bare: a pop opera

I just downloaded the scores for eight musicals.

I now have the entire Piano/Vocal scores for:

  • Bare
  • Wicked
  • The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  • Sweeney Todd
  • Rent Act I/II
  • Drowsy Chaperone (Just “Show Off”)
  • Legally Blonde
  • Spring Awakening
  • Tick…Tick..BOOM!

I am content with my life at the moment.


“Bare” from Bare: a pop opera

It’s a musical!

When I first saw this rendition of the song, it just took. my. breath. away. I was so caught up in their emotions! Great performance!!!

(Finally, a post about Bway, sheesh I’ve neglected that part of my blog)

So I recently had some ideas about No Voice...

like whether it’s as up-in-the-air and we-didn’t-give-this-musical-a-proper-ending-because-it’s-more-sad-that-way as it sounds… I’m starting to think it’s not, but I can’t explain that right now.

ANYWAY, I was trawling the internet for reviews and analyzations of Bare, and I found this:

It’s some website that’s like… the Human Rights Campaign for Catholics. Because, you know, Catholics are such an oppressed group.

My favorite, FAVORITE part is how upset they get about how Peter gets high and has “the craziest dream or vision last night, I saw the Virgin Mary and she was black and she had these… these angels who were like… backup singers? and anyway… she told that I needed to tell my mother about us so what are you doing for spring break?”

bare: a Pop Opera

One of the most underrated and overlooked musicals of our generation. It has a great storyline, and phenomenal music. 


In summation, it’s about two boys, Peter and Jason, at a Catholic boarding school, where they have to keep their relationship with each other a secret from the rest of the student body. Later, Peter wants to come out with the relationship, but Jason is afraid of the repercussions from his friends and his family. While Peter gets a “vision” from the “Virgin Mary,” and decides to tell his mother on his own, Jason is having a sexual identity crisis and decides to have one night with the popular girl, Ivy. All hell breaks loose when Ivy discovers that she’s pregnant from that night. Jason, who doesn’t know, doesn’t want anything to do with her, having decided that he truly is in love with Peter. When he does find out, he’s distraught over what to do next. Does he ignore her and try to fix things with Peter? Or does he live the rest of his life a lie, and be the father to his unborn child? He decides to try to talk to Peter, who won’t have any of it, as he’s fed up with all of Jason’s efforts. In his misery, Jason takes a fatal dose of a drug, and during their performance of Romeo and Juliet, he collapses. The musical ends with Jason’s funeral, with each of the principal characters (Nadia, Ivy, Matt, and Peter) reading letters they wrote to him.

This is by far one of the most amazing musicals I’ve ever seen, and it’s been my favorite ever since I saw it last year. When I saw it, I was just struck by the parallels to Peter and myself. It was like watching my Junior/Senior year of high school, minus Jason’s suicide at the end (In a way, the person I’m talking about still committed suicide, but not in the traditional sense of the word).

It is my dream to be in this show. Ideally, I’d want to be Peter, because he is me. But I’d be happy to be ensemble, as long as it means I’m in it.

I just wish it got as much recognition as it deserves. In my opinion, they should revive this on Broadway. I feel like it would be a hit.


This is one of my favorite songs from the whole production.

krista today:

she comes to rehearsal, and is all like:

and erika’s walkin’ around like:

which makes krista more like:

but then krista caves in

and drinks an energy drink

and now shes like this


Love this song, love their preformance of it. It’s just so sweet!