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“From now on, I’ll act as your father. I’ll protect you, no matter what happens.”


this is for @ivory-leigh with special thanks to @onemuseleft for her help with the idea

i super didn’t mean to write this tonight but the idea was SO GOOD and i’ve really been jonesing to write

In the weeks following what they’re calling The Battle of New York, Bruce settles into the Tower with an incredible ease.

The floor Tony designed for him is shockingly well-suited to his tastes and needs considering how Tony likes to claim he’s not a team-player. Bruce suspects each floor is equally well-designed and perhaps that’s why they’re all able to slip into a routine so quickly.

It feels like something missing has slotted into place and Bruce can tell just by looking at the others’ faintly bewildered expressions when they look around at the space they share that they feel the same.

Still, Bruce never looks toward Harlem.

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Suicide Squad Club Scene

Only those not paying attention / taking it at face value / or looking for something to complain about… actually believe The Joker was pimping out or “giving” Harley to Monster T.

The Joker barely registered Monster T when he sat at the table. He didn’t look at him, shake his hand or say a word (though in the extended version he responds sarcastically). The second Monster T called Harley a ‘bad bitch’, the performance started and he became his best friend. Those who are around Joker a lot, like Frost, will have seen this before, and knew he was dead.

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Why do you think when Joker calls Harley over, and tells her “you belong to him now” she doesn’t even blink twice and just happily sits on his knee? It’s not because she’s used to being given away, it’s because she’s playing along.

Monster T soon understands his mistake and quickly tries to backtrack while keeping calm. But he’s already been backed into a corner. When Joker mimics Monster T with “you don’t want no beef?!” he’s really saying - ‘it’s too late’.

Notice the watches on Harley’s arm. These are obviously murder tokens from the men they have done this to before.

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What you are watching here, is two cats playing with a mouse before they eat it. A mouse that swaggered in thinking it was a dog.

DCEU Joker and Harley seem to operate as a sort of tag team. No whispers, no winks, no signals. They just know. There is no way this Joker who searched for Harley for so long would ‘give her away’. And there is no way the Harley that chased down her Mr J on a motorcycle would leave so easily.

They are King and Queen of Gotham, and they don’t share.

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line distribution for the Chinese version of monster

SM: If only we had a Chinese member who could sing some of the Chinese parts in the Chinese version of Monster…



Yixing: What abou- 

SM: No.

“Well, it may have escaped your notice, but life isn’t fair.”

Snape said to the boy who’s parents died when he was just one.
Snape said to the boy who was kept in a cupboard under the stairs, along with spiders.
Snape said to the boy who had to eat food thrown away by his cousin.
Snape said to the boy who knew nothing of his loving parents for years.
Snape said to the boy who had to sneak out of his cupboard at night to have food because he wasn’t fed.
Snape said to the boy who was surprised someone would send him Christmas presents.
Snape said to the boy who tried to reach out to his deceased mother through a mirror because he had no memory of being loved. Snape said to the boy who was confused by why everyone in the Burrow loved him.
Snape said to the boy who wouldn’t eat a chocolate because he assumed it was poisoned.
Snape said to the boy who had to hear his mother pleading to leave her son and kill her instead.
Snape said to the boy who secretly wanted to keep hearing his mother’s cries because it’s the only way he could hear her.
Snape said to the boy who never asked to be enrolled into a competition that would kill a boy in front of him.
Snape said to the boy who’s blood was taken against his will by a man his parents trusted.
Snape said to the boy who had no experience with dueling whatsover, but had to duel a monster and barely escaped, but took Cedric’s body to his father.
Snape said to the boy who had to watch his Godfather die, his Godfather who was his only hope for a loving family.
Snape said to Harry who didn’t ask to be the chosen one.
Snape said to Harry who was used by Dumbledore as a weapon in the war.
Snape said to the boy who had to see the death of his parents through their murderer’s eyes.
Snape said to the boy who had to watch everyone he loved die, one by one, but couldn’t grieve because he had to fight a war.
Snape said to the boy who had to duel the most powerful wizard all by himself.

He knows better than anyone how unfair life is.

So I’m working on a VLD/PJO fic rn, and let’s just say I got bored and made a lil’ list for ya’ll

  • Keith is a child of aphrodite
  • She stayed with his father until he was born then left, but Keith’s dad has pictures of her, and they have the same eyes
  • When he was three he and his dad moved to a small town in Virginia called Arus
  • Keith’s dad was quick to make friends in town, but Keith had a harder time due to the fact that he always saw monsters
  • He barely talked and you’d often find him suddenly turning tail and running away from everyone
  • At one point he was so scared of everything that he missed a week of school just because he wouldn’t leave his house
  • The only reason he came out was because his dad threatened to get rid of the kitten they’d picked up off the side of the road
  • Keith named her Red and could often be seen tugging her around like a stuffed animal
  • She curled up in his arms easily and was always with him, sometimes she’d even lay on his head when she was really young
  • He’s a really pretty kid and had admirers from every grade, including a certain Cuban boy
  • Lance had a crush on Keith since he was young, mainly starting when he helped him escape jail during  game of cops and robbers even if Keith wasn’t invited to play
  • But Keith moved a week later suddenly and wasn’t seen for a long, long time
  • Everybody thought he was taken away by a mental hospital or something due to his ‘outbursts’ on the street
  • In reality, a Cyclops attacked their house in the middle of the night
  • Keith’s dad died and he somehow managed to get away
  • It took him a year to find Camp, and when he first got there all he did was get into fights
  • He was eight years old in the infirmary nearly every day, and the Ares kids adopted him as their own on the conditions that he’d fight the dirty fights they didn’t want to deal with in case they pissed someone’s parent off
  • Safe to say there were a lot of broken bones, but Keith finally belonged, so he was happy
  • It was like this until he was twelve and got claimed by his mom
  • It happened at a campfire in the middle of summer
  • Somebody had just broken up a fist fight between him and a Hermes kid, and suddenly he’s decked out like a 90’s skater boy with flared eyeliner, sparkles and a broken, bleeding nose
  • So then he’s in a new house with people who want nothing to do with his temper
  • He’s the laughing stock of the Ares cabin, gets taunted by Hermes kids daily, and has to deal with glitter and giggles from dusk to dawn
  • It’s not until he’s thirteen that he finally caves and goes to his siblings to try and bond
  • It doesn’t take them long to teach him their ways (a.k.a full-on contour plus perfect eyeliner)
  • He’s still bad at flirting, but he’s got everything down pat, and if people even try to mess with his cabin then they get a face full of fist
  • At fourteen he’s elected cabin counselor
  • At fifteen, Shiro arrives, missing his arm and his memory
  • As a son of Pluto he’s not very welcome, whether it be his dad or his Roman lineage
  • Camp Jupiter used to be on good terms w CHB, but then about a year and a half before Shiro arrived their messages stopped
  • Then the Greeks found out about rogue demigods and the monsters taking over the camp, and because of that they cut the Romans off in hopes of keeping themselves safe
  • So when Shiro arrived not a lot of people trusted him
  • That is until they saw him and a young Aphrodite girl talking animatedly about eyeliner 
  • Him and Keith were seen around each other since then, often chatting about fighting and cute boys
  • The Hephaestus kids make him a prosthetic arm that he can control with his powers
  • During the whole process he sits with them in the forge and talks about the Vulcan kids back at Camp Jupiter and how been renovating the kitchens for over three months because somebody kept fucking up the ovens and making them explode
  • The cabin leader, Hunk, ended up making an SPQR engraving on Shiro’s new arm for him
  • After another year the oracle, Pidge, gave out a quest for the two of them

Child of the golden compass
It’s time to seek out your own justice
Travel to the mountain old
Retell your stories never told
Secrets kept will burn your mind
Your greatest hope you’ll never find

  • Pidge can only guide them towards where she thinks the ‘child of the golden compass’ will be 
  • Turns out it’s Arus
  • Pack your bags Keith-y boy it’s time to go home

And I’m leaving it there cause why the fuck not? Also if any of you try and decipher the prophecy, good luck to you, that thing’s interwoven into, like, five different plot points. It’s a Lit students worst nightmare


2016 is almost over!!! i got to meet so many talented and special people this year and i am so thankful for all of u! 💖💖
i want to go ahead and let everyone know right here that - my proposal for my second solo exhibition was just okayed by The Wedge Gallery, for early next year! PRAY FOR ME!!

half the fandom: Gabriel Reyes was always a cold heartless monster who barely concealed his contempt and hatred for everyone around him
other half of the fandom: Gabriel Reyes was a precious baby who loved everyone with all his heart and saw Overwatch as his family
Canon Gabriel Reyes:

I’m not ready for you to leave me - chikariko (fic)

ChikaRiko - Yokai/Fantasy AU: 1145 words-ish (read more)

@hazardtomyhealth@hitomishiga, I love being irresponsible!! hope u guys love pain

gore tw, no death I promise.. sort of….

Riko’s never quite met someone as selfless as Chika.

For all the centuries she’s lived, Riko has always thought of humans as selfish, hunting down and murdering other species of monsters in cruel hunting parties for their own gain. For such a short lifespan, they have made sure the world is wary of them, their sheer numbers posing a threat to any creatures living in their vicinity.

They were strangely fixated on the concept of immortality, believing in things such as Philosopher’s Stones, trying different elixirs, even with no knowledge of the celestial world. They fought amongst each other to get ahead of the rest, and if that wasn’t an indication of their ruthlessness and greed, Riko didn’t know what was.

So why, just why, was Chika so selfless?

Just when Riko didn’t want her to be?

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