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10.20 - Happy Birthday Miss Aubrey!

Lemme tell you how much I love this girl.

Aubrey was conceptualized as a queen B, and while she’s definitely a queen, she’s no B. She’s supposed to be stuck up and just beyond associating with the likes she’s surrounded herself with, right? Wrong. I love the fact that Aubrey seems like she’s one of those people who’d be like eww rap or quick to turn her nose up and everything but she isn’t. Like everyone else, she’s a dancer, and she sure as hell isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone to step into a world she was probably raised to avoid. When she’s out on the floor to prove she’s the best, it has nothing to do with her upbringing and everything to do with how she moves, and in that sense she’s on the same level as everyone else.

Though if you can’t keep up, well, that’s certainly not her problem.

Go, go, go, Miss Aubrey, it’s yo birthday.