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One of the biggest tells that The Academy doesn’t respect animation is that “Animation” is considered a genre unto itself.

Animation is so much broader than a single genre:

You’ve got Westerns

You’ve got Action/Horror

You’ve got Murder Mysteries (or whatever the heck this show was…don’t look into it if you’re faint of heart, believe me. There’s animal death.)

Then there’s your crime dramadies/buddy films

And a LOT of Social Commentary

There’s Zombie Movies

Super Hero flicks

And of course, there’sChicken Run

PLUS the post that inspired this, going over all the great genres JUST IN DISNEY FILMS

Conclusion: Animation is a different medium, not a genre.

bangtan as things

[namjoon] nighttime after it’s rained and the ground is wet, the reflection of streetlights beneath your feet. cars pass and you’re alone, the feeling of turning pages, whether metaphorically or literally, libraries, dark coffee, literature, dried flowers, pencil shavings, stacked books, grey hoodies, using up your entire battery in one sitting.

[seokjin] the comfort of being with someone you love, friendly banter, love letters, ballads, fairy lights, ivory furniture, lattes, lullabies, neat studying notes, desks littered with figurines, lipstick kisses on napkins, incense.

[yoongi] the empty feeling that comes when you stay up too late or when you sleep too much, never being happy enough with your self-care, the sun that warms your chest in the dead of winter, poetry, forehead kisses, small meaningful tattoos, curtains that let in light and bring a sense of comfort and warmth to a room, snowflakes or raindrops clinging to eyelashes, the slow sound of windshield wipers, the melancholic hum of background music, ocean spray, winter breeze, flickering streetlights, the rush you feel from a first love, a first kiss.

[hoseok] group hugs, words of encouragement, doodles, a hand rubbing circles on your back, a shoulder to put your head on or the head that’s on your shoulder, an arm interlaced with yours, the giddy laughter between childhood friends, carnival games, kisses pressed to your forehead and to the palms of your hands.

[jimin] warm sheets, hot chocolate and marshmallows, falling asleep by the fireplace, listening to the ost of a movie over and over again, vivid skies, hair that sweeps across like waves in the ocean, running barefoot on the beach, waltzes, falling autumn leaves, someone holding your face in their hands, kisses intentionally missing your mouth and tracing the outline of your face, secretly holding hands.

[taehyung] the feeling of fingers running through your hair, hearing someone else’s heartbeat when you lay your head on their chest, rainbow hair ties, putting daisies in your hair, falling asleep in a meadow, plush toys, someone pushing brushing or kissing away your tears.

[jungkook] night skies that look like blankets of glitter, the allure of the stars making you want to reach out and touch them, warm showers, wind that’s possessive, ocean spray, spilled glitter, velvet, sleeping with your headphones in, the worn down keys on a computer keyboard, trading cards collections, biting your nails, resting your head against the car window, shy smiles, backhugs.

And you run around barefoot and dirty in your old blue jeans, asking strangers if it is all just a dream, if they can see you, if they can hear you, with fingers crossed. Simply because, you cannot feel everything around you, including yourself.
—  Lukas W. // So lost
Aesthetics for the Houses

Gryffindor: Sucking on sugar cubes, giggling behind your hand, long car rides with friends, opening windows to let in fresh air, running barefoot through grass, burning your tongue on food that was too hot, the view from tall buildings, the sun warming your skin, doorbells, summer camp, fierce eyeliner and bold lipstick, deep v-necks accessorized with a flirty smile, rough hands and soft hearts, brightly colored cocktails, laughing too hard at a dumb joke, crumpling up paper and throwing it into a trashcan across the room, card games, letting your hair down, opening doors, and skinny dipping.

Ravenclaw: Waking up late on a rainy day, warm coffee on a cold morning, scrunched eyebrows, color-coding everything, bags under your eyes, passing notes to your friends, long fingernails, jumping in puddles, charm bracelets, comfortable silences, orchestras, velvet ribbons, french braids, dark eyelashes, chewing ice cubes, train rides, staring out the window, curling up with a pet, being alone in the forest, the smell of the earth after it rains, staying up late to watch the stars, rearranging your room, biting your tongue, painting your toes different shades, cold glasses, chokers, watching a play, musical compositions, roman numerals, doodling on your hand, and mirrors.

Hufflepuff: Skirts that flow behind you, eyes that sparkle in the light, tea, picking flowers for your mom, laughing so hard you can’t catch your breath, denim shorts and crop tops, forts made out of sheets, pixie cuts, scrunching up your nose, rosy cheeks, freckles across your nose, bohemian tapestries on walls, dancing around the room with friends, apartments with brick walls in the city, sleeping by huge windows, drinking alcohol on rooftops, shirts rolled to the elbows, cute buns, birds sitting on telephone wires, fogged up glass, strumming a guitar, smiling so much that your cheekbones ache, climbing tall trees, contagious laughter, Polaroid pictures, and mosaics with colored glass.

Slytherin: Raising one eyebrow, martinis, marble statues, soft fur blankets on leather couches, tapping your fingernails against a hard surface, perfectly winged eyeliner, sly smirks, champagne flutes, pencil skirts, footprints in fresh snow, tree houses, wandering around the city at night, quotes that describe you perfectly, black and white photography, french perfume, black silk, lingerie, combing wet hair, proving people wrong, shopping with your best friends, mint leaves, keeping a diary, silver rings, staying up all night, black coffee, hand mirrors, little black dresses, pine trees, vanilla scented candles, mascara, stone walls, leather jackets and red lipstick, wine corks, and photo albums.

Ruin a concert? Enjoy running around barefoot after.

A few weeks ago, I treated myself to tickets to a classical music concert. The two girls sitting next to me took their shoes off once the concert started so that they could sit cross-legged on their seats and gab loudly like they were in their living rooms. Everyone around us asked them multiple times, politely, to be quiet so they could hear the concert, but they didn’t shut up for a single second. 

So, right before it ended, I nudged their shoes forward so they would slide down a few rows further. They had to wait until everyone they’d ruined the concert for had left so they could run around the hall barefoot, looking for their shoes. Next time, maybe they’ll just stay at home with the radio on, where they clearly wanted to be.


“When I’m running I don’t have to talk to anybody and don’t have to listen to anybody. This is a part of my day I can’t do without.” ― Haruki MurakamiWhat I Talk About When I Talk About Running

In honor of National Running Day, here are six books from the practical to the inspirational.

80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster by Training Slower by Matt Fitzgerald 
Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler with Jessica Lee
Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
Running on Empty by Marshall Ulrich
The Running Revolution by Nicholas Romanov
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Enjoying the Journey…

As I have made the transition into more of a minimalist/barefoot runner, I was thinking back to how it started. While nursing my second babe, I was reading Born to Run after most people had already read it (because once you have kids, it is like you miss out on what’s going on in the world for a minute).   It was transforming to my running style.

I chucked the orthotics and shoes that had too much support and started running in the Nike frees. (I am now on my fifth pair). I started running short barefoot runs (about one mile) and drills a few times a week. My sprinter self viewed anything over 3 miles equivalent to an ultra, but I found myself running for an hour and not even realizing how much time and distance had passed.  

I have now completed 2 full marathons (although very brutal since I haven’t worked the kinks out of my fueling system and gotten my body to burn fat more efficiently as a fuel source), but still finished and lived to tell about it. And now I just completed my third half.  

A little race recap– It was pouring rain. Since the forecast failed to mention that earlier in the week,  I was not prepared and had to fabricate a poncho from the plastic hotel laundry bag and was good to go!   It was a bit too hot and couldn’t stand it anymore at about mile 5, so I tried to pull it off quickly while running.  I was stuck with my arms down by my sides unable to move. Still running and trying to slither and step out of it. Success!! But in the process, dropped my sunglasses that I really didn’t need but didn’t want to lose. Had to run back about 30 feet to pick them up. (If this had gotten on Youtube, it would have gone viral in no time!)

Moving forward again, mile 7. I did the thing that I said I would never do after my first marathon–I pushed a button on my GPS watch. I still do not know why I did it. It cleared my race! It was like I was starting at 0 and confused me too much to even look at it. So, I ran blind the second half of my half. I felt like I was running in the days of the cave men. Amazingly, I felt stronger in those last miles than I have in any of my races. I ran 4 minutes faster than my previous half and almost even with my first. I think if I could eliminate my rookie snafus on the course, that alone would get me the sub 2 that I want.

Some time has passed, but I am really not so different than my college running self. That fire inside that drives me is still there. And I now have my pack–my little barefoot monkey who often joins me on drills, my little lady who watches my every move and says she would like to train for a 5k with me (bestill my heart!) and my man–my coach, my cheerleader, my partner in life. I may have a long way to go to ever be competitive in these new (to me) distances, but I am strong. I am ready.  And I am going to enjoy the heck out of the journey. That really is the most important part, isn’t it?  

Run happy!


Let Me Show You Why

Thank you @joeynihil for letting me use the Cody gif :D

Summery: Brett goes out of his way to make you blush or shy but he goes too far.

“Brett’s coming?” You asked when your friend finished listing off the people she’d invited.

“It’s a party to celebrate the team winning all their games so far… why wouldn’t I invite Brett?” She asked, glancing at you in the mirror as she put her makeup on, frowning when she looked over the jeans and t-shirt you were wearing.

“Well… because he’s kind of a jerk.” You mumbled, playing with your fingers as you scuffed your feet on the foot of her bed.

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Endless List of Favourites + Characters ||  Cosette (Les Miserables)

  Cosette was not very timid by nature. There flowed in her veins some of the blood of the bohemian and the adventuress who runs barefoot. It will be remembered that she was more of a lark than a dove. There was a foundation of wildness and bravery in her

Ready to race !
All sorted for my 15k obstacle race tomorrow , Yorkshire warrior .
I’ve been training for this pretty hard , hoping to get a sub 2 hour time but really just looking forward to getting muddy and having fun. I would do one of these every week if I could !

Mindfully moving forward


Think Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast. You start with easy, because if that’s all you get, that’s not so bad. Then work on light. Make it effortless, like you don’t give a shit how high that hill is or how far you’ve got to go. When you’ve practice that for so long that you forget you’re practicing, you work on making it smoooooth. You won’t have to worry about the last one – you get those three, and you’ll be fast.
—  Caballo Blanco (aka Micah True, aka Michael Randall Hickman) in Christopher McDougall’s Born To Run
But Do You Deserve It? (M)

Yoongi x Reader
Explicit depictions of overstimulation and one dominant Min Yoongi

*A/N: For all the subs that seem to be out there.*

[y/n]: are you at home?

The message sat unread on Yoongi’s phone for five minutes or so, which clued you in that he probably was, in fact, busy. Nonetheless, when he finally had a minute to look at his phone, he texted you a quick response.

Yoongi (d boi): i’m at the studio. we’re recording today

After sending the message, only glancing over it to make sure he didn’t make such glaring errors with his rushed typing, he sat his phone back on the desk, walking back to the couch where the boys sat as they listened to instruction that Yoongi spouted off on how to make the group vocals sound better.

And his phone sat there, silently notifying him of message after message for the next half hour. They’d finally finished the group parts, and they started to file out of the room with only Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jungkook staying behind so Jungkook could start recording his parts.

“Jimin, can you hand me my phone?” Yoongi asked as Jimin passed by the desk on his way to the door. Jimin grabbed the phone, accidentally tapping the screen to life to see he had 4 unread messages all from you. He tossed the phone to Yoongi. Unlocking the screen to read your messages, he couldn’t help the way he brought the phone closer to his chest. He steadied his breathing as his eyes lingered over the messages over and over again.

[y/n]: shame :( for some reason I can’t get last weekend out of my head

[y/n]: how you went down on me for what seemed like hours. you know I love when you go soft first and start to build it up >.<

[y/n]: as soon as I got to work all I could think about was sitting on your dick

[y/n]: I’ve been such a good girl this past week and I just really need you

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