barely made it home


I’ll show that I can save you  [full res]

i’m pretty sure Scully can fall asleep anywhere. even standing up while on the red line. 

anon requested: “Mulder and Scully where one of them has fallen asleep on the other one by accident”

I live in Buffalo but I really wanted to go to a Cavs game. So I was venting to a random tinder kid I’ve only talk to for like a week. So he was like I’ll go, so I bought the tickets. This kid drove 6 hrs picked me up and we drove 3 more hours to the Cavs game last night. Literally had a great time with a kid I barely knew and made it back home safe and sound. My mom always told me never to get into the car with strangers but fuck it I had the time of my life!

I don’t think she’s written as some sort of siren luring him onto the rocks. But I think the female protagonist is [usually] going to encourage the male away from danger and away from violence and I like the way we’ve made that upside down. I think for Tulip she just misses her pal. She missed her pal on the road and there’s a comfort in that life that they lead that’s familiar to her and I don’t think she wants to lure him to his death. I think for her it’s quite simple. It’s like “We had a good time, didn’t we? It was fun.” I think what’s frightening for her is anything else, is change. For a lot of us change is frightening and there’s something about him trying to get on the straight and narrow that terrifies her that she would be left behind or he won’t love her anymore. There’s also this aspect that she inherently thinks that’s all she’s good for, that life.

Ruth Negga, when asked the following by IGN: “Initially, she is somewhat the devil on Jesse’s shoulder because she is trying to lure him back to a life he gave up. As you said, she doesn’t come off as an evil person but she’s kind of skewed in a certain direction.” [x]

Once again, Ruth discusses how for Tulip that kind of life wasn’t about the danger  - it was about living on the outskirts of acceptable society because she’s never been allowed to live any other way. And Jesse didn’t just make it liveable he made it home for her - but without Jesse she’s lost her bearings and has literally no one else - no family or loved ones - and it’s not as if he’s doing better off without her, drinking himself blind and barely being able to get out of bed in the morning. If anything she’s doing better than he is without her.

            She had barely said a word to him, and when 
            she had she certainly hadn’t made eye contact.
            Worry and fear ate at her, more so then normal. 
            And there was anger, at him, that he had gone and
            done something so reckless. So she opted for not
            say anything at all, keeping it all behind a fragile
            wall that would break at any second. 

            Of course he hadn’t said anything to her either, which
            made it worse. She had barely seen him since they
            got home. He had probably gotten sick of sleeping on the
            couch which was why he joined her in the bed room. 
            She was curled on her side, her back to him. She had
            gotten sick of the silence, and it would only get worse if 
            they went on like this. And she knew he wouldn’t say anything.
            Her voice was raw, choked with the emotions she had
            been holding back since it had all happened.

                       “What the hell were you thinking?”




Imagine Lucifer hugging you 

Requested by Anon~

You barely made it through the door of your home before a giant mass of body was pulling you into a hug. The familiar chill made you feel a bit at home, but you were being awkwardly crushed against their chest in a one-sided hug.

“Lucifer,” you mumbled out, dropping your bag, “can you let me go?”

“No.” He responded, though he did loosen the hug just slightly so you weren’t in fear of breaking a rib. You sighed against his shoulder, but returned the hug. You’d be lying if you said you haven’t been thinking about coming home to Lucifer after weeks of being away. And it was clear that he missed you, as well.

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When people want Nalu angst/Endlu
  • What I think:Why do people want Nalu angst? No, seriously. Why are people foaming at the mouth for Lucy to get hurt and then have Natsu beat up the people that hurt her? Is there something I'm missing? I don't get it. If you think about it, we have enough angst in the ship already.
  • Your ship involves a girl who was has lost her mother. Her father basically neglected her ever since then. After she ran away from home, he sent an enemy guild to attack her friends. The last time she saw him, they had barely made up. And after 7 years apart, she returns home to find out he has been dead for about a month. Recently, she lost the ability to see one of her best friends and strongest spirits. The guild she’s waited years to be a member of disbanded and all of her friends left her on her own.
  • It also involves a boy who died, was brought back to life as a demon, and sent 400 years into the future. He doesn’t remember his biological parents and he’s seen the one who raised him die in front of him. Now he has to potentially kill his own brother at the potential cost of his own life. After the events of this chapter, it's very likely that Natsu might end up having to hurt the people that he cares about most.
  • How much more pain could people possibly want Natsu and Lucy to go through before they supposedly become a canon couple? Can't they just end up making each other better? Healing the scars that their past has caused them? Why do either of them have to get hurt?
  • What I say:No. Just no.
my first love

So ya’ll want to hear about my first love? Her name is Jessica and I still love her to this day, just a different type of love than before.  So it was my sophomore year and my brother and I were going to an away game and everything was going against us to make it to this game, my truck was messing up and I barely made it back home after an hour of messing with it then my dad came and helped and told me to take his truck and I was like no I’m done it’s not worth it but my brother was persistent and persuaded me to go. We finally got there 20 minutes late. He and I were sprinting to get to the student section and as soon as we got there, I lock eyes with the most gorgeous blonde I had ever seen in my entire life. I was standing right behind her and everyone was yelling and laughing and having a good time and I saw her face light up!! Her eyes seemed to shine and glimmer in the stadium lights and she had a smile that melted me instantly!!  She was more than beautiful, to me at least, and there was just something about that moment I guess that time seemed to freeze and the only thing I saw was here and how was so unremarkable! So I finally got the guts to talk to her after the 3rd quarter and we exchanged numbers and ended up flirting the remainder of the game, hell I can’t tell you who won because I was too focused on us and how this girl was already driving me wild.  Come to find out she was a volleyball player and she had 3 games the upcoming week and I went to every one of them, me being the only guy there and I

was cheering as loud as I could for her, needless to say I drew a lot of attention which is how I ended up meeting her mother, whom became to be like a second mom to me.  Anyway that Thursday after who last game of that week I was walking with her to the car with her mom carrying her stuff and I looked at her right in her eyes and asked “jess, will you please be my girl?” and she had the biggest smile ever and just giggled “ absolutely” ! she lived about 20 minutes from  me in the country and it didn’t matter I was at her house every single Saturday morning and during duck season I was go straight from hunting to hauling ass to her house! It got to the point where I didn’t even have to tell my parents where I was going Saturday mornings, it would be wake up, shower and haul ass there! I was often get there before she woke up and I would cook breakfast for her and help her dad with stuff, her dad taught me how to drive a tractor and how to work on trucks! Her family became a second family to me. We were inseparable.  Everyone knew us as either jesses guy or nicks girl! I loved her and still do and always will!! I promised her that I would always be there no matter what and how I would always protect her and be her guardian angel! And I’ve never backed down from that promise and never will!

After 4 of the happiest months of my life, it all came crashing down in one night. So I got off work from long shitty shift and when I got home my dad was like nick you have to do the dishes which put me in a better mood, but I was texting her so it was fine by me.  We were texting like normal just talking and then out of nowhere I get a txt that say “nick, I don’t know what to do” and that really threw me off and I was like “what do you mean? What’s going on?” and she said “I don’t know if I can have a boyfriend I can’t handle the stress with school and everything and I just don’t know, what should I do?” I replied “what the hell is going on jess! Like I obviously still want to be together no matter what but it’s your life and I’m not going to tell you how to live it” well a long 15 minutes went by and I get a txt that simply says “goodbye”. I dropped a plate and my dad looked over and was going to yell but then notice the tears beginning to roll down my face, he asked if I was alright and all I could say is its over she ended it! I was a mess I ran outside grabbed a six pack of my dad’s Budweiser out of the fridge and sat on the tailgate and cried like a little girl, my life had just had a bomb dropped on it and my heart was the epicenter of the blast! In the following months we fought more than I have with anyone else and cried more and missed each other more but couldn’t make it work. We are now best friends again and have been through hell and back with her and will never leave her hanging, I’m there when guys treat her bad or she needs a shoulder to cry on or a set of arms to hug her, I love her and I am and ALWAYS will be her guardian angel!!

Fight for Me

27. “You’re leaving because it’s easier to walk away than to fight for what you really want.”

Pair : Dean x Reader

Warnings : cursing, angst, fluff?

Requested by Anon.


“You could’ve gotten yourself killed Y/N!” Dean grunted, throwing his hands in the air.

You all barely made it back home from the hunt. It was suppose to be an easy case. Trying to kill a couple vampires that were slaughtering a small town, but of course, things happen and well, you found yourself jumping in front of Dean to save him only to get thrown across the room.

“I was just trying to save you!” You yelped, wincing as the pain struck through you immediately. “It doesn’t matter anyways, we all made it out alive.” You tried to force a smile.

Dean pursed his lips, shaking his head as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Sammy examined the wounds that covered you. Gently cleaning out the cuts and bandaging you up.
“You are hurt pretty bad, Y/N.” Sam whispered.

As you opened your mouth to speak, you were cut off.

“Dammit Y/N! I told you to stay in the freakin car! Why don’t you ever listen to me?” He growled, anger boiling inside of him.

You tried to sit up on the couch, biting down on your cheek as you tried to hide the pain you felt. “I’m fine Dean! I’m still alive.”

He stared intently at you for a moment, clenching his jaw. Which was something he did every time he was upset.

Sam propped up on his feet, and cleared his throat. “I uh, I will go get some more supplies.” He hesitated.

You and Dean both watched as he made his way out of the motel room, and head the engine of the impala purr.

Great. Now you were left alone with Dean. Something you didn’t want to happen, at least right now.
Any other time, you’d jump on this.

“Dean im-”

“I can’t do this Y/N.” His voice shook. “It’s time you go back home. Live your life. Go back to school.”

Your furrowed your brows, as his words echoed in your head.

“Wait what? Dean, im fine I already told you!”

“Don’t you see? This life isn’t for you! You’re going to get yourself killed, and I can’t-I can’t lose you.” He yelled.

“But Dean-”

“It’s settled. Sammy and I will leave tonight.” He grunted through his teeth.

Dean pulled his jacket on, and through his bag over his shoulder. He made his way to the door, and before leaving he turned to you.

“I love you.” He croaked.

His words made you cringe. Though you had longed to hear him confess his feelings for you, this wasn’t the way you wanted to hear it.

“Im sorry it had to end this way."He whispered. "Be safe okay?”

Shaking your head, you felt the tears break through the barrier and stream down your cheeks.

“Keep your apologies.” You yelped. “You’re leaving because it’s easier to walk away than to fight for what you really want.”

Dean felt his stomach flutter as you wept in front of him. But with this life, he knew one thing was for sure and that was he had a higher chance of losing you. And he couldn’t live in a world without you.

He took in a deep, shaky breath. Battling the tears. Dean shared one last glance with you, and slipped out of the motel, leaving you alone to weep in your hands, alone.

With every step he took, Dean felt like a piece of him died. He looked up at the sky, as one single tear shed his eye. “I can’t do this. I - I can’t-” his throat grew tighter as the lump formed.


You barely made it home, much less to your bed. The case was draining, and exhaustion hung on your limbs like hundred-pound weights. You just wanted to have a small power nap before Jethro got home; you had plans for dinner.

But what was supposed to be a 2 hour nap stretched on to the night. And the only reason why you were awoken was because you felt some tugging at your clothes. You lifted your head drowsily; someone was trying to softly tug your jacket off. “Wha-”

“Sh, it’s alright. Just me.” Jethro soothed, his voice lowered to a strangely calming tone. You were already used to him snapping orders at work, you forgot how soothing his voice can get.

You allowed him to shed your clothes for you, feeling much better now that your office attire was off. It was just a minute before the bed dipped and Jethro’s body was pressed up against yours. “Dinner.” You breathed out.

“Can wait until tomorrow.” He murmured in your ear. “You’re exhausted and so am I.”

You wanted to fight for the dinner, because you two rarely had dates, but Jethro was right; as always. You turned around and dug your face into his chest, exhaling at the comforting warmth. Usually, Jethro would run his hands up and down your back and arms, but he was tired, as well. So instead, he simply wrapped his arms around you and fell into his own sleep.

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I barely made both flights today.

But I am two hours from home and two hours from the OFFICIAL END of this whole interview season!!!!!

I’m drinking the expensive wine tonight.


Just barely made it home in time to take a new pic of the 60f. Had a bit of melting due to my co2 tank running out, but everything’s doing well otherwise.

Also a new shot of a shrimp baby! They’ve gotten so big. And the momma shrimp is already berried again! Yay shrimps!!


Hi guys! So, I found this little baby raccoon today he (im assuming its a boy) was motherless and was barely hanging on. So, I took him home and made him my own till he gets healthy and strong enough to be on his own again! I know its going to be hard but I can do it! But, I need help with naming him so that’s where you my followers come in handy! Im asking all my followers and non followers to send me names to my ask box! Please it will help alot! All names will be taken in consideration! I will post a picture of him every week or two to show the progress he is making. Thanks for reading!

Preference #20 - I'm Not The Only One by Sam Smith (part 2)

Anon: Can you please make a part two to I’m not the only? Please and thank you if you do

Anon: You should do a part 2 of im not the only one by sam smith Imagine!! It was so good

wOW sorry this took so long omfg

Read part 1 here


I stood in the kitchen, attempting to make dinner. As I chopped an onion, I tried hard not to notice how bare my left hand looked without the ring that had made its home there for the past four years. I heard a car pulling into the garage and the fumbling of a key in a door followed. “Hey babe,” I heard as Ashton made his way into the kitchen. I didn’t turn around but I soon felt a stubbly chin nuzzled into my shoulder and a kiss on the cheek. I walked to the fridge and he followed. “Babe?” he tried again, met only with my stalking away to the kitchen table where I sat silently and averted Ashton’s suddenly concerned gaze. He sat down across from me. “Y/N, talk to me. Whatever I did, I’m sorry.” Wordlessly, I slid the bill for flowers I’d gotten earlier in the mail over to his side of the table. Once he registered what it was, he visibly gulped. “Y/N it’s not what you think…” He tried. At this, I couldn’t help it and burst out in cynical laughter. “Don’t even try that with me. There’s more. And that’s not our address, Ash.” He opened his mouth to speak. “Save it. I’m spending the night at Y/F/N’s. I’ll come back when I’m ready for you to explain yourself without murdering you, because frankly, I’m barely controlling it right now. Goodbye,” I said, taking the bag I’d packed and closing the door on the cheating scumbag who I’d thought was the love of my life.


I thought I’d been crying quietly unheard in the bathroom, like I had every night for the past few months. But when I finally wiped my eyes and opened the door I was met with a concerned Calum. “What’s wrong, baby?” He asked, and attempted to fold me into an embrace. I backed away and tried to stop the next flood of tears his action triggered. “I’m fine,” I tried, but my voice broke and betrayed me as the first tear leaked out. “I wish you would just be honest with me, Y/N,” he said, wiping the tear with the pad of his calloused thumb. “You would, wouldn’t you?” I whispered. “What?” He asked as I lowered his hand from my face. “It’s you, Calum. It’s you that’s got me this way, and it’s taken you this long to even notice anything was wrong.” A weak laugh shook through my body. “What are you talking about?” He said, looking scared. “The girl in England, Calum,” I said, a shocking calm in the words despite the turmoil they’d caused me for months. “How…how…” He trailed off and took a few steps back from me. “I’ve known for six months, Cal. It’s okay. I think I’ve almost forgiven you.” “Then why have you been crying in the bathroom every night? If you’ve forgiven me?” He questioned. “Because it hurts. It hurts because you betrayed my trust but I still need you. I cry because I’ll never be able to be without you, even though you did this to me,” I said and saw tears clouding his own eyes. “I’m so sorry, Y/N, I’m so, so sorry,” he said and I pulled him into an embrace and we stood there and cried, the pain of what he had done taking over both of us.


I woke up the next morning laying pressed up to a sleeping Luke and with a killer headache. I rolled out of his grip and groaned, waking him in the process. “Morning,” he said, his voice heavy with sleep. “Yeah,” I said, getting out of bed and heading down to the kitchen in search of coffee and an Advil. I was just pouring myself a cup of black coffee when I heard Luke’s footfalls behind me. “Can I have some?” He asked. I wordlessly shoved the pot into his hands, the annoyance I’d felt towards him last night coming back. He looked taken aback but didn’t say anything. I took my coffee and went to go sit in the living room, Luke not far behind me. “Y/N, what’s wrong? Did I do something?” He put his hands up as if to surrender. “Can I see your phone, Luke?” I asked instead of answering. His eyes widened. “What — why do you—” “Hiding something?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow at him. “No, I just—” “Then let me see your phone,” I cut him off. He slowly reached into his pocket and handed me his phone. I opened his snapchat and scrolled through the list of people he’d been snap chatting, seeing more than a few girls who I knew were trouble. He looked over my shoulder, hanging his head. Then I opened his iMessage, revealing similar evidence. “That’s all I needed to see,” I said. “I suggest you leave and come back when you’re ready to apologize for being such an idiot.” He silently complied, leaving me to wonder if he would ever actually stop this nonsense.


“Y/N?” I heard behind me at the 5SOS concert I’d attended, still friends with the other boys despite my break-up with Michael four months ago. “What are you doing here?” The fan who had recognized me asked. “Are you back with Michael?” I smiled through the sharp pang the question had given my heart. “No, just here for the same reason you are,” I grinned at her, the understanding look she gave me reminding me just how much I’d always loved Michael’s fans. After snapping a picture with the girl, I made my way to where Luke had told me to wait after the show. Not long after that, a member of the crew found me and escorted me backstage, where I was greeted with a bear hug from Luke, Ashton, and Calum. “Hey guys,” I said, laughing. I quickly scanned the surroundings for Michael and Luke noticed. “Don’t worry, he’s back in the bus,” he assured me. “How…how is he?” I asked, the pang from earlier returning. “He’s good,” Ashton answered, averting my eyes. “Honestly, guys,” I pleaded. “Not so good,” Ash amended. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. “Tell him I’m still sorry,” I said. “I’m still sorry, too,” I turned to see a sheepish Michael leaning up against the doorframe. “Oh! Hi,” I said, the familiar green eyes looking sad and tearing me apart. The other boys must have left to give us space because the next thing I knew we were alone and I was warily walking towards him. “I made a mistake,” I whispered. “I shouldn’t have thrown us away, you were right.” “Y/N—” he started but I cut him off with a kiss. “I need us to try at least one more time,” I admitted. Maybe I would regret this, but as he pressed his lips to mine again I knew he was already healing the part of me he’d broken before.

Most youths were probably glad to see their parents every now and then, especially when they already spent most of the time working or traveling. Sometimes Benjamin was just like them - because no matter how painfully ignorant his parents could be, they were still his parents. However, this was not one of the good visits back home. Benjamin barely made it through a couple of hours with his father going on a rant about how one of his employees turned out to be gay and how that was the worst thing that could happen to his business. All the foul words and uncomfortable atmosphere made Benjamin head outside instead, telling his parents he was seeing a friend. Which was a lie because he had no plan whatsoever. He got inside his car and drove around a little, eventually stopping by the lake outside of town. As he sat there and stared at the still surface of the water, he got his phone out of his pocket. He didn’t want to go home, but he didn’t want to see any of his friends either. Those he didn’t mind were busy and those he tolerated on a normal day.. let’s just say he didn’t think he’d tolerate them today. Finally, he let out a deep sigh and shook his head as he opened a new text. It was definitely not who he’d thought he’d end up seeking help from, but sometimes life surprises you. “heey what’s up? listen, this might seem weird, but i still feel like i owe you and shit, and there’s this dish i’ve kinda been wanting to try so would you kick me out if i came over to you and made you dinner?” After a few seconds of hesitation the text was finally sent to Cullen.


anonymous asked:

I went into a psych ward when I was 13 for depression. It wasn't exactly fun, since all we did was sit around and color. We barely talked about our feelings and it just made me incredibly home sick. But, in the end, it was like a little mini vacation. You didn't have to worry about much except yourself and that was extremely refreshing and let me reflect on a lot of other things. I'm thinking about going again in the future if things keep going bad for me. I hoped that helped in some small way!

yeah i felt like i didnt get much help at my psych ward either :( but thank you for sharing!

sixappleseeds replied to your post “anyone have a few spoons I can borrow?”

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Thank you! I really appreciate it. I made it through the day! And went to the thing! And now I’m home again! And I made only a bare minimum of poor life choices, so all will be ok. Here’s a spoon for you too!

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Well today was a total failure.
I got out of class early and went home for lunch before the installation of our new bishop. But then I fell asleep a little bit. And when I woke up I rushed out the door to go, and my gaslight was on.
I figure I can get gas after (the installation was taking place downtown about 25 minutes away from where I live).
Of course, having never lived in a city as an adult who is conscious of things like parking and the fact that you have to pay for it in a city, I of course had no money. And there was no parking. And my gas was low.
I barely made it home before my car ran out of gas. It literally rolled to the pump just in time.
So yeah. I didn’t get to go to the installation and I’m super mad about that.