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can you write the first time daryl called jesus paul


Paul couldn’t help but laugh, a small thing, coming from him.  It was almost breathless as it fell out of his mouth. He was too tired to give anything more to it. 

Currently, he lay underneath Daryl  Dixon, who was struggling to hover over Paul as he rode out the last few seconds of his climax. Presumably, Daryl didn’t want to crush Paul and collapse. Paul’s legs were shaking with exhilaration, wrapped tightly around Daryl’s hips, and it was quite the effort for both of them to undo themselves from the other. 

Daryl turned over and lay on his back, not touching Paul. That was pretty routine. It was how these things went. Daryl would come into Paul’s trailer at night, capture his lips in a kiss, and everything that had happened during the day would fall away. Daryl was always on top.  Daryl never took his shirt off. Daryl barely spoke. They usually exchanged good-natured conversation afterward–they would talk about the days to come, or sometimes, if Paul really worked Daryl enough in bed, and the archer was feeling a little more at ease, Paul would get Daryl to talk about anything really. It came and went, their conversations, but Paul realized he could get a lot more out of Daryl in the day than at night after something so intimate. 

Paul didn’t really know what they were to each other. They spent nearly every day together, going on runs, taking watch, eating dinner with Rick and Michonne. When they were alone in the woods or in the car, Paul would test Daryl’s patience with him, but Daryl kept surprising him. Daryl allowed Paul to give him casual touches alone, a hand on a knee, a bump of shoulders, a hand ghosting over another. Once even, Paul had kissed him on the cheek. Daryl had called him an asshole, but it was said while he was biting the inside of his cheek, trying to hide a grin. 

Paul really, really liked him. 

This was the seventh time they had slept together, and he was not sure as to whether or not he should put a stop to this. He was falling, falling deep, and he was losing himself to this man. Every time they kissed, Paul felt pieces of himself come undone, and soon there would be nothing left of him. 

Paul breathed in, nerves fluttering in his chest. He was staring hard at his ceiling. “Daryl, I–”



Paul snapped his gaze over to Daryl, turning on his side so he could look at Daryl. Daryl wasn’t looking at him. One arm was on his chest, and his expression, from his profile at least, looking a little concerning. He was contemplative, like he had tasted the word in his mouth and wasn’t sure what to make of it. 

“You never called me Paul before.” he whispered. 

Daryl sighed softly. “Yeah. I know.” he closed his eyes, and Paul didn’t say a word. He was desperate for so much more, so, so much more, but this was a line he was scared to cross. It had always been Daryl and Jesus, Jesus and  Daryl, two comrades, two people who just worked well together. 

Daryl and Paul was something different. 

Daryl opened his eyes slowly, and now he was decisive. “I…I don’t like what this is,” his voice was struggling–Daryl was trying to change his tone from his normal growl to something softer. Meanwhile, Paul was trying to pre-mend his upcoming broken heart. This was not the start of a sentence that he wanted to hear. 

“Daryl, it’s fine, I can-”

“Ya know,” Daryl snapped, and then he shook his head. “For once would you just shut up?” but he struggled once more, trying to keep his tone light. Daryl seemed to resolve something and turned on his profile, Paul trying to steady his heartbeat. They were both lying on their sides now, blue eyes staring into blue eyes. 

Daryl moved closer, and their noses bumped. Paul couldn’t help but grin. Daryl tentatively, grabbed Paul’s’ hand in his, as though it was a new and foreign concept to him and raised it to his face, settling it there. Daryl’s eyes closed, the tension in his shoulders was gone, and he exhaled, like Paul’s touch was curing him. 

Paul’s heart broke. The moonlight came in from the windows and stretched across Daryl, highlighting his features. He looked so serene, so innocent, like he bore no scars and committed no sins. 

“I want…” Daryl paused to open his eyes. He kept his hand over Paul’s. “I want somethin’ different now, with you. Not just this.” 

Paul was shocked. He knew he looked it too, he couldn’t help himself. “You want to be boyfriends?” he blurted out, his voice coming out high and breaking the tension in the room. 

Daryl flicked Paul on the forehead for nearly yelling in his face. “Yeah, ya shithead.” he said adoringly, and Paul would not forget the way Daryl’s lips curled into a smile, or how he moved their hands down to his lips so he could kiss them. Paul wanted to cry. 

“I…” Paul smiled. “I would like that.” he moved closer, crushing their hands together and kissing each of Daryl’s cheeks. “Jesus, I would love that.”

You’re Jesus.” Daryl whispered, correcting him. 

“No.” Paul whispered back, closing his eyes and brushing his lips over Daryl’s. A happiness that he never thought he could have again filled him. “I’m Paul.”

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind)

Summary: You’re nineteen when you get your first recurring acting role in season twelve of Supernatural. There’s an instant attraction between you and Jared, despite the age difference, but he won’t act on it because of Genevieve. When you meet Gen, she gives you the permission to act on your desires.

Words: 5.8k

Married!Jared x Reader

Warnings: smut (like 2.4k of this is porn), consensual infidelity, age difference, lust, teasing, the whole shebang

A/N: this is one of my fics for @loveitsallineed​‘s 1k celebration playlist challenge, this song was Cola by Lana Del Rey. It’s also a lil birthday gift for the beautiful @oriona75​. And finally, it’s part three of my Birthday Smutathon for @laurivcr​‘s birthday! You can find the masterpost here

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After Hours

Summary: Reader is an actress on SPN and is friends with benefits with Jensen and Danneel. This is pure porn.

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Smut, threesome

A/N: My second RPF! Not tagging anyone because I don’t have an RPF tag list yet. Hope you all enjoy! XOXO

Your guest star spot on Supernatural was always going to change your life. You had known that from the second you got the offer. The role was for seven episodes, and you knew exactly what that meant. Exposure. Possibly becoming friends with the cast outside of work, which had been a dream of yours for a long time. Maybe being invited to conventions.

What you had never expected (because who would expect this?) was to be here right now, in Jensen Ackles’ trailer, with his wife’s head between your legs.

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This is seriously dangerous

Okay, we got a nice kiss that was 0,472 seconds long, and yes, they do deserve more, but who says there won’t be more?

Every character barely got any screentime during the teasers (except Clace that got their own trailer, about that in a second), by the Angel, MAIA OR SEBASTIAN weren’t even there!

And we’re already attacking the writers because there’s ‘too little Malec’ and 'it deserves better’? Because of something we haven’t even watched? And don’t tell me you can miraculously say from the trailers that Malec won’t get enough attention in 2B, because you ain’t Professor Trelawney and cannot see the future.

Besides, no matter what you say and no matter how canon Malec is, Clary is the lead character, and it doesn’t matter how cringy she might seem to you; Kat is doing a great job at acting; much better than the 1st season, no?

Oh, and I’ve seen all the mud Twitter is already burrying the directors in.

Remember a while ago we did the same thing when we weren’t sure whether Malec had 'ze secks’ or not? We got split as a fandom and it was our essential loss later.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the show actually threw this back at us, and honestly I’d be even glad if they showed this fandom that how and why and in what way they write the show is not up to us and we should not behave like it is.

Sure, voice your opinion and go ahead. But “oml, malec is gonn b so shiet in 2b i hate this show fukk tha writers dis is horribl!!!1!@1!” is not the way to go.



Trust the writers. They know what they’re doing.

Cheese out.

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i was really really really excited about the new trailer for shadowhunters but there was no malec. why wouldn't they show us something? i'm convinced that the new showrunners are kinda grossed out by gays. i really am. i don't know why, just got this strong feeling. i know heartfacts are similar to fake news, but this time... i kinda believe it. am i wrong? why would i feel this from them? there must be something if i'm feeling it, no?

there is a malec moment - it’s in the trailer, but like a lot of the promo it’s a quick flash.

the whole promo is barely 22 ish seconds. magnus got to drink and quip and throw up wards, alec is also knocked flat on his ass in magnus’ loft (which implies a malec moment i hope?)

i mean i’m not happy with how s2a was done and i agree it really needs to be improved, but this was a general promo for s2b, not a malec promo, so they did okay, i think. especially since this was also introducing sebastian.

wait for the malec promo, we’ll get one!

Honest Trailers & Rogue One

I may have been blind because I love Rogue One but I have never seen so much hate for Rogue One until the Honest Trailer for Rogue One came out. There has been a sudden influx of being saying it was an unnecessary movie/overrated/fan service and should have never been made. 

Well, guess what!? Movies are entertainment and entertainment isn’t really “necessary”. Second, in comparison to other star wars movies that have been hugely hyped, (Force Awakens marketing=subway sandwiches to nail polish…do I need to say anymore) Rogue One was barely forced down the public’s throats. In fact, Dinsey didn’t have high expectations and didn’t expect it to do so well as it did (meaning nothing like TFA). Third, the spin-off movies (or the three that have been slated to come out) really do rely on the audience to have some knowledge of the star wars universe to understand the movie because Rogue One didn’t waste time on trying to explain anything in the SWU. Before Rogue One I was a pretty big fan but Rogue One made me into a super fan. For the first two times I’ve watched it, I barely saw any of the “fan service easter egg moments” that hardcore fans spotted and some said were distracting.

If you stop wanting “fan service movies” like the new star wars movies, new reboots/sequels/or remakes (Beauty and the Beast, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, Harry Potter Book 8 etc) either stop getting excited about “fan service movies” and by god stop making easter egg videos or posts (do you think a year ago DVD bonus features would have made a bonus feature “all the easter eggs in ____”) or grin and bear it and let other fans enjoy these so-called fan service movies. 

Also a small reminder


(from watching their prediction and review videos about Rogue One)

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Alright so, I haven't watched any of Mark's OneShot series except for like, the first 2 minutes of the first episode, and I've watched the trailer on Steam but the question is do I get it before I watch the playthrough? It is only 10 dollars, about half the price of NITW, but I barely know anything about the game yet I have this unreal craving to get it? Sorry, I need a second opinion and you're the first person I though of, ha

I’d say play it for yourself first, that way nothing is spoiled and you can enjoy Mark’s reaction (if there’s one to be had, that is). :D

Not a Chance *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Dylan x Reader

Word Count: 2,762

Warnings: smuuut

A/N ayy this is kinda different than the usual smut I write but we’re gonna roll with it aight. I started this a few weeks ago and being the space case that I currently am, I forgot about it, but I hope you enjoy(: -Er

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“Okay everyone, great job today!” Jeff called, “See you all tomorrow morning.”

Today was probably the longest day of shooting Teen Wolf you’ve ever experienced. You filmed most of your werewolf scenes today, so there were tons of action shots and make up transitions. All you wanted to do was go back to your trailer and sleep for a week. Of course, you knew that wasn’t the case since Holland made everyone promise that you’d all go out for drinks tonight. You had agreed to go before today’s events and you were regretting saying yes at this moment.

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FaceTime Shenanigans

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

Imagine facetiming with Jared, Misha, and Jensen because they say Jensen has something to tell you.

Word Count: 1.2k (I seriously don’t think I can BLURB anymore… these are getting out of control.) 

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared (Reader’s brother), Misha

Warnings: Fluff, implied smut

A/N: So this gif blurb turned into an IMAGINE. Ask me if I’m shocked.Thanks @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for submitting the gif. I’ve had this idea in my head for AGES. Had it as soon as you sent in the gif. Also, sorry I’ve fallen off the writing wagon. I can’t seem to blurb anymore and all the ideas in my head are fics anywhere from 1k - 4k long, and I’m not on vacation anymore, so writing time is much more scarce. SORRY I kind of suck. Hope this doesn’t disappoint you!

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Final Predictions/Guesses for s4 Character Deaths

After 8 episodes this season my thoughts on who may die hasn’t changed much but some characters have now made the list and some have escaped it so before the final episodes of the season air I wanna put my own list out as I’ve seen others do. Feel free to share opinions!!!

1. Jasper Jordan

I think I’ve made it clear how much I DON’T want Jasper to die this season but I think the writers have made it pretty clear he will. Especially since he was barely featured in the trailer for the first half of this season and more heavily in the trailer for the second half. That being said I still think it would be a great twist if he lived because the writers really tend to be predictable in their deaths but I think Jasper’s time is up.

I think he’ll die in 4x11 as well.

2. Abby Griffin

Abby is a death I’ve become more concerned of as the season has gone on. ESPECIALLY since they are so focused on how Raven is dealing with the side affects of the chip being taken forcefully out of her head. I think the focus being on Raven is very deliberate so we don’t think about Abby and are more worried that Raven will die. But I think it’ll be the exact opposite. I can see the chip being somehow used as the saving grace between the two in the finale and us seeing Abby give it to Raven unfortunately leaving Abby with nothing to save her own life.

If she does die I think it will be in the finale.

3. Luna

Sadly I don’t think Luna will survive the season: for one I’m not sure she’d even want to live in the bunker now that all of her people are gone and two I can see them writing her off to end the Commander line completely considering she’s the last know descendant who was born with nightblood. I hope I’m wrong but it’s just a guess.

4. Octavia Blake

Okay this one I’ve been really up and down with but I still think there is a possibility Octavia will die. Part of me thinks the writers won’t go there but the other part knows that no one is safe. Plus with her being involved in a fight against the grounders within the next few episodes I could see things ending badly for her. Out of my list though she’s probably the least likely I see dying.

These are my four main guesses based on the text we’ve been shown. I think other recurring characters could go (Echo, Emori) but these are based on what I see in the text.

Martin Sahlin is such a great inspiration. He poured his heart out, totally nervous with shaking hands and trembling giggles, in front of an unforgiving audience. He took out Yarny and showed him to everybody - he was so proud of what he achieved. He gave Yarny for a second a voice, he felt like Yarny needed to say Hi. 

He was himself in a presentation in which PR humans would just recite some boring scripts. He presented an unknown game in the middle of sports trailer, basically knowing that everybody wanted to see Mirror’s Edge and Mass Effect. He revealed his bare soul while talking, he talked about himself and what this game meant to him and he didn’t know how the audience would react. That’s courageous, inspirational and motivating. 

And he slayed it, he’s the real winner of E3.

Deadpool Birthday

Hey @sushisecor, it’s your birthday!  Your SPN Family is sending you lots of love today! 


Your squeal echoed through the halls of the bunker, but you didn’t care one bit as you excitedly pulled up your browser and started typing away.  Barely ten seconds later, Dean had thrown your door open, gun in hand ready to fight.

“Dean!” you yelled at him, giving him an exasperated look.  “Knock, please!”

He lowered his gun, realizing that your squeal earlier was not because you were in danger, right as Sam came to a stop behind him.

“I’ll knock when I don’t think you’re in here dying, Y/N!  Why did you scream?”

Dean walked into your room, coming to sit next to you on the bed. 

“I got a notification on my phone - the new Deadpool trailer short came out today!  Best birthday present ever!” you replied, finding it online and pulling it up.  Dean sat down next to you and Sam came over to watch as well.

You clicked the play button and put it to full-screen mode.  Even though they weren’t making any noises, you shhhh-ed the boys, holding your hands out toward each of them to keep them still as your eyes concentrated on your computer screen.

You were entranced at the three-ish minute short, brain overloading on everything that was happening: the references to Logan, which you knew would be there, the reference to Nathan Summers, the Superman theme song in the background, the Firefly posters, not to mention the fact that RYAN REYNOLDS WAS BUTT-ASS NAKED IN THAT PHONE BOOTH.

You breathed for what seemed like the first time when the video ended, and looked at Dean and Sam.  They didn’t seem as excited as you were.

“Did you see-” you started, before Sam interrupted you. 

“I’ll let you dive into that one, Y/N,” he said, getting up and leaving quickly.

You turned on Dean.  “Did you see-”

“Y/N, really?  Are we going to talk about this three minute trailer for thirty minutes?”

You didn’t care that he sounded exasperated.  “Of course, Dean.  Now, like I was saying…did you see….”

Happy Birthday from @just-another-busy-fangirl!

No Walls... Just Open Skies

(( Got the idea for this from @apocalypticangelimagines post about Daryl’s first night at hilltop))

They’re moving, closing in on me.. I-I can’t breath… I’m suffocating…

“I can’t do this!” Daryl growls as he sits up from his temporary bed. “Doesn’t matter if I am free to leave, it still feels like that fucking cell!” He throws off the blankets and stands up to grab some of the clothes Jesus had given him. They might have been a little tight but they were better then that burlap potato sack he was forced to wear. Once he was dressed he storms out of the small trailer and in to the night.

Breathing in the cool nights air he finely feels at ease. No walls to hold him and only an open sky to with countless stars to keep him company. Daryl throws his head back and takes a few deep breaths. “Looks like another sleepless night.” He thinks as he starts to walk.

He didn’t have where to go even if he knew where anything was. Every one he knew was at Alexandrea except Maggie and Sasha, but sneaking off to their trailer in the middle of the night would look bad. So Daryl just walks up to the small fire that is kept going for those on the night watch and sits down.

As he stares in to the flickering flames he wishes he could forget every thing that has happened over the last few weeks. Abe, Glenn, the cell, that fucking song, all of it gone. Even if it was for one night so he could sleep he would take it. He sighs deeply and rests his head on his knees. One nights sleep, that’s all he wanted.

When the sound of foot steps on gravel meets his ears and he springs to his feet ready to fight. “Whoa easy Daryl, just me..” Jesus says with hands raised to show he’s not a threat. “Just heard you yelling and came to check on you… You alright?” He does the same little head tilt that he did when they first ran in to each other.

Daryl relaxes some. “Can’t sleep. Still feels like I’m trapped in that cell.”

Jesus lets his hands fall back to his side. “Yeah I figured that’s what it was.. Any thing I can do to help?”

“Not unless you got some whiskey.”

Jesus chuckles. “No sorry, Gregory let Simon and his goons take the last bit we had.”

“Figures.” Daryl mumbles as he sits back down in front of the fire.

Jesus stands there for a moment then has an idea. “What if you sleep out side.”

“What out here by the fire?” Daryl asks not looking back at him.

“No I got a better idea but I’ll need your help.” Jesus smiles.

Daryl turns around and stares at him doubtfully. “I ain’t sharin’ a bed with ya if that your idea.”

Jesus shakes his head and laughs. “Just come on. I think you’ll like it.” He turns around and starts walking back to the line of trailers. Daryl watches him for a moment before standing up and following him.

Jesus opens the door to Daryl’s trailer and starts to jerk the sheets off. Daryl walks in just in time to see him lift the bed on to its side. “What the hell you doing?” He ask looking around at the mess Jesus has just made.

“We’re gonna have our selves a camp out.” Jesus says as he starts to pull the bed. “Mind grabbing the other side?”

Daryl is confused but does as he’s asked. “What do you mean a camp out?”

“Well, we’re gonna put you bed on the roof.” They start to work the mattress out of the door. “Then I’ll go get my sleeping bag since you wont share, and together we will sleep on top of your trailer instead of in it. That way you don’t feel trapped.”

Daryl is still a little confused but not at the idea. It made sense, just not the part about him sleeping up there with him but he wasn’t going to say anything. If he was honest, the idea of some one being there helped put him at ease. He wouldn’t have to worry about any one messing with him or thinking him strange. And if that person was Jesus,… He thinks he might actually get some sleep.

The two have to do a bit of work but it doesn’t take long for them to get the bare mattress up on top of his trailer. The few people that were up had shot them some curious glances but didn’t ask. So when they climbed down Daryl went in to get his pillow and sheets while Jesus ran to get his sleeping bag.

When Daryl was finished putting his sheets pack on his bed, he see Jesus’ sleeping bag fly up. A second later Jesus is climbing up. “Had to hunt it down.” He smiles once he’s up there. Daryl sits on his bed and watches as he rolls out his sleeping bag a couple feet from him. He then sides inside with a relaxed sigh. “Well, good night Daryl.” He whispers before rolling on to his side.

Daryl chews on his lip for a moment then climbs under his sheets. “Yeah.. night.” He says back.

It’s calm,.. quite. Nothing but the sound of crickets in the distance and Jesus’ steady breathing a few feet away. No walls closing in on him or stupid song to keep him up. He can relax. A gentle breeze tussles his hair and Daryl closes his eyes to finely get some much needed sleep.

Second Home

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Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

Speechless part 8!

“So, this is my trailer.” Jensen said waving his hands around. It wasn’t anything fancy like people liked to think it was, but it was comfortable. You wouldn’t mind staying in here while Jensen filled his scenes.

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but if you need Misha he’s right next door,  and he’s now normally here thanks to the plot for this season. Jared’s is also right next door, and then once everything is done today then we can head to our Vancouver house, sadly we have to room with Jared.” He joked.

“So we’re going to Jared’s?” You asked making a joke as you gestured to the ring you were wearing on your finger. It was your grandmothers, you two had been fairly close and she had wanted you to have it before you moved.

“Ha, so funny.” Jensen said rolling his eyes as there was a knock on his trailer door.

“Yes?” He asked as he  opened the door. You heard something splatter and looked over your shoulder from your wandering to see Jensen, and he was now sporting a pie all over his face.

“Looks like they pulled a Gabriel and gave you your just desserts. Personally I think you deserve it.” You said smirking. Jensen wiped his eyes and around his mouth. He looked at you through the cream and you just knew you’d be paying for that later.

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“Don’t you glare at me like that Ackles.” You said as you pushed your way closer to him to see Misha on the ground. He was cackling and apparently very happy that he finally got Jensen back.

“I figured this was a way to break the ice after our little argument. YES I FINALLY GOT YOU BACK!” Misha said howling.

“Calm down Mish, you might pee yourself.” You said sticking your head out the door but keeping a distance from Jensen.

“That wouldn’t be the first time.” Jared yelled walking past. “God Jensen, you look at little pale. You need some sun.” That caused you to laugh super hard yourself. He was so nonchalant about it.

Originally posted by spnfans

“I have to change.” Jensen muttered walking into his trailer and you watched as he wiped his face off. “Watch your back later Y/N, you seriously are asking for it.” He said and playfully winked at you.

“No I’m not asking for anything, no thanks.” You said waving your hands in the ‘no way’ manner.  Jensen luckily had brought a second shirt and quickly changed into it. Then he made you walk along with him as he introduced you to anyone and everyone that passed by.

“Let’s take you to the makeup trailer, I’ll introduce you to the artists.” He said taking your hand and pulling you along.  You barely had enough time to brace yourself before he almost quite literally pulled you into the trailer.

“Zabrina, I’d like you to meet somebody. This is my best friend Y/N, or as we all call her Angel. Yes I did say best friend because screw Jared.” Jensen said introducing you to Shannon who was in charge of making the boys pretty.

“Uh, hi.” You said shaking her hand your natural shyness kicking in.

“Hi nice to meet you! Jensen you finally started dating again?”

“It’s been only a year.” Jensen said awkwardly.

“Yes, but she’s beautiful! I love your bone structure, would you totally mind if I practiced some of my makeup on you?” She asked. “Of course not right now.” She said.

“Sure?” You asked your shyness threatening to make you choke.

“Awesome!” She said smiling. You couldn’t help but smile back.

“This is Jeannie.” Jensen said gesturing to the other woman in the trailer.

“Hi Angel.” She said as Jensen explained to you that she was the hair expert.

“Hi.” You offered back.

“You are so pretty!” She gushed.

“Thank, you two are too.” You said looking between the women.

“Well you two we are off to go and introduce her to a certain king, see you ladies later.” Jensen said and pulled you out of the trailer and right into someone, literally.

“Sorry!” you squeaked.

“You’re fine are you okay?” The familiar voice purred.

“I’m fine thanks.” You said looking up.

“Ah Mark just who I was looking for, meet my new best friend Y/N, or Angel as we all call her.” Jensen said as he brushed the dirt off you.

“Well well an angel running into the king of hell? Are you shaking in your boots?” Mark asked venom lacing his tone and you knew he was just showing off his acting skills.

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“No, but you should be.” You quipped back.

“My my Jensen, you might want to keep her close, or they might try to make her a new costar.” Mark joked.

“Oh, don’t I know it, isn’t she so cute when she’s feisty?” Jensen joked winking at you because he had said the same thing to you after you moved into his house in Texas. He told you that he deserved it when you chewed him out and that he almost forgot why he was angry because you were so cute when you were mad.

“Indeed.” Mark smiled. “It was a pleasure to meet you Angel.” He said smiling as he walked into the trailer.

“Well do you like it yet?” Jensen asked throwing his arms open gesturing to everything and then shoved his hands in his pockets.

“Are you kidding me? It’s like a second home.” You smiled as Jensen pulled you into a hug.


Look At Me (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by amjeth

A/n -  Inspired by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan asking each other questions but I flipped it around because that’s what my exhausted 2am brain wanted.

Warnings: Love, romance, angst, troublesome Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie

Word Count: 1566 (give or take a few)

“What is the one question that you both would like to ask each other that you haven’t been asked before?” The interviewer asked.

You smiled at the genius behind the question and jumped at your chance to tackle the one thing that had been plaguing you since you got to these junkets with Sebastian.

“I’ve got one.” You said, turning in your seat to face him. Taking note with how rigid he became. “Why don’t you look at me?”

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