This is the music video for my track “downtown”. Downtown is the first song from my mixtape “POSI+IVE”. This song is a bit different from my other tracks, but it’s very special to me. I hope you like it.

-Babeo Baggins

(shot by will hoopes  )


The Singles Club with Mish Way: Breakbeast by Babeo Baggins Music Video Premiere!

Like a modern day Spice Girls (but with a clearer feminist vision and DIY roots), Barf Troop is a project I can really get behind. Not only do these girls rap fearlessly, but they are pushing the boundaries of how mainstream music can exist in subcultural means.

“Barf Troop is all about girl power, but not only that. Barf troop is for everyone who feels a little strange, or nerdy, for anyone who has weird ideas and stays up late watching too many weird movies and downloading too much underground music. Barf troop is for EVERYONE who stands up for themselves and are proud to be who they are–no matter who they are.”


OMG OKAY, so I got to meet one of my favorite rappers today! I knew she worked at Urban, but it never dawned on me that she would actually be there! 😭 I love her so much and tbh I was v scared to go up to her, but she was SOOO SWEET. I love her and barftroop (the all girl rap group shes in) They are honestly awesome and the definition of carefree black girl. 💖💘 I love you Babeo. 🚺🆒💞 babeobaggins


babeobaggins’ POSI+IVE is now available! and it’s amazing, as expected! check it out on the fader here

also make sure to go to babeobaggins​ tumblr, where you can listen to and download the mixtape. it comes with a beautiful digital booklet, too. don’t forget to please donate, if you can! the link for that is on their page too!  

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pickle juice by babe simpson ! #barftroop #calicocollective

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