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Humans are Weird - Part 2

~Here’s the second part to a series of shorts I may publish! Hope you enjoy!~

Xylion stood in front of the Cabin section, the four humans standing behind him. Zellnor had tasked him with showing them around. While not his favorite task, he guessed it’d go to him. He was one of Zellnor’s good friends, but still, he was nervous around the humans. Who knew what’d they do to him if given the choice?

“So your name is Xylion?” HUman Jennifer asked, moving into his path.

Xylion felt his spines stand on end. “Y-yes!” He stuttered, his whole body standing on end.

Human Jennifer bared the white bones once more. “That’s a really nice name!”

Xylion felt embarrassment fill him. If he was the same species as Zellnor, he probably would’ve been yellow or pink. He was glad he wasn’t, though. “Thank you, Human Jennifer.”

Human Jennifer’s face seemed to turn red. However, it wasn’t in embarrassment, it was in anger. “Call me Jenny.” They choked out, her mouth barely moving and her voice strained.

“Do you need to see the doctor? She’s quite nice. I think you need a check up.” Xylion said, fear filling him.

Human Jennif- Jenny shook their head. “I’m fine. I just don’t really like being called Jennifer. Besides, we’re friends now, you can call me Jenny!”

Xylion was confused. They were…friends? Human Fredrick sighed. “Ignore Jenny, she is pretty social and always trusts everyone.”

Human Jenny glared at him. “Shut up, Freddie.”

Human Fredrick’s fleshy parts on the side of his head seemed to turn red along with his neck. Was he dying too? Xylion wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle this!

“Not you too! Do you need to go to the hospital too, Human Fredrick?” He cried, holding himself back from shaking him violently so he’d tell him.

Human Fredrick’s face only turned red in response. Xylion was about to die. How could he keep a watch on the humans when they were already dying? He was a terrible-!

He stopped when he heard laughing. While not normal for his species, he recognized it well. He turned around and looked at Human Isaac, who was clutching his chest and on the floor, laughter spilling out of his mouth. Xylion stared at him, and saw him choking on air. “I- I can’t breath!” He said, laughing throughout his whole sentence.

Xylion narrowed his eyes at him. “What is causing your laughter, Human Isaac?”

Human Mason sighed as he kicked Human Isaac. Xylion almost screamed. Why would he injure his fellow crew member? “Get up, idiot.”

Human Isaac listened, rubbing the spot Human Mason had kicked him. “Dude, why? I’m sorry that Xylion doesn’t know what blushing is!”

Xylion reeled back. Blushing? What was that? Human Isaac threw his appendage at him. “See? Look at that expression!”

“What is…blushing, did you all it?”

Human Fredrick seemed to have recovered some. He cleared his throat before pushing his goggles up further. “It is something humans do when embarrassed. It’s nothing life threatening, but it certainly can betray your feelings. For example, Zellnor is one of the Charies, correct?”

“Yes, why?”

“Well, Zellnor’s species is known for changing the color of their skin when they are feeling a certain emotion. Red for anger, green for sickness, dark green for jealousy, yellow for embarrassment, pink for love, etcetera. Blushing is kind of like that, humans’ skin turns red when they are embarrassed. It can happen a lot to some people, or hardly at all for others. And, the dark the skin, the less likely you can see the blush. At least, so I’ve heard.” Human Fredrick finished, tapping his chin.

Xylion nodded. “Makes sense, I guess.”

“Anything else you want to ask?” Human Fredrick questioned, corssing his appendages. 

“Yes, a few, actually. Why do you wear goggles?”

“You mean my glasses? They help me see. My eyes aren’t as good as the normal for humans, so I have to wear glasses to help me see.”

“And those appendages?”

“Are you talking about our arms and hands?” Human Jenny asked, holding out the appendages.

“So they are called arms…and the smaller ones?”

“Well, all of it together is a hand, but this part here is called the palm, these a fingers, and this is a thumb.” Human Jenny explained, pointing to each part.

“I see..”

“Anything else?” Human Isaac asked, his mouth pulled upwards, but not baring those terrible white things.

“What is inside your mouth?”

“You mean teeth?” Human Isaac scoffed, showing them off.

“Those aren’t teeth.”

“Ours are more filed down.” Human Fredrick said, adjusting his glasses once more. “We don’t tear into the flesh of out food. Not any more, anyways.”

Xylion was slightly scared. “And last but not least, why are there so many different colors of you all?”

Human Mason stiffened. Human Fredrick cast him a worried glance before answering. “Well, the different hemispheres on Earth are hotter or colder. The colder the area, the lighter the skin has to be so it can absorb more Vitamin D. And the darker it is, the less they have to absorb because they always absorb so much.”

“I see…”

“Anything else?” Human Jenny asked, baring her teeth.

“What is that?”


“That thing you keep doing.”

“You mean smiling?”

“That’s what you call it?”

Next part will come out later…hope you enjoyed this part.

Escape:  the Bree years

6 Months Later

When Claire thought back to the early days with Bree she could only describe it as if she were climbing out of a fog.  Fog so dense, so thick, you couldn’t see your outstretched hand in front of your face.  Like the red tail lights of a car in front of you that you can see, but then disappear, and no matter how far you drive you can never catch a glimpse of the thing that you know is right in front of you. 

Slowly though, the mist had cleared.  

Through her own determination, her sister-in-law’s support, and Jamie’s unfailing love, she managed to find joy again.  Claire’s joy was in her work, if only part-time.  She loved the energy of the Emergency Ward, the fast pace, the split-second decisions, and the challenge of performing a different surgery almost every day.  

“Suction.”  Her field of vision was cleared immediately.

“I need another clamp, please.”  

The instrument was in her hand before she was done asking.  But that’s how it was with her and Geillis.  They knew each other so well that they anticipated each other’s needs.  

She looked up and smiled at Geillis.

“Hocus Pocus,” Geillis giggled.

“Time to focus,” Claire admonished with a wink.  

Everyone agreed that Geillis was an excellent surgical nurse, but put she and Claire together in the O.R. and you had real magic.  

Her joy was in Jamie.  He was happy he had provided for his family’s needs. He moved mountains to prepare their home for a Nanny.  Her husband had charmed Mrs. Fitz at their first meeting, then invited her to dinner at their home, and asked her to care for Bree.

“Honestly, Mrs. Fitz, I’ve no’ seen anything like it.  She went to ye as natural as she would her Auntie Jenny,” Jamie smiled at their guest.  

“Och, she’s a sweet child,” Mrs. Fitz said as she stirred sugar into her tea.

“So, we were hoping that ye might consider being her Nanny three days a week. Not full time, mind.”  Jamie poured on the charm.  “Seein’ as she has no Grandparents, ye really would be filling a huge void in her life.  Someone who could teach her the songs and stories that our mothers would have done. The presence of someone with such strong character and values. Do ye ken my meanin’?”

“Aye,” the blue eyes twinkled, “I ken fine what ye mean.”

But Mrs. Fitzgibbons had said “No”.  

She was getting on, she explained, and her knees were sometimes sore.  After years of wandering hospital halls she’d had enough.  It was the stairs, she explained, the ones leading up to the flat, and the others inside.  She knew she would never be able to manage.

Jamie understood her decision.  He just didn’t accept it.  

The same drive, determination and stubbornness that drove James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser to rehabilitate after his accident, to be successful in business, to tenaciously fight for Claire with every folded piece of origami when they first met, did not take Mrs. Fitz’s ‘no’ lightly.

One week later he showed her the flat on the ground floor that Claire hadn’t even known existed.  Apparently, Jamie had been using it as a storage space for years.  He rattled on to Mrs. Fitz about all the amenities, promised her whatever features she wanted, made it rent-free, and finally convinced her to take the position.  

The minute their daughter reached her little arms out for Glenna Fitzgibbons, Jamie had seen it as Divine Intervention.  

And Jamie Fraser was not one to spit in God’s Eye. 

He’d opened his wallet, and opened it wide to ensure the peace he and Claire needed as working parents.  He cleaned out the space, designed and oversaw the renovation, even going so far as to have a lift installed in his building.  

“Where are ye goin’?”  His blood ran cold at the sight of the suitcase and the clothes Claire was jamming into it.

“Dammit, Jamie, this is getting ridiculous!” Claire was furious. “The noise is unbearable.  Bree can’t nap, and I can’t keep her out all day while they put in a fucking lift that costs a small fortune!”  She walked into the bathroom to pack up her toiletries.

“Claire,” Jamie followed her, “Claire - wait!”

She stopped and looked up at him, her face close to his, her whisky eyes dark and threatening.  “I’m going to Lallybroch.  I’ve taken two weeks off and Bree and I are going to your sister’s.”  

Jamie breathed a sigh of relief, and turned to the closet to grab some clothes.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Well…I thought,” Jamie stuttered.

“Think again.”  Claire spun around and threw her bag of creams and lotions in the suitcase.  “You have two weeks, James Fraser.  We’ll be home Sunday next after supper,” Claire poked her husband hard in the middle of his chest, punctuating every word.  “I. Want. It. Finished.” She paused, then added with a tug on his sweater, “Stat.”

“Aye,” Jamie whispered.  “Ye have my word.”

Her joy was in Bree.  Their daughter was happy, and thriving.  She was crawling, cruising along the furniture, and babbling. She watched everything with solemn eyes, taking in every word, every action.  Intelligence brewed behind that angelic face.

“Dada!” Bree shouted when Jamie came home.  Hell, she said it every time he entered a room.  

“Halò, mo leannan!”  

Claire’s 12 hour shift from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. allowed her pick up the baby, while Jamie did the dropping off.  Mrs. Fitz was packing up the diaper bag while Claire was tidying up the toys that stayed in Mrs. Fitz’s flat.  

As all three adults watched, Brianna Ellen Fraser turned from the chair she had used to pull herself up, and took three solid steps forward before landing on her bottom. 

The adults gasped.  Mrs. Fitz clapped.  Claire squealed and ran over to Bree. Jamie grinned and dropped down on his knees. 

Claire lifted their daughter up, and set her on her feet again.  “Go to Da, Bree. Get him!”

“Come, mo nighean brèagha,” Jamie cajoled, “Come to Da.”  Their clever girl did it again.  Three more steps, then down she went.  Once more, and she made it into Jamie’s waiting arms both confused and thrilled that she’d managed to impress the most important people in her life.

While Claire still felt the odd pang of guilt at leaving Bree so young, the pangs were like wisps of fog clouds, feather light, hardly lingering, being burnt off by the sunshine in their lives.    

Tonight, as Jamie aroused her, whispering his words of love and lust, it was difficult to remember why she had ever shut him out.  When he ran his hands over her flat stomach and down to cup her between her legs, she was unsure as to why she ever thought she could be happy alone.  

Taking him into her body, she had leaned down to him, chest to chest, kissing him deeply.  


She could taste it.  She could feel it.  She desired it.  For everything that her life was now, she was grateful.  Her job.  Her friends.  Her home.  Her husband.  His love.  His child.  

Both children.  

She found she could even be grateful for Faith because Faith made her realize just what a miracle they had in Brianna.  

And as she lay on top of him, his hands at her hips trying to urge her to move, she stayed still.  She thread her fingers through his mahogany curls so dark against the pillow, holding his head still.

“Don’t move,” she whispered.  “Just feel.  Feel us, Jamie.  Feel what we have. Feel all that had to happen to get here, to this place.  Us, together.”

She kissed him again and felt him smile through it.  

“I’ve never been more grateful for an open window and a dislocated shoulder,” he whispered back flicking a thumb over her nipple.

The silence of the night surrounded them.  The lay entangled now, Claire running her fingers lightly over Jamie’s chest, Jamie rubbing her arm slowly, each lost in thought. 

“Ye were right about gettin’ back to work.”  

“You were right about having a nanny.”

“Are ye happy, Claire?  Truly?”  She could hear it in his voice now, just as she saw it in his face when she was packing her bag for Lallybroch a few months back. 

Uncertainty, tinged with fear.  

She untangled herself, and rolled over on to her stomach to face her husband.

“Did I worry you that much?”

“Scairt me, more like,” he reached out and brushed her curls behind her shoulder, his hand lingering.  “I thought….once or twice…ye were gonna leave me.”  He said the words softly, bravely, honestly.   

“I scared myself,” she admitted.  “To be completely honest, Jamie, you can thank Jenny.”  

Jamie nodded.  “I have.”

He hugged his sister, hard.  Hugged her like he did when they were bairns. Except now he was such a size she could barely reach him.  

“Dè tha ceàrr, bràthair?”

“Nothing’s wrong.  Now,” he said.  “Jenny.  Ye’ve been so good to Claire.  To me.  I canna thank ye enough.”  

He could feel the tears, but he breathed deeply, finding control.  

“When I think back to Mam and Da, and how their marriage wasn’t supported by her brothers, I just feel so grateful that ye love Claire like a sister.  That yer there for her.  And for me.”  

“Jamie -”

“Nay, Jenny.  I found the journal.  First page, she wrote the story of how ye encouraged her to do this.”  He shook his head in disbelief.  “Jenny.  Ye need to understand.  I’m damn certain that ye’ve saved my marriage.”

“To answer your question, yes.  Yes, I’m happy.  And lucky.  And grateful.  And in love.  So very, very much in love.”  Claire held Jamie’s gaze.

“I wish I could have fought that darkness for ye,“ he said abruptly, his eyes dark and intense.

"It wasn’t your fight, it was mine. But you won it anyway,” Claire said, dropping a kiss on his shoulder. 

"Aye, but that’s not what I meant. I hate that ye may feel any regret over it,” he said.

"There aren’t any regrets,” Claire said. “I thought of every one of them over the past few months, and here I still am.”

“Thank God,” he said, smiling, “and God help ye.” Then he added, “Though I’ll never understand why.”

Claire laid back down, snuggling up against her husband’s side.  She pulled the duvet up around them both.  

“Because,” she said, “I bloody well can’t do without you, Jamie Fraser, and that’s all there is to it.” 

anonymous asked:

What if a human got sick or something?

Seeing as I recently got strep (freaking again) then I should be able to properly illustrate the sorrows of sickness.

Also, I cannot wait to write the alien’s reaction. Should be amazing.

Also there may be some fluff because I friggin ship people together and want them to make out and have fifty babies but whatever I have ta pace myself

Everything seemed normal. Like any other day, everyone was busy with their jobs, working to keep the ship in tip-top shape.

Xylion was currently working on the checkup. He had already gone through all the mechanisms, medical wing, kitchen, dormitories, and main console. All that was left was to check on the crew. After all, a good ship cannot run without its crew being in perfect shape.

“Line up in the break room for a checkup. I repeat, line up in the break room for a checkup.” Xylion said through the announcement system.

When Xylion arrived, everyone was already lined up. Dattalion stood away from them, and when Xylion walked in, he nodded and walked up by him. They then began to check everyone for any injuries and asked them about whether or not they were in pain.

“No, I haven’t done anything that would cause injury, sir.” Sil’keen babbled, pressing her paws together.

“Nope. Other than the bump on the head I got this morning from dropping my wrench on my head, nothing.” Grudge said, knocking the side of his head.

“Nothing that I can think of, no. My job isn’t exactly dangerous. I’m just the janitor.” Tilorian said, his whole body seeming to shrink into itself.

“I mean, I accidentally cut myself yesterday, but Quinn patched me up. Besides, cuts are ordinary for any chef.” Micheele said, adjusting her hat.

“I’m the Captain. I don’t do much other than sit in my chair and steer the ship. But even that’s only about an hour each day. We do have autopilot, after all.” Zellnor said, chuckling slightly at the end of his sentence.

“Nothing I can think of, Xylion.” Human Isaac said, his face smeared with grease.

“If I was hurt, I would’ve patched myself up.” Human Quinn said, her green hair falling in front of her eyes

All Human Mason did was shake his head.

“No. I haven’t done any experimenting recently, so it’d be pretty hard for me to get injured.” Human Fredrick said, adjusting his glasses.

And then they got to Human Jenny.

Xylion immediately noted she looked different. Her skin was paler and he could clearly see dark circles under her eyes. Her nose was red and slightly swollen, and beads of sweat seemed to trickle down her face. She looked exhausted.

“Are you okay, Human Jenny?” Xylion asked, eyeing her up and down.

Human Jenny nodded slowly, her eyes barely focusing on him. “I’m…” her voice seemed to vanish for a second, “-pletely fine.”

Dattalion frowned. “Are you sure?”

Human Jenny nodded, but halfway through she began to cough violently. Xylion’s eyes widened and he immediately looked to Dattalion for help. He quickly moved to her and began to pat her body, obviously looking for any injuries. However, when Dattalion got lower, Human Jenny froze and then furiously whacked him on the head.

Human Quinn rolled her eyes at the alien and then pressed the back of her hand to Human Jenny’s forehead. Human Quinn nodded. “You feel like you have a temperature, Jenny. How did you get sick?”

“I’m not-” violent coughing “-sick!”

However, Human Quinn didn’t take no for an answer and forced Human Jenny to go to the clinic.

Xylion was forbidden to go in there. Dattalion didn’t know if the disease she had was dangerous to aliens, so they decided to quarantine the area.

Xylion had no idea why, but he was scared. He was scared for Human Jenny. What if this disease was fatal? What if she never recovered?

He couldn’t have a crewmember die on him.

That’s what he kept telling himself.

Xylion was currently sitting right outside the clinic, waiting for any news. It had felt like ages, just waiting for something. He didn’t know how long it had been when Human Fredrick and Human Isaac came over.

“What’s wrong, man?” Human Isaac asked, scratching the back of his neck.

“I’m just worried for Human Jenny, that’s all.” Xylion said, looking down at his gloved tentacles.

Human Fredrick chuckled. “You look more worried than you’re letting on, Xylion.”

Xylion was confused. “What do you mean? I am just worried about my fellow crewmember.”

Human Isaac threw his head back and laughed. “I don’t have a degree in psychology, and I certainly am not smart, but even I can tell you’re being a bit too worried. She just has a cold. Should be better in like, a day or two.”

Xylion felt his nerves settle. But why though? He certainly didn’t feel this nervous about other crewmembers. Unless-

“Well, it looks like Grudge is gonna need some help fixing up the plumbing.” Human Isaac said, looking down at a communication device.

Human Fredrick nodded. “I should go and analyze this ore we picked up off of Planet 559.”

“See you, Xylion!” Human Isaac said as the two walked off.

Xylion blinked, and then sunk even deeper into his chair. Before he could sink an deeper into his mind, the door opened. Dattalion stood there with a stupid grin on his face. “You can see her now, lover boy.”

Xylion began to secrete mucus.

However, he calmed himself and walked in. Human Quinn nodded at hi as she walked out. Xylion glanced over at Human Jenny. She looked at him. “What were you doing waiting out there?” Her voice was hoarse, and he could barely hear her.

“I needed to make sure my crewmember was alright.” He whispered, sitting down on the chair next to her.

Human Jenny sat up, laughing as best she could. “I just have the flu, don’t worry about me.”

“I worry about all my crewmembers.”

Her smile seemed to fade. “Right.”

Xylion frowned. “Are you alright, Human Jenny?”

She nodded, looking away from him. “Of course! Just a…peachy.”

Xylion didn’t know what that meant. “Are you sure?”

Human Jenny looked at him, her eyes narrowed. “I promise I am okay, Xylion.”

He nodded. The two descended into silence.

Human Jenny coughed a few times while Xylion felt the mucus begin to secrete even faster. He tugged his sleeves further down until they touched his gloves, prohibiting her rom seeing any of it. Why did he care about what she saw? Why did he care about what she thought of him?

Xylion sighed. “I’m going to go, Human Jenny. I hope you get better soon.”

As he was standing up, his arm was suddenly grabbed. He frowned as he looked at her. “Human Jenny-”

Xylion was cut off. HIs eyes widened at her action. He felt the mucus begin to secrete even faster than before. His heart was beating quickly. How would he respond to this? How did one respond when their whole body was frozen? Xylion couldn’t move as he was rooted to the floor.

She had just kissed him.

On the cheek.

Human Jenny pulled away, her cheeks flushed red. “Thank you, Xylion. Thank you for checking on me.”

“Of- of- of-” Xylion couldn’t say anything, so he just nodded.

Human Jenny blushed even more before she sat back down. Xylion let out a breath and looked down at her as she laid down and pulled the covers over her face. Xylion sighed before stepping back and walking towards the door.

As it opened, he stole one last look at her before walking out.

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Collision Course - Part Ten

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven,
Part Eight, Part Nine

This is the last installment save for the Epilogue. I hope you all have enjoyed the ride. - Mod Lenny

Ian insisted Jamie ride out with him to look over the fields and give his opinions.

“Ian, I ken ye know what ye’re about wi’ runnin’ the estate,” Jamie finally interrupted as they sat on their horses looking out over a field of flourishing barley. “And it doesna matter that ye brought me out here away from the house and Jenny––I’m no tellin’ ye about what happened. I said I didna want to talk about it and I’m no goin’ to. It doesna matter anymore anyway. Murtagh will be back today or the next and then I’ll be off again.”

“And will ye be sending us as little word of where ye are or what ye’re about as ye did before?” Ian asked with a scolding edge that would have left Jamie feeling ashamed if he weren’t still so numb. “Whatever it is that’s happened to ye this last… it doesna excuse yer silence the last four years.”

“I told ye what Dougal told me about Jenny,” Jamie objected.

“That explains it; it doesna excuse it,” Ian clarified. “Jenny and I will take care of Lallybroch as if it were our own and ye ken that well; it’s been her home longer than it’s been yers. But I think we both deserve a bit of honesty from ye, aye? A bit more respect than what ye’ve shown.”

“Ye’re startin’ to sound like Jenny,” Jamie remarked, the corner of his mouth ticking up a fraction.

“No, Jenny would have called ye a stubborn and ungrateful arse.”

“She already did. Ye were off dealin’ wi’ Ross the smith, gettin’ him to reshoe my horse.” Jamie reached down to pat Dóchas’ neck and the horse stamped her foot and raised her head, shaking it like a nod.

Ian sat straighter in his saddle, squinting in the direction of the house. “Ye said Murtagh ought to be back today?” Ian asked, settling down again.

“Aye.” Jamie peered in the direction Ian had been looking, raising his hand to shield his eyes from the sun.

“Was he off to fetch someone for ye?”

There were two riders slowing on the road as they approached Lallybroch’s main yard in the distance.

“Claire?” Jamie breathed, his heart breaking into an excited gallop as he turned Dóchas back the way they’d come and spurred her forward.

As soon as they entered the yard, Claire began calling for Jamie.

Murtagh dismounted and walked over to help Claire down from her horse while her eyes scanned the windows of the large stone building––Lallybroch.

“Jamie!” Claire called heading for the door.

A young boy darted out from it in front of her soon followed by a woman about Claire’s own age, shorter and her hair darker and sleeker.

“Get back inside ye wee––” Jenny scolded her son before spotting Claire and stopping abruptly in her pursuit. “Oh… And… who might you be?” Suspicion lay heavy in her voice and she crossed her arms over her chest.

“I’m looking for Jamie,” Claire said quickly, her attention flitting from Jenny to the child to Murtagh where he had already unpacked her medicine box and had the horses by the reins, leading them toward the stables. “My name is Claire… Claire Fraser.”

“Fraser?” Jenny’s suspicion visibly turned to bewilderment and her focus shifted from Claire to Murtagh.

“Are you Jenny? You are. You’re his sister, aren’t you?” Claire said desperately and with relief as she stepped forward. “Where is he? Where’s Jamie?”

“And you, Murtagh,” Jenny said loudly, ignoring Claire and getting Murtagh to stop and face her. “Where do ye think ye’re sneakin’ off to? Is this lass… is she sayin’ she’s  Jamie’s wife?”

From the other side of the yard came the sounds of two horses approaching and Jamie’s loud cries of, “Claire!”

“Jamie?!” Claire screamed trying not to trip over her skirts as she ran towards the noise.

“Claire!” Jamie cried as he was off Dóchas before the horse had come to a safe stop.

As Claire threw herself into Jamie’s arms, the rest of the world fell away. Tears of joy and relief streamed down her cheeks and soaked into his coat where she buried her face. She could feel him murmuring her name in disbelief into her hair as they took a few moments to just soak each other in.

“Why, Claire?” Jamie finally asked pulling back from her to look at her face. She could see the wetness in his eyes, the confusion and the relief. “Why did ye no go?”

“I couldn’t,” she said simply, raising a hand to cup his cheek. His eyes fluttered shut as he leaned into her touch.

“I’m sorry, lass,” he whispered.

“What? No, I didn’t mean… I meant I couldn’t leave you––I didn’t want to. I was there with Frank at the stones but when the moment came… I couldn’t make myself do it. I chose to stay here… I choose you,” she murmured, her hand slipping back into his hair, taking a firm hold.

“Me? Ye mean…”

She swallowed hard against the butterflies crawling their way up from her stomach. “I love you,” she whispered.

There was a flicker in Jamie’s glistening eyes that might have been surprise before he bent his forehead to hers. “And I… love you,” he whispered back, then rubbed the tip of his nose down the length of hers before kissing her in a way that made every hair on her body stand on end as it shivered through her down to her toes.

They gradually became aware of Murtagh clearing his throat loudly. He gave Jamie a nod towards Jenny and Ian before turning to continue bringing the horses to the stables, his beard barely concealing his satisfied smile.

“Would ye care to introduce us?” Jenny suggested with unveiled impatience. Ian made a noise of embarrassment or rebuke beside her.

“Right,” Jamie started out of his reverie. He gently slipped his hand into Claire’s, twining their fingers together tightly as he led her over to his family. “Jenny… Ian… This is Claire… my wife. I told ye about Jenny, Sassenach; Ian is her husband. We were lads together––and fought in France just after my Da passed.”

Claire reached a hand towards Ian who glanced briefly at Jamie before shaking it and nodding a welcome to Claire.

“And you’re expecting,” Claire nodded down to Jenny’s belly where the subtle swell could still easily be overlooked. It quickly became apparent that Jamie hadn’t noticed. “When are you due?”

“No till after the harvest comes in,” Jenny admitted, flushing under Jamie’s stunned gaze. “Come inside wi’ ye then. Ye’ve been on the road some time, I can see. Will do ye good to be able to wash and get something warm in yer belly. When ye’ve had a chance to settle, perhaps you can tell us a bit about where ye come from and just how ye come to be married to Jamie here.”

Jamie showed Claire up to his rooms and stayed with her while she tidied herself and they devised a story that would hopefully satisfy Jenny and Ian. Over an early supper and with Murtagh contributing through nods and grunts of confirmation, Jamie and Claire fumbled their way through as much of the truth as they dared share. The circumstances of Claire’s arrival at Leoch and surrounding their wedding remained intact.

“We stumbled on some Red Coats––likely those searching for the deserters I’d… disposed of,” Jamie explained, looking to Claire for support. “It was chance as much as anything that Captain Randall wasna among them when we met them but we figured it was likely just a matter of time before word reached him of meeting us and the bodies of the deserters were discovered.”

“We were afraid that the Captain would see it as an opportunity to be seized––pin more crimes on Jamie and take me in as well as some sort of accomplice,” Claire said, her nerves making her talk faster than usual.

“I told her she go to her late husband’s family, that they’d likely be better able to protect her than I could if the price on my head grew… So I left her behind wi’ Murtagh to see her off. I thought it would be safer should I go and perhaps draw the Red Coats after me.”

“But when it came down to it… I don’t know them to trust them and… Jamie’s my husband now. Where he goes, I go,” Claire explained, her focus rooted in Jamie’s eyes.

They were too absorbed in each other to notice the looks Jenny and Ian exchanged across the table. From the set of Jenny’s mouth, it was obvious that she didn’t believe a fraction of the tale they told. But glancing back from the Laird and his Lady to her own husband, Jenny’s expression softened to match Ian’s.

Jamie was an entirely different man from the one he’d been that morning. The cloud that had hung about him since he’d reappeared was gone; there was a light in his eyes and she couldn’t recall the last time she’d seen him smile so much––possibly not since their brother had been alive. There was a similar light in this woman’s––Claire’s––face when she looked at Jamie. Whatever they were hiding, Jenny decided it didn’t matter; what mattered to her was that her brother was home and happy, even if he would be leaving again soon.

Jamie and Claire retired to their room shortly after supper, pleading Claire’s need to rest and recover from her journey––returning from Craigh na Dun had taken half as long in Claire’s eagerness to be with Jamie again.

The door had only just closed behind them before they were in each other’s arms again, tugging at clothes and moving naturally toward the bed. The mattress was suddenly there pressing against the backs of Claire’s legs. She sat and hitched one leg up on the frame so that her skirts started falling away as she reached for Jamie’s belt. His arousal was already prominent beneath the soft, worn wool of his kilt. He took hold of her wrists and stalled her.

“No, Claire.” His voice was low and rough. “No like this. I’ll have ye naked.” Letting her wrists go, he set to work loosening the knot at the top of her bodice. She leaned back on the bed and succumbed to the feel of his hands working over her as he slowly stripped away each layer she wore.

As her last petticoat fell, she moved to stand reaching for the clasp of his belt once more. “Now you,” she told him. From the belt she moved to the buttons of his waistcoat, smoothing the fabric down his torso with her hands first.

At last, Jamie raised Claire’s shift up and over her head then reached up and pulled the pins and ties from her hair until he could bury his fingers in it. She caught his wrist as he traced the curl of one thick tendril from root to tip. Turning his wrist around, her thumb found the freshly healed scar from where Dougal’s blade had sliced the skin. The line it made was clean compared to the rough scabs of the scratches and scrapes from his accident in the woods.

“Blood of my blood,” Claire said quietly, tracing the fine line.

Jamie brought that same hand to her chin, his thumb running along the line of her jaw as her fingers continued to massage the flesh of his wrist and hand.

“Bone of my bone,” he whispered in response before bending to kiss her.

His hands were eager as they ran down the soft curves of her body before tightening around her waist and lifting her off the ground. She clung tight to his back as he bore her down on the bed, settling between her legs but keeping his weight on his forearms on either side of her.

She trailed her fingers up and down his spine, delighting as he shivered. The heat from his body––balanced so carefully above hers but barely skimming her surface––enveloped her and penetrated her, warming her bones as she was aware of the solid heaviness of him between her legs.

“I give you my body,” she whispered, spreading her legs wider and arching towards him, gasping as he pressed back against her and filled her. “That we two may be one,” she finished, her voice fainter than before.

Jamie caressed her cheek while staying still as long as he could within her. “I give ye my spirit,” he whispered, his eyes locked on hers while tracing the shape of her ear and then from her earlobe down along her neck, “till our life shall be done.”

He started to move as he bent his head to kiss her again, capturing her sigh before it could leave her lips.

“Ye’re mine,” he told her, punctuating the statement with a deep rock into her. “Mine alone… mine forever.”

“Yes,” Claire panted in agreement, her fingers digging into the firm, tight flesh of his lower back, her legs twining with his.

“My wife… my Sassenach,” Jamie grunted, his pace increasing as he drove himself harder and Claire’s hands drifted lower to the flexing muscles of his buttocks, her fingernails digging hard enough to leave marks.

“Yes,” she panted again.

“Mo nighean donn… mo chridhe… mo graidh,” he continued in Gaelic.

“Yes… And what about… you?” she sighed. “Who… do you… belong to?”

“You, Sassenach,” Jamie said, pressing his forehead to hers as he bit his lip and changed his rhythm yet again, slowing himself to stave off his release until he could bring her with him. “I’m yers… for always.”

Claire cried out as her thighs suddenly clenched around his hips, trapping him deep within her as her self shattered and scattered, leaving her trembling next to the exposed rawness of Jamie’s shattered self. She saw only him looking deep into the very soul of her as the throbbing pulse of their bodies synchronized from the blood in their veins to the breath in their lungs.

The sweat began to cool on her breasts and stomach sending a shuddering chill through her flesh.

This was why she couldn’t go, what she needed so desperately it was worth sacrificing everything and everyone she’d known in her time. It couldn’t be explained, it could only be experienced, and she’d only ever experienced it with Jamie. The recognition in his eyes, the understanding…

Claire raised her head without taking her eyes off of him until her lips met his, tender and warm, a little wet as his tongue darted out to taste her.

“I love you.”

Tha gaol agam ort.


Genre: Smut, Slight Fluff, Slight Angst

Pairing: Jennie x Female Reader 

Word Count: 2,000

As usual, Like clockwork, your phone buzzed at 9:47PM. You already knew who wanted, no demanded your attention. You shuffled your hair and threw on a silk robe. There was a special way, your secret admirer knocked on the door. You opened it after hearing her. Jennie quickly scurried in. Her protective layers that concealed her “identity” came off piece by piece.

“You’re early today.” You placed a cup of tea and cake on the coffee table. Jennie soon accompanied you on the couch. Her body slipped in under the warm blanket. You felt her soft legs wrap intertwine with yours. Her body draped over yours as you played the rest of the movie you had been watching.

These special encounters were a routine. Jennie Kim. YG’s secret weapon. The triple threat would end up snuggled next to you. Her forbidden lover. You laughed as your mind reminisced on how the two of you came to be.

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Part Seven: A New Day Dawning

You can read previous installments here.

June 16th.

I woke well before dawn to sound of one of my soon-to-be daughters vomiting. Cursing under my breath, I hurried to the bathroom and found Jenny hunched over the porcelain bowl.

“Oh, lovie, why didn’t you wake me?” I knelt and swept the curls away from her face. For all her bravado and sass, Jenny had an incredibly nervous stomach with an anxious spirit to match.

She turned to me, her brow furrowed, “Because you’re getting married in the morning!”

My heart ached as I grabbed a towel, wiping her mouth and drying her tears.

“If you think for one second that a silly dress and a party is more important to me than you are, Janet Isobel Fraser, you are horribly mistaken. I’d wear a paper sack to the altar if it meant I could keep you from being sick.”

Jenny shrugged as she moved to lean against me, “I’m used to it.”

“I know,” I hugged her tight, “but that’s not my point. I would do anything - anything - for you.”

She sniffed but didn’t speak.

Jamie’s children hadn’t, on most days, had any qualms about me becoming their step-mother. I’d had many a conversation with them about what they would call me, what their life would look like in the future, and what they remembered of their mother. The littlest ones had only vague memories of Jamie’s first wife, but Ellen was Marsali’s age when their mother had passed, making Jenny barely seven. While the eldest Frasers were eager for me to be a part of their family, they naturally had reservations over me replacing the mother they held in very high regard.

Ellen and Willie had taken me at my word that all I wanted was to simply be me. I had no intention of forcing them to call me mother or any derivative, and I most certainly did not want them to ever forget the mother they had lost. I’d told them of my own childhood, how both of my parents and my only uncle were killed in a car accident when I was five. I wanted them to know I knew what it was like to lose someone so dear, to have a giant void in your life.

But now that void, that chasm of empty hopes and dreams, was being filled.

I now knew what it was like to belong. I knew how it felt to love someone and have them love me back, to hold a child in my arms who I may not have given birth to, but who would now forever be mine.

I smiled at the thought.

This tousle-headed teenager was mine.

Jenny had her father’s big blue eyes that were a window to her beautiful soul. She hated to let her siblings see her fragile heart or for them to ever know that the world could knock her down. She was one who saw possibility in everything and in everyone. It was almost as if that’s what fed her drive to egg on her siblings, especially her brothers. She knew they were capable of more, regardless of whether the action was right or wrong, and she wanted to be sure she saw it happen.

It was also Jenny who had struggled the most with her father’s engagement.

I kissed the top of her head, “What’s got you up this early?”

“Stuff and nonsense,” she muttered, shifting uncomfortably on the tile floor.

I’d referred to something as such once and the children had latched onto it, fully absorbing it into their vernacular, but not always using it in the manner or context that I would have. Jenny was simultaneously teasing me and avoiding the question, both were things she excelled at.

“Oh, is that all?” I poked her gently in the ribs and stood, “Do you think you can fall back to sleep?”

Another shrug.

“The sofa’s comfy too, shall I grab your pillow?”

Jenny gave me a nod this time and I quietly headed back into the bedroom.

“She ok?” Ellen’s head rose from her pillow.

“Yes,” I whispered back, hoping none of the other girls were awake.

Ellen sat up and moved to get out of the cot we’d moved in for the girls’ slumber party, urging, “You should go back to sleep, I can sit with her.”

I pushed her back down with a sigh and snagged Jenny’s pillow and blanket, as well as mine.

“Thanks, Elle, but I’ve got her. I don’t think I could go back to sleep anyway.”

“Butterflies?” Her teeth flashed white in the moonlight as she grinned.

I whumpped her with my pillow and she giggled, “Try stampeding elephants.”

Jenny had chosen to watch Peter Pan as a distraction in hopes of falling asleep. I’d drifted off sometime after they arrived in Never Never Land, but was roused again when Joan tentatively whispered, “Can I sleep with you?”

“Of course, cricket,” I murmured as I made room for her beside me. She slipped beneath the covers and was asleep again in moments, her head nestled beneath my chin.

Wendy’s voice drifted into my consciousness as I heard the pattering of little feet.

She’s the angel voice that bids you goodnight…

It was Maggie. Wherever Joan went, her younger sister wasn’t far behind. She smiled sleepily at me as she found the only free space on the sofa and wiggled into it.

Kisses your cheek, whispers sleep tight…

Four people sleeping on my average sized sofa was more than cozy, but no force on earth could move me from this spot. My heart began to sing along with Wendy as I drifted back to sleep with sweet Joan in my arms.

Your mother and mine, your mother and mine…

I woke sometime later to find the sun streaming into the living room and the Wizard of Oz playing on the tv. Blinking heavily, I discovered Marsali sound asleep in the winged back chair in the corner. The film was her favorite, as was the chair, and I was sure she’d put it in when she joined us.

How long ago had that been?

The Wizard frantically called, “Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain!”

Quite a while, it seemed. I lifted my head from the pillow and found Ellen curled up with a blanket in the overstuffed chair beside me. Turning from the screen, she greeted me.

“Good morning to you too,” I groggily responded. “What time is it?”

“About eight o’clock.”

Only six more hours to go, Beauchamp.

Joan stirred and began to wake. She clung to me, making small morning noises and generally melting my heart into a puddle. I caressed her cheek gently with my thumb as she opened her clear, blue eyes. She looked up at me in confusion for a moment, then smiled and whispered, “Happy Wedding Day!”

I pulled her close, tickling her gently, “Happy Wedding Day to you too.”

“I’m not getting married,” she giggled, “you are!”

Maggie sat up at this announcement and bounced joyfully atop Jenny as she loudly inquired, “Can I put on my dress yet?”

Jenny moaned gedoffame and pushed her littlest sister sideways. The five year old shrieked with glee as she collapsed onto my legs, then wriggled her way in between Joan and I.

“Maggieeeeee,” Joan wailed as her sister invaded her space and pushed her off the edge of the sofa. Ellen reached out her arms and she willingly moved into them.

A yawn sounded from the corner as Marsali drowsily joined the growing conversation with, “Is it time to get ready yet?”

“I think it’s time for breakfast,” I laughed.

“Good,” she responded emphatically as she pulled the blanket over her head, “I’m hungry.”

My maid of honor Geillis and Jamie’s sister Jenny swept into the apartment in a flurry of excitement, bearing fresh pastries and hot coffee.

Geillis, ever the American, had gotten me hooked on the wonderfully caffeinated substance during our many studying sessions during Nurse’s Training. She knew exactly what I liked in my coffee and just where to get the best cup available: Cafe Raymond. The cozy coffeehouse was only a block or so from L’Hopital, just over on Roseneath Terrace.

The children had grown to love it as well in our trips to Edinburgh in preparation for today.


I’m getting married today.

I sat down hard in front of my vanity and reached for my latte. The hot liquid did little to melt the icy shards of doubt that began to poke into my thoughts. Trying to focus on the girls and not on my quickly disappearing sense of internal calm, I watched in the mirror as Ellen skillfully resolved a problem between Marsali and Maggie.

“But it has a M on it!” Maggie whined.

Jamie and I had given each of the children a wedding gift to be opened this morning. The girls received monogrammed dressing gowns and a small string of pearls fashioned from an heirloom that had been passed down to Jamie’s mother. I had a strand of my own that went beautifully with my dress to wear today as well.

The boys received cufflinks of a unique sort of ivory. Oral family history said that the wild boar’s tusks had been given to an ancestor before the Jacobite rising of 1745. Jamie’s grandfather, Jacob MacKenzie, had several sets of cufflinks made from them for himself and passed them onto his eldest grandson.

“It does have an M on it,” Ellen agreed calmly, “but what other letters do you see?”

“A F an’ a E!” Maggie responded triumphantly, “For Margaret Elizabeth Fraser.”

Marsali made a defiant noise of exasperation, “That’s a C for CATHERINE!!”

“If you didn’t know how to read cursive, like you do, Marsali,” Ellen lowered her voice and placed her hand on her sister’s arm, effectively defusing another explosion, “wouldn’t you say it kind of looks like an E?”

“Maybe,” she grumbled as she glared at Maggie.

“And, Maggie, doesn’t this one look kind of big for you?”

Maggie’s little chin came up, not quite ready to quit, “That’s because I’m a big girl.”

I caught the smile Ellen managed to hide.

“You are, but this one is Marsali’s.”

“Then where’s mine?” Maggie demanded.

“I’m not sure,” Ellen replied as she turned Maggie towards the bedroom door and ushered her out. “I’ll help you find it, though.”

The interchange reminded me how much the children had changed in the time I’d spent with them. They grew up so fast, and before we knew it Maggie would be the one who was sixteen-going-on-seventeen. What would happen in ten years when Jamie no longer needed a mother for his children?

Panic welled within me and I moved to the stand at window, pressing my forehead against the glass. The icy fingers of intrusive thoughts quickly formed a frigid fist around my heart. My doubts began to pile on top of each other, each one pressing down with the weight of a thousand bricks.

How well did I really know this man? I’d been at Lallybroch a mere six months before we began our relationship and it’d only been four since then. Ten months. I’d known the man less than a year and, yet, in a matter of hours, I’d be married to him.

Are you really going to do this, Beauchamp?

The urge to run as far away from here as possible overpowered any and all hope of logical, rational thought and I had to grab hold of the window sill to stay upright. I heard the apartment door open and close, nothing unusual as the girls had been going out and coming back in all morning, but the low resonance of a certain male voice announced the entrance of my intended.

I spun around and fled into my walk-in closet, quickly shutting the door behind me.

“May I come in, Claire?” Jamie knocked on the open bedroom door.

No, Captain James Fraser, you bloody can’t.

Silence fell and I heard Geillis encourage him from the living room, “She’s in there somewhere.”


Jamie’s footsteps drew closer, his voice dropping in discretion, “Are you alright, mo nighean donn?”

“No,” I sniffed, wiping my eyes on the sleeve of my dressing gown.

A Scottish noise of empathy sounded as he stopped outside the closet door. He tried to open it, but stopped at my resistance.

“Please let me in,” he begged.

My tears were falling in earnest now and I pressed my fist to my mouth to keep him from hearing me cry.

“Claire,” he leaned against the door, tears of his own evident in his voice, “mo chridhe, you’re tearing my guts out.”

I slid down the door into a heap, burying my face in my hands. Jamie followed me down and I heard his knees hit the floor with a dull thud, “Will ye no’ let me see you?”

“Why?” I cried, my words escaping before I had control over them. “I don’t even know you and you know absolutely nothing about my life before I met you.”

“I have nothing to bring to this marriage, Jamie. You have a family and an estate and a career, and I have nothing. Nothing! All I have is a box full of photographs of people I don’t remember and what you’ve paid me in my bank account!”

“That’s it,” my voice cracked, “all I have is me!”

Jamie drew in a long, shaky breath and let it out again before speaking. I expected him to be broken, crestfallen at my revelation, but instead I could hear a hint of a smile in his voice. He slid his hand thru the considerable space between the floor and the door, palm up in supplication, “Tis you that I want, Claire, nothin’ more.”

“How can you want me when you don’t know anything about me?”

“I ken what matters,” he answered confidently

His hand slid closer, but didn’t touch me and I glared at it, “What the hell does that mean?”

“I mean I ken you, Claire,” his smile was in full force now, damn him. “I ken that you prefer honey to sugar in your tea. I ken you’ll stand toe to toe wi’ anyone who dares to threaten those you hold dear, but you run from-”

“I don’t run from things!” I insisted.

“Oh, aye?” He laughed, “Then why are you in the closet?”

I mumbled, “It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.”

“Mhmm,” came his usual reply.

“It is!” I insisted with more enthusiasm than I felt.

“If I close my eyes, will you open the door?”

“I don’t even know your middle name,” I whispered as my hand hovered over his, the tip of my finger tracing the curves of his palm. My lips stopped and started awkwardly as I put words to the doubts in my heart. “How do I know… how do I know that you’re not just marrying me s-so you can have a permanent caretaker for your children? What happens when they’re all grown an-and off to university? Will you… will you grow bored of me? Leave me for a younger, more exciting woman with her own title and fortune?”

I will never leave you, Claire. Ever,” Jamie’s hand closed around mine as he vowed. His pulse beat fast at his wrist and the muscles of his fingers twitched in desperation. “Please, open the door?”

I released him and stood, my hand resting hesitantly on the door knob.

“My dress is in here,” I stalled. “If I open the door, you’ll see it.”

The floorboards squeaked as he responded, “My eyes are closed, I canna see a thing.”

Pushing the door open a crack, I peeked out. He had his back to me, but also had his hands covering his eyes as an extra precaution. There would be no way of him seeing something I didn’t want him to. His thoughtfulness brought on another wave of tears as I slipped thru the door, gently closing it behind me.

“All clear?”


Jamie let his hands fall before turning to face me. In one fluid motion, he’d closed the gap between us and gathered me into his arms. I buried my face in his chest, clinging to him as I tried to think clearly, to untangle my legitimate doubts from irrational fears.

“Hello,” he greeted me, his voice uncharacteristically husky.

My cheek brushed against his cotton undershirt as I inhaled deeply, letting the familiar, musky scent of him overtake me. We were silent for a time as we held each other close. I felt him relax, all the tension in his body melting away as his fingers found a stray curl that had slipped out of the braid I slept in. Concentrating on syncing my uneven breathing with his long, deep breaths, I was caught off guard when he suddenly spoke.

“James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.”

I tipped my head back and stared stupidly up at him, “Come again?”

A grin spread across his face as he lowered his lips to mine, taking his time with a kiss that warmed me to my very toes.

“You said you didna ken my middle name,” he explained.

“Oh,” I sighed, a smile of my own growing.

“Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, pleased to meet you.”

Moonie Ch. 2

This is part two of a story about a very normal college student at a very abnormal college. @elsewhereuniversity was created by @charminglyantiquated, and I am so grateful that we can play in their world!

Read chapter one here!

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I’ve been noticing more and more strange things around campus.

Since Jenny went missing two weeks ago, this place hasn’t felt the same. Maybe I never noticed it before, or maybe things have somehow changed.

I had never paid any attention to the bottles and the sugar packets and the all-crust end slices of bread left on paper plates outside of every door. All that perfectly good food I had assumed was garbage. Now that I’m looking, I catch older students glancing at me from across the hallways. They shake their heads and avoid eye contact, dark iron jewelry dangling from their ears or necks. These were easy enough to write off as a cultural thing. I wasn’t part of the In Crowd. Whatever.

I couldn’t explain away the places where physics didn’t work right. The park benches outside of the art buildings were always in shadow, even at high noon with the sun beating down overhead. That one scale in the gym locker room has been replaced sixteen times and will never read the same weight twice. The tree by the soccer field pulls kites and footballs and frisbees to it like a nuclear-powered fun magnet. Then there was Jenny’s car. In a matter of days it had shriveled from almost new to rusted out junk. I couldn’t explain any of it. None of it should be possible.

Why had I never noticed the horns wailing and the howls of dogs at night?

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jennie kim | you’re being kidnapped. well, it’s not really kidnapping if the girl doing the kidnapping is a 5′4 ball of badass who’s also your girlfriend and really bad at putting together romantic surprises but… semantics. | 2.7k words. | fluff, slightly suggestive, kinda bad girl au. for my girl @seoulscapes birthday and mini fantasy.


You were not that kind of girlfriend. No, you hadn’t been that kind of girlfriend since sophomore year of high school when your then boyfriend had left you on read one too many times before you eventually got the hint. Practically, from that moment on, you were never the girlfriend to fret over a missed text or two. You were a “cool” girlfriend, you were a chill girlfriend, you were… you were…

What the hell, you really missed your girlfriend.

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Genre: fluff and angst 

Pairings: jennie × reader

Words: 2,269

Warnings: bullying

Originally posted by officialjisoo

You weren’t going to lie, you were a nerd. Just like the ones in romantic comedies right before they go through a shocking transformation, except this was real life. It was a romantic comedy and there certainly was not anybody coming to give you a makeover anytime soon. The glasses, the hundreds of books, an insane amount of knowledge. and sadly even the bully.

It was in kindergarten when you met your bully for the first time. Shockingly, your first encounter with her was anything but horrific. If anything, it had been sweet.

Even as a five year old, you were quite the outcast. You were always left alone to watch as the other boys and girls in your small class played around and had fun. Not that you really cared, but it changed when she came around.

You had no idea how you hadn’t noticed the girl before. It wasn’t like there were many kids in your class, so it she would have been hard to miss. Even at the small age of five years old you were able to tell that she was beautiful. The brunette plops down next to you and stares at you in curiosity. You stare back at her, equally as curious but probably a lot more intimidated, until she gives you the prettiest smile you’ve ever seen in your life. Then again, that probably didn’t mean much considering you had only been alive for five years, but you didn’t know that.

The girl decides to take you under her wing that day, soon after you find our that the pretty girl’s name is Jennie. You weren’t even sure if you necessarily agreed to being her friend, but you never complained. After that, you become inseparable. There’s never a day that goes by where you aren’t following the girl around like a lost puppy, and there’s never a day where Jennie isn’t playfully ordering you around.

That was until the 7th grade.

A lot of things began to change about Jennie. She became distant and cold around you without an explanation, and she eventually branched out to other people and completely ditched you. At first you had been devastated, but soon the devastation turned into nothing but anger.

Eventually in the middle of 9th grade, you learned to live with it. That was until Jennie approached you with a few of her friends, and began to bully you. After that terrible day, the bullying didn’t stop. Jennie continued to call you names, laugh at you, make fun of you, and even resorted to pushing and tripping you in the hallways.

It was starting to seem like you’d be stuck with Jennie forever.

You were sitting alone on the phone with your best friend, Yeri, as tears filled your eyes.

“I’m not even sad anymore at this point Yeri, I’m just… pissed. What have I ever done to that girl? She’s the one who ditched me, not the other way around.”

You hear Yeri sigh, “Have you ever tried talking to her?”

You scoff,” Wendy she’s a bully. If I even step in the same area as her she tries to do something to me, along with her friends. You really think that she’d listen to me?”

“I don’t know, Y/N. I’ve never had to deal with anything like this.”

“I know, and I’m not asking you to deal with this or anything, I just needed some to rant to.” You say, wiping the tears from your eyes with your shirt sleeve.

“I’m sorry that i’m not able to do much, but please just know that I’m always going to be here for you, okay? I’m not like Jennie, I promise that I’ll never leave you.”

You smile slightly, “Thank you Wendy.”

Yeri hums and hangs up the phone, leaving you in silence as you stared into the distance. It was late in the afternoon and you were sitting alone at the park, underneath a tree after another irritating day at school. The more you thought of school, the more tempting the idea to talk to Jennie became. Jennie and the rest of her friends may have been bullies, but they seemed to be careful. It’s not like they’d ever beat you up, at least not on school grounds. The worst they could do was push you and shove you and around a bit, and you were already used to that. If you talked to Jennie, nothing too bad could happen.

But the inner scaredy in you was starting to make a reappearence. What if everyone started staring? What if those girls really didn’t care about getting in trouble and they just went for it? What happens if you talk to Jennie and it doesn’t even work? What if her bullying just worsens?

The stresses of bullying, exams, and everything else must have finally gotten to you, because you finally started to break down into tears.

Little did you know, a very guilty, confused, and familiar brunette haired girl was watching you from afar.

“Why do you think she hasn’t been bothering you?” Wendy asks.

“I don’t know, but it’s scaring me.”

You’re curled up on the couch with Wendy blankets and pillows surrounding you both as you talked about Jennie and her suddenly nonexistent bullying

“Y/N, this is a good thing. She’s been bullying you since we’ve entered high school. Aren’t you at least at little happy?” Wendy says, combing her fingers through your hair.

“No, not really. I mean I’m glad it’s stopped for now, but who knows what Jennie might be planning. She might be planning to murder me, or something.”

“I don’t think Jennie is that evil, Y/N.”

“You never know.” You say, shrugging slightly.

The two of you put on a movie and continue to cuddle peacefully, shoving different snacks into your mouth, before you get a text from an unknown number.

its jennie

can we talk

You freeze, staring at the three messages in shock.

“Y/N? What’s wrong? Who is it?” Wendy asks in confusion.

“It’s Jennie, apparently.”

“What? What does she want? How did she even get your phone number?” Wendy’s eyes are wide as she looks at you.

“I - I don’t know. I’ll ask her right now, okay?” You begin to tap back a response, your hand shaking slightly.

How did you get my phone number?

You hit send, and wait for a reply.

that doesnt matter

what matters is that I know that ive done alot of crappy things to u, but I’m trying to fix everything

i want to fix us, our friendship.

You stare at Jennie’s messages, and somehow you’re even more confused than you were at first.

How do I know this isn’t some big setup?

You could just be tricking me.

“What did she say?” Wendy asks, peering over your shoulder.

“I don’t know. I’m still waiting for another response.” You say with a sigh.

u have every right to think that this is a setup. but its not. I promise.

we can even talk on the phone if that makes you more comfortable.

i just need to talk to you Y/N

please :)

You turn around to look at Wendy, “Should I just meet up with her?”

Wendy pokes the inside of her cheek with her tongue, and sighs, “It’s a bit risky, I’m not going to lie. But she did say that she’d be willing to talk to you on the phone, if she really wanted to do something to you, I don’t think she’d say that.”

You bite your lip, and look back at the conversation on your phone.

When and where do you want to meet up?

As you sat in the tiny cafe near your apartment complex, hands shaking, you realized that you were probably making the biggest mistake of your life.

What kind of idiot would agree to meet up with their high school bully with barely anybody around? It seemed like it was straight out of some kind of teenage high school romantic comedy. This was going to be the part where the bully pretended to befriend the nerd, all just to pull an incredibly mean trick on the poor nerd only a few days after meeting up.

Every part of your brain was telling you to just run, change your phone number, change names, change states, and to never return to the crappy place that you called home. But, sadly, your body seemed to be determined to stay put.

You look at the time on your wristwatch, realizing that Jennie was now almost twenty minutes late, and you were starting to think that she wasn’t going to show. You should’ve known better, bullies probably don’t care enough to show up on time.

You look out of the cafe window that you were sitting near and you let out a sigh of annoyance. The park was right across the street from the cafe and you had a perfect view from it, with all of the trees blowing gently in the wind and the birds chirping, it was the perfect day to go for a walk. You could’ve been there right now, but you were too busy waiting for someone who was barely worth your time.

Suddenly while you were moping about your life, you see Jennie pass by the cafe window, barely bothering to look in front of her.

Your eyes widen, and you fix your appearance quickly in the cafe window, just before Jennie walks through the door, setting off the bell that rang whenever someone came into the cafe.

You see Jennie scan the room, until her eyes finally land on yours, and she walks over to you and sits across from you.

The both of you sit in awkward silence for a second, before Jennie starts to speak.

“So, the weather’s nice today.”

“Today’s supposed to be the hottest day of the year?” You say in slight confusion.

“Right, sorry.” Jennie mumbles, continuing to stare at the table that was separating the two of you.

Neither of you talk for a while, before Jennie starts to speak again, “Okay, I need to stop being a wimp. We both know that we’re not here to talk about the weather, so just ask me any question, and I’ll answer it completely honestly.” Jennie says, leaning back into her chair.

You stare at her in shock for a second, before asking the question that you’ve been dying to ask Jennie since the day that she stopped talking to you,


Jennie licks her lips, “Why what?”

You roll your eyes, “You know exactly what I mean. Why did you ditch me? Why did you start bullying me?”

Jennie diverts her eyes from your face, then sighs, “I don’t know, I mean I do know, but at the same time I guess I kind of don’t?”

“That makes no sense.” You say bluntly.

Jennie smiles slightly, “I know. It’s just.. hard for me to say,” Jennie bites her lip, “I had a crush on you, and I guess I still do. That’s why I stopped being your friend, and that’s why I started bullying you. I guess I didn’t really know how to cope with the idea of liking a girl, especially my best friend, and I kind of lost it.” Jennie looks up at your shocked face expression, and continues,

“Listen, I’m not asking you to be my girlfriend, or even my acquaintance, but I am asking for your forgiveness. I know ive been really crappy to you, and I’ve done things to you that nobody deserves, so I’d also understand if you’d want to like.. punch me in the face or something.”

“Are you asking me to punch you in the face?” You ask, in confusion.

“No, but if you wanted to, I wouldn’t blame you, but that’s not the point. I’m not the best at expressing my feelings, so I know that I probably don’t sound very sincere, but I am, so, do you think you’ll be able to forgive me?”

You stare at Jennie, your arms crossed against your chest, before dropping them to your sides, “Jennie, I can tell that you’re sincere, but it’s not going to be that easy for me to forgive you. You’ve made high school a living hell for me, and an apology in a coffee shop isn’t going to make me just forget all of that… but I will give you a chance to make up for everything. After I’m positive that you won’t just turn around and start bullying me again, then maybe we can become friends, or best friends, or something more.”

Now Jennie is the one that looks shocked, “Something more?”

“Don’t get your hopes up.”

Jennie nods, “Trust me I’m not, I’m just glad you’re even giving me a chance.”

Both of you stand up, out of your seats and grab your bags, ready to head out of the cafe, before you block Jennies path, “Wait, what even made you suddenly want to apologize to me? It’s just so… out of the blue?”

Jennie smiles sadly, “Trust me, I’ve been wanting to apologize to you for a while. I think I was just too scared of losing everything. All of my friends would’ve dumped me in a heartbeat if they found out that I was going to apologize to you, so I went along with it, even if I felt terrible. I guess I just realized that you’re much more worth it then a group of assholes.”

“Obviously.” You say with a small smile.

Jennie rolls her eyes and punches you in the arm playfully, “Nerd.”

“Bully.“ You say, sticking your tongue out.

Summer Regrets (High School!Jaebum AU)

Originally posted by magiccastles

Word Count: 1,819

Genre: Fluff

“Would you want to?” 

Warnings: Slight swearing?

The beginning of the school year was supposed to be a fresh start, a time to forget all the mistakes and leave behind all your regrets from the last year. However, your regrets began in the summer and threatened to pour over into the next school year. I guess it started at the beginning of summer, the last day of school.

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Secret Lovers

Genre: Fluff, Slight Smut

Pairing: Jisoo x Female Reader

Word Count: 3.8k

Summary:  Reunited and it feels so…weird because neither of us knew just how close we truly were to one another.

Originally posted by hbi-n

Gif does not belong to me.

A/N: Hey all, as usual requests are open.  You can send them in for any of the Blackpink girls or any of the 4 active members of 9Muses.  Also, this takes a little while to get into the dialogue between Jisoo and the reader but just bare with me!

 “Come on, one more time girls.”

Jennie called everyone to attention before making her way to turn on their music.

“How many times do we have to go over the dance for the same song we’ve been doing for months now?” Lisa whined.

Jennie sighed as she leaned over her phone to get ready to start the music, “Tell me about it,” she mumbles. “It’s not my fault they want us to have practice every day.”

“Besides,” Jennie lowers her voice and motions for the girls to come to her while she looks around the empty room, “you know they’re watching us.”

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TITLE: Daughters of Mischief


AUTHOR: whisperriddle

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the adoptive mother to two powerful  (and mischievous) teenaged witches. One day you answer the door to meet a man (Loki) claiming to be the girls’ father, come to take them home with him…



Jenny and Mary were more than thrilled to be shown around the castle that Loki had described as the center of everything in Asgard. He pointed to rooms on the way through the large building and addressed them as things like “war council room”, “committee meeting room”, and something called the “warrior room”.

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10. Jennie X Reader •There for you•

The golden morning glow shines through the open window, flooding your bedroom with light, books scattered around the floor alongside a few dirty cups and plates that had piled up throughout the week.

A light breeze made its way inside the four walls, the thin curtains following its moviments. Goosebumps appear on Jennie’s skin, her eyes burning due to the lack of sleep, and from the crying she had allowed herself once you had finally fallen asleep.

She had never seen you as distraught as last night, everything had just been too much and when it finally caught up to you, well, Jennie didn’t really know how to describe it.
One minute you were cooking spaghetti while dancing around the kitchen in your favorite “Kiss the cook” apron, a dopey smile on your face. The next you were breaking down in your girlfriend’s lap, sobbing so hard you could barely breathe, Jennie had actually been scared.

And still there you laid.

After falling asleep in her lap, you had been out for the count the whole night, something Jennie knew hadn’t occurred in a long time and you desperately needed. Your face looked almost peaceful she dared to say.

Your eyes slowly opened, meeting the dark exhausted ones of your girlfriend. You slid off her lap and tugged on her pijama bottoms.
In a flash Jennie was laying by your side, her smooth legs tangled with yours as she pulled your soft pink blanket over the both of you. “Thank you for staying.” You croaked out, your throat slightly burning.

You felt Jennie’s cold nose nuzzle in your neck as she placed a light kiss on your collarbone.


Midnight Special

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A/N: I don’t have one.

Summary: As graduation approaches, you have one last project. But, you are paired up with Matt aka the guy who hates your guts. 

“Jenny, it’s ok. The professor said he’d drop the lowest grade.” You took the seat next to her and consoled your friend. “To be honest, I think everyone did terrible on this assignment.” The deep masculine voice caught your attention. Looking up from your seat, your eyes met the tall, broad man. Pushing up his glasses, as his face still held no expression as he continued, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”. You had never really cared for him, he was one of the smartest people in your class and made sure everybody knew it. Especially you. Furrowing your brows, you tilted your head as if you were trying to figure something out. Never had he ever attempted in any type of sympathetic actions. “Really?” Jenny sniffled. “Yeah, this is the only time I would say this but listen to Matt.” you chimed in, earning a laugh from Jenny. If you weren’t giving Jenny your undivided attention, you might’ve seen the small smirk that ghosted on Matt’s lips.

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Heres another for you ;)

I don’t go out much to party. I perfer to stay at home and play video games. But my friends talked me into going out with them last night. It was the best time i have had in a long time. Heres the story.
Dave, Jenny, and Ashley pick me up at my apartment and we head out. I don’t know where we are going. Jenny is wearing a tube top that barely holds her breasts in with yoga pants that hug her gorgeous ass. Ashley is wearing a spaghetti strap shirt that forms to her body like a glove and a short mini skirt. We drive downtown and head into a little hole in the wall bar. We play some pool and have a few drinks. Im starting to get a buzz. Every time Ashley goes to take a shot it shows a nice peek of her smooth ass cheeks. Gosh she looks hot tonight. I would never have known how amazing she looks from our work uniforms. She keeps missing the balls with every shot. I offer to help teach and she agrees with a little giggle. I step up behind her to help her line up her hands in the right places and my cock is slightly pressed on her ass. Oh god i hope she doesn’t wiggle her butt, i think. She shifts her weight just enough to brush against my hardening cock. Oh god. Did she notice. I go sit down and wait for my turn. She takes her shot then comes to stand next to me. She slips and catches herself with her hand firmly planted on my hard cock. I look at her with dread as she looks at me with a sly grin across her face. She lightly squeezes my cock in her hand and straighten up and sits next to me. I cant look her in the eye. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. The hallway is long and out of sight of the table. Its a little dark. As i reach the door i feel a hand on my arm, its Ashley. I start to protest and she puts her hand on my cock again and pushes me into the bathroom. She locks the door then locks her lips on mine. She dosent say anything. I cant help it, my hands make their way to her bare ass. She moans against my lips. Her hands work on my zipper so quickly that before i could protest she had pulled my cock out and was strokeing it. I moan against her mouth and she drops to her knees and takes my member into her warm mouth. My knees almost buckle as she swallows me whole. Her luscious lips slide up and down, as her hands massage my balls. I dig my fingers into her hair with every motion. My balls begin to twitch and i push her head down on my cock and i fill her throat with my hot seed. She swallows it all with a smile in her eyes as she looks up at me. She gets up as i put my cock back in my pants. She says nothing as she walks out the door. I stand there for a min in bewilderment. What really just happened there? I head back out to the table and we begin playing again. As if nothing happened. We play a few more games and decide to head home. Since everyone met at my apt, their cars were there. Shortly after i close my door and reflect on what happened at the bar, i hear a knock at my door…… But that is for another story ;)

Please don’t make me wait long for the next chapter!!!!
Strictly Unprofessional

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Strictly Unprofessional

- Jennie Focus

Word Count: 2346

“I have your coffee ready, Ms. CEO.” You said in a formal manner.

“How many times did I tell you, you can call me Jennie.” Jennie joked as she flashed you a smile before taking her coffee off of your hands.

“You know I can’t do that.”

“Oh? Who says? The CEO? Oh wait, I’m her.”

“Jeez, you are so unprofessional.”

“Haha, welcome to the job, (Y/N).”

Jennie was the most laidback, carefree, and fun boss you’ve ever worked for. If you compare her to another company’s CEO, her mental age would be literally five years old. While other CEOs are busy building relations with sponsors and other companies, Jennie would be watching Netflix in her own office, calling you to buy her a pizza. Now you understood why the job offer had ‘must be open minded’ under the requirements. While Jennie was carefree most of the time, she was definitely qualified for her job because when she was on a rampage, she made all of the other CEOs look like toddlers. Luckily for you, she rarely showed you that side of her. Ever since you’ve become her personal assistant, you’ve been wondering when you’ll actually get real work assigned to you. For the past two and a half weeks, you’ve been delivering different foods to her office, searching up the most expensive and exquisite restaurants, and booking appointments for her at the best salons in the city. In fact, Jennie barely makes you work as she often goes around teasing you during work hours. Your normal day with Jennie would go something like this.

“Hey (Y/N), I need you to tell the CEO that we have a meeting planned for this afternoon at this location. Make sure she shows up, alright? This meeting is extremely important.”

“I got it. I’ll let her know immediately.”

You would walk through the hallway where all of the guys would give you the evil eye, while all of the girls would stare for days. The guys were obviously jealous of how you were treated by Jennie and the female employees. It’s not everyday that you get to be adored by all of the females in your workspace. Of course, most of them didn’t dare to approach you because Jennie held an iron grip over you. You would walk into her office, find Jennie with her bare feet propped up on her custom made wooden table, and sniffling at a sad movie that was playing on her computer.

“Ahem, Ms. CEO? I’m here to notify you that you have a meeting this after-”

“Hush! It’s almost over.” Jennie would quickly say without glancing at you.

You would just stand there, waiting patiently for her movie to end.

“Well, don’t stand there! Come watch! Hurry, it’s the big finale.” Jennie urged, motioning for you to come over.

So thirty minutes would pass by like this, with you pulling up a chair beside hers and join her in finishing her movie.

“Well, wasn’t that a good movie? Man, I almost cried. Almost! Phew, I should’ve prepared some tissues, just in case. Maybe next time. Anyways, what did you want to say?” Jennie exclaimed, flicking her lights back on.

“I just wanted to tell you that you have a meeting in… an hour. This meeting is-”

“Very important to the company, yada, yada, yada. Gotcha. An hour, you said? I need to start preparing now then. You’re coming with me. Be ready to leave in forty minutes, we need to get there earlier to show them our dedication.”

It was in these moments that Jennie actually seemed and acted like a CEO of a multi-million dollar company. Forty minutes would quickly pass by and you would be waiting outside of her office, waiting for her to come out.

“Are you ready?” Jennie asked as she closed and locked her door.

“Yes, of course.”

“Really? Your fly’s undone. Should probably fix that.” Jennie quickly remarked before getting out her car keys.

“What! Really? Wait. You tricked me… sigh, Ms. CEO, you really need to stop doing that.”

“Hahahaha, never gets old! Come on, let’s go now.” Jennie would say, before laughing loud enough for the entire office to hear.

Jennie drives herself to meetings so you sat shotgun, which in turn, meant that you were in charge of the music.

“Change the station! I don’t like this song.”

“This one’s overplayed… next!”

“Are you kidding me? I didn’t know they played music from the 1700s. Moving on!”

“Too many ads, who in the world would want to listen to their station?”

“This person’s voice is pretty annoying. Next please and thank you!”

Apart from being the most relaxed person you knew, Jennie was probably also the pickiest person you knew. Finally, you had no choice and decided to use your own device.

“Oh, what kind of music does my cute assistant listen to? Curious, curious.” Jennie commented after seeing you setting up the bluetooth connection. You scrolled through a few selections before picking a song.

“Oh! I know this song! Good taste, I like this song. Boombayah!” Jennie sang along.

Jennie would then proceed to roll down all of the windows and then stick her arm out and feel the wind blowing against it. She would also blast the music from her expensive SUV and tell you to sing along with her. As soon as you two would get to the meeting, however, Jennie would close all the windows and play some classical music on the radio. She would walk with elegance and class as she smiled and greeted each of the people that came to the meeting. No jokes, no teases, Jennie would formally introduce you as her personal assistant and that would be it for you, you would just sit there and wait for Jennie to finish discussing. She would give a nod of her head and send off every single person after thanking them for coming. After all of that, she would leave with you, first to come, last to leave, that was her rule. Often, you would think that whoever managed to capture Jennie’s heart would be one of the luckiest people on Earth. Other times, you would fear for that person’s life. You were pretty sure that Jennie didn’t have a boyfriend, she drove herself everywhere and you accompanied her to almost every meal of the day, except for the weekends. When you thought about it, you didn’t actually know that much about Jennie, you knew that she was mischievous, funny, cheerful, and energetic. What you didn’t know were her opinions on topics, people, subjects, and her personal life. Not that you should, but she always felt more like a friend than a boss to you.

“Sigh…” You sighed deeply, as you poured yourself a cup of coffee.

“Tired?” Cassie asked. She was a colleague of yours, and was very beautiful. In fact, she was the first person to introduce herself to you when you first came here. She helped you get used to the layout of the floors, so you were grateful to her for that.

“Oh, yeah, long night last night. Didn’t really get a lot of sleep.” You replied.

“Same. I know how you feel. What were you up to last night?”

“I was just sorting some stuff out for the CEO’s schedule this week.”

“Do you like her?”

You almost choked on your coffee as you coughed multiple times before you could regain your composure.

“Do I like her?”

“Yeah, you know, like as a boss. Does she treat you well?”

“I think she treats me pretty fairly.”

“Really? This was a rumor going around a few months ago that Jennie was utterly heartbroken by someone. Anyways, she got over him, we think. Apparently though, Jennie wasn’t very good at expressing herself, something about her being too friendly with others. Everyone got yelled at for no reason because she had to blow off steam. Even now, it looks like she’s just playing around with you, teasing you whenever she wants to.”

“I think that whatever she did, she did for a reason. It seems to me that Jennie may be a silly person sometimes, but she really is considerate to people. She always places other people above herself. Maybe she was hurt, but she’d never let harm come to anyone else. She’s one of those people that just keeps all of her feelings bottled up. Jennie’s not like that.”

“Hmm… looks like you do like her. But you know, I’ve always had eyes for you, ever since you first came.”

“What are you trying to say, Cassie?”

Cassie approached you slowly as she placed her cup of tea on the counter. She quickly tippy toed and kissed you briefly on your lips. You were so stunned that you didn’t even react for a full minute.

“Cassie… I…” You began.

“I want to date you, (Y/N).” Cassie boldly stated.

“What was that just now?” Jennie asked in an extremely cold tone from behind.

“Ms. CEO! I… we…” You started, trying to clear up the situation.

“Hush. I know what I saw.” Jennie said to you without looking to you. Her eyes were focused onto Cassie.

“Ms. CEO, I remember you saying that office romance is allowed in this building. Was there anything wrong with what I just did?” Cassie snapped back, she wasn’t about to back down to Jennie.

“Heh. Okay. I see how it is.” Jennie smirked.

Jennie took you by your hand and brought you into the middle of the office space.

“Ahem! Could I have everyone’s attention for a brief moment please? It has been brought to my attention that because office romance is permitted by me, that public confessions can be made here during work. Now let me be clear, all of you can date whoever you wish in this office. Except for (Y/N). He’s strictly off bounds, if I see anyone even remotely flirting with him, they will be punished.” Jennie announced to everyone.

“And why is that? Just because he’s your personal assistant doesn’t mean that he can’t be attracted to anyone else except you.” Cassie questioned harshly from the back.

“Alright, maybe I wasn’t being clear enough. Let me reword it. Especially to you, Cassie. (Y/N)’s mine. Back off.” Jennie said with a commanding tone.

You could see Cassie bite her lip at the back of the room as she folded her arms. Everyone grew silent with raised eyebrows. Wait, did Jennie just say that I was hers? In front of the whole office… Uhh…

“Come, I need to tell you something.” Jennie muttered before returning to her office.

You followed Jennie back to her office and she closed the door after you came in.

“I overheard what you and Cassie were talking about. About me being heartbroken and yelling at everyone. At first, I was just curious about your answer. Wondering how you would respond. Then after I heard your answer, I… didn’t know you were that observant. You’ve only known me for three weeks, yet you act as if you’d trust me with your life.” Jennie said while leaning on her desk.

“Even though it’s only been three weeks, I feel like I have a good grasp on your character.”

“Thanks for defending me. The truth is, Cassie’s right. I did get my heartbroken and I did yell at some of my employees during that time because I was frustrated. Most important of all, she was right about me playing around with you. To be honest, I didn’t exactly recover from… whatever that happened in the past. I admit it. But after these few weeks, I’ve… fallen for you.”

“Fallen? For me?”

“Haha, yes, I’m not joking right now, if you can’t tell. Of course, I don’t know how you feel about me. In fact, I wasn’t even going to tell you about my feelings until I saw Cassie kiss you. She was so assertive, so confident, she knew what she wanted and…”

“And you wanted to be like that too. Fight for what you wanted.”

“Yes. See, you’re already finishing my sentences for me. Anyways it’s alright if you reject me. You can go now.”

“Is that it?”

“What do you mean?”

“You said all of that, and now you’re just giving me a chance to walk away. You either don’t really like me all that much, or you’re just scared.”

“Scared of what?”

“Scared of where this could go.”

Jennie didn’t say anything and looked to the ground. You could see her hands stiffen up on her table. She was conflicted, but you wanted her to be sure that this was what she wanted. So you tested her. You slowly walked towards the door, leaving enough time for Jennie to say something or stop you. When she didn’t, you turned around to see if she was still there, leaning on her desk. Then you felt Jennie’s hands on your cheeks, she had thrown herself across the room towards you.

“I’m not afraid.” Jennie whispered before she pressed her soft lips onto yours.

“Good.” You replied, smiling briefly before you kissed her back.

You held Jennie close to you after the kiss.

“What’re you smiling about?” You asked happily.

“I didn’t think you would respond to my feelings. I never asked, but when did you fall for me? I had no idea this entire time.” Jennie answered.

“Hm, take a guess.”

“I don’t know… just tell me.” Jennie pouted cutely.

“I obviously fell in love with your sense of humor. That, and your endless teasing.”

“I knew it! You know, we could continue, no one’s going to bother us.” Jennie suggested, twirling her hair with her finger.

“Jennie! We can’t do that. People are hard at work outside, it’s not fair to them.”

“Yeah, well, let’s just ask the CEO if we can continue. Oh wait…” Jennie smiled mischievously.

“Sigh, you are the most unprofessional CEO I have ever met.” You exclaimed before you and Jennie leaned in once again.

- itsmomorin

  • Jisoo: [pouring canola oil over the kitchen floor, spreading it around with her bare foot]
  • Jisoo: Lisa and Jennie run in here come get y'all juice!
  • Lisa: [runs in and slides across the floor screaming, flying knees first into the oven, smashing all the glass]
  • Jisoo: shit
Nick Valentine: Yandere Detective Part One

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in this and who were willing to wait for it. More coming, hopefully sooner rather than later!

“Look at them. Intelligent, strong, brave… perfect. How did we manage to get someone like them with a mug like this?” a gravelly voice crooned softly in the back of a cybernetic brain, the voice of a killer and a kidnapper. If he still had hands or enough life force to move them they’d gripping his host’s shoulders tightly, stubbly chin rested in that area where shoulder curves to meet the neck.

The lack of said appendages didn’t stop Nick from violently shrugging and pulling himself forward, looking back still half expecting Kellogg to be there only to find a wall. “You didn’t get them, I did. You’re just the backseat driver,” he growled, returning his gaze back to the sleeping figure across the room from him. Back in the Memory Den that day they brought the mercenary’s computerized brain chunk Nick brushed off sole’s concerns as Kellogg’s outburst being nothing more than a mnemonic impression but really he was unsure of this, unsure that is until Kellogg started talking to him. Making comments on how the old synth operated, offering sarcastic remarks that only Nick could hear, and offering advice that would make his skin crawl… if he had any. A later solo visit to the Memory Den and Amari had come up with the two most possible outcomes, either Kellogg would remain in his memory banks indefinitely as a sort of metaphorical devil for Nick’s soldier or he would be deleted bit by bit by Nick’s software until he eventually faded from his mind. Now all either of them could do was wait and see if Kellogg just stopped talking one day.

“But they’ve become just as important to me as they are to you. Don’t forget that until your system finally purges me from your head, if it can, I’ll be experiencing everything that you experience. Including things like love and loss,” for a guy trapped in the head of such a goody goodie he was sure calm about the whole situation. If he had legs he might have stood up and lead Nick to Sole’s sleeping form, gesturing for him to sit closer. He might have guided the old synth’s metal hand across sole’s cheek, just barely grazing the skin with the tips of his metal fingers. He couldn’t though, he wasn’t really there. He could suggest these things without words, maybe even make a finger twitch, but he wasn’t making Nick do any of this. “We can’t lose them, you can’t lose them. Not like Sarah… not like Jenny,” if he had a mouth it would have been right next to Nick’s ear, voice loud yet hushed at the same time.

“Jenny…” Nick barely even whispered leaning his back against the wall, producing a cigarette from his coat and lighting it. A pointless ritual but it was familiar, done in boredom and anxiety like how one might chew their nails or play with their hair. All the while his eyes didn’t leave their sleeping face, yellow ring glowing in the dark of that temporary sanctuary. He wouldn’t let them down like original Nick had with Jenny or like Kellogg with Sarah. The only thing that would be taking Sole out was old age and even then… it would only be if Nick hadn’t found a way around that for them. Reaching his free hand out he wrapped it around sole’s palm, squeezing almost too tightly.

If Conrad had vocal cords he’d be chuckling or at least giving a self approving hum, if he had a body he’d be leaning back enjoying how his handy work was going so far. When Nick’s feeling had first began flowing through him on their way to his memory storage Kellogg had been disgusted. Nothing was quite as violating as having someone else’s emotions forced into your mind, into your soul, into your past, into your present, and into your future. Sure he got used to it but he still hated being made to feel warm and fuzzy every time Nick and Sole saved some brainless settler who seemed too lazy to go save their kidnapped loved one or get rid of some pesky raiders themselves. As time went on though he figured something out, that forced feelings thing wasn’t a one way street and he could be making changes of his own.

Slipping his emotions to Nick was less noticeable than the reverse since at this point Kellogg was a background program and examiner of incoming data but he made sure to be smart about it anyways. Was Nick in an experience when he’d be angry or stressed? Let’s just funnel some of the feelings from Kellogg’s more stressful times in while that’s going on. Nick in a happy or affectionate situation? The residual mood from Kellogg’s and Sarah’s more tender moments should suffice. Began changing bits of Nick’s personality where he could, bit by bit so it would be less noticeable. Upping aggression here, increasing ruthlessness there, lowering value for humanity just a smidgen every now and again. Where he focused the most though was love and protection, especially in regards to sole. Nick had a healthy amount of both for sole but Kellogg knew that too much of any emotion can turn regard to obsession. So how much would it take to obsess the good detective? Piling all the love Kellogg had for Sarah into Nick’s feelings for sole? Draining his regrets into Nick’s and constantly reminding him of where they had both failed? Siphoning off the original Nick’s love for Jenny and adding it to sole so that there was three lifetimes worth of romance focused on solely one person? Who knows, but it seemed to be working so far.

“Sorry kid, just need a little good old fashioned pay back. Shame I won’t be around to see it,” Kellogg had to muster most of the minute energy he had saved up to take over Nick momentarily for that comment but he couldn’t risk saying it in the synth’s head and ruining the plan. In many ways he had been telling the truth. Through Nick’s experiences he had started growing fond of sole and they were perfect to him in all the ways he had described but his stubborn spite still outweighed it, shoveling the odd affection onto the fire with the rest. At least when he was gone he knew he could count on one thing. There’s no better revenge than to have turned the one sole was closest to into a monster and that it wasn’t hate that did it.