and also hell yeah i’m gonna be extra when niall releases his album bc he’s literally been casted to the side for YEARS, barely getting solo time on albums and basically being labeled as a “back up” singer like…..fuck yeah i’m gonna be extra when his time comes BC HE FUCKING DESERVES IT.

Ok. This is extremely long winded and requires a LOT of set up so bare with me.

The Humanz album is a multi-level concert in a five-story warehouse type building. Each interlude in the album is meant to be the listener entering onto a new floor of the building. The concert is meant to end on the roof as a final performance. The listener is meant to be an attendee at the concert. The concert is taking place on the night of the United States presidential election. As the listener enters, they are asked to please turn off their phone and not to turn it on as they proceed through the different stages of the concert.

Ready to get started?

The concert begins on the ground floor in a dark room as “I Switched My Robot Off” plays loudly through the room. As it ends, a spotlight shines onto the stage as Vince Staples starts the introduction to “Ascension.” The stage erupts in a light show as the first chorus begins and the concert begins. The first stage ends as “Momentz” comes to a close and 2-D, the Humanz, and De La Soul go backstage to a crew only elevator.

The listeners move onto the second floor where they are greeted by a hologram of Steve Martin’s “Non-Conformist’s Oath” skit from the interlude. The listener as well as the crowd shout out the parts theyre told to repeat. “Submission” then begins followed by “Charger” before entering the elevator to the next floor.

Still following? Good. Because we’re still building up to the true heart of this head canon.

As the listener enters the elevator, they hear Murdoc say “Elevator Going Up” before the doors open to 2-D already starting “Andromeda.” As “Busted and Blue” finishes, the listener goes onto the fourth floor.

“Talk Radio” begins with the next session of songs. This is when things get interesting. In the green room where all the guest stars and celebrities are watching the election closely.

The listener moves onto the 5th floor that ends with “The Elephant” as confetti shoots out over the crowd. As this is happening, all the guest singers for the deluxe version’s bonus disk arrive in the green room to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s election.

This is where the meat of the head canon comes to fruition.

The listener, as a singular person rather than the whole audience moves away from the crowd of the 5th floor towards the elevators heading to the roof for the final performance. They enter an elevator where they meet Benjamin Clementine and he sings a warning of sorts in the form of “Hallelujah Money” almost exactly like the music video.

As this happens, the guest singers move on to the first floor to help prepare for the VIP after-party and all the Gorillaz members move to the roof for the final performance with Jehnny Beth in tow. However, the guest singers of the deluxe bonus disc decide to stay behind and continue to watch the election. Almost like magic as Benjamin finishes singer to the listener, Trump begins collecting more and more votes until its beyond the point of no return.

In an almost ironic turnabout, the Gorillaz and Jehnny Beth begin “We Got the Power” as the listener walks into the crowd on the roof of the building. As the song goes on, the deluxe guest singers begin to accept the fact Trump has almost certainly won and collectively decide that they just cant let all the concert attendees go home to such a shocking disappointment and immediately begin writing the songs for the bonus disc.

The concert ends and the crowd begins leaving to go home. The listener gets caught in the crowd and cant quite get to the elevators to leave.

Suddenly, the bonus interlude “New World” begins to play for those still stuck on the roof. The listener is now a deluxe listener. The Gorillaz go to the green room, learn of the Trump’s win, and begin to help write “Out of Body,” “Ticker Tape,” and “Circle of Friendz.”

The deluxe guest singers tell the audience of what has happened and spreads the message of how the only way to win this is through love for each other and the songs begin. As “Circle of Friendz” begins, the sirens and sounds of bottles breaking are the sounds of the riots and social unrest in protest to president-elect Trump as the sun begins to rise.

The album ends as the listener leaves the building into the New World with the message of “we are still humans” repeating through their mind as the listener discovers what all has happened through the long night of what started as celebration but has ended in dread and fear.

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back {S.M}

non-requested// blurb based off of Shawn’s new single, “there’s nothing holdin’ me back”

author’s note// im shooketh shawn’s new song has given me my will to live back someone 2pifhiwuqehfkjwefhckjuwe it is just so ding dang good!!!! 


She was just a little bit.. Rambunctious may be the correct word. She was everything Shawn had wanted in life and more. He had meet hundreds upon hundreds of girls, but there were none that even held a candle to her. She was beautiful, but not the kind of beautiful that all of the other girls were. She was the kind of beautiful that was that she was so herself that it was impossible not to stop and stare. As she was dancing at that random club he had stopped in while on tour, he felt his heart fall hard and fast. It seemed absolutely ridiculous, love at first sight, but her long black hair flying, her dark arms waving above her head, she didn’t care at all who saw her. 

So of course he had to talk to her. Of course he had to know this beautiful girl’s name. This was just the start of her completely controlling him. The first known instance of Shawn throwing away his inhibitions for this girl. He pushed himself into the crowd, making his way towards her as fast as he possibly could. 

“You like this song?” He asked, awkwardly bopping. He wasn’t much of a ‘dance like there’s nobody there’ type of person. But she obviously was, because she saw him, she may have even recognized who he was, and she continued to flail around loosely to the beat of the song, answering his question with a simple;

“I’ve never heard it before.” He was so drawn to her. He wanted to go wherever she went, he wanted to always be with her. 

Oh, and he made sure that happened.

After she got tired enough to go get a drink, he followed her. 

“Following me?” She had smirked, turning around for just a moment, continuing to walk towards the bar. 

“I’m sorry I ju-” She turned around completely, completely stopping to face him, a grin plastered on her face. 

“Just come sit with me, okay?” And that was it. He was hooked. He was addicted. From that moment on, he took her everywhere. Tour, home, everywhere you could imagine and then some. It’s like every last little bit of sense that was in his brain was shaken out violently. He didn’t care, as long as he was with her. The news had horrible headlines, showing Shawn getting blackout drunk with her, and being rude to fans, and much worse. Of course, he didn’t care. He loved it more than anything when she totally threw caution to the wind and did whatever the hell she wanted. There was nothing holding her back, and he loved it so much. He loved her so much. She made him happy, she made him feel more alive than he ever had before. She made preforming much better, before every single show he had she would always tell him “just imagine everyone naked!” It was one of the most cliche things you could tell someone to get rid of nerves, but it worked. It may have not even been the verbal encouragement that helped, it was probably just the fact that she was there, watching him. It was wonderful, they were so happy. Shawn had done things he had never imagined and she taught him to stop caring about what everyone else thought. She helped him learn to be more alive. It would have been better if he taught her how to dial it down, maybe realize the opinions of others matter just a little, and there are people always watching especially when you are in the public eye. 

Of course, they took things too far eventually. Shawn’s career was going downhill. He could barely sell his albums to where they needed to break even. It wasn’t the music, all of his music and songs were inspired by her, they were crazy and loving and passionate. But they saw all he was doing. They saw his “crazy girlfriend”. They saw that he cut all meet and greets because she asked him to. He didn’t even bat an eye doing whatever she wanted. Deep down, he knew that it wasn’t good. He knew that they would get out of control, their love would spiral out of control to an almost catastrophic point. They had lost their minds, completely. They took it way too far. 

But he didn’t care. He had her. He loved her more than he loved anyone in this world. She meant the world and more to him. He was under the impression that if he had her his life would be completely okay. He thought that she was the only thing that mattered. 

Maybe he was right, maybe he wasn’t. The only thing he really knew was that he loved her. 

author’s note// hey hey hey i love shawn mendes more than i love myself okay have a good night!!! also sorry this was short!! i really kinda like it tho!!!

You honestly don’t know how proud I am for GOT7 and how much I will fight people who say they don’t deserve the things they worked so hard for. Their first album they only sold 166 albums on their first day sales… ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FUCKING SIX albums. They barely started selling albums by the thousands for first day sales when they released MAD and that was at the end of 2015. Now its 2017 and for the last album of their Flight Log trilogy, they surpassed 40K for first day sales. They come from the top three company but people still didn’t recognize their talent, gave so much shit to Youngjae, just problems for them and with each album they keep getting more and more recognition for their hard work. You see how they care for their fans and don’t take anything for granted. If they mess up they apologize for doing wrong. They just work so hard and I’m finally happy that they’re getting the love and recognition that they deserve. It just makes me happy seeing all this and being apart of their fandom.

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Hii~ I'm not sure if you can help me with my problem, but from an igot7 to an igot7, I feel so useless in comparison to other igot7's since they are all streaming their MVs and buying their albums while I can't do both because I don't have a good working phone or have money to buy their albums. I feel like I should probably quit being in this. Fandom if I can't do a bare thing.

baby omg !! nooooo don’t think like that !!!!! you not being able to stream/buy every single album does not make you a bad fan what the heck !!! bby i could barely afford the 2 got7 albums i have ok like you’re not alone !!! you are not useless my darling !!! just being an igot7 is enough !! i love u !

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I don't know, when harry said it was an honest real album I never ever thought the lyrics were going to be soul baring. I thought the album, the style of music, the choice of songs, the way it was made was what was honest! He made the album he wanted to make, he made it the way he wanted to make and the songs that he loved the most.

taking the lyrics with the utmost seriousness is a mistake regarding harry i think because he’s very into metaphors and roundabout ways of expressing himself


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harries are so much more interested in zayn that they're not even doing their part as fans to make him go higher, some people in the media can tell lol showbiz411 com/2017/05/20/harry-styles-is-number-1-somehow-despite-the-facts-not-much-streaming-indifferent-sales-bad-songs

Harry Styles Is Number 1, Somehow, Despite the Facts: Not Much Streaming, Indifferent Sales, Bad Songs

I love facts!!!!!!!

Harries can’t face the fact that their fave not only hasn’t changed the face of music but has barely managed to pull an album out of his ass…. also Harries get more attention talking about Z than they do talking about H. Just like harry himself :)

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Honestly, Katy is unraveling in front of our eyes. GF was never a big Album seller . 4 albums and barely 7 mil albums sold in the US, but she sold a shitload of singles and now her singles are flopping.

Yes flopping so hard.

Holiday Photo

Summary: A family photo at the Uchiha’s becomes an unexpected event. 

Sasuke finds Sakura in the back of the house, holed up in one of the empty rooms and surrounded by moving boxes that they still haven’t had time to go through yet to sort. She quickly glances up from the floor as her head pokes out from behind a stack of boxes. 

“What are you doing?” he asks as he walks up to her.

Sakura is seated on the floor with several photo albums in front of her. “Ah, I picked up some of Sarada’s baby photos from when she was born and was looking for an empty album to put them into. Then I came upon this.” She had a hand on one album and he recognizes it immediately as his old photo album from when he was eight. It was probably the last photo album with photos of him and his family.

She smiles as she flips through the pages. “Your clan was so big. I didn’t realize there was so many people…” she murmurs as she pauses on a page and lightly touches the photo on that page, her hand grazing gently on the plastic film. “I wish I could have met them,” she says softly.

He kneels down next to her as he looks at the photo. It was of him standing besides his mother, father, and brother. He feels a slight pang in his heart when he sees the photo but it quickly goes away as he glances at Sakura. 

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