barely beige

MBTI Aesthetic Series: The INFP

“Flowers in your hair. Finishing a book you’ve been reading for weeks. Skipping down an empty hallway. “Why are you so naive?” You leave pieces of yourself in everything you touch. Maybe that’s why you’re so empty. Finding a dollar on the sidewalk. The smell of aging books. Pointing out constellations in the night sky. Tied together with a smile, though the string is fraying. The sensation of falling within a dream. Tracing the freckles along bare skin. Beige walls. You always felt comfortable doing what you were best at. No one told you the weight of everyone else would be so heavy. Not to worry, the sun will always have your back.”

🎉  Happy 29th Birthday, Rupert! 🎉 

Colors Used:

China Glaze- Bourgeois Beige, Bare Attack, Kalahari Kiss, Life Preserver (mixed), Papaya Punch (mixed), High Hopes (mixed), Something Sweet (mixed), Re-Fresh Mint (blue version), Light As Air

OPI- That’s What Friends Are Thor, This Isn’t Greenland

Twinkled T- Glow Up, Vibin’

Sinful Colors- She’s Gone Matte

Salon Perfect- In Mint Condition

MoYou London stamping plate Tumblr Girl 06

Scorpio Part 10

Scorpio  Scorpio Pt.2 Scorpio Pt.3 Scorpio Pt.4 Scorpio Pt.5 Scorpio Pt.6 Scorpio Pt.7 Scorpio Pt.8 Scorpio Pt.9 

Please enjoy Part 10 :) Any feedback or comments welcome :)

Warnings: SMUT, Swearing, Slight BDSM.

I woke up really early the next day well it must have been as J was still sleeping peacefully beside me, his chest rising and falling softly. He’s always up and gone; I guess he doesn’t like the vulnerability of someone being close when he’s sleeping. I checked my phone 5:20am. Jesus that is early, yet I was wide awake and restless and refused to just lay here and stare at the bare walls. I quietly got slipped out of bed and pulled on one of his white shirts which hung on the back of the chair seeing as mine was now unwearable; I pulled on my underwear grabbed my laptop and headed for the kitchen. It was incredibly eerie with no one around; Ted was in with Frost, the traitor. The large panel windows showed nothing but darkness. It was peaceful I had to admit, no guards, no shouting and no gunshots.

I loaded my bread in the toaster and booted up the computer. After opening nearly all the cupboards I finally found the one which housed the jam. I grabbed some juice and butter out of the large American style fridge/freezer and placed them on the marble effect worktop. I downed my juice and took the plate of toast and computer and headed for J’s office hoping it would be unlocked; thankfully it was.

 I took a seat on his leather chair; it took a few seconds for the coldness on my behind to disappear. I leaned back and exhaled and for the first time was seeing the point of view The Joker had in his office. With my back to the window there was little of interest to see, the hot seat in front of me and the office door behind that, the bare beige walls gave no distraction. The only interesting thing in the room was in the corner to my left; a drinks holder in the shape of a globe, it was open and had an assortment of spirits, the small ledge underneath that was some small glasses. I put my feet up on the table and placed the laptop on my lap and started looking for Town Hall floor plans while my decryption programme was doing its thing. I finished my toast being extremely careful not to get any crumbs anywhere but the plate; I really didn’t want to give the poor cleaner any more work. After an hour or so I had the plans and all staff appointments for the next week. I was far too busy concentrating and chewing the top of a pen to notice someone had entered the room and was leaning against the door staring at me. I was completely oblivious.

“If you didn’t look so sexy like that I’d probably have killed you by now for sitting there” As he spoke I half jumped before looking up. He was just in black trousers and no shirt, the sun that had slowly started to rise illuminated the room and only exaggerated his near white skin. He was drinking a cup of coffee which completely took over my nostrils while his other hand was in his pocket. Just seeing him like this with all his fine muscle lines, his blue eyes which shone in the morning light was enough to melt my insides. He was smiling enjoying watching me squirm and off guard. I fumbled up putting the laptop on the desk. “Though doll I do feel you should be taught a little lesson” he smirked that cruelly wicked yet sexy smile. “Across the desk now” He demanded coldly. Really I thought to myself now? After a few seconds I smiled coyly and walked around the desk, I slowly pulled down my underwear letting them fall to the floor before I bent over the desk.

I immediately heard his breathing change breathing out with a subtle purr he walked up behind me put his cup on the desk out of reach and swiftly took his belt off. I flinched expecting the sharp sting, but nothing. “Hands behind your back” He tightly secured my hands with his leather belt while leaning into me. “I thought you actually wanted to get some work done with me today” I asked with the side of my face against the cold table He gently pulled my hair pressed into me and brought his face close to mine pressing his soft skin on mine “This won’t  take long doll, unless you’d rather work?” I could feel his skin pull into a smile

“No” I replied.

“No?” he growled

“No daddy” I said half sarcastically, I really hated saying that but he seemed to love it way too much so I wasn’t going to deny him.

“Good girl, one more thing close your eyes” he asked softly. I smiled as I could feel my chest pressing harder against the table at the excitement.

All of a sudden the feel of leather being wrapped around my ankles, he fastened the straps so tight they pinched my skin a little. I tried to readjust my footing and I couldn’t “You look so good kitten” The lust screamed in his voice. He braced himself behind me and suddenly kicked just above my ankle, my legs spread apart and I heard a small click as the metal spreader locked me in this vulnerable position. I gasped “You keep a spreader bar in your office” I asked in disbelief. “I keep lots of toys in my office to play with, dealing with imbeciles as often as I do you need to” I didn’t doubt this for a second. He crouched behind me and softly ran the tip of his nose up the back of my leg to my curvaceous behind.


I jolted forward as he hit me hard, I couldn’t even fidget properly to ease the sting with my restricted movement all I could do easily was breath in deeply through my teeth. He gently rubbed the area before striking me again; I cried out but couldn’t help but let out a grin escape me. Without warning his cold fingers from behind were feeling how much I was ready for him. I kept my eyes closed and tried to control my breathing. He removed his hand which was resting on the top of my ass and he undone his zip and freed himself, he ran himself through me before just waiting. I was relieved when he grabbed my hair wrapped it round his hand and pulled me onto him, with my back arched I could feel the strain in my arms. I was completely helpless; with his complete access to me this really wasn’t going to take long. I could already feel my body bracing itself. His grip on my hips tightened as he continued to pound into me.  My orgasm flooded through me so quickly I cried out and pressed my head into the table; he groaned and carried on thrusting through my release giving me not time to enjoy it. His breathing and low moans were staggered now, he was close; and so was I again! “Cum for daddy again baby” he growled. After tensing my muscles I pulled on the leather belt which had made my wrists sore and let out a moan which I tried to suppress under my breath as I was brought to orgasm. This time my muscles contracting tight around him caused him to release into me and go slightly limp. My legs were also limp but I couldn’t relax them and had to try and balance.

He dressed himself quickly and untied my hands; they were sore and tight from being behind me for so long. I wiped the hair out of my face and waited for J to undo the restraints. As soon as he did my legs buckled and he had to stop me falling to the floor. He laughed “You never disappoint kitten” He scooped me up in his arms and placed me gently on the sofa. The front of my shirt was damp with sweat. “You might want these back” he picked up my underwear and dangled them in front of me

“Please” I smiled and grabbed them from him and slipped them on discreetly. The room was now as bright as it ever could be the sun had risen almost fully pushing the dark sky away, the warmth of the sun was pleasant on my skin.

“What am I looking at then doll?” opening my computer lid. Work mode on apparently, readjusting my thoughts and attire took a few moments.

“The first tab is the blueprints which you have a copy of, the second are the schedules for the three offices which are in range of the major’s computer; when exactly do you plan on doing this?”

“Two days time, my guys are all briefed on the plan assuming you can do what you claim”

“I’m sure I can make myself an appointment, Dylan will be coming with” I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Very well, I was hoping you’d say that as Frost won’t be able to get you away before the party starts” I sat up in the chair and frowned

“What? I’m not even staying for the fun? I’ve proven I can take care of myself”

“You do your bit then get out” He shouted in such a tone I was actually scared to reply.

“Now leave me to work, Frost’s brought some clothes in for you” So cold what’s his deal. He booted up his own computer and didn’t even look up at me as if I wasn’t even there. I stomped over and grabbed my laptop and left, feeling like an idiot trying to stomp off in a shirt and underwear.

NnT Ship Week Day 3

Title: Red and White, Rain and Chamomile

Prompt: Warmth

Pairing: Ban x Elaine

A/N: And the lamest title award goes to…

It was a cold morning that day. The marble floor felt like smooth ice under her feet and the chilly air hung around her like mist. Their home is illuminated by the soft light coming from the outside and the only sounds that could be heard are her quiet footsteps and the raindrops that hit their windows. Rather than annoying, she found it to be peaceful.

She heated some water and grabbed a couple of mugs from the cabinet as well as two teabags of chamomile tea. She wrapped her arms around herself and leaned backward on the counter.

Elaine sighed blissfully as she looked to her right, their bedroom. Ban is still sprawled on their shared bed like a starfish, their beige duvet barely covering him. She was thankful that she forced him into a t-shirt at the very least since he has this habit of sleeping shirtless, and it’s definitely not the way to go when it’s been raining heavily these past few days.

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In which hope still shines as bright as ever, even when the world goes dark. 

Enchanted Forest, missing year. All the thanks in the world to black-throatedblue for shaping this into what it is. To emily31594 for a final blessing. To lizziebethstories for the word prompt. And to herardentwish, for making art that tells a story better than I ever could. [ffn]

This is for you, htoria.

She’s been gone far longer than a routine patrol through the woods should entail, and as the sun bathes the land in a slow-burning orange, Robin begins to worry. It’s entirely like Regina to disappear at odd hours without warning, but she had already promised to spend this particular evening with Roland, and it is entirely unlike her to let his boy down.

The lad had unearthed a new collection of stories earlier that day, its leather worn and bearing the rather vague title of Once Upon a Time, the weight of it nearly toppling him over. Regina had stared strangely when Roland, wide-eyed and hopeful, hauled it all the way to supper with him, and Robin found himself wondering whether she’d seen a book or a ghost.

Still, she had agreed to a proper reading of it from cover to cover, once she’d seen to securing the castle walls—a task that promptly swept her from an untouched dinner, and that was the last either of them had seen of her that evening, though they waited well past a four-year-old’s bedtime.

It’s with a kiss and a vow that Robin finally tucks his boy in for the night—“the Queen has just been a bit delayed,” and “I’m certain she will read you twice the usual number of tales tomorrow.” Terms he’s no doubt she’ll agree to, once she learns of the spectacular way in which he’d bungled up her voice in the story. (“No, Papa, Regina doesn’t sound like that at all,” he’d been scolded; “she’d never say that to Princess Snow, you’re reading it wrong!”)

Presuming he is able to find her, that is.

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Pairing: Gajeel x Levy

Genre: Romance (Fluff~)

Prompt: We passed out on your bed after playing scrabble last night and our limbs are completely entangled, the blankets are on the floor and I don’t think I ever want to leave.

Summary: In which Levy recounts her ‘date’ night spent with Gajeel.

“Lu, I just don’t know how to explain it.”

“Hmm try to, I need to hear all about it!”

“Lu…where can I even begin?” Levy laid herself stomach first on her plush comforter indenting beneath her weight to her petite figure. The phone she clutched to her ear contained her friend who was losing her patience. She played with her hair wrapping a curl around while tippy toeing around the current subject.

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The Future Shines

He didn’t know if it was a dream, vision, or spell but; his future looked bright anyway.

The spell hit him right in the gut, knocking every part of his innards around like a well mixed stew as he collapsed from the sheer shock of it all. Perhaps he blacked out too, because when he came around, he was tucked in a comfy bed with pink blankets pulled up to his chin.

The scent of Lucy’s apartment filled his senses, surrounding him and clogging his thoughts as usual.

He was just in an intense battle, surrounded by the scent of sweat and magic, and now he woke up here? What the hell?

Was he out for that long? Oh no, Gray was never going to let him live this down.

Using every muscle he had, he bolted upright, causing the comforter to pool at his hips to reveal unharmed, chiseled skin. Confusion filled him as he touched at his chest, wondering if the spell had even damaged skin. More importantly, which person dressed him? He had been in his black jacket and white harem pants. Now he was bare chested with beige cargo pants.

A clatter of dishes sounded from the kitchen, and Natsu was up from the bed to stalk towards the sound. Something was strangely off about the apartment and everything surrounding this particular morning, and the fire dragon slayer was going to find out what. He inched softly on the balls of his feet, watching for anything odd as he peeked into the familiar room.

Seeing Lucy, with her hair tied up in a messy ponytail and her curves accented with a pink apron was surprising to say the least. The blonde hummed to a song in her head, moving her hips with light bumps and sways as she stirred something on the stove. Whatever it was, it smelled heavenly and Natsu found his mouth watering.

Everything was the same, yet different, and he could not place what it was.

Lost in his musings, he missed when she twirled, her apron lifting to reveal short shorts and…one of his shirts? That fact shocked him, freezing him up as Lucy caught sight of him and flashed that certain smile that he secretly loved on her.

“Sleepyhead is finally up! Mornin’ Natsu.” She greeted with a delighted giggle, turning back to the pot and checking the contents. No screech, no yelling for him to get out, no angry reaction from him being in her apartment and sleeping in her bed.

Nothing but a smile.

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look what is finally in my possession! i have only been searching for these bad boys for the past 2 days! first off let me state the obvious by saying these are the new maybelline “scene on the runway” color tattoo collection for fall 2012. the whole collection is filled with earthy shades! which is right up my ally! I read online that as of right now people could only find them at rite aid. which is something i don’t really have around where i live, and the ones i do have aren’t that great! i went to all 3 of them running all around the world and no one had them! the one rite aid that i knew would have them was about 30 minutes away and i decided i would call instead of drive there… they weren’t much help they just said they ran out of them. which sounded like a bold face lie on the phone. so today i decided i would drive up there and look for myself! and wouldn’t you have guessed it… they have a full display of them!

External image

i picked up the 2 colors i saw i wanted and went happily on my way! i picked up the colors gold shimmer and barely beige. I read that the maybelline products were 50% off which is why i wanted to get them now, but apparently there was no sale. but i got them anyways. each of them were $6.69 at my local rite aid.

External image

gold shimmer is a deep honey gold and barely beige is a light shimmery nude. these colors are going to be perfect for fall! they have the same consistency as the other color tattoos, pigmented and longwearing. i love to use the color tattoos as a base like MAC paint pots but when i’m feeling extremely lazy its super easy to just run this all over the lid and it wont crease throughout the day.  

External image

as you can see they come wrapped in plastic with the words limited edition on them. i’m super bummed these are only limited edition because i feel like the permanent collection doesn’t have a wide range of more natural colors. i assume this collection will be out for a couple of months but i suggest if you want some of these shades to pick them up sooner rather than later.

External image

i was able to get a quick picture of the display to show you guys what to look out for! there are 4 new colors in this collection and they are re-promoting two, bad to the bronze and audacious asphalt. the two other colors in this collection that i didn’t get were mossy green and rich mahogany. i don’t tend to wear green even if it is such a dark green which is why i didn’t pick it up, also as of right now i don’t wear dark browns either but rich mahogany is a color that i may eventually pick up! and the two other colors, bad to the bronze and audacious asphalt are in the permanent collection and i already have the colors. apparently this collection is supposed to include eyeshadow palettes, blushes, and nail polish so be on the look out for more displays with those products. 

i didn’t swatch these because this is already a very photo-heavy post so if you want swatches just let me know and i’ll swatch them!