Posting this for a friend:

“IRON CHIC MISSING GUITAR: 2006 les paul junior
iron chic were playing in san pedro, CA on 3/17 @ a bar called the spot when the guitar went missing. it’s actually MY guitar that i loaned to chic for the tour.
its a 2006 les paul junior in tobacco burst and its in a black gibson case with the dust cover cut out. the junior doesn’t have the raw finish, but instead, the full glossy nitro finish. it has a pigtail adjustable solid aluminum bridge, a bareknuckle stockholm pickup, and the straplocks are countersunk (drilled into the body flush). also, the tuners have been replaced with round white tip klusons. unfortunately i don’t know the serial number.

basically, i just want it back. if you have it or your friend has it, or maybe just someone you know, shoot me a message. please.
if you stole the damn thing, whatever. lie and say you found it, i’ll pay for the shipping and i’ll even buy you a pizza for being a stand up individual with a change of heart.

thank you!

please repost this. facebook, reddit, whatever. anything helps!”


Sullivan v. Kilrain

“The Sullivan/Kilrain match lasted over two hours and 75 excruciating rounds. Oh, and the fight was outdoors, in July, in Mississippi.

It turns out Sullivan was too drunk or too brain damaged to feel pain, even after his face was split and his ear was ripped. The fourth round alone lasted over 15 minutes, and there were still 71 more to go. Thanks to the whiskey Sullivan was swilling in his corner, a 44th round punch caused him to vomit on the ring … and he kept on fighting.

By round 75, both men were sporting sunburn blisters on their backs, Sullivan’s eye was swollen shut and neither man could hardly stand. Yet it was Kilrain’s team that threw in the towel, not because Kilrain wanted to quit, but because his coach was pretty sure he’d die if he continued.”
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