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The group’s self-titled debut, from 1999, mimicked a comic book in its structure. It was labeled Book 1, and featured 30 tracks, each named for a page and listing a number of frames, or panels, of action. The only track that didn’t follow this pattern was number 13, which was two seconds of runoff from track 12.

Patton explains;
“I’ve always been curious about what you can and can’t do when indexing tracks on a CD. I wondered if you could skip one. You can’t. So if you notice, on the CDs, track 13 appears. It goes for one and a half seconds, which is the bare minimum that it can be, and Indexed it at the end of 12 so you barely notice it. But it does appear, for one and a half seconds. I never really got rid of it. And initially, i just thought I wanted to have an idiosyncratic thing on the Fantômas records, and I want to keep it that way every time. I chose 13 for obvious bad luck and protection reasons, and wanted to keep doing it throughout all of our records. But after Delirium Cordia, I realized I’d broken the mold, so fuck it.”

i’ve watched the Justice League Flash teaser trailer and I still can’t get over how awesome that shot with Barry!! I love how sparks formed when he put his hand on the ground. Also, his surrounding is moist and someone pointed out on twitter that you if you look closely you can see rainbows formed just as he run? There’s also an afterimage when he left!! I love how much detail Zack and co. put in the scenes?  like he didnt have to put that small rainbow that’s barely noticeable but detailsss! i love zack so much.

Showing wonder woman and the head of athena in the same shot and going “Wiser, united.” as the caption of the teaser trailer is just wonderful and witty.

Also, Batman standing on gargoyle was probably the most iconic batman shot i’ve seen(aside from the doomsday fight in bvs when he used his grappling hook.)

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But the relationship between celeana/arobyn is 100% pedophilic, and the one between alien/rowrat is lowkey one like that. It is in fact a problem in her books.

The relationship of Cela/ena and Arobynn is the result of the hypersexualization of Cela/ena/Alien and that’s a big problem I have with the series. She is so beautiful and so hot that every man loves her. That’s creepy. Arobynn is in his 30s and she is 18-19, but he was interested in her since she was really young. It’s disgusting. SJ/M didn’t need to make Arobynn interested in Alien in order to make us see how beautiful it is. That’s kind of like saying catcalling is a compliment.
Idk if Alien/Rowrat is considered pedophilic because she is 19 when they officially become a couple, but there should be a maturity difference, a barrier. I mean, he is 300+ years old! It’s barely noticeable because SJ/M writes Rowrat like she’s writing a horny teenage boy.

When magic starts to return to the modern world, barely anyone notices. It doesn’t look anything like what we imagine. People don’t suddenly start developing magic powers, casting spells, or turning into elves and dwarves. In fact, people don’t really change at all, not at first.  It turns out that the magic isn’t even here for us. It’s here for what we’ve built. 

The change is slow, and subtle, and strange, as the magic works its way into our institutions. You mail letters to dead relatives, and the post office starts delivering their replies. Late-night bus routes stop at places never seen on any atlas. Libraries suddenly include subterranean archives where you can look anything you’ve ever forgotten, from the names of your favorite childhood books to the precise flavor of your first-ever chocolate chip cookie. 

The people working at these places take the changes in stride. The letters from the dead just show up every morning, sorted and stamped and ready for delivery, so why not carry them? Bus drivers follow the maps they’re given without trouble, and learn to accept even small gold coins as more than adequate fare. Electricians get used to seeing warding symbols in circuit diagrams, while clerks at the DMV find a stack of forms for registering ghostly steeds as personal vehicles, and sigh in relief at finally having that particular bureaucratic headache solved. The firefighters are shocked the first time they see a giant of living water burst out from a hydrant, but after it rescues several of them from a burning building, they decide not to ask questions. They tell their stories to others, though, and soon word of the changes is spreading. 

There’s no single moment of realization where everyone discovers that magic is real; the knowledge just creeps into day to day life a bit at a time, and society adapts. Cyber-safety programs teach people to never accept a file from the electric fairies without sharing one in return, and to never accept their Terms and Conditions without searching for the subsection on Souls, Forfeiture Thereof. Students leave offerings of coffee and boxed wine to petition the School Spirit for lower tuition or exam deferrals. Nurses learn the hours when Death stalks the hospital hallways, and keep bedside vigils in the children’s ward. They bring board games and cards for when the reaper is feeling playful, and well-worn baseball bats for when he isn’t. 

There are problems, of course, like the vicious monsters of blood and fire spawned from age-old hate groups, or infestations of the writing many-mouthed worms that literally feed on governmental corruption, but really, they were already there before the change. Magic only elaborates on what we’ve made, good or ill, manifesting the latent modern mythology underpinning our society. It doesn’t offer solutions to all of life’s problem, but for a few hurting people, guarded by the concrete arms of a neighborhood come to life to protect its community, or flying away on wings of copper wire and fiber-optic cable, it’s exactly the change they needed. 

klance week day 1: red/blue

Dance AU where Lance and Keith have two totally different dance styles. Lance dances like water, fluid and smooth—Keith like fire, dynamic and intense. But when they dance together, it’s something entirely new.


★ Karamel Appreciation Week ★

Day 1 when I started shipping them

Running Low (Smut)

Request: Can i request where you and shawn break up but only for a couple hours then you make up? (Make up sex HAHAHA) thankss

Word count: 2,957

Running Low (Smut)

You were lying in the silent hotel room, looking out at the dark sky from the window beside the bed. Your legs were curled up underneath you, as you were hugging yourself tightly. Maybe, it would help put the broken pieces inside you back together.

Tears were still running down your sore cheeks, but you weren’t exactly sobbing anymore. They just quietly ran down, you barely even noticed them any longer.

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Major Aspects

Trines are an easy flow, like water in a river. It flows freely and we barely notice it. They are talents we are born with.

Sextiles are like a magic trick, they are called for, and require more effort than a trine. We know they are there, they are the secret card under our sleeve, not always in sight.

Squares are like trying to advance with sand up to your waist; you feel slow, there’s resistance. You feel stuck. But once you start overcoming them, you become stronger. They are qualities created through growth.

Oppositions are like a rope being pulled from both ends, there’s a tendency to go to extremes. They create indecision. 

Once you succeed, there’s a balance between the energies involved. You become wiser.

Conjunctions are like fire, that takes two metals and makes them one. Both energies unify and even if we can difference them, they are expressed together.

We most learn to keep them separated and let them join once again when we need it.