bare minerals palette

Bare Minerals The Color Compatibles Palette is perfect for fun on the go. Each of the 6 eyeshadows are perfectly coordinated for natural day to smokey evening look. There is a nice blush, highlighter, and bronzer that blend in nicely. The bronzer is great crease color, while highlighter works great on inner eye to make your eyes look more awake. The brush included works surprisingly well. This super cute and portable palette is exactly what you would expect from Bare Minerals: excellent.


REVIEW & SWATCHES: Bare Minerals “Star Treatment” Palette 

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this palette is around anymore (I bought it during Christmastime) but Bare Minerals makes a ton of other palettes with the same types of eyeshadows so I figured a review and swatches would still be helpful, eh? Anyway, I ADORE these shadows. The texture of just feeling them is so incredibly soft and smooth - in fact, the softest I have ever felt. These shadows are consistently all that texture too, not just one or two. The pigmentation is great as well! I don’t know if the picture of the swatches does these shadows justice but with only dusting over these colors with my fingers, their color pay-off is remarkable! Because these guys are so soft, their blendability (that’s not a word :P) is so easy and seamless. I looooove this palette and I think it’s a great color combo for the fall time but also all year round. I would definitely recommend trying at least one of the Bare Minerals eyeshadows! I’d say that they are even better than MAC shadows in some aspects! Yay for great shadows :D

Overall rating? 10/10

jfoenofn  asked:

Do you know any good plum colored eye shadows that already come in a palette? :)

Hello! Check out some purple/plum eyeshadow palettes like

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Bare Minerals The Dream Sequence

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