bare: a new musical

It makes me really happy that the Dear Evan Hansen banners are gonna change from “tony award nominated performance” to “tony award winning performance”

Role of a Lifetime
Role of a Lifetime

Role of a Lifetime, from the 2012 Off-Broadway production of Bare the musical, sung by Jason Hite (who played Jason in the show)

This is from their cast recording, which was never released for reasons I do not know, so enjoy the quality (it isn’t a bootleg!). I remember they announced the album on their website and you could listen to this one song, which is how I got it, so they definitely recorded the songs and even mixed them to some extent, but the album never went on sale.

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I'm tired, kinda sick, hungry, and forced to be at school. Could you write me some cute headcanons? I don't care what they're about.

((girl… you can have as many headcanons as you desire. now let me introduce you to alabama native!peter simmonds and new yorker!jason mcconnell 🙌🏼))

• peter actually enjoys college football and is most likely an alabama fan

• his family lives in a small but very rich town where there’s nothing but big, fancy homes, each sitting on 50+ acres of land

• you wanna talk about living in bumfuck eqypt? come to alabama, where it takes you 30 minutes to get to the nearest gas station and another 20 on top of that to get to walmart

• he has a horse named hamlet :) hamlet tries to bite jason the first time they meet (he’s a jealous horse)

• peter says “y'all” and “bless your/his/her/their heart(s)” all the fucking time and everyone thinks it’s a compliment at first, but jason knows the truth

• matt thinks peter’s accent sounds funny when they’re like 11 or 12 and he makes fun of him for it, but peter just claps back and asks him why his hairline is already receding


• jason is just… so enamored with this little southern firecracker and can’t get enough of him

• all of peter’s old friends from back home know about him being gay and beg him to bring jason to alabama so they can finally meet him and threaten jason’s life if he hurts their best friend
- “did they threaten you in any way, honey?”
- *laughs nervously* “nope! they were nice!”

• peter drives a truck (cue jason drooling everywhere) and definitely has some mean ass road rage because everyone drives like they’re in the fucking fast and the furious down here, especially on backroads

• driving down backroads and there’s so. much. green. and so. many. ANIMALS. especially cows. jason’s in heaven.

• going to bonfires with peter’s childhood friends
- jason just thought he could handle his alcohol
- he is a lightweight compared to these people
- peter tried to warn him…

• jason swears he’s dying of a heatstroke every second he’s outside
- “sweetheart, it’s only 85°”

• getting caught up on all the small town gossip because honey, there is A LOT of gossip
- jason can’t keep up with aunt betty sue’s ex-husband’s affair with his brother’s wife

• peter defies the stereotype of southerners speaking slow and low and jason didn’t think he could talk any faster. boy howdy, was he proven wrong.

• THICKENED ACCENT WHEN PETER IS HOME (cue more drooling jason because that accent does some things to his soul)

going to the lake or the river for the day
- peter driving a boat (jason: 🤤)
- peter skiing and wakeboarding

• local diners with the best food jason has ever tasted
- “why am i just now eating cornbread?! this shit’s amazing!”

• fourth of july date 😍

• going on horseback riding trails once jason finally gets the hang of sitting on the saddle without falling off


• dealing with that one homophobic kid that peter hated growing up

• jason beating that guy’s ass for being a dick to peter at a party (ง •̀_•́)ง

• sneaking into bars to go listen to bands

• peter singing at a bar one night like he used to do every summer


• going to atlanta baseball games together

going down to gulf shores together to peter’s family’s beach house

• no cell service = high strung jason

• outside concerts galore

• these two idiots actually getting to love each other and not be harshly judged like people assume (because, contrary to popular belief, southerners are not as publicly nasty about homophobia as people believe)

• peter: “we need to have sex in the truck bed”
- “why?”
- “because… aesthetic, baby”
- turns out it’s kind of uncomfortable but they laugh about it

• peter is damn good at cooking (obvs) and jason finally gets to see peter really cook with an unlimited amount of food unlike back at school

• peter teaching jason how to cook 😌 it turns out to be a disaster, but at least he tried

((ok…. now let’s talk about new yorker!jason for a minute…))

• hockey fanatic and more than likely a rangers fan

• probs a new york mets fan when it comes to baseball

• prefers walking everywhere because the subway and taxis are gross af

• most likely lives in a nice loft in tribeca or somewhere of that nature

• he takes peter to his first broadway show, a baseball game, AND a hockey game when he comes to visit during spring break

• shopping spree in soho 😏 jason does not even give a shit about how much peter spends and just lets him loose in every store possible
- try to prove that he does this out of spite against his parents by maxing out all of their credit cards

• “so living here is why you walk so fast… WILL YOU SLOW DOWN?!”

• peter will never be satisfied with domino’s pizza ever again

• jason is a walking encyclopedia of new york city

• peter really really REALLY likes jason’s yankee accent when he sees him in his element 😛

• jason likes being super high up on skyscrapers and it scares the ever living shit out of peter

• so. many. PEOPLE. what the FUCK.

• peter freaking the fuck out at seeing every single one of his favorite celebrities just… walking by him…. jason is used to it at this point.

- “that’s it. i’m never going back to alabama.”

• peter is not used to all of the sirens, car horns, and yelling people when he sleeps, but jason is knocked the fuck out and sleeping like a baby

• jason always gives money to street performers when he can because he’s a nice person and peter is all 😍 because of it

• jason makes fun of peter for hating the cold
- “peter, it’s only 40° out”

((this post could go on forever, but here’s some of he best ones 😌 hope you have a better day, my dear! 💕))

Tokyo Narita; Shawn Mendes

a/n: late night blurbs have made a come back folks! happy reading! (probs should have uploaded it on Shawn’s birthday, but I’m problematic and unreliable)

synopsis: the party is back at his place, but the host is busy somewhere else

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So we laid down on the floor next to our brand new bed

just so we could listen to this new Kanye West

But I can barely hear it over the music in my head

All these 808s and heartbeats bangin’ in your chest - Tokyo Narita, Halsey

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New music speculation

- mania
- idkhbtfm
- panic! at the disco
- maybe jon walker
- maybe ryan ross

your face / knj

once again, i’ve started a new scenario while i still have shit tons of unfinished ones in my drafts. i wasn’t sure who i wanted this one to be about, but of course, like any other thought, namjoon happened to pop in my head at 3 in the morning. 

“um- my taste in music? it’s your face.”

song insp.: tear in my heart / twenty one pilots

fluff. college au.

323 words.

Originally posted by rapnamu

Namjoon couldn’t be classified as shy, in fact, he was far from it. It was when you walked up to him with your stupid (but pretty) face that he couldn’t stop the stuttering and the sweat dripping down the side of his face. 

It was a simple question, really. Being partnered with each other and having no choice but to talk, of course you were going to make conversation. 

It was awkward the moment you realized you were partners, but it was even more awkward now that you were beside each other on his bed, and he wouldn’t speak.

“So,” you beamed. “How are you?”

How are you? You had the sudden urge to kick your own ass. It was already awkward, and you decide to ask how he is?

“Yeah, I’m fine”, he replied. You nod, forcing a smile his way. It was the middle of winter, but somehow you were sweating your ass off in his room. You couldn’t decide if it was because of the bundle of clothing you were wearing, or the burning tension in the room. 

A strained laugh escaped your throat, ”It’s kind of weird that we’ve never spoken before, isn’t it? Our friends are friends with each other and yet, here we are.” He nodded, continuing to scribble whatever on his notebook.

You could understand why he didn’t want to speak, but couldn’t he at least try? You eyed the pencil that you oh-so wanted to snatch out of his hand and shove up his ass. 

“What kind of music do you like? What’s your taste in music?” You asked him. If there was anything you could bond over with anyone, it was music. 

Um- my taste in music? It’s your face”. 

You almost choked. What the fuck did that even mean?

“I really want to kiss you right now”.

His mouth fell agape (but it wasn’t like that for long if you catch my drift).

how come every other band/artist releasing new music this quarter is able to announce or release a new single coupled with an album release date but gorillaz has to build up an entire year of hype, then last minute change their minds and delay another year, allegedly lose their demos in an uber, get hacked mid countdown to something that we’ll never know, then kind sorta secretly announce a tour named after their second album only with the S changed to a Z but still stay mute on a single release date or an album release. This album is like so mysterious yet not at the same time. Like, I barely even believe what’s happening now is actually happening and that new music is actually going to happen and be real. I could be watching them on tour in real time and still have a tiny voice in the back of my head saying “this is fake! fake news! sad!” like some out of touch tr*mp stan which is not something I want to compare myself to but we’ve gone through so much actual fake news that now every new piece of news I see I think “hmmm……sounds fake”

Wtf MNET!!!

Can we talk about how Youngmin barely got any screen time!!!!!!!!!!!! Even when they mentioned Band New Music the camera panned to Park Woojin, Lee Daehwi, and even Kim Donghyun who don’t get me wrong is my favorite Brand New Music trainee, but was eliminated. They didn’t even show Youngmin!!! Could you at least show your favoritism subtly?!

YouTube announces new Katy Perry Live Special

Kevin Hart. Rhett and Link. Ellen DeGeneres. Katy Perry. The Slow Mo Guys. Demi Lovato. Ludacris.
These amazing stars all have something in common: They’re starring in new shows premiering exclusively on YouTube. And since these shows are ad-supported, you—and every single one of our billion-plus viewers—can watch for free.

Launching new ad-supported shows, exclusively on YouTube
When excited fans, brands, and creators tell us something, we listen. We’re thrilled to announce that beginning later this year, some of the biggest YouTube creators and Hollywood names will be featured in seven new series on YouTube—bringing more can’t-get-enough-of and can’t-find-anywhere-else shows to everyone, everywhere. With these new shows, brands can be a part of content that’s generating buzz around the world.

Katy Perry Live Special: It’s real. It’s raw. It’s Katy Perry. Live on YouTube, The Katy Perry Live Special will take you inside of her world, revealing the experiences and emotions she poured into her all-new soul-baring music on the eve of her highly anticipated album launch. With unique access, global reach and surprise fun packed along the way, Katy will break it all down in this album listen-along, and if you stick around long enough, there might just be fireworks.

We’re excited to partner with top creators and world-class production companies to offer these new shows to audiences globally—on the platform where the world chooses to watch over a billion hours of video every day.1 People turn to YouTube to express themselves, engage with creators, and connect with the thriving communities they’re proud to be a part of.

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hey can u rec me some good musicals? ive just recently gotten into them and ive seen hamilton, heathers and dear even hansen aka pretty well known ones already and im lookin for something diff!

yeahyeah sure!!!

les miserables - A CLASSIC YOU HAVE OF COURSE HEARD OF. its good. about revolution and whatnot as you must know. based off of the book by victor hugo. i dont really know abt the movie i dont usually prefer movies over stage versions and i dont with this one but like, the movie isnt awful if thats what youre gonna watch u know. its a very different style than hamilton/heathers/deh though.

bring it on - musical based off of the ICONIC 2000s movie of the same name. made me want to become a cheerleader. what more can i say

spring awakening - aka my main shit!!! based off of an old ass play by frank wedekind, who was a fairly cool dude all things considered. (all things = hes old as BALLS) (also the play is a nice read too but idk not many people like reading plays) its about coming of age in the opressive 1890s germany and also like sex and masturbation and stuff? so. fun. theres a rape scene in it though, but the musical really waters it down from the play so be warned

fun home - SO GOOD. based off of the comics by alison bechdel who u might recognize because she made the bechdel test. its about alison and her growing up and her relationship with her sexuality and all that jazz, and also her relationship with her father who was gay and killed himself and her dysfunctional family and yada yada, theres a lot. it translates VERY well on stage imo

natasha pierre and the great comet of 1812 - objectively the best musical playing on broadway rn tbqh. its based off of war and peace, yeah, THAT war and peace. dave malloy has condensed some of the classic into a musical with some pretty funky tunes. (its an “electropop opera”, reminds me of hamilton in the sense that it is very innovative&new music-wise)

bare a pop opera - my favorite musical ever but be warned there is some sad shit, like really sad, i dont want to spoil stuff because i watched it with no idea waht it was about and uh great experience but, its very gay angst. peter and jason are Gays™ at a catholic boarding school. 

falsettos - also one of my favorites, its gay and jewish and also a genius comedy. its comprised of two one-act musicals and tells the story of marvin, who is frankly a bit of an ass, who is gay and cheating on his wife when his affair is Revealed and then his wife falls in love w his therapist and his son is like whats goin on and its a wild ride. 

rent - another iconic musical very much the one you listen to on repeat when youre going through your emo phase but youre a theatre kid. about some pals in nyc who really arent the most fortunate bunch in the whole world. 

american idiot - this is also an emo musical..based off of the album by green day which is also good as hell. i prefer a lot of the music from the musical to the album because im a fake fan but whatever. tells the story of johnny and his pals. tw for drugs and war and some oher stuff probably. its…sort of hard to understand? maybe?

waitress - real good stuff!!!!! based on the indie movief rom like, 2009 i think. sarah bareilles wrote the music n shes currently playing jenna so u know its quality… basically about jenna whos a waitress and she finds out shes pregnant. she struggles with what she wants to do with her future and how her babies future fits into that. tw for abuse (tho overall its pretty comedic, not the abuse just the overall show)

time stood still - songs about time, countdowns, moments, and snapshots

stop time - 35mm: a musical exhibition // another day - rent // time stood still - women on the verge of a nervous breakdown // coffee’s on - murder ballad // here right now - ghost the musical // this time - // the world inside a frame - the bridges of madison county // countdown - the burnt part boys // 911! emergency! - bare: a pop opera // it’s been a year - lift // ten minutes ago - cinderella // suspended in time - xanadu // 30/90 - tick, tick… boom! // it won’t be long now - in the heights // time - a new brain // time and music - a new brain // the day after that - kiss of the spider woman // when it ends - the wild party // no time at all - pippin // say it to me now - once // when the sun goes down - in the heights // just another day - next to normal // one second and a million miles - the bridges of madison county


Hurricane || Calum Hood || Chapter 2

You’re like a hurricane, you hear about them in news and sympathize with people who are affected by it, but once it hits you, you still get shattered totally even though everyone warned you before

Summary: Everything suddenly changed when 5 Seconds of Summer’s managers discovered your band Blurred Sounds. You got everything an upcoming artist could ever dream of, signed by a huge record label, a growing fanbase and being an opening act for a world-famous band. But every dream has his dark sides and trouble was already waiting for you. Friendship, enemies, love, support, hate, jealousy, will you survive the hurricane of feelings?

warnings: strong language

Chapter 1

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