barely made it home

[You Are My Shooting Star]

And Tim hoped, in the part of his soul that was still a little boy thinking his parents would come home for Christmas, that Bruce would break down the door and tell him to stay. 

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In April, I told my girlfriends we should go to New Orleans because Cajun food is really good and so is a jazz night life, and no one questioned anything and we all bought plane tickets to get out of our smoggy city. We ate fried alligator, danced in the mud at Jazz Fest, and were generously inebriated. I got my wallet stolen while dancing in a crowded bar on Bourbon Street. Without a driver’s license, the airport was a bit stressful. Adrianna fed me a pot cookie that was accidentally sitting in remnants of LSD right before we went through security. Let’s just say that going through TSA has never been scarier. But I somehow made it home. Just barely.

Sexy Picture Prompt

(( From Syn))

It was not often that Elysande received mail, but when she did, it was like a holiday of its own. The highlander could barely contain her excitement as she made her way back into the small home she kept near Gridania, ripping the envelope open gracelessly.

The color drained from her face as said envelope dropped lifelessly to the ground. Her features did not remain pale for long as color quickly flooded them. The glossy picture was then stuffed into a long-abandoned drawer, to gather dust until gods-know-when.


[ synvaldyn-ffxiv ]

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“C’mere, baby”

My muse has just been through a traumatic experience. Send “C’mere, baby” to comfort them. 

 ⊰❤⊱ -  This was…wrong. This should not happen. All her life, her home was the safest place of all and now…she did not have a home. Her family were all gone. She barely made it out alive and a nasty cut on her tail made it harder to run away. Run where, exactly? Were there even a place she could hide? Anyone who would care about her?

Oh, that’s right. Her human friend might me close. If she was lucky, he would be near the shore. He helped her once, he could help her again. Not like her family could ever come back but at least she would live a bit longer than them.

She wept silently,waiting for her friend to come. As time went, the visions got stronger and all she could see was that horrible scene. Was it her fault that they were dead, would she save them if she were there? It was not helping to think about it, about the possibilities.

“Friend! I’m here!” She uttered, waving at him  when he was finally there. It had been long since her wounds from the fishnet healed so they did not meet daily like they used to. Yet, she still enjoyed his company and missed him when he was away. If there were a way for humans to live under water, she would never let him go. “Something terrible happened. I… I don’t feel well.” It hurt but not as much as her emotional pain. “I don’t know what to do anymore. I…I have no place to go now. My family…they are…” She could not continue. This did not seem right. It was just a nightmare, right? There was no way they could be… “…dead.”

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Cassie walks up to Dean. She didn't know what to expect but a man baring home-made taquitos. "Did you make these?" She asked, looking over the display. Dean grinned back. "Yeah. I once made them for Death, he and I have a friends as foodies thing going on." She laughed. "I'm still not quite there yet, Dean." Dean nodded. "I know. That's why this is good bye." He placed the tray in front of her. She watched, with concern, "What do you mean 'good bye'." She lifted her mug to [1/?]


[deancassie headcanons]

Wasn’t sure how I’d perform today.. I was exhausted and felt like I was gonna puke the entire day at work. Barely ate.

Made it home and finished my leftover lunch and felt great. Idk what it was. Held my pre down and jammed out to can’t feel my face in the car

Hit 40x15 55x12 65x12 75x10 on incline dumbbell press

175x10 185x8-10 195x8 205x6-7 on bench press

70x12 80x12 90x10 90x6
(Weight on One side of the incline hammer press)

A little fly play around with 30lbs on the cable with a grip ear level and then one armpit level

Then burnt out on dips contracting my chest

All in all very pleased with my comfort with the 75lb Dumbbells and the 205bench

Also! My brotege got me Nordic strength wrist wraps for my birthday and I used them to attempt to break them in… Stability for days

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I read before that josh is contractually obligated to do 3 Journey movies. I'm ok with him doing this one last one. He barely made any money on In Dubious Battle and The Long Home, so he needs an easy paycheck movie. He will easily net at least 7 figures for it.

I doubt he’s hurting for funds but yeah I mean I can’t fault him for doing what he’s gotta do. Doesn’t mean I’m thrilled about it though. It’s fine if other people are hyped up about it, and I get it’s a fun kids franchise and la di da and that it’s a job and all that, but I look at it like a step back regardless of the $$$.

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Send “☠” for my muse to tell your’s a bad memory.

Hawke breathed a sigh, wondering where to begin with her story.

“I remember there was Darkspawn everywhere… I barely made it home in time to warn my mother, and in turn we had to get ourselves and our twin siblings out of there. They were everywhere… I can remember the screams, the blood…people shouting for help.”

She paused for a moment to collect herself, her hands clutching at her trousers.

“We all ran as fast as we could, but the Darkspawn just kept coming at us. My brother, my sister, and I used everything in our power to fight them off and protect my mother…but it was all so overwhelming. We managed to get out of Lothering…but we all didn’t make it.”

Another pause, forcing herself to blink back tears.

“My brother, Carver… An ogre killed him, bashed him against the ground until he was as limp as a doll… I have never seen my mother so mortified. It all happened so fast…”

She glanced back up at Cullen, trying to maintain her neutral expression.

“Anyway, that’s what happened.”

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Her face barely moved as the masked man made his way into her new home. When they’d announced she had a visitor, she had a list of people she expected to see. Bruce hadn’t made that list.

“Came to check out the new digs?”

She asked him, her jaw clenching slightly. She didn’t want him to see the anger but it was hard to mask both her face and her voice. She was just that mad.

“Since you’re the reason I’m here.”

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Send 💜 for my muses reaction to being hugged tightly

It Yuu’s day off so Mika REALLY didn’t want to go to the humans for them to ‘check up’ on him. Honestly…Mika was not even part of the human military so their orders are nothing to him. But…Like everything he does he does it for Yuu. Finally hours later he made it home.

“I’m h-” He barely made it though the door before a pair of arms came around hugging him tight. He smiled softly and hugged back. “I missed you too Yuu-chan.”

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Look at you, stepping out of your comfort zone, going out everyday and you’re barely home. I’m glad you’ve made new friends, opened up to others and even got close to them. At this point, you’ve gone through what you felt like was the worst thing in the world. Your relationship with your first girl ended, endless tears were falling and your body always curled.

It gets better. But it also gets worse. You’ll feel like you’ve lost it all and got it all back, and you’ll feel it again like a sudden attack. But this next one’s different you see. You’ll go through a couple of this and that before then. And when it’s finally time, you’ll believe there isn’t anyone else as beautiful as she.

Boy, you are growing.

marley has barely made any noise since we brought him home aside from small grunts here and there. when he woke up he didnt even scream he just stared at me and ate food till i got up

Note to Self...

Gardening and running are not necessarily complementary activities. (Moan.) I love to garden. Spent Sunday afternoon weeding and deadheading and generally crawling around outside playing in the dirt. The results: The problem? When I went out to run this morning I was so sore I could barely move. I managed to stagger through six miles and made it home for chocolate milk and a shower. I’d really…

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Well now I really have to make doll shoes

About three weeks ago, my boyfriend was hosting magic night at our place so I had to panic clean and stuff everything I could in closet (which included my doll stuff) 

So Dende has been rocking the home made sun dress I made and bare feet since her shoes were all packed up. I go back to the closet to dig out my sewing supplies and and her props and everything has fallen and spilled into the giant junk abyss. 

I only went to the closet to grab the scrap leather I bought a while back to make her some sandles but now I REALLY have to make her shoes. 

Fuck my life. 

On the flip side I found all my sewing supplies!