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KENNY: I think this guys’s a mind reader. I JUST got a text from Kyle.
BUTTERS: Oh, boy! What’s it say?
KENNY: Woah! He found Craig!
STAN: What?!
KENNY: Yeah, on his college tour, he saw Craig!
KENNY: He was staying in a motel in Boulder this whole time!
KENNY: They’re across the street right now!
STAN: Dude, that’s great!
BUTTERS: That sure is a relief!


“…Sanji.” There is a heavy exhale, and his shoulders slump just a little.

“You can’t lie to a liar, you know? Not unless you’re really good. Lemee tell ya, you’re barely gettin a passing grade here.” He shifts and gets up from the chair, going around the table to stand nearby, arms crossed.

Really. Thinking too hard doesn’t sound like a Sanji thing. When Sanji thinks, it’s never too long or too hard, because he’s just that outstanding.

“I guess Nami was sick once, and we have at least a  doctor to handle that, so why won’t you let Chopper have a look..?”

He’s so close, yet he sounds so far away. His voice is muffled, distant and wavering like the rest of the waves around him now. Everything is swirling and crashing and it’s getting so loud- overwhelming his senses until he feels himself swaying– no, he’s falling.

Sanji catches on to Usopp for support, his eyes as wide as saucers. He didn’t really hear anything that the sniper had said to him, nor did he realize when Usopp had gotten so close.

However, he is relieved that his nakama is here; it saves him the embarrassment of falling over

“I’m fine, I’m fine–” he insists, though his voice is starting to slur.