barefoot expeditions

cold feet

‘The stars go waltzing out in blue and red, and arbitrary darkness gallops in-’
“Hey! I was enjoying that!” You aimed for irritation in your tone but couldn’t help having to bite back a laugh as the book was plucked from your hands.
“I’m sure. What are you reading anyway?” Dan flicked through the pages before snapping it shut to read the cover. “'The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath’? God, you’re such a nerd”.
“Ok one, look who’s talking, and two, you just lost my page, you fricken spork” you retorted.
“Oops,” he grinned without any sense of sincerity, tossed the volume back before sliding under his duvet next to you.
“You’re not even sorry,” you grumbled with half hearted indignation.
“Yeah you’re right, I’m not really,” he smirked. “Do you want to know why?”
“Probably not,” you sighed dramatically and tried to find your page again.
“Because,” Dan ignored you, “SOMEONE interrupted my anime binge the other day.”
“Dan, I walked into your apartment and couldn’t even see you under the pile of junk food wrappers, and you were just curled up in a ball sobbing, when you had a video to edit. I think I did you a favour.”
“Excuse me, don’t shame my poor lifestyle choices,” he grinned and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear slowly. You smiled and blushed faintly, meeting his honeyed gaze.
“You’re adorable. Why are you blushing?” He laughed softly.
“I’m not blushing!” You said vehemently which only made you blush more.
“Yes you are,” he teased.
“I’m not, it’s just warm in here,” you closed your book and set it on the nightstand.
“Really? I think you just don’t want to admit that I can still make you blush,” he giggled, very pleased with himself. You rolled your eyes.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you replied switching off the light and snuggling under the duvet, only to jerk away from him.
“Jesus Christ Dan! Where the hell have you been?! On an Arctic expedition? Barefoot?!”
“What?” He laughed at your exclamation.
“Your feet are freezing!”
“Are they?” He grinned mischievously and tangled his legs with yours.
“Aargh, no! Get those icecubes away from me!” You laughed and tried to fight him off.
Eventually you were both too out of breath from the battle and subsequent laughter to continue, and collapsed on the bed giggling.
“I’ve been thinking,” Dan spoke as your breathing returned to normal. “Phil and I have been offered this thing where we do like media and branding stuff for a company up north on the coast. It’s for a couple days, a few weeks after your graduation. And I was thinking that if you wanted, you could come with us and we could have a little celebratory holiday for a week or so. I’m not forcing anything on you, it’s just an offer, it won’t affect our movements. I don’t know, just something to think about.”
“Really? You want me to come with you on a Dan and Phil™ trip?”
“Of course I want you to come with us!”
“Dan, I’d love to!”
He beamed at you.
“Really? That’s fantastic! I honestly had a feeling you’d say no. I don’t know why. I just had a hunch. I had a dream you said no when I asked.”
“No, you silly. Wait, how long have you been meaning to ask me?”
“I was going to last week but you were kind of, well, stressed. And I was going to, then you threw a book at the wall, so I chickened out,” he admitted sheepishly. “But I’m very glad you said yes.” He kissed your cheek before you snuggled up and settled down to sleep. A minute or two later you burst into laughter.
“What the fuck are you laughing at?”
“You asking me about the holiday. I guess you could say you got… COLD FEET.”
“Shut the fuck up.”