barf rainbows


Oh hey stuff from my snapchat I haven’t posted here! Enjoy my notes which I know look like a rainbow barfed on them and also suffer from “holy shit the prof is talking too fast I can’t keep up” handwriting. Anyway, this is pretty true to what my notes generally look like, for people who are curious.

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A, Shrike: opinion on cheese.

Shrike curled her nose up at the strange block of white, squishy, lumpy stuff. Canary had told her that it was a form of cheese that was made for spreading on bread or stuffed into meats to cook. Of course Shriek wasn’t entirely sure she trusted the small skeleton. They were pretty easily mistaken to be an innocent child, but Canary was neither innocent or a child and one could never figure out if the tiny reaper was up to something or being honest. Considering Macaw as no where in sight, Canary was very likely to be truthful right now. Rarely did Canary tease anyone without Macaw around. In fact, they were usually pretty soft spoken without the exuberant Rainbow Barf around.

The echo let out a sigh, giving Canary a small withering look before scooping a chunk of the food and spooned it onto a cracker. Specks of pepper dotted the white curds and stared at it a moment long. Taking a bracing breath, Shrike popped the cracker, cheese and all, into her mouth and began to chew.

it wasn’t nearly as wet as it had looked. Kind of dry actually and a little pasty. A soft flavor that simply tasted like what milk smelled like with a hint of pepper and salt to taste. 

“It.. it’s not actually bad,” she spoke, spooning up some more of the homemade cheese onto another cracker, eating it more confidently now that she knew it wasn’t likely to poison her. Not that she honestly thought it would. Canary was a wonderful cook.

The small yellow-clad reaper let out a subtle sigh before giving a gentle smile that didn’t fit their words, “Did you really doubt me?”

Shrike let out a small chuckle, shaking her head, “Never with your cooking.” The two smiled as Shrike popped another cracker between her teeth.

  • Italy: Germany, Japan, I had a dream about all three of us.
  • Japan: oh, I heard that dreams can be a depiction of your true desires.
  • Italy: we were all eating one day, but than Japan turned into a centaur and barfed rainbows and then Germany started dancing because he found a pot of gold and then we trade it with a homeless man for a machine that could make my curl the size of Sicily~!
  • Germany: ... Or it could mean that you need therapy.