barefoot christian

Sweet features

Request from Anonymous: Can you please make another scenario/imagine of Christian Yu and the girl is a model that he work with for a music video. Sorry for my broken english i hope you understand it and thank you sm before

Christian was waiting for the leading lady to come on set and she was late. One hour late to be exact. He was getting frustrated because this meant he was now lost for time. “When is she going to get here?” he asked the other guys. “Don’t worry, she’ll get here,” someone from the set yelled out. Christian took out his phone and began scrolling through Instagram. He rested his elbows on the chair before seeing a shadow cast over his phone. Christian looked up and saw the leading lady. She looked even better in person. “I’m so sorry for being late! My taxi driver took a wrong turn and we ended on the other side of town,” she frantically apologised. Christian stood up from the chair and reached out to shook her hand, “that’s okay, I’m gla-I mean, we’re glad you’re here. I’m Christian”. She shook his hand before realising his role, “Oh Christian Yu? You’re the director for this music video, right?” Christian smiled as he ran his fingers through his hair. 


“Okay, cut! I think we got it. Break time,” Christian called out. Everyone started to spread across the studio and Christian could see the leading lady trying to get off the steps. No one seemed to realised she needed help. “Can I lend a hand?” Christian reached his hands out to meet hers and guided her down the steps. “Thanks Christian. These heels look good but they are a pain to stand in,” she complained as she sat down in a chair. “You should take it off. We’re done with that scene and the next one is just you lying on the bed”. She smiled at him and kicked off the heels. She leaned back into the chair and let out a loud sigh. “Long day?” Christian asked. “Yeah, before this I had an audition and tomorrow night I’ll be flying out to Malaysia”. “At least you love what you’re doing, right? She simply nodded and closed her eyes. Christian examined her facial features and how beautiful she looked with minimal makeup, that dress and the way her hair flowed pass her shoulders. She looked like the girl next door. Christian have worked with models before and most of them acted liked divas. Demanding this and that. But this girl was different. Then she interrupted his train of thoughts, “I’m starving. How’s the catering here?” she asked. Christian pointed her to the table, “We have some pizzas, noodles and some fried chicken, I think. I wasn’t in charge of catering so don’t blame me for the lack of options”. She laughed at him before getting up and made her way to the table barefoot. Christian followed suit. 

Christian saw her grabbed two slices of pizza and loaded the other half of the plate with noodles. She saw him looking at her choices. “Don’t judge me. I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast,” she told him. Christian took a plate for himself and filled his plate with a bit of everything, “Now I won’t judge you, if you don’t judge me. This is my cheat meal”. She laughed as she handed him a water bottle. Christian and her went back to the chairs and began eating. 

“So what made you choose directing as a career,” she asked. Christian swallowed his food, “I used to be on a completely different career path but I realised it wasn’t for me so I changed it. I’ve always loved editing and shooting but it was more a hobby before. Now I turned that hobby into a career”. “Interesting. I’m like you too. Modelling wasn’t my first career choice. I used to sing,” she told him. Christian let out a quiet gasp, “Singing? I used to sing too!” She smiled at him as she ate the last piece of the pizza. Before Christian could ask her about it, the other guys came up to him and let him know that they were running behind schedule. “Oh shit, I’m sorry. Let me run to the bathroom first,” she apologised again.

“Just relax, okay?” Christian told her as she got ready for the next scene. The scene involved her lying on the bed with rose petals surrounding her. “Can we get more petals please,” Christian called out to the others. He gave her an okay sign before heading back to the director’s chair. 


The music began to echo throughout the set and Christian focused on the screen. He was mesmerised by her image on the screen. The way her eyes flutter, her gentle hand movements and the backdrop of the white bedsheet illuminated all her facial features. “Oi, Christian, we’ve been filming this scene for the past 10 minutes!” someone from the set called out. It was the producer. Christian’s train of thoughts was interrupted again and he ran his hands through his hair to try and hide his embarrassment. “Oh, sorry. I just wanted to um get it right the first time. We should move on to the window scene,” he told them. 

The window scene consisted of her sitting by a fake window sill and looking towards the projection. The projection was a looped clip of people crossing the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. She came to sit down next to his chair while the others changed the set. “I think the producer is mad at you at the moment,” she told him as she giggled softly. “Nah, he’s harmless. He has a date tomorrow morning so I’m guessing that’s why he is impatient with me,” Christian explained. Christian looked at her and her eyes were different. They looked sad even though minutes earlier, she looked so relaxed and happy. “Something wrong?” he asked her. Now he interrupted her train of thoughts. “Oh nothing is wrong. Just that you bought up dating and I just kinda, you know..” her voice trailed off. “Boyfriend problems?” he turned to her. She let out a small huff, “Maybe if I had a boyfriend but no, my career won’t allow me. I just want to grow successfully first before settling down. But sometimes, when I come back to my hotel, I just feel empty”. Christian saw the sadness behind her eyes grow even bigger. He wanted to make her forget being sad so he took out his phone and started recording her on Snapchat. “What are you doing, Christian?” she asked, “This isn’t part of the music video”. Christian changed the camera view and now it was facing the front. “Just wanted to see how this filter looked on us”. Christian and the girl were swiping across the several filters and making faces with it. Christian took a photo of each one. These moments were then interrupted because she had to go back on set. Christian was yet again mesmerised by her features. She was looking out towards the projection and he couldn’t help but to think what was she thinking at the time. 


“Well I think it’s time for bed,” she told Christian, as she walked out of the changing room. It was nearly 2am in the morning when she finished filming her scenes. It would have ended earlier, but Christian kept on forgetting to yell out ‘cut’. He was lost in her presence whenever he saw her on the screen. “Do you want a lift back to your hotel? Don’t want any taxi drivers taking you to the wrong side of the city,” he joked. She smiled, “Um if it’s not too much trouble. I don’t know Seoul very well..” Christian picked up his bags and gestured her to follow him, “No trouble. I insist anyway”. 

During the car ride, Christian and her talked about their previous careers. “You don’t regret changing careers?” she asked him. “No, I’ve never been happier with where I am at the moment”. She smiled as she looked out the window. The streets of Seoul in the early mornings were so peaceful and quiet. She let out a soft sigh when they arrived in front of her hotel. Christian put the car in park and turned off the engine. “So thanks for the ride, Christian,” she told him as she took off her seat belt. Christian wanted time to stop right now. He just wanted to drive all night with her in the passenger seat. Just the two of them. “Yeah, no worries,” he said, quietly. “When you’re done with the music video, I’d like to see it. I’ve seen your previous works and all looked great”. Christian again, brushed her hands through his hair before turning to her. “You’ll be the first person to see the final product, I promise”. 

With that, she got out of the car before waving him goodbye. Christian made sure she entered the hotel doors safely before taking out his phone and going through the photos he took of them earlier. He smiled each time he swiped left. Once he got to the last photo, his heart sank a little. He looked at the hotel doors and were having mixed thoughts. Should he just go in and ask the front desk for her? Or should he message her on Instagram? His hands were already on the door handle but then there was a knock on the window. He looked out and saw the hotel’s doorman. “Excuse me Sir, but you’re not allow to park in this spot. It’s for the shuttle buses”. Christian apologised before turning the car engine on and began to drive back to his home.