It's Official Barefoot is best

The most significant breakthrough in 30 years to hit the shoe industry released.

While VIVOBAREFOOT has been a believer in “Barefoot is Best” since 2003, there is now scientific proof. Harvard Professor Daniel Lieberman has released his latest ground breaking research: Foot Strike and Injury Rates in Endurance Runners: a retrospective study. Which shows runners with a rearfoot strike have almost twice the rate of injury than those who forefoot strike, a characteristic found in skilled barefoot runners.

In conjunction with this study Dan Lieberman’s research team have made another significant breakthrough in regards to performance in minimal shoes, in the study titled Effects of Footwear and Strike Type on Running Economy. The results show that that runners in minimal footwear have increased efficiency than those in traditional running shoes.

Galahad Clark, owner of VIVOBAREFOOT, and Asher Clark, VIVOBAREFOOT’s Design Director, have worked for almost a decade on making footwear that mimics natural movement and encourages forefoot strike  What sets us apart from the competition? An ultra-thin, puncture-resistant, patented sole found in all VIVOBAREFOOT shoes from lifestyle to performance, an anatomic last, stylish and functional design and a commitment to barefoot education.

Need a second opinion? We took a few moments out of Lee Saxby’s busy schedule to ask him a few questions about the research…Read and watch [coming soon] interview here.

Launching in conjunction with Lee Saxby in 2011, who comes recommended by Daniel Lieberman directly for his barefoot coaching method, the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic was designed to spread skillful, natural movement by developing a number of resources including literature, training videos and an intensive coaching certification course.

But, if you are used to running with shoes on and want to transition – do it carefully. VIVOBAREFOOT would like to show you how.  Working with the best barefoot running coach in the world (according to Dan Lieberman and Chris McDougall) a number of tools are available to help you make the transition from back to front (of your foot):

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Two year long case study demonstrating an increase in arch height from running in minimalist shoes.

The debate is ongoing as to the use of minimalist shoes and running barefoot. Few studies have been done and there are so many variables to control which makes these existing studies practically ir…

Some nice anecdotal evidence of changes for runners who have transitioned to less of a shoe. ‪#‎BarefootIsBest‬