This is the music video for my track “downtown”. Downtown is the first song from my mixtape “POSI+IVE”. This song is a bit different from my other tracks, but it’s very special to me. I hope you like it.

-Babeo Baggins

(shot by will hoopes  )


OMG OKAY, so I got to meet one of my favorite rappers today! I knew she worked at Urban, but it never dawned on me that she would actually be there! 😭 I love her so much and tbh I was v scared to go up to her, but she was SOOO SWEET. I love her and barftroop (the all girl rap group shes in) They are honestly awesome and the definition of carefree black girl. 💖💘 I love you Babeo. 🚺🆒💞 babeobaggins