Things I learned you’ll actually need for your dorm after one year of college that you probably won’t see on pinterest

So, I recently finished my first year at college (which was definitely an adventure, and probably one of the best years of my life so far) and I’ve made a few mistakes, but none that couldn’t be fixed. For example, I really didn’t do adequate research as to what I’ll actually need for my dorm room because I was too busy fantasizing how I was gonna diy decorate my dorm room into a pinterest masterpiece. Anyway, I quickly learned my lesson.

Basically, your dorm room isn’t just for display. You live there. It’s gonna get messy, it’s gonna have to store a lot of stuff, and you’re not always going to have time to keep it in pristine condition because life gets crazy. But you can deal with it, I promise, and for all the new freshman prepping for their first dorm experience, I want to give some advice on how you can be prepared for what college life actually hits you with.

Alright, so I actually ended up being in a triple (so I had two roommates) which meant I had even less space than the average broom-closet sized dorm room and I had two people I had to get along with. Thankfully, we all ended up being really close and very considerate of each other, and I am incredibly grateful for it. We learned our lessons together, and this is the list of stuff we came up with:

1. Vacuum: Get a real vacuum, maybe a cheap one (not like a crazy dyson), but a real one. Not just a handheld one (like we had) because it won’t be enough. Girls shed hair. A lot. (especially three long haired girls like us) People might accidentally spill a bag of powdered sugar on your rug, or you might rip open a bag of cereal a little too vigorously, or, more seriously, you might break something like glass and you don’t want anyone cutting open their foot on a shard. 

2. Swiffer: If your floor was linoleum like ours (that’s why we needed a rug, which I’ll mention later), then it will get dusty and dirty. Having a swiffer is just nice to have because once you vacuum your rug clean, you don’t want the dirt on the linoleum getting on the rug. Plus, it’s gonna a rain and there’s gonna be mud. It’s gross.

3. Brita filter: So my dorm was actually the absolute best freshman dorm not just because the people were amazing, but because we had sinks. IN OUR ROOMS. It is just so CONVENIENT. Anyway, I am fully aware that not everyone is as lucky as us and the only sinks will be in the bathroom. A Brita filter pitcher is nice to keep in your fridge because you can have fresh clean in your room at any given moment.

4. Trash can: We had three in our room for each person but they kinda ended up being shared based on location in the room, but yeah. You need somewhere to throw away stuff.

5. Plastic bags or just garbage bags: And not only do you need a place to throw away stuff, you need plastic bags or garbage bags for clean disposal. And trash piles up real fast in your tiny room, so you’ll need to replenish these bags very often. I learned from my mom that you always have a place to store your plastic bags, and so we had a designated plastic bag drawer where we kept all the bags from our local campus convenience store, or the drug store, or wherever. Trust me, it’s saved lives. (as in, barf bags)

6. Command hooks: So we had to bunk two beds and loft another to have enough room and it’s kind of a pain in the ass to constantly climb down to throw something out so we had a trash bag hanging from a command hook on my roommate’s lofted bed and yeah. That bag has saved lives. (same situation as above) Plus, you can hang hats, bags, towels, little caddies for your toothbrush off of these hooks and it’s just so nice because you don’t lose things.

7. Clorox wipes: Again, stuff gets gross, and you’ll unfortunately need to clean things (ie your mom doesn’t clean everything for you anymore). Have two packs stored because you never know.

8. Dish soap: Real dishes need to be washed well, or else you’ll get sick.

9. Sponges: For the dish soap. And the dishes.

10. Windex: For our mirror, which we wrote on with washable marker, and I killed ants with it too. 

11. Storage for food: Something airtight so bugs can’t get to it, like a trunk. We also had mice sometimes go into our vents. And then into people’s rooms. They’re looking for a warm place to hide, and food. Don’t leave food out is the lesson. But also have food in your room! Our room was well known to always have food and its really nice when you’re staying up late and everything is closed.

12. Tissues: Freshman plague is so real. You will most certainly get it, and probably several times too. 

13. Vitamins and medicine: Your immune system is gonna get a work out in college. Help it out with some vitamin C tablets. Have some tylenol or advil for headaches and aches and pains. And side note, if you’re really sick, just go to the health center, you don’t have to suffer through it.

14. Slippers: Get a comfy, cheap pair (because sometimes dorm hallways are gross, especially on the weekends) that you can wear all around your building and still be comfy.

15. Power strip: So much stuff needs to be plugged in and you definitely won’t have enough outlets between you and your roommate(s).

16. Printer: Okay, this seems a little unreasonable, but we were lucky because my one roommate had a spare one at home (how though??) and I have frequently said it is my favorite thing in our room. It has come in clutch so many times. But if you have a campus printer near you, or if its too expensive, it’s fine not to have one. But if you do get one, I would recommend getting one that is NOT wireless. University wifi doesn’t like you using other wifi (ie it won’t work). Get a printer that has a cable.

17. Plastic plates and forks: We have real dishes and silverware too, but plastic stuff is just easier clean up.

18. Rug: I almost forgot about this one.The floor gets cold and a rug also makes a room feel homier. You and your friends are gonna sit there and bond all that fun stuff, and someone might even sleepover on it (if they have a sleeping bag).

19. Chairs: So we actually didn’t have any other chairs other than the ones that university gave us for our desks and those are okay and everything, but some of our friends had these amazing, foldable, springy chairs that were so comfortable and also a lot of fun, and I am definitely getting one for my room next year. 

Other things you might need but might forget (maybe?):



Rain boots

Rain coat

Extra towels

Contact solution

Favorite mug



Make up wipes



Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, you’ll definitely need other things (like a fridge, microwave, sheets, pillows, decorations, etc), or see that you really don’t need some of the things I’ve mentioned. Honestly, do what you feel is best and good luck! I loved my first year at college! Like basically everyone, I had some trouble adjusting at first. I felt pretty lonely in the beginning too, but once you start going, things start to fall into place. I met some great people, had some great classes, and honestly, I’m going to miss my first year–even with all the excitement of being an upperclassman next semester.

I hope this helped and that you have just as great of an experience in your first year as I did–actually, even better!

“...interdimensional laser-shooting metal-horned tube-shaped giant floating green-eyed robot gorilla head.”

Carl the Animator: “Works for me.”

Ted the Animator: “…KISS-amusement-park-branded barf bag.”

Carl the Animator: “Works for me.”

Ted the Animator: “…KISS leaving to go play a show while the gang is being chased and almost killed by said robo gorilla head.”

Carl the Animator: “…wait, what?”

Ted the Animator: “…they totally just left to do a concert instead of helping them escape the danger.”

Carl the Animator: “Priorities, Ted. Your fans always come first.”

Ted the Animator: “Even when your friends are at the mercy of a laser-shooting decapitated great ape?”

Carl the Animator:Especially then.”

this week is sort of my “spring break” because my doctor’s out, which means i’m taking the week off.  i wrote most of this while roadtripping home with my sister (THIRTEEN HOURS, YO) and overdosing on oreos.  

title: homecoming, pt. 2 (or, death by motion sickness & overbearing mothers)
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 3518
tagged: @notalwaysfair

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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V, Saeran and RFA reacting to and then taking care of a MC who has intensively bad periods. (pain so bad causes vomiting and not being able to stand)

Chose this purely because cramps are killing me atm


  • Yoosung has a sister, so he’s seen her suffer
  • Okay more like him suffering because his sister got bad mood swings and rarely got cramps
  • But he didn’t know that it could get as bad as you got it
  • You got extremely fatigued and nauseous, sometimes almost to the point of fainting
  • Not wanting anything bad to happen to you, he’d take a complete break from LOLOL and studies for a bit
  • He’d keep you in bed and make sure you were very hydrated, but didn’t know what else to do
  • For your sake, he calls his sister and mother to ask them for advice on how to care for you (despite their teasing and his blushing red face)
  • The meals he made you were light so it wouldn’t make you feel too sick
  • As embarrassed as he would to do it, he’d still go on pad/tampon run and bring home a big box of chocolates for you
  • This sweet boy secretly feels manlier since he’s able to help his girlfriend through this


  • Jaehee has her period too, she knows how the normal pain is
  • Her period gives her back pains most times
  • But damn, she’s never seen someone who has it as bad as you
  • You were in such pain from cramps that you literally couldn’t stand
  • Honestly, she has so much pity because she can’t even dare compare this to her back
  • She probably digs through all her cabinets to find the strongest medicine she has
  • And if she has to work that day, she’ll call in on you constantly to check up on you
  • She’ll also pick up anything at the store on the way back along with even stronger medicine
  • Baehee’s mother instincts baby you whenever she can and brings out all her heating/cooling pads and junk food
  • She’ll do whatever she can before the pain wears away after the first few days


  • His past girlfriends all had relatively normal periods, so he never really had to worry about it (along with the fact that he didn’t know much about them)
  • But he feels absolutely terrible when he found out that your back killed you to no end
  • He suggests that maybe some exercise would help, but shuts it completely down when you tell him that it’s already excruciatingly painful to walk
  • So instead, he instructs you to just lie on your stomach until he comes back from the convenience store
  • Zen is best boyfriend like literally has no shame buying pads/tampons for you 
  • Picks up a heating pad and goes out of his way to buy a ton on goldfish bread for you
  • Did I mention that his back massages are heavenly?
  • Because all your back pains will go away just from that, trust me


  • When Jumin woke up at 4 am to find you hunched over the toilet vomiting, he immediately went to hold up your hair and phone in a doctor
  • After inspecting you and giving you some medication, she explained that you were one of the unlucky women during the menstrual cycle
  • She gave him instructions and tips on how to care for you and went on her way
  • Jumin spent no expense to make sure you were in the least pain possible and to make sure you were more comfortable
  • Sweet man even took his work home so he could look after you
  • He got you whatever you needed and even had the nutritionists and chefs arrange a special meal plan for when your period came
  • You even got the fancy barf bags that are lined with plastic inside or top notch medication
  • If you wanted something like real Belgian chocolate, he can (and will) have it imported in less than 5 minutes if you so desired 
  • Your period is more of a luxury than a pain at this point


  • Normally he would joke around about this kind of stuff, but when he saw how bad your period was, he truly wished that he could take the pain for you
  • He found you curled up in the bed, tears rolling down your face, trying to get through an intense headache
  • Immediately would rush to the store to grab everything he think you’d need
  • Ice packs, heat packs, headache medicine, period medicine, pads/tampons, the period cup, he’s grabbing everything off the shelf at this point
  • This man will come home and absolutely baby you
  • If it doesn’t discomfort you, he’d definitely cuddle you and maybe even hum until the medicine starts to take effect
  • He honestly feels awful that you’re in so much pain though
  • Saeyoung will utterly spoil you in his love


  • Jihyun is the kind of boyfriend to keep a pad/tampon on his person just in case of emergencies #blesshissoul
  • With Rika, she got very depressed during her period, but with you, your cramps kept you awake throughout the night
  • You would get sleepless nights every time because of the pain and that leads to no good health
  • Since he’s such a sweet person, he’d do everything in his power to help you sleep
  • Get Jumin to buy good medicines, make really good homemade soup, light scented candles, play soft music, get the fluffy pillows and blankets, and most importantly: cuddle you
  • He’ll hold you in bed and hum along with the music until he knows you’re asleep and out of pain
  • And he can’t have the sun be in pain


  • His experience with periods is little to none
  • So he doesn’t really know what he can do for you when your back is preventing you from getting up
  • You really just have to tell him what he’d have to do and he’d complain and do it
  • But the moment he sees you teary-eyed from intense pain, all complaints stop and he’s completely obliged
  • The only way you’re getting out of bed is over his dead body, that’s for sure
  • He feels kinda awkward when he send him to fetch supplies, but when somebody made fun of him they got cussed out
  • Nobody made a comment to him after that
  • Think of his comfort like somebody awkwardly patting you on the back since they don’t know what else to do
  • His heart is in the right place though, and he’s doing what he can <3

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joji w/ #31? <3

Sorry for the wait, I’ve still got papers to write that I am putting off just for tonight. NSFW again.

“You need to be quieter,” Joji whispered against your collarbone. He had you propped up against the sink, which you were half on and half off as he continued to thrust into you. The little red occupied logo on the latch of the door was visible from behind Joji’s ear. You had just managed to reach and come down from your first orgasm, but Joji was determined to pull out a second before he let himself finish. His lips were against your shoulders, his stubble scratching your skin as he sucked kiss into the skin there. You knew you had to be quiet, but you weren’t made of stone, and Joji was making you feel so damn good.

You almost cry out when you hear a knock at the door, and a woman’s voice asking if you were almost done in there. Joji isn’t stopping though, he’s trying to move faster. “George, George, stop, we’re going to get caught,” you whisper into his ear. It’s almost like he’s trying to speed through a light that’s quickly turning red. You feel bad, you really do, but you can’t afford to get caught. “When we get off the plane, I promise,” you whisper. He stills inside you, and you feel his body shake.

“Why did I want to do this,” he whines as he finally concedes and pulls out. His cock is red and swollen, and you feel horribly for him. He tries to tuck himself back into his pants but it’s painfully obvious that he’s still rock hard in his jeans. The woman knocks again and you splash some water on your face.

“Take the barf bag, remember the plan, tell her your girlfriend got sick and you were trying to check on her.” George awkwardly shoved a hand into his pocket so he would semi-discretely pin his erection against his leg.

The plan went off without a hitch, and when you finally seat back down next to George, he had a blanket over his lap and was focusing too intently on the book he had on his try table. “I’ll make up for it tonight,” you tell him slyly. He seems to lighten up, just a little.

I had a conversation with @belldreams that literally started out with, “I have to wonder- COULD pregnant Anakin be more whiny than his usual self? Or does he just reach an emo plateau not even pregnancy can breach? :D?” + “Absolutely he can get more whiny.” and THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.

  • Right now he kind of holds back a little, he’ll at least go get his own weird midnight food.
  • But pregnant!Anakin would kick Obi-Wan awake in the shins and be like FIZZY ICE CREAM, I NEED IT and shamelessly abuse that Obi-Wan would get anything for him while he’s knocked up.
  • Also, at least 25% more I’M NOT CRYING I’LL RIP YOUR FACE OFF IF YOU ASK IF I’M CRYING while he’s crying on Obi-Wan’s tunic.
  • Horny pregnant!Anakin is amazing.  And so, so selfish.  He’s at the point where he doesn’t care if Obi-Wan gets off or not, JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME RIDE YOU UNTIL I’M FINISHED, that’s all he cares about.
  • And Obi-Wan endures more of this anyone humanely should.   He gets him not just fizzy ice cream, but gets a ~feeling~ he has to get tiger ice cream too. And it’s the right thing to do, because the fizzy ice cream makes Anakin throw up.
  • They both know that Anakin is abusing this total lack of Obi-Wan’s ability to say “no” to anything, but neither of them can really mind it. Anakin briefly entertains thoughts of feeling guilty but then is right back to, “Yes, but I WANT him to pay attention to me all the time.” and so the guilt disappears.  (It’s Obi-Wan’s fault, anyway, so.)
  • It doesn’t matter that they both know Anakin is only going to take one bit of his Felucian Spike Plant Stew before declaring it disgusting, the point is that it’s driving him crazy that he WANTS IT SO BADLY.
  • And Obi-Wan can even keep up with Anakin’s riding needs, until one bad twist and Anakin throws out his back for a few days. Which makes for a miserable while until they find other ways to keep him sated.   It involves a lot of pillows, lube, and fingers.
  • Obi-Wan WARNED HIM, but Anakin was like, no, shut up, I’m fine as he kept going, Obi-Wan doing his best to help support Anakin, but eventually he just goes a little too long and puts his back out.
  • (Anakin worriedly feeling with the Force to make sure nothing happened to the baby, while Obi-Wan hovers over him and helps send out feelers through the Force.)
  • (The baby’s fine, it kicks lightly in irritation, then settles right back down. Obi-Wan is still wary like, look, he SAID this was going to– OBI-WAN MY BACK HURTS I CAN’T REALLY GET BACK UP ON YOUR DICK AGAIN BUT I WASN’T FINISHED, I’M GONNA LAY DOWN, FINISH FUCKING ME RIGHT NOW.)
  • (And Obi-Wan’s protests are only met with louder and louder YOU GOT ME INTO THIS, FINISH IT.)
  • Anakin can’t even stand up at first, but he’s got an entire throne of pillows set up on the bed and makes demands from on high. OBI-WAN, I’M HUNGRY AND HORNY.  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  • “Anakin, you can choose to eat or to get fucked, but not both. And only because we BOTH know you’ll throw up on me if you try both.”
  • (So, so many times Obi-Wan’s tunics are going to get used as an emergency barf bag.)
  • (Obi-Wan starts carrying around actual throw up sacks, he’s tired of this, but he’s about 99% sure Anakin purposely doesn’t warn him, even when he KNOWS he’s about to thrown up.  And then just vomits right onto his lap. Because Anakin finds it funny.)
    ( Anakin’s motto: I’m miserable, so you’re going to be miserable with me. >:|)
  • ( But also the look on Obi-Wan’s face as he tries to hold back the disgusted look is really, really funny.)
  • (It’s fine. He throws out all his robes all the time, anyway!, Anakin says.)
  • Also, too bad for Anakin, after a certain point NO MORE FLYING because flying is a no-go when you’re that pregnant.  He can abuse Obi-Wan in a lot of ways, but when it comes to actual health concerns, oh, shit, Obi-Wan has boundaries all of a sudden, fuck.
  • (Anakin is hardcore sneaking out onto air bikes early on-ish.  Thankfully, Obi-Wan never finds out about the sneaking out for speeder races, he’d have had an absolute fit. It’s probably more to due with Obi-Wan being dead tired from looking after Anakin’s demands than Anakin actually gaining a level in stealth mode.)
  • Just. Seven months pregnant Anakin slouching over the side of the speeder in absolute AGONY.
  • It’s so awful being driven around by Obi-Wan. Because Obi-Wan is a great pilot! He COULD go faster, it would be perfectly safe! But no. HE DRIVES LIKE MASTER NU, Anakin knows, he went on a field trip with her once and he could have WALKED faster than she drives.
  • (He’s pretty sure Master Nu was doing it on purpose because, okay, he WAS being kind of a little shit at her, but the point still stands. YOU DRIVE LIKE AN OLD PERSON, OBI-WAN, PLEASE HIT THE ACCELERATOR.)
  • But then Anakin pukes over the side of the speeder and Obi-Wan just looks at him.
  • And there’s nothing sexy about Obi-Wan when he pilots like an old person. :(  He keeps both hands on the steering sticks and looks ahead into traffic/checks his mirrors. Won’t even put an elbow out on the window ledge! HES SO SQUARE.
  • The unfair thing is: It is the least sexy Obi-Wan has EVER been and Anakin still can’t stop thinking about sliding over onto his lap and riding him right there anyway.
  • And does Obi-Wan go even slower after that?  Worse: He pulls over and waits for Anakin’s nausea to pass. THEY’RE NEVER GOING TO GET ANYWHERE AT THIS RATE.
  • DOUBLE UNFAIR: Obi-Wan won’t let him touch him while he’s piloting, not even his thigh, much less condone in-air fucking (one of Anakin’s more recurring fantasies)(The dirty, dirty thoughts Anakin has had about swoop bikes are never going to come true now. ): ).   THE BABY WILL BE BORN BEFORE THEY GET TO THE TEMPLE.
  • Also, there’s at least two solid weeks that Anakin practically LIVES in the bathtub, because everything aches and he’s cold all the time.  Obi-Wan tried for about three days to get him out of there to at least eat meals, but eventually he caved and started bringing a tray in. (Plus with bucket. Doesn’t matter Anakin is right next to the toilet, it’s TOO FAR to puke in.)
  • He wasn’t going to tell Obi-Wan about the time he fell asleep and almost maybe kind of accidentally drowned himself a little, but Obi-Wan was mother henning him and felt it and then Anakin had to leave the ONLY WARM PLACE IN THE ENTIRE TEMPLE, YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE, OBI-WAN, HOW DARE YOU TREAT THE BEARER OF YOUR CHILD THIS WAY–
  • Obi-Wan just piles more blankets on him when gently shoving him into bed and silently goes to get an extra heating pad.
  • Anakin’s yelling slowly turns into mutterings and then sleepy yawns and, finally, he’s about to fall back asleep, so Obi-Wan tries to sneak off. But Anakin’s hand darts out and, please stay with me?
  • Obi-Wan is h e l p l e s s against this, despite that it’s AN INFERNO IN THERE, but he will suffer in silence, because, okay, it’s kind of nice the way Anakin is nestled into the middle of all this and safe and happy and warm and content.
  • EVENTUALLY THERE ARE NESTING INSTINCTS, TOO. The bed is literally about twenty blankets wound up into an actual nest.  It’s the starship parts that are EVERYWHERE that Obi-Wan can’t stand. Under the pillows! Between the blankets! Shoved into piles next to the bed! On the sofa! Between the sofa cushions! In the cupboards!  Obi-Wan valiantly tries to draw the line at the blowtorch Anakin has sneaked under the covers, but he’s no match for Anakin always finding it again and sneaking it back in.
  • They are both in so much trouble when that baby gets out. Force sensitive toddler with double inherited Extra? WATCH OUT.  Their baby would be The Most Extra Ever.   Even the Jedi would be like NO THANK YOU.
  • Anakin: You wouldn’t dare just let my baby run around without training! WHAT IF THEY BECOME A SITH LORD?? THAT COULD–
    The Jedi: *quiet terror in their eyes as they slowly back away at that thought*
Made For Each Other - pt 10

Originally posted by ygnj

“Wake up baby.” Silas nudged you and a small groan came out your dry lips.

“I don’t feel good.” You grumbled into the pillow, turning away from him.

Now you were sick. Maybe it was the flu, but your bones ached and the bed was damp with sweat. He pulled your shoulder so that your body would face him again. You could barely lift your eyelids open anymore.

“Y/N!” He gasped, bringing his hands to your cheeks and skin. Quickly getting off the bed, he opened the door and yelled. “May!! Come quickly!”

After a few seconds the small lady appeared and you sat up wondering why Silas was going crazy. When you sat up, there was blood coming from in between your legs. There was no pain but it was still weird; it was your period finally coming along.

Still you felt awful and you lied back down again because sitting up gave you a massive headache. Something was definitely wrong with you. A small soreness on the back of your neck made you even more uncomfortable.

“What did you give me last night?” You asked Silas in a whisper. Your voice was abnormally small and raspy.

“Tell them to get us to the nearest hospital now.” Silas ordered. May ran away immediately.

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Things that @Aurora said while we sat next to each other on a plane.

“Im not back up, im front up.”

“Where is my barf bag, this is racism. *Throws hands in air* Its because im Greek.”

“You know what y’all gottta miss me with this drowning shit.”

“My talents include bad jokes and staying hydrated.”

“Death by airplane suitcase holder is a a great way to go.”

“I can’t believe im being insulted by an underclassman who refers to herself as “too long” instead of saying too tall.” (Referring to me. I meant that my legs were too long.) 

“I was wondering why you were giving me weird looks but then I realized you said stabbing not dabbing.”

“No more boys shush your thirsty faces.”

My personal favorite “Listen here hetero.”

“Whatever Colby jack cheese.” (Our friends name is Colby) 


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Hey I know you already did MC and RFA dealing with period but would it be too much to ask for RFA and MC dealing with really violent, painful period cramps where they're so bad MC ends up throwing up and unable to move for a couple hours


  • MC hears him making a call to his teacher for the day
  • he’s saying his goldfish died and he can’t go to school
  • he hangs up and turns to MC and he’s so worried
  • he lied about his goldfish (which he doesn’t even own) dying so he could stay with MC
  • his place is kinda small so he’d hear MC calling for him no matter in which room he was in
  • but he insists on sitting next to MC on the bed
  • there’s a pail next to the bed in case MC needs to vomit
  • and he doesn’t own a heating pad he fills a ziplock bag in warm water and wraps it in a towel
  • what helps during periods??? chocolate?? ice cream??? chocolate ice cream?? can MC even eat at the moment???
  • since he’s too scared that hugging MC will hurt them he just holds onto their hand when the cramps have them in tears


  • jesus christ this woman feels bad for MC in ways no man can imagine
  • like sure she’s had days when she had to call of work due to the cramps but not being able to move???
  • she closes the cafe for the day without even hesitating
  • carefully helps MC to the couch and sits next to them
  • also when she sees MC is going to barf she either quickly gets a bag or if MC isn’t in too much pain she gets them to the bathroom
  • makes her favorite period food (which is actually chocolate chip cookies with white chocolate mixed in the batter)
  • since she’s going to stay the whole day with MC she puts on her Zen DVDs so she and MC can watch


  • fear
  • literally he fears
  • is this normal. this can’t be normal. MC is in too much pain this is not normal is it oh god what should he do-
  • calls off all his appointments for the day even if MC tells him not to bc fear
  • he sits next to MC the whole day just being really attentive
  • when he sees MC might puke he carefully picks them up bridal style and takes them to the bathroom
  • he’s so so worried for MC like someone please clam this man
  • remember he ran away from home and he probably didn’t pay much attention in class so he’s not the most knowledgeable on periods 
  • he pampers MC so much MC feels like royalty 
  • like MC could say a small “ouch” and he’d rush to MC’s side


  • he finds MC curled up in the bed and after getting an explanation he decides he’ll work from home
  • has someone drag a desk right next to the bed (he could have done it himself smh)
  • he’s doing paperwork but he checks up on MC every five minutes
  • does MC feel sick?? worry not because there is a paper bag dispenser but there aren’t just paper bags no they’re lined with plastic inside and can shut easily so nothing gets out and also cancel out the smell and they’re just fancy barf bags for MC
  • he orders one of those period cramp pain reliever livia things that send electric signals to turn off the pain and pays amazon prime x 10 to have it delivered right away
  • Elizabeth 3rd curls up into MC and Jumin just knows it’s her trying to make MC feel better and he smiles so happily it’s almost enough to make MC melt


  • percentage of work he’s getting done: 0%
  • yeah vanderwood is pissed af
  • he sets MC’s head on his lap as they lay on the couch
  • he combs MC’s hair with his hands as he whispers to MC
  • hkghaoiaehakg he’s so hurt seeing MC in so much pain
  • he tries to make MC fall asleep with their head on his lap so that the pain won’t be as bad
  • at least time passes faster on dreams right? MC doesn’t have to suffer so much in dreams right??
  • when MC seems like they’re going to be sick he has the robot dog fetch them a pail because he doesn’t want to move and make MC move their head
  • he eventually falls asleep but MC is also asleep and he still has his fingers in their hair, ready to wake up at any signal of discomfort from his lovely MC

The D Tent Boys’ real names in Holes are as followed: 

  1. X-Ray = Rex Alvin Washburn (his full name is revealed in the sequel novel Small Steps). 
  2. Armpit = Theodore Thomas Johnson (his full name is revealed in the sequel novel Small Steps, which incidentally focuses on his life two or three years after Camp Green Lake). 
  3. Squid = Alan. 
  4. Zigzag = Ricky. 
  5. Magnet = Jose. 
  6. Zero = Hector Zeroni 
  7. Caveman = Stanley Yelnats IV 
  8. Twitch = Brian. 
  9. Barf Bag = Lewis. 

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Mpreg!germanyxitaly as nations could you do? I don't have prompt so you can decide. Maybe like each paragraph could be a month or something.??

I hope you meant/don’t mind for Germany to be the pregnant one

Pairing: GerIta (Germany x North Italy/Veneziano)

  • North Italy/Veneziano as himself
  • Germany as the pregnant one
  • Ft. The rest of the nations

It was a miracle that was only seen once in a lifetime for many. Nations can’t simply have children like humans do, especially two nations together. Even if a nation were to impregnate a human, it would end in a miscarriage. The only known ways of nations to be born would be as it was always done…a group of people formed a nation, and among them, a child will appear unlike the others, representing its people.

However there were special circumstances that blessed nations with a chance of natural parenthood, and this moment was one of those. Veneziano and Germany had reached to a point in their relationship where their love was pure and strong enough for the miracle to happen. Germany had become pregnant, and within a few months, he would give birth to a child, a new nation, created out of the union of Germany and Northern Italy, a nation where two cultures mixed into one. They didn’t know where on the world would the nation’s home will appear, or how big it will become. But it was assured that a nation would be formed regardless.

The fact that it was Germany that was pregnant wasn’t hard to figure out. He had started to have nausea and morning sickness, hurrying up from bed earlier than usual just to puke and getting tired much easier. The defining fact was when he smelled a bowl potatoes and for once in his life, turned it down, claiming it was turning his stomach. They quickly went to a doctor appointed by their governments who made the discovery that Germany was in fact, pregnant.

Once they found out, Germany and Veneziano realized it was a miracle and agreed to keep it secret just a little bit longer until the next world meeting. But that night Veneziano told Romano and Seborgia, who then told Spain and Sealand and Wy, who then told France and Prussia and Belgium and Netherlands, who then told Seychelles and Austria and Hungary…and so on.
Needless to say the next meeting around the second month, it wasn’t even about the world problems anymore, but over the miracle of a new child and nation that would soon join them.

“Dude, I can’t believe it! We’re going to have a new little dude with us I can’t wait!” America squealed, overall excited.

“How wonderful! Veneziano, Germany, congratulations!” Hungary smiled.

“I have to admit. Never in my years have I ever seen it happen…this could possibly be the first time since the beginning of time.” England added.

“Why of course! You underestimate the power of love! These two have simply outdone it, even outdone me!” France boasted.

“West, does this mean I’m going to be an uncle?!” Prussia asked as he shook Germany around.

“Oh great. If the child falls under your influence then we’re all doomed.” Austria added dramatically.

“As if I’m letting you potato loving bastards influence my brother’s kid! Vene, we have to make sure it doesn’t end up having such terrible taste like your potato loving husband.” Romano insisted, not like he tried to hide that last statement.

“I can hear you!” Germany groaned.

“I bet the kid would LOVE churros!” Spain cooed.

“If he’s going to be a tiny nation like us then it should totally join our Micronations club!” Sealand cheered.

“You don’t know how big the kid will get yet. He could end up being a small as you or as big as Mister Russia!” Australia reminded.

“As big as me? I don’t even really care. A new nation, how joyful! I wonder if he will like sunflowers or snow. I can show him how to knit scarves too!” Russia chuckled.

“We need to also remember that we don’t know its initial sex! It could be a girl for all we know!” Ukraine smiled.

“Maybe he’ll be like one of us and can end up joining the Nordics!” Denmark smirked.

“Or the Baltic Trio!” Latvia smiled.

“I don’t mean to cut the mood short but I feel that we are suffocating the expecting parents.” Japan finally added.

“Y-Yeah, give us a break.” Germany chuckled. Veneziano clasped his hands together.

“I don’t know how the child will be, or if it will be a boy or a girl, or what kind of nation it will become…I’m too happy to really think about all of that!” Veneziano finally spoke, holding Germany’s hand. Suddenly Germany’s face turned pale as he clasped his hands over his mouth.

“V-Vene…!” Germany gasped. Veneziano’s eyes widened in realization.

“A-A bucket, something!!” Veneziano called.

“HERE!” China yelled, suddenly throwing a small trashcan across the room, having it bounce off Canada’s head before Germany caught it, puking right into it. It would be the longest nine months of their eternal lives.

By the third month everyone important in the world knew. World leaders, politicians and all.  Besides such everything continued as normal, everyone working and so on. Germany’s nausea had decreased enough to be able to work without carrying a barf bag around. But the cravings had begun to kick in, and it was the strangest thing Veneziano had ever encountered, yet intriguing regardless. He regained his appetite for potatoes…and other ‘snacks’. For whatever reason he always wanted pickles. On break, at dinner, at midnight. Anything and everything needed to have pickles. Veneziano would wake up in the middle of the night to find his husband missing from bed, only to find him in the kitchen eating potatoes stuff with pickles and sausages.

By the fourth month his baby bump had started to show, and Germany was even more excited than Veneziano about it. He would feel it gently, murmur in his native tongue of how happy and anxious he was for the baby’s arrival. Every time he had the chance, he would show it off. Not that Veneziano minded. It was rare to see him this excited, and made him extremely happy. But with the bump came another change of hormones. Which meant that Germany began to become much more moody than usual. Germany was a man with little expressions, but of course the pregnancy forced his body to show otherwise, which was a bit scary. Veneziano took notice of this when Germany asked if they had any pickles. Veneziano explained that they had ran out, but that he would get some in the morning. Of course he expected his husband to pout, but he didn’t expect him to cry. But he did. Out of nowhere, Germany began to cry, tears falling down his cheek, much to Veneziano’s worry. After a long explanation from Germany about how nice pickles were and that he was just sad that he had ate them all, Veneziano didn’t hesitate to buy an entire box of the beloved pickles while asking Hungary for advice.

The fifth month was rather normal. His tummy increased of size, and so did his appetite. At times he would day dream or casually forget a thing or two, but overall everything was normal. One thing that both of them noticed was the fact that Germany’s bellybutton had popped out, which Veneziano thought was the cutest thing he had ever seen.  Lots of pictures were taken, needless to say.

The sixth month was rough on Germany. He had started to experience fatigue, and lots of leg cramps and back aches, making it hard on the work dutiful man. Veneziano was more than happy to keep him comfortable, however, always making sure he got rest and giving him small massages here and there.

The seventh month was extremely exciting. The nations were starting to send over toys and clothing for the child, everything they received being so different and unique and lovely that the baby was sure to love. The child nation was also starting to make its presence known. It happened at night, Germany waking up a sleeping Veneziano and getting his hand on his stomach. There the two felt the baby move, its small limbs pressing against the skin before calming back down. The two barely slept that night, just holding each other excitedly while feeling for every possible movement. It was absolutely magical.

Eight months in went rather slow. Germany’s appetite continued, though by this point he had relieved himself from the pickles. However Braxton Hicks began to kick in, causing panic every once in a while. The pains were almost unbearable, but Veneziano was always there to assure him that he had gone through worse, and that it was only one more step closer for it all to be over, and to start a new life as parents of a new nation.

By the ninth month everything and everyone was virtually ready for the child’s arrival. A room, clothing and any toys, and so on, everyone was anxious of the upcoming miracle. No one was more anxious than Germany and Veneziano. They were worried about how the delivery would go, and Germany especially felt unable to sleep at all worried that the baby could decide to come out into the world at any moment. Never had the parents felt happier nor scared of their upcoming parenthood. It seemed that everything was simply going to go on as normal as usual…and then it happened. In the middle of a world meeting, no less. They were discussing about global warming again, when suddenly a sharp pain shot straight up Germany’s body, and instantly, every bone in his body screamed at him, and he knew. It was time.

“…Vene…!” Germany murmured, trying not to cause panic despite the pain. Veneziano was ever so slightly distracted with his brothers. Germany’s patience wore thin already. “EVERYONE!!!” He screamed, his voice booming across the room, causing everyone to stop and turn to him. He had panic in his eyes, his skin rather pale. “T-The baby.” He whispered. Everyone simply stared for a minute to analyze his words…and then everybody panicked.

“THE BABY!” America, Britain and Australia yelled, a nearby France fainting.

“EL BAMBINO?!” The Vargas brothers yelled before screaming.

“Oh el bebe!” Spain cheered, much to everyone else’s dismay.

“Don’t just stand there! We have to go go GO!” China reminded everyone, quickly creating order within the chaos. It was a wild ride. Russia and Bulgaria helped Germany. Prussia and Spain were stuck with carrying France until he woke up. The Italians kept praying in their native tongue out of habit, Hungary doing her best to keep the calm as Austria drove. What seemed forever was mere minutes as they reached to the nearest hospital, government officials trying to explain the staff how this was even possible and that they would forget about it anyway, Germany being taken away as the staff stopped everyone there from going any further.

“Only family members!” The nurse warned. Quickly Veneziano and Prussia stepped up, being husband and brother as they were ushered in. Whatever happened in there sounded like bloody murder. Veneziano and Prussia freaking out while Germany yelling back for them to calm down. In the waiting room speculations were going rampant. It seemed to last forever.

Suddenly, everyone stopped. A feeling surged across the room, through all of their bodies. It was as if they had felt a warm light suddenly flourish, and just as quickly vanish, filling their bodies with warmth and lightness, all of their hearts skipping a beat. Everyone felt it. Every nation from all around the world. It was the feeling of a lifetime. The sign that a nation had been born. Just as quickly as the silence was created, it was broken by a piercing cry. The same nurse who had restricted everyone from busting in came back out, announcing the birth of a healthy child. Everyone rushed in as soon as they were allowed to.
Inside the room sat Germany on a bed, holding a small bundle covered in white. Veneziano was next to him, tears falling down his face as Prussia was trying his best not to cry as well, but failing.

“Is that…?!” Russia asked, gasping as the bundle moved. Germany and Veneziano nodded, showing off a small child within the white sheets. It had an unnatural glow, ever so light yet barely notable. Eyes closed, bundled up. Everyone began to tear up.

“Oh my goodness…!” Britain whispered, shedding a tear.

“A new nation…never I thought that I would live to see the day…” Ukraine murmured.

“It’s so CUTE!!!” Denmark cried, getting smacked by Norway to hush down.

“What will be their name?” Japan finally asked.

Veneziano and Germany shrugged.

“We don’t know just yet. But we’ll figure it out.” Veneziano smiled, sharing a kiss with Germany as the two held the child in their arms. For a moment, the child could finally understand sound, and as it opened its eyes to witness the world around it, the entire world watched with a smile, welcoming the new nation into the world.

“Welcome to Earth, little one!”

@dcviltongued better pray those weren’t new boots

If Jess knew what was going to result from her impromptu exit, she might’ve joked that you could call her Air Jones, barf bag and all. It wasn’t often that she tried to fly, let alone with a passenger ‘on board’ so she had 0 preparedness for what was coming in for a landing.

“GROSS,” Jessica shouted, darting back and away from Matt as he emptied his stomach onto the pavement, completely forgetting the panic and shock that had them flying away from the scene in the first place. Matt had not been well- she could tell from the look of his stance following the hit- not a single limb primed to move forward with following damage blown. Instead, he had been knocked completely backward, shoulders slack and arms down. Not good. 

Without Matt as a backup, and running the risk of further damage, or worse yet a hostage, she couldn’t keep them there. So she hit evac- flying out and onto the roof about two blocks away. This wasn’t secure by any means but was better than nothing- at least Matt was safe, “You almost yaked on my shoes after I pulled you out of the fight,” she shrugged, reaching a hand out to steady him, taking hold by his elbow, “You probably have a concussion.”