barely made it home


Pen pals? What was this, elementary school? Hux didn’t argue the assignment though, he enjoyed his history class even if it was only for the sake of getting more credits towards his associates while he studied contemporary dance at the local arts school. He picked a random name from the list of soldiers and scribbled it down on a piece of paper before making his way out. He needed to get to his ballet class right now but he’d write out a letter later.

The plan had been to get to it before work but there had been an accident on 5th street and it was next to impossible to get through the crowds of people being nosy. It had made him late getting home, and he barely had enough time to get ready for work at the restaurant up the street. He’d rushed out and got there with still damp hair and wound up staying well past closing to help clean up. There’d been a group of college kids celebrating someone getting an internship somewhere, and they’d trashed the place. He got home around 1 and though he was exhausted he knew that if he didn’t do the letter now he never would.

He was going to write something short, something almost borderline professional but what came out was more of a tired jumbled mess of ranting and apologizing for it. This poor guy was going to think his new pen pal was crazy, he wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t get a response. Staring at his computer he read over the letter again, a grimace on his face.

‘Dear Lt. Wilson,

     Or would you prefer Wade? I’m not sure how I’m supposed to start this, it all seems so weird and impersonal to have some stranger write you a letter. I have no idea where exactly you are, the address is just a military postal service they have to hunt you down themselves. I wonder how long that takes. It’s the 20th of August now, actually wait…it’s the 21st I didn’t realize it was already after midnight. I’m usually not awake this late, I have classes early in the morning. People are disrespectful though and would rather leave a mess for someone to clean up than do it themselves. Bastards didn’t even leave me a decent tip.

Sorry, that’s so random, I’ve already written it though I might as well leave it. If I edit this too much it’ll just sound like some automated thing sent by a robot. I don’t know what to say to you. I’m sorry you’re so far away, I’m sorry there’s a war and that you have to fight in it. I would have been there, had my father had his way. I don’t think I’m cut out for the military though. I can barely handle getting up at 7 for my classed, let alone get up at…5 in the morning or whenever it is you get up.

Oh I should probably introduce myself, I’m Armitage Hux, but I’d prefer you just call me Hux. I’ve never liked my first name. Well, that is if you even reply. Don’t feel obligated to. I hope you’re safe, that’s what I should say here right? I don’t know. I’m sorry.

Sincerely, Hux’

“You are officially an idiot, Hux.” he sighed to himself before printing it out, too tired to care to type up a new one. He folded it up and put it in an envelope scribbling the address on it to put in the mail on his way out in the morning.

He’d almost forgotten the letter that morning, rushing to get out of the apartment complex and get to class on time after sleeping in. Somehow he’d managed to remember to snag it though and shove it in the outgoing mail as he passed. Part of him hoped it just got lost.

Good Evening Lima…

So, my wife was a wreck on our first day back at school. The reason, we had to leave a child at home with chicken pops. She was so emotional at leaving Olivia she barely made it lunch today before she packed up and went home. When she got there she texted me and said that Livi was pretty energetic, running around with Charlie. When I got home, it was a different story. I walked in and found Livi like this on the couch. Em said that she went down hill pretty quickly. My poor baby. She’s starting to get itchy and Em is getting an oatmeal bath ready for her as I write this. Em ran to Walgreens last night and with the help of the pharmacist, got some stuff to help Livi get through the chicken pox. I thought it would best if Em ran that errand because she’s so detailed and thorough. She’d ask the right questions and get just the right stuff. She came back with some coloring books and a few other things for Livi to do while she’s camped out in bed or on the island aka the couch. It’s going to be interesting. Tomorrow I’m going to stay home with the kids and let Em head into work…at least that’s the plan…Em is in full momma mode right now.

And that leaves me with Charlie and Evelyn which is totally fine. We’re sitting on the floor playing with Paw Patrol and My Little Pony. It’s a bit slimy because Evie is chewing on everything and is exceptionally drooly now that she’s teething. They’re having fun though! Charlie has taken a new interest in his baby sister now that she can play with him. True, he can’t do the things with her that he does with Olivia like jump on the bed or run circles around the kitchen island but he’s figuring out to play with her and be gentle. It’s really cute! He always wants her to be a part of reading time now too. Tonight, I’m going to attempt to give Charlie and Evie a bath together since Livi is sick. We’ve got a little seat thingie that she sits in during her bath so that’ll make it a little easier. But Charlie loves the water so I can see him making a mess and that might be too much for Evie who is used to a quiet bath by herself. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck. Gotta run…send questions!

@rrrawrf Nope, domestic, but kids under 2 they require that you bring a birth certificate. TSA rules.

I WISH we were going out of the country, that’s one experience I’ve not yet had. Hubs needs to renew his passport and we need one for the bub.

Thankfully we just barely made our flight after going home for the birth certificate