bare the musical

A (brief) masterpost of musicals!

(I don’t own/ didn’t record these) Also, they’re all on YouTube (if any don’t work, I can probably get a different video for you from somewhere else, just send a message. I have a lot of links) All links working as of 14/06/17

Tony Awards (full show)

I hope people see this but if you post about any of the following musicals:

  • Be More Chill 
  • Groundhog Day 
  • Heathers 
  • Miss Saigon 
  • Ragtime 
  • Newsies
  • Dear Evan Hansen 
  • Hamilton 
  • Tuck Everlasting
  • Falsettos
  • Matilda
  • The Lion King 
  • Les Misérables
  • Rent 
  • In The Heights 
  • Book of Mormon 
  • Waitress 
  • Fun Home
  • Amelie 
  • Bare Pop Opera/The Musical 

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why bare: a pop opera deserves your undivided attention:

- its about two boys in love in a catholic boarding school bitch sign me up ??
- has a self depricating fat girl song like bitch me too tf
- barrett wilbert weed was in a version of it (tho she was in the reworked musical which…is not as good as the original pop opera ok trust me)
- has a high quality recording on youtube (this is the best ver ive ever seen tbh the peter is so precious)
- the soundtrack has some absolute bangers ok it may not sound like it at first but ? once youve watched it and understood the songs in context youll be obsessed
- It Will Make You Sob (thats right its a sad gay musical)
- imagine modern day catholic spring awakening
- cmon guys we got be more chill (not canonically gay, no video recording) suddenly super popular we can do it for bare (canonically gay, high quality recording)

bare things

• Peter and Jason were together since they were tWeLvE yEaRs oLd
• Peter and Jason whispering “i’ll be with you always” to each other when they pass in the hallways
• twelve year old Peter and Jason meeting
• twelve year old Jason kissing twelve year old Peter and time freezing
• Peter and Jason cuddling in their room every night since they were TWELVE
• Peter and Jason getting butterflies each time the other entered a room
• Jason telling Peter he is his soulmate
• All the girls wanted Jason, but Jason just wanted his Peter

bare things
  1. epiphany is so important
  2. jason and peter are gonna be together forever sorry i don’t make the rules
  3. jason just wants to kiss and cuddle his boy all the time
  5. everyone auditions for the play. i love my theatre nerds
  6. peter is so shook when jason auditions
  7. every girl wants jason but jason only wants peter
  8. nadia and matt’s friendship is really nice and underrated
  9. i would die for nadia mcconnell
  10. jason and nadia’s hug after plain jane fatass
  11. also nadia and peter’s friendship
  12. jason and peter’s dancing in wonderland.             ok
  13. nadia wanting to try on some of ivy’s clothes
  14. peter and jason dancing together at the rave, not even caring 
  15. peter pulling jason in by his shirt
  16. jason alway pulling peter along by holding hands, no matter where they are
  17. “i finally nailed my girlfriend.” “i blinked and it was over.”
  18. “i’ve never felt this way before. have you?” “yeah, once.”
  19. i wish your piñata were that big
  20. jason has explicitly said that peter is his soulmate
  21. peter wants to marry jason
  22. peter’s known he’s gay since he was 12
  23. claire calling jason her son in law (?)
  24. sister chantelle was very aware of jason and peter’s relationship and supported it 
  26. peter and sister chantelle’s hug after god don’t make no trash
  27. nadia knew about jason and peter and always supported them, even though jason never knew
  28. the way the music evolves, like how nadia’s solo parts in promise are in the tune of quiet night at home. at the end of touch my soul, after jason breaks up with ivy, we hear the first chords of all grown up. at the end of promise we hear the first chords of no voice.
  29. jason and nadia’s relationship
  30. ivy and nadia’s hug
  31. the show blatantly obviously says that peter and jason are romeo and juliet
  32. jason wanted to spend every one of his last moments with peter
  33. “father we were so in love. that’s what i find so odd, our love was pure and nothing else brought me closer to god.”

saddest lines in musicals

  • “some girls were just meant to smile” -legally blonde
  • “once i was told that good men get better with age -we’re just gonna skip that stage” -falsettos
  • “no i’d rather pretend i’m something better than these broken parts, pretend i’m something other than this mess that i am ” -dear evan hansen
  • “or wish i’d offed myself instead, wish i was never born”- be more chill
  • “and i forgive you, father”- bare: a pop opera
  • “the weakest must go” -heathers: the musical
  • “i’m still hurting” -last five years
  • “an ogre always hides, an ogres fate is known, an ogre always stays in the dark and all alone” -shrek the musical
  • literally all of ill cover you (reprise) -rent
  • “someone simply said, your child is..” -next to normal

those are just mine. add your own if you want

Modern(ish) Musicals

I’ll list three musicals per “genre” with a short summary of each and three songs per musical to give you a sense of the show. 

Spectacular Musicals:
These are musicals with huge, show-stopping numbers with the same feel as all your classic faves. You’ve probably at least heard of all of these.

  • Newsies
    • Newsboys strike when the prices of papers are raised
    • Songs
      • Santa Fe
      • Carrying the Banner
      • Seize the Day
  • Anastasia
    • Two charming Russian conmen try to pass off an orphan girl as the lost princess Anastasia
    • Songs
      • My Petersburg
      • Once Upon a December
      • In a Crowd of Thousands
  • Wicked
    • The Wizard of Oz told from the Wicked Witch’s perspective
    • Songs
      • The Wizard and I
      • Popular
      • Defying Gravity

Subtly Beautiful Musicals:
These are musicals without much flashy production value that just let their songs and stories simmer beautifully. For all of these, you really need to hear the whole show, but I’ll list three songs as a good starter.

  • The Last Five Years
    • The story of a doomed relationship told from two perspectives simultaneously, backward and forwards
    • Songs
      • Still Hurting
      • The Next Ten Minutes
      • If I Didn’t Believe in You
  • The Band’s Visit
    • An Egyptian band is sent to a tiny Israeli town by mistake and must spend the night there
    • Songs
      • Omar Sharif
      • Something Different
      • Answer Me
  • Fun Home
    • The story of a woman finding her identity and making sense of her relationship with her father
    • Songs
      • Ring of Keys
      • Maps
      • Flying Away (Finale)

Popcorn Musicals:
These are musicals to listen to and turn off your brain–the sort of show you can watch while munching on popcorn.

  • Legally Blonde
    • A ditzy blonde follows her ex to Harvard (not as sexist as it sounds)
    • Songs
      • Omigod
      • Better than Before
      • Take it Like a Man
  • Heathers
    • Two high schoolers go on a murder-spree
    • Songs
      • Fight for Me
      • Our Love Is God
      • Seventeen
  • Catch Me if You Can
    • A young man leads an FBI agent on a wild goose chase, assuming many fake identities
    • Songs
      • Live in Living Color
      • Don’t Break the Rules
      • Goodbye

Super Popular Musicals:
These are the musicals everyone always talks about. You probably know about them, but maybe you were never quite able to get into them, so here are songs do introduce yourself to them.

  • Hamilton
    • The (fictionalized) story of the life of Alexander Hamilton
    • Songs
      • Aaron Burr, Sir
      • Satisfied
      • The Room Where it Happens
  • Dear Evan Hansen
    • A teenager with anxiety finds himself in an unexpected situation when a classmate commits suicide
    • Songs
      • Waving Through a Window
      • Requiem
      • Only Us
  • Les Mis
    • The musical follows both a group of French revolutionaries and Jean Valjean, a supremely moral convict
    • Songs
      • Red and Black
      • One Day More
      • On My Own

Dark Musicals:
These are musicals that do not hit all the peppy beats typically associated with musical theater–have tissues handy.

  • Spring Awakening
    • Repressed 19th-century German teens try to cope with their burgeoning sexualities and the realities of their worlds
    • Songs
      • Mama Who Bore Me
      • The Bitch of Living
      • The Word of Your Body
  • Next to Normal
    • The story of a mother coping with depression and how it affects her family
    • Songs
      • Another Day
      • My Psychopharmacologist and I
      • I’m Alive
  • Bare: A Pop Opera
    • Two gay boys try to navigate their relationship at Catholic boarding school
    • Songs
      • You and I
      • All Grown Up
      • Bare

Unusual Musicals:
These are musicals that don’t quite fit in any other category. 

  • Bright Star
    • A young, ambitious man crosses paths with a woman, causing her to reminisce about her life
    • Songs
      • Bright Star
      • Woah Mama
      • Sun is Gonna Shine
  • A New Brain
    • A young composer is sent to the hospital after collapsing, causing his family and friends to rally around him
    • Songs
      • Frogs Have so Much Spring
      • Sailing
      • And They’re Off
  • Great Comet
    • A pop-opera version of an excerpt of War and Peace–a young, engaged girl attempts to elope with a married man
    • Songs
      • Prologue
      • The Ball
      • Balaga
Role of a Lifetime
Role of a Lifetime

Role of a Lifetime, from the 2012 Off-Broadway production of Bare the musical, sung by Jason Hite (who played Jason in the show)

This is from their cast recording, which was never released for reasons I do not know, so enjoy the quality (it isn’t a bootleg!). I remember they announced the album on their website and you could listen to this one song, which is how I got it, so they definitely recorded the songs and even mixed them to some extent, but the album never went on sale.