One and Only {Kim Jongin}

Hi! I absolutely love ur blog I was hoping if u can write me a scenario where u r jongins gf bt hes always busy &always asking u to wait & one day he finds jb got7 flirting w/u & he gets jealous & tries to make up for all the times he asked u to wait

Note: Here is is, Anon. Enjoy!

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You pressed your coated red lips together, your eyes scanning across the room that filled with a mixture of strobe lighting and people as you hugged your arms around yourself, concealing the sweet little black dress you’d carefully hand chosen to wear for this party.

But your efforts were barely noticed, not by the one that mattered, anyway.

He promised he’d be here… he promised.

And this time, you’d believed him. His eyes had been glinting in the soft bedroom light, his hands gently caressing your cheeks as his words whispered the words you were desperate to hear. “I’ll be there, {y/n}, I promise.” But there wasn’t a single sign of him.

Your eyes started to glitter as water gathered in the small rim around the deep colour of your eyes, barely hidden by the soft outlined black liner. You felt destroyed, your insides turning inside out at the thought of him not bothering to show his face to his own birthday party.

You had half a mind to tell everyone to leave, that it was canceled and that you couldn’t do it anymore. But feeling so weak and vulnerable, you could barely utter the words to say. Your heart felt heavy, like a block of lead stuck in your chest and weighing you down to rock bottom.

“Is everything alright, {y/n}?”

Your thoughts shattered as you plastered on a fake smile, turning to look at JB of Got7 as he approached you. He wore a smart jumper over a white shirt and a pair of black trousers and dress shoes. He looked smart, and older with the alcoholic drink placed in his grasp, it looked like some kind of wine.

“Yeah I’m good, are you?” You lied through your teeth, and by the way his eyes scanned over your face, he didn’t believe it. But he didn’t push it.

“I’m well, actually. I haven’t seen Kai yet though, is he here?”

“Still on his way, I think.” You sighed, looking off to the window in the distance, not that it brought you any joy.

“You look beautiful tonight, you know.” He spoke carefully as your eyes came to look at him again.

“You don’t brush up badly either.” You responded, smiling. He chuckled, looking down for a moment before looking back at you again.

“Care to dance? You look like you need some distraction.”

He must have known what you were thinking without telling him, but you couldn’t disagree, and when he held his hand out to pull you fearlessly to the dance floor you couldn’t reject. You interlaced your fingers with his and made your way to the lights bouncing on the floor beneath those already dancing beautifully.

A soft melody blasted, and you found yourself swaying to the sound, your hand still holding JB’s while the other rested on his shoulder blade. His hand was holding your waist as he guided you along the floor, his expert dancing showing perfectly as his feet took the lead.

“Jongin doesn’t know how lucky he is to have you. If you were mine, I wouldn’t let you out of my sight.” JB teased, you could tell by his goofy grin, but under the circumstances, you didn’t find it particularly humorous. You smiled a little, nodding before changing the subject entirely.

“How’s the music production going? Your last comeback was pretty epic.”

“Oh, hard carry? Yeah, it was good, one of out best I think. We’re working on something new, but I’m not allowed to spill. I could make an exception if you’re willing to persuade me though.” He winked, still teasing. You had the gut feeling he was making a move on you, and your heart was screaming for you to stop, but your head was confused, having a war with itself over if you should abide by his advances and stay with Jongin or if you should fall and relieve the stress that’s been building up over all this time.

“I… I don’t think-” You started to stammer, heart racing as he chuckled.

“I know, I’ sorry… I shouldn’t be talking to you like this, you have a boyfriend but… you’re so gorgeous {y/n} and I can’t take my eyes off you.”

You stopped dancing, a tear rolling down your cheek which you quickly wiped away, pulling your hands off him before your brain convinced you into something you’d regret.

“I’m sorry, JB…” You turned your back, about to walk away when you instantly noticed you were right before someone. You stumbled back, but before you could fall, their arms wrapped around your waist, supporting you so you collapse to the cold hard floor.

“I got here, jagiya. Thank you for waiting.”

You looked up, eyes welling again when they landed on Kai’s face, his smile. He’d obviously seen the dancing scene, you and JB caught up in the dancing and the sweet talk.

“Kai…” You started to speak, but his shook his head.

“Don’t apologise. I know you’re about to, and you shouldn’t. I’m the one that should be sorry, for keeping you waiting. On my way here I realised how good you are to me, how much I’ve kept you waiting and it’s wrong, I know it is. I’m sorry that I’ve made you feel like this, so alone and tired, I miss you a lot too, but work has taken over and I shouldn’t let it. I’ve booked the week off completely, so I’m all yours, okay? And when I go back, I’m not going to work as much, I’m going to talk to my manager, because I love you, and I know if I keep treating you like this I’ll lose you, and I can’t think of anything worse.”

His words were sweet, more sincere than you’d ever seen him. You were left speechless, and he knew. He pulled you into a hug, pressing his lips against your tearful cheeks.

“You’re my one and only, {y/n}, and I love you more than words can explain.”

He held you in his arms, his one and only. You felt your heart racing, pumping faster than a butterfly in mid flight. Things weren’t perfect, but it was the start of change for the better.


TEEN WOLF OC → Indigo Bates

Indigo glanced at the folded photo that Scott showed her. She noticed Malia and Lydia, both with large smiles. And then Scott all the way to the right. And then herself. Indigo had a sort of caught-off-guard expression that made her cringe.

“Why are you showing me this, Scott?” She glanced up at the werewolf who was holding the printed image.

“Because this morning, I noticed something was missing about it.” He turned it toward himself and sighed as he stared at it, his breath visible in the night. “You don’t see it?” He showed Indigo the image again. And, like before, she gazed at it.

“I mean,” She struggled to agree with him because she could barely notice what he had been talking about. “I guess it kind of looks like you photoshopped somebody out of it. But that’s not a big deal, is it?”

“I-” Scott started, his mouth hung open as he tried to place his mind around this random hunch he had. “I walked out here while I was a asleep, in the middle of the night, that has to mean something right?”

“I don’t know, Scott.” Indigo shook her head, lips pursed. “I just don’t know.”


My lunch yesterday (top left) was amazing. The salad was huge and filling and left me feeling proud of myself. My dinner… well I had fish and chips. But 2/3 meals being healthy is better than none!
River is feeling much better and more like herself today. Trying to run around with the cone on and play and nip at us (typical). Her bandages on her feet came off yesterday and the vet said her stitches were healing well.
This morning I made an omelette with 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg, chopped up ham, peppers, onions, added hot sauce and black pepper, and a small sprinkle of cheese on top (wasn’t sure if I’d like the omelette without the cheese but I barely even noticed the cheese) and it was amazing! Plus yogurt and granola and green tea with honey.

Today was also official weigh in and measurements (because my period is finally over) and……. 222lbs!!! I lost 6lbs from November to December! I originally gained and went back up to 228 at the beginning of November (probably due to three periods plus stress eating), so not only have I lost the weight I gained, I lost a couple extra pounds too 😁😁 my inches lost wasn’t a huge amount, but I’ll take a loss over a gain any day.

Also going grocery shopping today. I have a list made of mostly veggies and meats and fruits and I’m in a super motivated mood.
I think I’m going to make a blog post about the carb cycling that Akiko wants me to do for the next 8-12 weeks and link it here later so I’m not posting a novel for y'all to try and scroll past 😂

having a special interest is helpful in that i can draw or paint for ten hours straight and barely notice time passing or the fact that i am physically there and i still love what i’m doing the whole time, but holy shit it does bad things for my productivity in every other area

So for the last week or so I’ve been noticing some cramping, nothing really alarming or intense. They’re really low, right above the public bone, and feel exactly like a menstrual cramp. They aren’t super painful or intense though, sometimes they’re so insignificant I barely notice I’m feeling it. A few times they’ve been stronger but not by a lot. My stomach doesn’t get tight with them, and there’s no consistency, I’ve just noticed I feel them at least once a day. Are these braxton hicks? I was always told braxton hicks have no pain and it just feels like your belly gets really tight (and I’ve experienced that, especially every time I have an orgasm - tmi), but these have (very mild) pain, like period pains. Could these been real contractions? Like maybe I’m just starting to dilate a little but I’m not in actual labor or anything? I’m not really worried about them, I’m just wondering if anyone has any idea.

When magic starts to return to the modern world, barely anyone notices. It doesn’t look anything like what we imagine. People don’t suddenly start developing magic powers, casting spells, or turning into elves and dwarves. In fact, people don’t really change at all, not at first.  It turns out that the magic isn’t even here for us. It’s here for what we’ve built. 

The change is slow, and subtle, and strange, as the magic works its way into our institutions. You mail letters to dead relatives, and the post office starts delivering their replies. Late-night bus routes stop at places never seen on any atlas. Libraries suddenly include subterranean archives where you can look anything you’ve ever forgotten, from the names of your favorite childhood books to the precise flavor of your first-ever chocolate chip cookie. 

The people working at these places take the changes in stride. The letters from the dead just show up every morning, sorted and stamped and ready for delivery, so why not carry them? Bus drivers follow the maps they’re given without trouble, and learn to accept even small gold coins as more than adequate fare. Electricians get used to seeing warding symbols in circuit diagrams, while clerks at the DMV find a stack of forms for registering ghostly steeds as personal vehicles, and sigh in relief at finally having that particular bureaucratic headache solved. The firefighters are shocked the first time they see a giant of living water burst out from a hydrant, but after it rescues several of them from a burning building, they decide not to ask questions. They tell their stories to others, though, and soon word of the changes is spreading. 

There’s no single moment of realization where everyone discovers that magic is real; the knowledge just creeps into day to day life a bit at a time, and society adapts. Cyber-safety programs teach people to never accept a file from the electric fairies without sharing one in return, and to never accept their Terms and Conditions without searching for the subsection on Souls, Forfeiture Thereof. Students leave offerings of coffee and boxed wine to petition the School Spirit for lower tuition or exam deferrals. Nurses learn the hours when Death stalks the hospital hallways, and keep bedside vigils in the children’s ward. They bring board games and cards for when the reaper is feeling playful, and well-worn baseball bats for when he isn’t. 

There are problems, of course, like the vicious monsters of blood and fire spawned from age-old hate groups, or infestations of the writing many-mouthed worms that literally feed on governmental corruption, but really, they were already there before the change. Magic only elaborates on what we’ve made, good or ill, manifesting the latent modern mythology underpinning our society. It doesn’t offer solutions to all of life’s problem, but for a few hurting people, guarded by the concrete arms of a neighborhood come to life to protect its community, or flying away on wings of copper wire and fiber-optic cable, it’s exactly the change they needed. 

klance week day 1: red/blue

Dance AU where Lance and Keith have two totally different dance styles. Lance dances like water, fluid and smooth—Keith like fire, dynamic and intense. But when they dance together, it’s something entirely new.

How to guess someone's sign
  • aries: strong opinions, unintentionally talks over you
  • taurus: clear voice, too sarcastic for most people
  • gemini: too many facial expressions, constantly moving
  • cancer: always worrying about something
  • leo: smiles a lot, absolutely hates to see unhappy people
  • virgo: too opinionated, is better than you at everything
  • libra: lazier than everyone else, also always checking themselves out
  • scorpio: loves to get on peoples nerves
  • sagittarius: food permanently on their mouth....
  • capricorn: complains a lot but ends up taking care of everything
  • aquarius: always saying "I see humans, not humanity"
  • pisces: sings and doodles without noticing, barely awake

The other day, I goofed up a big batch of resin by mixing the wrong ratio of resin to catalyst. The resulting pendants came out visibly fine, but with a very slight, barely noticeable soft, malleable quality to the point where I didn’t feel comfortable selling them at full price; hence, “seconds” or “mis-casts”.

Not wanting to waste otherwise perfectly fine pendants, however, I decided to do this little giveaway for my lovely lovely followers, to send them off to loving homes who will cherish them despite their imperfections.

So, here’s the rules!

  • If your name is drawn you will be eligible for one of the pictured pendants.
  • After names are drawn pendants will be selected on a first-come first-serve basis, so reply quickly if you have your heart set on a specific one!
  • Must be following this blog
  • Reblog to enter. Likes are appreciated but don’t count towards entry.
  • Reblog as many times as you want (within reason)
  • Please no giveaway-only blogs or private blogs

Winners will be selected early Monday morning, September 5.

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