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every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste

You honestly don’t know how proud I am for GOT7 and how much I will fight people who say they don’t deserve the things they worked so hard for. Their first album they only sold 166 albums on their first day sales… ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FUCKING SIX albums. They barely started selling albums by the thousands for first day sales when they released MAD and that was at the end of 2015. Now its 2017 and for the last album of their Flight Log trilogy, they surpassed 40K for first day sales. They come from the top three company but people still didn’t recognize their talent, gave so much shit to Youngjae, just problems for them and with each album they keep getting more and more recognition for their hard work. You see how they care for their fans and don’t take anything for granted. If they mess up they apologize for doing wrong. They just work so hard and I’m finally happy that they’re getting the love and recognition that they deserve. It just makes me happy seeing all this and being apart of their fandom.


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why deathwish in particular tho

at the risk of oversharing: i had an abusive dad and i have ptsd and i always thought the coming back from the dead metaphor was… relevant. also i wanna kill him with my bare hands. so the whole album revenge is a Big Mood but especially deathwish

ETA: also my mcr tattoo is based on that song so

Reckless Proposition, Part 14


Two days after Taylor Swift was rushed to the hospital after her performance at Billboard Music Awards 2017 on Sunday night, she was discharged and was airlifted out of Desert Springs Hospital to McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, where she immediately boarded a private jet.

Swift’s rep released a statement regarding her hospitalization, citing the pop queen was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion.

During Swift’s stay at the hospital, Calvin Harris, who dated the singer last year before calling it quit in May 2016, was seen coming in and out of the hospital every day. Rumors of the two were getting back together have been swirling since Harris was seen leaving Swift’s Los Angeles home back in February. Swift’s latest album, Bare, which consists of thirteen love songs, is also rumored was about the DJ. Both reps have yet to confirm about these rumors.


Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 Ÿ May 26
I decided to take indefinite leave of absence from music. I’m sorry. I hope you’ll understand.


“Two out of ten pregnancies ended in miscarriage. Usually it happened before twelve weeks. It was no one’s fault. It was just natural selection, only the strongest embryo would grow into a healthy baby,” the doctor had said. How could she, the Taylor Swift, become the statistic? Why couldn’t she for once get her turn in happy ending?

Taylor was in the darkest place she had ever been in her entire life. She was suffocated; her heart shattered into tiny pieces and she didn’t know how to put it back together; the pain was numbing she couldn’t feel anything else; she was walking on eggshells, ready to crack and tumble anytime.

Physically she was fine and functioning. It was when she was left alone with her thoughts that darkness took over. She was not ready to talk to anyone. Not her family, not her girlfriends and definitely not Adam. And they respected her decision, as worried as they might be, they knew Taylor would talk to them once she was ready.

She stayed in her parents’ house in Nashville to recover after her D&C procedure. Spending her days mostly getting lost in the woods around the property. Other days she just wrote songs, painful, heart wrenching and mostly dark songs about her unborn baby. She replayed the first song she wrote for the baby, the one she recorded on her phone after she came back from her first doctor’s appointment, over and over again. It was painful, yet it brought her a little peace, knowing that for a short period of time she was truly happy and excited to become a mother.

She felt silly for falling apart like this. After all, medically speaking it was not a baby yet. It was just a fetus, as big as a bean. But losing someone you love, no matter the size or state of being, was hard. Losing someone who was literally part of you, your child, was indescribable. There were no words.

Love was the only feeling she had for this little human. And this kind of unconditional love was the one that broke her apart.

Her girlfriends stopped by every now and then, and so did Adam. Whenever he finished with his gigs he immediately flew to Nashville to be with Taylor. Sometimes they talked about nothingness, other times they just sat at her parents’ porch watching the sunset without saying anything.

After about a month, Nashville was getting too much for Taylor. Her apartment, her childhood home and her other properties had too much memories of Adam… and their baby. She just knew she had to get away from all of it before she completely broke apart without any hope of coming back. She needed to be alone, to heal herself.

Her mother completely disagreed, worried that she would completely lose her daughter if Taylor was left to be alone. But Taylor insisted that she needed to do this and she promised that she would come back. Andrea finally relented.

One night at the end of June, Taylor and Adam were at their usual sunset watching spot. It was the most beautiful summer day, the warm breeze brushed their skin lightly, the sun was golden and the cloudless sky bore the perfect hue of tangerine.

Adam had just flown in earlier that day from a gig at Vegas. His manager wasn’t happy with the fact that he spent so much time in Nashville and not actively making new music at the studio. Adam just ignored him completely, Taylor was more important than new music. He could release new music anytime, but at that very moment Taylor was his number one priority.

“I was going to tell you…” Taylor suddenly said, her eyes never left the golden sunset in front of them.

Adam turned his head to Taylor, “Tay, you don’t have to explain…”

Taylor cut him off, “no, I do. You have a right to know, Adam.”

Adam nodded, “okay, go on.”

Taylor took a deep breath and began explaining herself, “I was going to tell you that night… that night…” she choked, “you know… after the BMA. I never wanted to hide it from you.”

“I know, Tay, I know you won’t,” he said gently.

A single lonely tear rolled on Taylor’s cheek, “I had known for three weeks. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but I just needed time to figure out what I wanted first,” she whispered.

Adam choked, “were you… were you thinking about terminating the baby?”

Wiping her tears away, Taylor shook her head, “you know I could never do that, Adam. I just needed time to… come to terms, I guess. You know I wanted babies with you… but not like that… you know what I mean? Not when we were still complicated.” Taylor took a deep breath, “I didn’t admit it at first, but I have loved our baby since I found out, I knew I want it with or without you.” She finally turned her head and face Adam. Her blue orbs filled with sadness and pain.

Adam reached over and grabbed Taylor’s hand, “you will be a great mother, Taylor. Maybe not now, maybe not with this baby, but one day you will. You heard what the doctors said, you’re still young, we can always try again. Maybe now is just not the right time yet,” he said genuinely.

Taylor shook her head again and pulled her hand away from Adam, hugging herself over the chest protectively, “don’t say something when you don’t mean it, Adam, “ she said defensively.

“I’m serious, Tay, if a baby is what you want, I’ll give it to you.”

“No, Adam!” Taylor raised her voice, getting frustrated by the man sitting next to her, “a baby is not something you just give. I don’t want to have a baby with someone who doesn’t want it. I don’t want you to resent me for the rest of your life for doing something you didn’t even want in the first place! I told you, Adam, it’s okay to want different things.”

Adam buried his face into his hands, “you’re right, Tay! I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…”

Taylor took his hands, “I’m sorry too, Adam.”

They sat in comfortable silence until the last ray of lights disappeared behind the woods. They watched the sky turned from beautiful hue of orange, pink and purple into dark blue, and eventually pitch black. They knew it was the end of their relationship. It was beautiful like the cotton candy sky they had just witnessed, but now it was just dark. Tayvin was the story of the past, now it was just Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, two broken souls.

“I will be moving somewhere, please don’t look for me,” she finally said, “I will be coming back eventually, and we’ll meet again, but for now I need some time alone. Like really alone.”

Adam nodded, “I understand,” he said reluctantly.

“Another thing…” Taylor hesitated.


Taylor looked at Adam’s eyes, “I want to name the baby, I just thought maybe… you have any ideas, something unisex, since we don’t know the gender…” Taylor choked on her words, couldn’t continue her thoughts.

Adam gave it a serious thought, “how about Mika?” he suddenly said, gazing at Taylor’s eyes, “it’s the short version of Michael or Mikayla… you know the angel?”

“Mika…” Taylor let the name rolled on her tongue, she smiled and nodded to Adam, “I love it.”

Adam raised his tea mug to the air, “Mika,” he said softly. Taylor also raised her own mug and whispered the baby’s name, before clinking their mugs together. Taylor could have sworn there was a lone star in the dark sky twinkling as they clinked the mugs.

They parted ways with a quick friendly hug without a saying a single word. There was nothing left to say between these two. Taylor knew that they were really over this time, and slowly she started learning to let go the amazing person that was Adam Richard Wiles.

exactly 6 months ago justin went on ellen for his first interview back, and posted that video saying how he was sorry for his behaviour in 2013/14 and how that wasn’t the real him, and he was so shy and awkward and insecure. Now 6 months later he’s come so far and it truly warms my heart. He’s gained so much confidence it’s crazy, you wouldn’t even know that that awkward guy on ellen on january 29th was even the same person, and he’s achieved so much. He’s performed with ariana twice, at ultra, at wango tango, and in hong kong, done photoshoots for calvin klein, vogue, men’s health, seventeen and a ton of other prestigious magazines, guest starred in zoolander, got roasted, and WAUN, a song which started off as a barely known album track, has turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year so far and now has 3 vmas nominations, and so many other amazing things have happened, so many that i lost track of him all. He’s completely turned his image around and gained back the respect of the public, because they saw how sincere he is about changing and have finally realised what a great guy he is.

He was in a good place emotionally in january but now he’s even better. He’s so genuinely happy and healthy and surrounded by such good people, and over the past 6 months his old personality has 100% come back. His old cheeky charming, caring, loving, dorky self that we all know and love so much is back, just as a more mature, stronger version, because he’s been through so much, and seeing him like this again, the real him, is the best feeling in the world. Today he announced the release date of what do you mean, his first real single in 3 years, and it really just made it all come in full circle. He’s grown so much in the past 6 months, both as a person and as an artist and i couldn’t be more proud of him. I can’t wait to see what this new era holds for him and i have feeling that this is going to be his best album yet. justinbieber, I’m so proud of you and i love you so so much, more than i could ever put into words 💖