barf cat

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I think humun maybe eat string? Complains that tummy is hurts. She not know to eat grass to do the barf. Can cat halp humin?

help human by sit on the stomach until better


SWEATERPAWS a cheesy playlist by chaotnic i swear i hate having a crush on ppl but heres a playlist to just let all out my feelings towards crush! perfect for lazy mornings in bed or when ur reading a book with a cup of tea/coffee! hope u guys enjoy it!! photo Ⓒ || 8tracks: chaotnic

They hate on your shine ‘cause they know your story“ 
A sampler of some of the music I listened to in 2014.

01. THANK GOD (demo) - DiFFAKULT
02. Oven Ready - Cakes Da Killa
03. Jump Hi - LiON BABE
04. Know What I Want Kali Uchis
05. Pray For Love - Kwabs
06. Avf (feat. Maltre Gims & OrelSan) - Stromae
07. (One More) Silly Bitch - Njena Reddd Foxxx
08. Drip - Babe Field
09.HazeBoogie - Mykki Blanco
10. BreakBEAST - Babeo Baggins
11. Hey - Le1f
12. Favorite Song (feat. Childish Gambino) - Chance The Rapper
13. Titty Attack (feat. Junglepussy) - Dai Burger
14. Shining Star - Nneka
15. Aquarius - Tinashe
16. So High - Doja Cat
18. Parker - Ikea-Graveyard

Content warning: slurs, language, drug mention.

[listen on 8tracks here]

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i havent had a cat roll in their barf but my grandpas cat has hissed at her own hairballs/barf seconds after the Deed

My cat shed a whisker while I was scratching her cheeks and I showed it to her saying “That’s yours!” and before I could react she ate it

Things to wish upon your enemies

a lifetime of uneven table legs

a mosquito buzzing around their heads when they’re trying to sleep

a lifetime of driving behind slow drivers

Settled nicely into their recliner with their dinner in their lap and the remote across the room

all of their escalators out of service

always forgetting to remove Kleenex from their jeans before they wash them

a multitude of paper cuts

sunglass arm always falls off

pasta is always cold in the middle

a permanently slow internet connection

cords stuck under their desk chairs

permanent sunshine on their TV screens

hiccups during their presentations

knocking grape juice over in the fridge

never having a towel by the shower

mosquito bites between their toes

on vacation and forgetting their phone charger at home

no windshield washer fluid on a warm slushy day

many stubbed toes

the world’s smallest bladder

their favourite show didn’t record

dead remote control batteries

stepping on cat barf wearing new socks

annoying bra underwire sticking out

sitting down on the toilet when someone leaves the seat up

broken zippers at work

lost luggage

bladder leaks when they cough

sheet corners always come off the mattress

standing up and hitting their head on cabinet doors

hot food burning their tongue

the guy in the next cubicle has permanent sniffles

hair in their mouth

Popcorn husk stuck in their throat

Artist: @rymyanna

Author: @severeminx

Title: Yuri on Tiger

Wordcount: 4745

Rating: T

Trigger warnings: None.


While Yuri loves cats and cats paraphernalia, sometimes the super cute stuff makes him want to barf. When the cat related gifts come from Otabek, however, it’s fine. Totally fine. Perfect even. Because at least Otabek understands the struggle of having his public image dictated by his coaches and fans instead of being seen for who he is. Luckily Yuri can use his exhibition skate to change that public image.

Read it on AO3


Sometimes I wonder if I sketch enough then I look through my work notes. All of these are done on intervals through meetings. Sketches vary from truly terrible mind barf to concepts for future silly paintings I want to work on. I feel no pressure to draw well so I allow things to look bad.
Decided to upload after today’s Flash demo at work where I drew the top page. Ideas for a painting I want to work on. I was hit with inspiration to design a manticore and Sphynx and went with it. (The demo was great though AHHH. I was so tired but sketching keeps me awake)

Any of the visible notes are completely non sensitive mind barf on how to improve chapters in Words of Wonder so no white out required to show these :)