allura: “i’m a diplomat who prides myself on my ability to interact with others” [is handed a child] “what the fuck is this”

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So, y'know how Red always barges through trying to get to Keith when he's physically hurt? I like to think Blue does the same for Lance, but when he's emotionally heart. Badly hurt. So, like: "Lance, you're a crappy pilot and you don't deserve to be on Team Voltron- you disappoint your fami--" "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY SON???" and that's the last we heard from the insultee.

some galra, trying to be evil or whatever idk what’s the plot of most langst fics: you will never be as good as anyone on team voltron. you are pathetic. you-

the blue lion, sticking her head through the hull of the ship: what the actual fuck did you just say about lance

Reaction to you being annoying

Anon asked: “he locks you in his room to protect you from a threat (just like for one day lol)and you keep yelling (and I don’t know another things) to annoy him to let you leave”

Trigger warning


He would be so annoyed. He was doing this to protect you; thus after he realised you were not planning to stop anytime soon, he would just barge in, take you by the shoulders while glaring at you so intensely that one would think he could burn holes through you.
Do you not understand that I’m doing this for your own good? If you don’t stop acting like this, I’m going to lock you up in the basement. Don’t try my patience.”


Would just ignore you. He knew he had to do this to keep you safe. He would explain himself later, after his rivals were eliminated. But for now, you weren’t going anywhere. 


He might usually be all happy and chill with you doing pretty much whatever you wanted as long as it was safe, but when threats like this occurred he was unbendable in his decisions. If he thought it was best for you to remain in that room until he dealt with whoever tried to hurt you, he would have none of your protests. Try as you might, you won’t be able to to get any reaction out of him. But you will surely regret you stubbornness the following day.  


It would kill him to do that, but he had to. If only you could understand. His enemies were determined and ruthless. And if they got a hold of you… no. He wouldn’t allow it.  But hearing your pleas made it so- so jar for him. He came in front of the door and placed his palm on it. He wouldn’t enter. Because if he would, he wouldn’t be able to leave you there. So he tried to reassure you through the wooden barrier. It’s got yur own good. Just one day, he promised. Just one day. 


After putting up with your whining for what felt like hours he finally lost it. When you heard the door unlock, you were incredibly happy, thinking that your tactic worked. But as the door opened and you saw his furious expression you started to doubt your choice. As he took slow steps towards you , you started going back unconsciously until there was nowhere to go. He stopped in front of you, slamming his fist into the wall, dangerously close to your face
“Tell me, Y/n. How did you think that it would be a good idea to annoy me? You’re really acting like a spoiled child. I think I should leave you here for the rest of the week. Maybe you’ll learn some manners.


This boy would feel so guilty, but also so exasperated . He would probably try to ignore you and fail miserably, so in the end he’d just come to stay with you and order his men to take care of whatever the threat was.
Aish, stop yelling, If you wanted my attention so badly, you should’ve just asked. But you’d better find a way to entertain me cause we’re going to be here for a while..”


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He just wanted to keep you safe and this whole situation stressed him terribly. The last thing he needed was to hear your yells trough the door, he was already angry enough. So he would just snap, storm in and start yelling at you, letting out all of his pent-up frustrations, leaving afterwards  with a sneer: “ If I hear one more sound,  you’re going to regret it”. After he calmed down though he would be very dissapointed with himself and apologize, trying his best to make up for his mistake.

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The Quire is navigable from the Overhangs and its oxen-powered riverboats provide the main cargo transport of the region.  Also known as Old Treachery, it is a river which requires great skill to navigate and the Zoon pilots who steer the lines of barges up and down the river know every bend, shallow and crocodile.  They carry iron ore and coal from the Overhangs, wool from the Chalk and livestock, vegetables and fruit from the prosperous Shires farms down to Quirm.  The return journey brings fish, refined toffee, wine brandy, tobacco and luxury goods to the wealthy Shires residents.  Small communities along the riverbank provide services such as boat repair and overnight stops for oxen and crew.

–Terry Pratchett, “The Compleat Discworld Atlas”
(Illustration by Peter Dennis)

You know, I’m really starting to hate wild boars? Buggers aren’t even that good to eat, Astérix et Obélix comics notwithstanding.

Yesterday we had a nice day out in Bordeaux with colleagues, with first a big meet-up with the whole department and then walk around the old city all afternoon and dinner on a barge. I’d left my car on the bank’s parking lot all day; it was around 2 and a half when I got back to it to get back home. And then ten minutes into the drive - dark out, plenty of fog - two of the things trot across to my car, one on the right, one on the left! I couldn’t avoid the one on the left, but fortunately both me and the car are OK. (It helped that I was going 50 km/h - around 30 m/h? - so all it left was a trail of dirt on my bumper. Take a bath sometime, man.)

So now I’m slightly less terrified than I was last night, and tomorrow we leave at 9h30 for 600/700 km to see my niece! <3 I’m beat, though. I swear when June is over I’ll have to make 10-hour nights to make up for everything.

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Hi! I saw that request are open and I have this headcanon that has been in my head for so long, but I never got around to actually doing it, so I hope maybe you can write a NaLu Youtubers AU? Like Natsu is a famous youtuber and Lucy is just an average youtuber and they are "best friends " off screen and all of Natsu and Lucy's fans are confused because he practically barges in Lucy's videos from time to time A.K.A. most of the time.

Hi! Requests are not open! Sorry for the inconvenience!

that moment when your future lover idol is coming to your shrine room. And you just realized you have papered the wall with his face

and you took down all of it

and forgetting that you still have a framed picture of him on your desk


For two years I worked as an island clearer.  You know those small, fancy, artificial islands off the coast of the Dubai?  Well, every once in a while someone rich would order a customized island in the shape of their choosing.  Maybe it’s a rose for their wife or a face or a turtle.  So the other guys go in with their sand, make the island to the shape required, and then the client is called and told that their custom island is completed.  But sometimes the client says they don’t want the island any more.  That’s where I came in.  Our company was never mad - I mean, in this high-profile island generating industry, you have to be customer-centric.  Just because someone doesn’t want a custom island now doesn’t mean they don’t want one later.

Anyway, my job was to go in with this ship that basically looked like it was half-bulldozer half-barge and clear all the sand off the top until it sunk back beneath the waves and disappeared forever.  I was the only person in the company who knew how to do this job correctly, and I presume the only person in the world as well.  Sure, the island builders could make the island, but they were absolutely pathetic at clearing them. So I guess you could say I had job security.  Anyway, that wasn’t important.  What was important was that I had fun doing it and helped improve the world. Follow your passions!  You never know what great treasures life has in store for you.

Power Rangers Living Together Headcanon

Created with the help of the lovely @catyz101 and the wonderful @vintagecarter go ahead and give them a follow please.

- Two years after the attack, when the rangers graduate highschool, they decide to build a house together in the mountains near the ship.

-When goldar went down billy managed to save a lot of gold
“Like my dad said, you find it you keep it”
Needless to say they’re fucking loaded.

-Kim and Trini adopted a cat courtesy of her brothers. The twins found him and managed to keep him for a week before their mom found out and he was sent to live with Trini.
“Take care of gato for us”
“Wait you named i-”
“GATO, is in great hands”

-The cat loves everyone but Zack and Jason. Every time the cat cuddles up to Billy “traitor” can be heard faintly whispered through the house.

-Zack goes to the kitchen at 1 in the morning and finds the cat just sitting there staring at him, they have a staring contest for two mintues until he slowly backs away back into his room.

-They rotate dinner every night. They all make something thats authentic to them but the weekends are take out nights. It an unspoken rule of the house

-Zack almost breaking his neck doing a double take on Trini leaving from Kim’s room in the early morning

-“ITS NOT A WALK OF SHAME IF ITS YOUR OWN HOUSE” Kim passing by headed to the kitchen “you are definitely doing the walk of shame babe.”

-Billy quietly comments from the back “why are you so surprised, thats the 5th time this week.”
“Billy, its tuesday”

- “Hello, yes, i found your number in the yellow pages i was calling to tell you that MY BEST FRIEND JUST GOT LAID also a large pizza please”

-Trini watches a novella one day outta habit, and suddenly Jason and Zack are addicted. “No, trini you cant change the channel we are watching that!”

-Kim puts pink hair dye in her shampoo to figure out who keeps using it. The culprit was Jason…… and Trini

-“Who the fuck put jello in the toilet”
“You see its not actually jello its this silicone-”
“I’ll take it you’re upset with me….”

-Theyre the hardware stores best customer. The owner thinks they own a construction company. He is yet to be corrected

-One day the boys come back from the store early and hear a scream in the house. They all barge in too kims room and walk in on the girls.
“Oh my god GET OUT”
Billy closes his eyes and runs smack into the wall putting a hole in it while jason and Zack are running out dodging pillows.

-“Steve come here girl” “Zack we are not naming our dog Steve” “what about zordon?” “you wanna name my daughter after wall dad? How dare?” “you were about to name her Steve?!” “Personally i thik she looks like a Steve…” “Thank you billy”

-“Oh well if it isnt satan himself coming to visit my room when it does not belong here!” “Guys the cat isnt that bad”
“Billy do not speak on matters that do not concern you”

-“Who taught you savages to do the laundry?” “Trini relax.” “Relax? Jason, Isnt it bad enough my hair is pink but now my white tshirts are too because Zack put your shirts in with mine.”

-“Hey yellow, pink, your hell cat just attacked steve.”
“Do you dare slander my cats good name?! YOU CAN MEET ME IN THE PIT!!”

-They have color coded bath Towels. Zack likes to steal someone elses each week which isnt a problem until he struts out the bathroom in pink towels when Kim’s parents come to visit.

-“I know DAMN well i had last nights episode of Rupauls drag race recorded who DELETED IT?!?” “Sorry Zack that may have been me, but dont worry i have it recorded on my tv too” “Billy, you are my hero”

-Gato steals steves bed all the time and its the leading cause of argument in the house.

- “Satan’s spawn please, my daughters bed is too big for you and she cannot sleep in your small bed” hiss hiss “Okay that was rude” hiiiisss “TRINI! CONTROL YOUR SON AND GET HIM OUTTA MY DAUGHTERS BED RIGHT NOW”

-Fire alarm goes off at six in the morning. Multiple voices are heard screaming “KIM” from 4 seperate rooms

-She was just making toast.