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How’s my hair? // Bare (2015)


Ethan Chandler loved her enough to kill her, like Vanessa professed to do for Mina.  But I contend that John Clare (Caliban) loved her enough to save her by whatever means necessary.  He could have rend Dracula into bits with his bare hands and broke the curse that held her in the vampire’s thrall.  He would have dedicated his life to healing her broken heart and spirit.


So, I’ve never done on of these new year posts, but I have a few things to say about this year, and maybe I’ll mention something that someone needs to hear.

As far as competitions go, this year was pretty crappy for me. I dropped in placement at every single major that I’ve ever been to. I had teachers telling me I’d win things that I barely broke the top ten at. Some I didn’t even get that far. It sounds like I’m complaining about silly things; stupid Oireachtas champion problems, right? But it was hard. Especially when you think you did your best, but the judges don’t agree.

At first, it really frustrated me, you know? I felt (and I know I’m not the only one) like I was disappointing my teachers, parents, friends. Bipolar marks made me feel like nothing was under my control in dance, anymore, and I went crazy half the year trying to figure out what in the world I was doing that the judges hated SO much. I had to start seeing a sport psychologist to keep my head on the right way, and for a little while I forgot that I love Irish dance.

Sometimes when you get so into something - whatever it is that you do - you begin to expect things of yourself that you didn’t at the start. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s what makes you better. But when you start to expect things of yourself without forgiveness when you fall short, you’re setting yourself up for so much disappointment. This year, I - stupid perfectionist that I am - had myself so. freaking. stressed. because I thought perfection was the end goal. I fought myself for a solid 10 months before I realized what I was doing.

Thing is - and I’m a control freak, so I hate this - sometimes there are things you just can’t control. You can’t control what the judges like, can’t control the stage, can’t control the venue or who you dance with or if you get the flu two days before you dance. And you have to learn to be proud of yourself, not for the number you get, but for the improvement that you see in yourself. It took too long for me to understand that, but it really does change your perspective. If you compare yourself to anybody but you, you’ll never see how far you’ve really come.

There’s always another competition.

You can always go to another feis, do another major. You can always try again, and marks don’t stop you from trying as many times as you want to. Only you do that. So, for this year, I am proud of all my crap placements because I know that I worked hard and that I WILL do better!

(Jesus, I’m sorry this is so fricking long, Happy New Year, yall!)

When you put Vox Machina’s exploits in simple, straight forward, out of context ways, they almost sounds like things from Greek Mythology. 

The warrior threw the Arch Fey across five rivers. 

They went into the dragon and tore through it from the inside out and survived? 

They slew the connection of the soul to the darkness of shadow and brought him back from the afterlife. She brought him back with true love.

They broke the conflux above the pool of Minds and brought it down. 

They had to hide in corners and use each other as distractions to avoid the creature with deadly sight. 

My favorites always revolved around Grog because he sounds like such a Hercules or Theseus type. 

He ripped a Demon in half with his bare hands. 

He tackled a giant to the ground. 

He conquered an evil sword. 

He split a warlord in half. 

He ripped the tongue out of a monstrous beast. 

He vanquished his foe in single, bared hand combat, and broke his back on the ground he once claimed championship over. 

He lunged through the air to the giant beast’s head and split that in half as well. 

He followed a nymph into her pool and emerged with a treasure and a secret. 

He was turned to stone. 

It sounds like such a legendary warrior just like Perseus or Achilles, and yet, it’s just this big dope who really likes ale and women and shiny things, who fawned over a red rock he found in a market place, who’s bff is a little gnome who is stronger than him. 

Vox Machina is amazing. But truly, what we know of them I think diminishes their Legends. Which, I think, is a good thing. But imagine what they people of Tal’Dorei will think when they defeat Thordakk. That was a list of some of their exploits and a lot of Grog’s. Imagine the stories that will spring up. Imagine the cultural signifigance the Trees of the Enemies that Vex kill will be. The Sun Tree is a good starting point for the fame these trees will have. Imagine the stories of the Raven Queen’s Champion, or the Headmaster of the Ashari, both with their powerful Vestiges, both in love. 

And Thordakk won’t be the end for Vox Machina. Mercer says they’ll be facing things on a Divine and Godly level next. What if one of them rises to Godhood? My bet’s on Scanlan. 

I can’t wait to see what will happen to Vox Machina in the future, and what their future characters will do and how they will react to the Legendary heroes of Exandria. 

2016 has been a super garbage year. Garbage for me, garbage for you and garbage for pretty much everyone. My year started off like shit because I was out of the job for a good portion of it so I was pretty much broke and barely hanging on to my place until I got a new job which really worked out for a couple months.

Within those couple months, the only thing about this year that I consider the best thing and really to be honest it’s the best thing to happen to me in a good couple years was this whole Reyes thing. All of you, the massive spring of events just happening was surprising and overwhelming and it still is, all of you have made this year a better year for me. I’m sorry I couldn’t do much to give back seeing as how I just need to get my life together, but I’m glad the lot of you understand that and are supporting me through it as well. I said most of this in the discord chat and the response I got there pretty much tore me up with happiness just as it does when I see the asks and replies to the stuff I do here.

You guys are great and amazing and helped me survive this year, you guys give me motivation to push 10 times harder just so I can give back to you all when I can.It’s gonna still be a long one, but believe me, I’m half way to the point I wanna be and I honestly have the motivation you have all brought me to thank.

Thank you guys so much for making this year great! I love and care about all of you!!

Civil War | The Way

Yeeeeeee two imagines in one day! (Gif’s don’t belong to me, only the title card)

I screwed my eyes shut, locking my body in a brassive position as too deflect most of the blow. 

I knew I was going to die. This man was gonna kill me, but I don’t know why I fought it. I had nothing left in life that I needed desperately. 

No family. Barely any friends. Broke. I never had a fairly interesting life. 

I heard the click of the barrel, and I could feel the presence of the man’s finger as it wrapped around the trigger. The cold that was pressed against my head sent my thoughts into a mulling spiral. I was panicking.

I had so much I wanted to do. So much I wanted to see.

So many people I wanted to find again. 

In my haze, my thoughts hovered surely around a face I hadn’t seen in years. Long black hair, inquisitive eyes, and a contagious smile. 

My childhood best friend. 

He promised he would find me one day after moving. He’d come back for me. That day when we were 14, he swore he’d come back for me.  

“Don’t worry (Y/N). I swear I’ll come home.”

Tears. All that escaped me were sobs and tears. I curled my fingers into my best friends hair, crying into his shoulder as I held him far tighter than I thought possible. 

I didn’t want to let him go.

“Hey. Shhhh.” He hushed, pulling back from our embrace, my arms still wrapped around his shoulders and tangled in his hair. 

“Please don’t cry.” He begged quietly, his eyes starting to fill with tears. I watched his family behind him. Mother crying quietly, Dante snorting, and Father standing silently. 

“Don’t leave me here.” 

“Maybe physically. But I’ll never leave you. You’re my best friend.” He pressed a soft kiss to my forehead, laughing as one tear fell down his face.

The tears that flowed down my face were silent, carving tracks in my skin. 

His name rolled off of my tongue easily, like silk on satin. I couldn’t forget him. The one person I would keep living for. 


The barrel pressed harder into my skull, and I killed the sob threatening to rise in my throat. I kept his memory dancing through my mind, calming me. 

I relaxed, accepting that if I was going to die, I’d die thinking of something I loved. His warm smile. His jokes. His eyes.


“Um, I’m sorry. But I’m afraid this can’t happen.” 

I snapped open my orbs, flicking my gaze to the door of this hell I’ve been trapped in.

Long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. The same, but wiser smile. A suit and goggles.

Suddenly, the man putting the weapon to my head was knocked off his feet by a powerful pulse. The man came running down to where i was, untying my restraints quickly. I stared at him, my mind smacking me over and over with the clues to who this was. I knew who this was. 


“It’s Vibe. Now, let’s get you out of here.”

I was suddenly pulled up into his arms, and he went to run from the building. I wrapped my weak arms around his neck, curling my fingers into his ponytail.

“I told you I would come home Princess.” My heart thundered wildly at those words, and I instantly moved my head up to kiss him.

My Cisco came home. 

He saved me.

He came back for me.

magnusofbane  asked:

Send 💔 for a interrupted kiss. (its basically the malec trademark now, i swear)

kissy kissy ;  accepting   @magnusofbane

                                             ❝you’re gonna have to come back later.’ alec nearly growled at the sound of the front door opening, as he barely broke his lips from magnus’ for long enough to speak. he was tired of letting their moments be broken apart by other people. he didn’t know who it was, which meant that for ONCE it wasn’t jace, but he also couldn’t bring himself to care. to make a point, he grabbed magnus by the waist and jerked him in, crashing their bodies together before he crossed his arms around him.

unless valentine had freed himself, he didn’t care. he heard a disgruntled groan, that sounded a lot like the annoying mundane-vampire, and kissed magnus deeper, pushing his tongue through his lips. he had no idea where all that attitude and bravery were coming from, but maybe it was based on pure, simple, frustration. he had nearly lost magnus, and he was done letting anything steal away from his time with his warlock. 

fic: of adventures and goodbyes

(and once about the family they left behind). [x]
by @noifsandsorbees​ | @tofutti-rice-dreamsicle​ is bae(ta).
bill 1960 // melissa 1962 // dana 1964 // charlie 1968

She’s six years old when her mother places her brother in her arms, small and squirmy, chubby and soft. She holds his head with one hand just like the nurse showed her and shoos away her little sister with the other. She ignores Bill whining that she needs to share, that it’s their brother too.

Instead she just holds him still, in awe that he doesn’t cry, doesn’t scream, just dreamily gazes up at her. Bill never shared Dana when she was this tiny, not that Melissa was old enough to hold her anyway, but he barely broke his protective streak even as Dana learned to crawl and walk and draw out her letters. He struck his claim on Dana, but this brother is hers.

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