My respect for you as an artist will plummet significantly if you seriously view Banksy as someone who makes a strong impact against the government/someone who has benefited minorities with his work
Sure he wants to destroy capitalism with his bare knuckles (or so he likes to portray himself as someone who does) but really. Really. He is the artist equivalent of white entry level feminism.

A poem for those that know

Urgent notice found away from my heart,

much like the words written on my dirty palms:

You are the closest thing to silence that I have ever known

and still I do not love you.

You understand.

We are eternity laughing at itself, pointing out all grandiose

displays of abdication. Fools, we say,

they worry about their judgment day so they spend their

lives getting courted.

Us wicked see poetic distractions, quick solutions

of delusion

so desperate to keep the void away.


there is no reprieve.

I dance around the smoke screens

remaining surreal against the backdrop of

shaman squalor .

We wear wicked smiles, a

silent salute to all those weak willed

contessas bare-knuckling their way through the


Don’t worry, world-us, ourselves,

we sing songs loud and hold hands

until the sun comes up from hiding.

It’s deliverance to not be lonely.

We hear more merriment in the halls

now that the space they contain is empty.

A reverberation echoic solution.