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in this photoset you can see just a fracture of all astro did in their first year as a group. things these six boys accomplished in a year is stunning. they managed to create their own fresh sound, participate in various events, become faces of brands, participate in a number of variety programs while simultaneously working to put out new music every 3-4 months. thank you for your hard work, astro. thank you fantagio for molding these six bright boys into a group and a family. thank you astro for all the happiness you made us feel over the past year. thank you for the heart-warming music you put out. thank you for making every concept about your fans. thank you for loving us unconditionally. thank you for being born. i love you more than i could express.

let’s go together forever!!

the poets were wrong.

you don’t burn and there are no tornadoes in your chest,
your hands don’t hold galaxies or stars
and your anger isn’t a volcanic god
ready to smite every enemy.
the moon doesn’t love you and neither do the stars,
but the earth does, in its own way, i guess.

see, you are human, my dear,
born to destroy and to take and to make,
born to learn and to watch. you observe the stars;
they do not observe you.

you run from tornadoes or you chase them,
you do not become them. your anger is just anger
an emotion to control or be controlled by;
volcanoes can stay dormant for years
but you are never still.

and why would the moon love you?
why would the stars?
they are too far away to be swayed by a pretty face,
but the earth lives under your feet, it feels you dance
to the beat it drums out in thunder and rain.

you are human, fragile
and while your skin is weak your heart beats strong.
it might not hold hurricanes but it does hold love,
and this can be just as deadly.
your anger won’t ever level cities
but it can topple friendships
and they amount to the same thing.

the poets were wrong.
you are not out of this world,
you are of it and beloved to it,
and you are still special.


  • I'm trying to write an essay, so obviously my brain goes nope instead
  • Neil: Andrew dance with me
  • Andrew: Ew no
  • Neil: Matt dance with me
  • Andrew: Move out of the way fucker

You Will Shelter Me (And I Will Shelter You) || Kidge Fic Aesthetic 

You can’t leave.

Me seemed to precariously hang off the tip of his tongue despite being unsaid. Keith felt the bones in his jaw pop as he grit his teeth and stared down at the girl before him.  

Pidge’s gaze is unwavering. She doesn’t even so much as blink when she instantly retorted, “You can’t tell me what to do.” 

Keith had to swallow back a lump in his throat.

Please don’t. 




It’s good to have you back on the team.” Keith offered her a small smile. 

Pidge found herself at a loss before opting to just smile back in hopes it could convey every bit of emotion she felt at his words.

She might not have been sure what she felt, whether it was joy or relief, or maybe even something more, but it was still there, and the feeling creeped warmth under her skin and brought a smile to her lips before she even registered it. 

I’m not going anywhere.  

MVP Bird

Context: Same person as from the ‘non-lethal arrow to the head’ thing. This was from the same session. My Ranger (a half-elf) has a Goshawk companion she uses for scouting. For this particular scenario, I’m trying to send the bird to check out a camp over a hill to check if it’s travellers or Bandits, and before that I also rolled a Nat 17 on spotting the Camp in the first place with the bird.

Me: Can’t I tell Fluffball (that’s the bird’s name) to like… hop twice if it’s bandits? Would they even understand that?

DM: Um.. Roll an intelligence check for Fluffball.

Me: [Nat 20]

DM: ….. Well then. You see a look of concentration in your birds eyes, like you have never seen before, and it’s kind of unnerving. Fluffball looks at you, then nods, before flying off. You can barely make them out as a speck in the blue sky, doing circling motions for a good five minutes above the camp. Ok, now roll a perception check for Fluffball.

Me: Aight. [rolls ANOTHER Nat 20]

The entire party: [starts losing their shit, laughing loudly and wheezing]

Artificer Drow: Holy shit, Fluffball! MVP bird!

Me: [sputters and wheezes with laughter]

DM: When they return, they land on your arm, and through a series of hops, squawks and flaps - think of a bee’s dance telling you where the honey is - to tell you that these are bandits, they look bad, they smell bad, there may be something in cages, and they have weapons.

Me: [barely containing my laughter]

Artificer: Ok, but, would this all kind of look like Fluffball doing a mating dance to the rest of us?

Me: [starts laughing loudly]

DM: Yes. Definitely, yes. You watch Adrie (my half-elf Ranger) kind of hold their chin thoughtfully, going 'yes, yes. oh really? very interesting.’, while Fluffball does what they’re doing.

“Do you want to see?” Victor asks as Yuuri pulls on his sweater and grabs his glasses. Yuuri nods his head, crossing over to view the portrait.

Yuuri’s torso takes up the entire canvas and it looks like he is dripping with watercolors. A hue of reds and yellows and greens outline his body, while violets and blues and every color in between form the shadows on Yuuri’s body and outlines the firmness in his arms and his ribcage. Yuuri’s expression in the painting is placid, eyes shut and the length of his eyelashes slightly exaggerated. The rosiness of his cheeks is prominent, and his red lips are slightly parted as if Yuuri is breathing out a heavy sigh and his body just melts from it.

Yuuri is brushing his fingertips over his own lips, possibly wondering if he actually looked like this.

   -   like your french girls by @ebenroot

here’s the thing right ok i am not a professional artist like victor and cannot seduce hire a model to help me draw bodies, so i…downsized and am hoping that people are kind my remaining mistakes :’)

time lapse video

Dunkirk drinking game (MAJOR SPOILERS)

- when a boat got sunk
- when planes started fighting with each other
- when Harry Styles’ character started bullshitting how unbearable the whole thing is
- when people looked into the sky looking worried
- when people cheered
- when people hated the French
- when Fionn Whitehead and Aneurin Barnard/Harry Styles looked at each other
- when Cilian Murphy started saying things like “TURN AROUND!” or “I CANT GO BACK TO DUNKIRK”
- when Jack Lowden started saying things like “C'MON FARRIER”
- when the Dutch said things about the boat had to lose weight

Being Connor’s girlfriend and Jared’s best friend headcanons

- You and Jared had been best friends for years when you start dating Connor Murphy after you finished high school. 

- You’d put off telling him for weeks, knowing his feelings about your new boyfriend. “Connor? Connor fucking Murphy? Wow.” Jared laughs shocked.  You just roll your eyes, but Jared won’t drop it. “What did he do? Attract you to him with his gun collection? Is he holding you against your will? Was he stalking you? Paint me the picture, he emerged from the shadows with his unwashed hair and -”. You cut him off by throwing a pillow at his face. “Jared don’t be an ass … I really like him” you say, your voice barely above a whisper. “Ok, well don’t come crying back to me when he tries to kill someone”

- Jared is just concerned about you in his own way and he shows it through his teasing. 

- Connor can’t believe you’re Jared’s friend, you just seem so different? He wouldn’t care but you spend so much time with Jared that Connor sees him as competition - he’s totally not competition as you can’t think of each other as anything but friends, but Connor can’t see that at first. 

- Connor gets SO jealous when you and Jared are joking about together. He thinks that you’ll leave him because you don’t find him interesting or funny enough, but you assure him constantly that you love him for him.

- You never hang out with both of them at the same time - like the arguing would just be too much to bear. And whenever you and Connor spend time together you want to be alone, as who wants Jared commenting on everything you do. Jared would do like a voice-over on a nature documentary as he snapchats you two purely to get on Connor’s nerves: “Here we have the lesser-spotted Connor Murphy finally outside, his nails painted black to attract a mate. Oh crikey - it looks like he’s been successful. Now watch as the pair engage for the first time, as Connor -” one of you would throw something at him to stop him (but you secretly find it hilarious). 

- Both of them are too stubborn to admit their jealous of the other one, but they DEFINITELY are. Like they totally battle over who gets to spend time with you so much so that you’ve had to make a diary on your phone of when you’re spending time with who. 

- Because of this Connor always tries to put more effort into what you do when you’re together. He tries to organise little dates which you think are so sweet. You’d be happy just cuddling but he insists you see a movie or go for dinner, he just loves to spend time with you and just wants to be more romantic with you. You remind him that you don’t need all this but he loves to take care of you in a way that Jared doesn’t - he wants to separate what you do with Jared to what you do with him so your time together is special.  

- If you hug Jared and Connor sees he HATES it especially because Jared will see Connor looking and pull a smug face at him and hug you tighter. 

- If you’re ever going to hang out with Jared, Connor gets super jealous and will like keep kissing you and linking your hands together so you’ll feel bad for leaving him. 

- Off topic buuuuuut Jealous Connor would just be so passionate and he’d definitely give you more hickeys than you ever wanted or needed (though your not complaining) to show Jared that you’re his, even if you have explained to him 100 times that you think of Jared as a brother. Jared just goes “oh I see you’ve been with Murphy again” and then continues the conversation un-phased. 

- Then Connor will text you all the time when you’re with Jared. There’s been more than one occasion where Jared has stolen your phone and replied to Connor purely with really obscure memes or ugly selfies. Now, Connor tries not to text you when you’re with Jared. 

- Connor sometimes picks you up from Jared’s house. He’ll normally wait outside in his car but once he had to come to the door after waiting for ten minutes for you. Jared opened the door when he knocked and pulled him into a hug. “Oh Connor so, SO glad to see you, old chap” Jared says putting on an accent and squeezing Connor. “What the fucks going on?” Connor says. You laugh as you pry Jared off him and kiss your boyfriend. You’d asked Jared to be more welcoming to Connor but of course he couldn’t be sensible about it. 

- Connor invited himself round one day and just as he was climbing through the window he realises you and Jared are in your room watching the tv show you both enjoy. He freezes as both you and Jared turn to look at him. “Ahh, Murphy, so glad you could join us. Come on grab a seat” Jared jokes pointing to his lap. “I’m here for Y/N” “Oh really? I thought you were here for me. I’m both shocked and offended” Jared deadpans putting a hand on his chest. 

- Connor finds Jared annoying for the most part (he has to admit that somethings pretty funny but he’d never let Jared know) but he makes you happy so he puts up with it, and maybe they’ll be friends in the future who knows. 

favorite lyrics from bare: a pop opera, in no particular order
  • off to w o n d e r l a n d where never never finds you, for one enchanted night of d r e a m s disguised in swirling lights
  • you take my hand, leaving me b r e a t h l e s s– take a look in these big blue eyes so you’ll understand, and know why we whisper in the hallways– I’ll be with you a l w a y s… running together, forever you and I 
  • we’re doing time in confession, it’s a poor man’s therapy session. we have no need for forgiveness because our shit’s none of his business!
  • and as I fall from the person that I  t r i e d  to be…..  could you really love s o m e o n e  like me?
  • dream a dream, then dash another! life is there to interrupt. someone out there call my mother– look at me, i’m all g r o w n up 
  • —but he’s already in love with a  b o y… 
  • dig down deep and save your soul- grave mistakes will take their toll
  • thoughts enslave him– somebody save him!
  • paint her in, one color ends and one begins…brush away what’s stray, add the finishing touch, the rapture, cold as a  p e a r l – now the portrait has captured the g i r l 
  • —cause there’s no such thing as heroes who are q u e e r

pre-scratch tav looks like looks like a self indulgence opportunity my guy
and also a lone forest hermit that is a disney princess and is friends to alien birbs