It occurred to me that, while humans and dogs both grow 2 sets of teeth in their lifetimes, humans are the weird ones that full on have holes in their mouths during the 2nd stage of teeth coming in while dogs just kinda shed em??

I’m sure this is very alarming to someone who doesn’t know that and is a parent of a child that genetically is a toss up between two different species.

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ok guys, here it finally is! everyone on this list has made my 2012 the most amazing year. every friendship i’ve made since joining tumblr has literally meant so much to me and for that, i thank you all! not to mention you all have beautiful blogs and i think everyone should be following ya’ll! shoutout to izzie for the graphic <3

lots of love to all of you and best wishes for the new year <3

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Confession:  I had recently replayed DA2, and during the final battle with Meredith, I had forgotten from previous playthroughs that she will stun everyone and talk about mages, and the Maker. So when it happened, I was like “okay then”. But then, a few seconds later, Aveline comes barelling towards Meredith (as she is talking) and starts attacking her!!! Meredith does nothing at all (as this wasnt supposed to have happened)and just keeps talking!! Turns out, having a ring with Stun Immunity WILL WORK ON THE FINAL BOSS! I couldnt take the fight seriously at all after, because every single time Meredith would stun everyone, Aveline wouldn’t stop and would just keep hitting her. She did no damage, but still…. She truly is the “Woman-shaped Battering Ram”. 

mod note: image provided by confessor.