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The pre-code era was a period lasting roughly between 1929 to 1934 in which Hollywood censors was a thousand times more lax. Of course, the naughtiness is not the only thing which makes pre-code Hollywood interesting, as these films coincided with the advent of talkies and the cynicism brought on by the Great Depression. Many of them featured social commentary on the economy, the changing role of women in society, the sexual double standard, the lingering traumas inflicted by World War I, abuse of power within politics, and religious hypocrisy. If you’ve never delved into this period, here are some films I would recommend to get you started:

Baby Face (1933)

Barbara Stanwyck plays a destitute young woman who sleeps her way through the business world hierarchy in order to grasp power and money, the bare essentials of the American Dream—but does this guarantee happiness or even a stable future? A great introduction to just how much pre-code Hollywood could get away with as well as being a satirical look at the American values.

Island of Lost Souls (1932)

Once banned for being “against nature,” this cult horror film deals with science sans morality. The hot, sticky atmosphere and gross subject matter allow the film to remain scary even to a 21st century viewer.

The Divorcee (1930)

A thorough take down of the sexual double standard. When her husband casually cheats on her, a woman sleeps with his best friend to “balance the books.” At that, her allegedly liberal husband shows just how backward he is by claiming women are supposed to be better behaved than men, which leads to a nasty separation and numerous sexual escapades on the part of the wife. Even eighty-seven years onward, this film remains a mature look at marriage and sexuality, daring for its time and still touching today.

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933)

Amidst civil war and treachery, an American missionary and a Chinese warlord fall in love despite their differing philosophies (not to mention the whole race thing). While the theme of miscegenation might not be too controversial today, I imagine its heavy criticism of religion still would be. (Alas, the film’s argument for racial tolerance is undercut by the casting of the very white Nils Asther as the titular Chinese general, but it’s still a good film to check out, one of director Frank Capra’s best movies.)

The Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)

A musical about out-of-work chorus girls trying to nab wealthy husbands. Aside from being very funny and naughty, the musical numbers are all superbly choreographed by Busby Berkley, culminating in “Remember My Forgotten Man,” a piece highlighting the plight of WWI veterans. (It also features the best way you could ever call someone a ho: “As long as they’ve got sidewalks, you’ve got a job!”)

Employees’ Entrance (1933)

Malcolm McDowell once said he felt movies before the 1970s did not have truly evil characters in the lead. He never watched Employees’ Entrance, a movie where the central figure is a corrupt, raping, heartless, tyrannical department store manager who not only never answers for his crimes, but is even presented as something of a heroic figure in the context of the Depression due to his opposing the insistence from the higher-ups that he lay off his lower level employees. Complete with suicide (both attempted and successful) and despair, this movie is kept from being unbearable with doses of comedy and lively direction.

My Make Up Bag

Hi again! I just wanted to sort of show you/ tell you what’s in my make up bag. I have really oily skin and its super sensitive so I always used really pricey products. I’m also very pale with freckles. This summer, I decided to test out some drug store products and I happen to love adore them!

  • Clean and Clear Morning Burst face wash- I really like this face wash. It smells terrific and it foams up nicely. I for some reason feel that the richer the lather, the cleaner I’ll be. The only downfall I have is it really dries my face out. For as oily as my face is, I feel like I just got out of a pool and I have chemicals on my face. This could however be due to the fact that we have hard water where I live. Who knows.

  • Rare Minerals Facial Moisturizer- I know I said everything I use is drugstore brand, but I haven’t used all of this bottle and I feel really bad wasting it seeing how I paid for it so I know how much it is. I really like this and I feel like this is a really good splurge. I have tried the mist spray and it actually made my face feel like it was on fire. Anyway, I really like this moisturizer. It almost seems to clear my skin up and it just really hydrates my face without making it feel greasy.

  • Maybelline Super Stay Concealer (Ivory)- I really like this concealer. I obviously don’t use it everywhere but I really like that it covers my blemishes well. It also does well under the eyes. I do try to get a lot of sleep but I know that not everybody can. I also find that using a brush works really well for me.

  • Bare Minerals Foundation (fairly medium)- This is pricey and I did have to go to Ulta to get it, but I love it. I had to buy a bigger bottle because that’s all they had. I had a smaller one previously and it lasted a really long time and so I’m happy I splurged and I hope it lasts long.

  • Maybelline Fit Foundation 110 (porcelain)- Sometimes when I don’t want to wear my powder make up I do switch to this. I do notice that if I feel like I don’t want to spend so much time on my make up, I skip using so much powder and I use this instead. I definitely notice the difference and my face doesn’t feel heavy. I love that it really does blend well. When I was in junior high I wore liquid foundation and hated it. So it’s nice to be able to go back to something simple.

  • Physicians Formula Powder Palette- Because I am so pale, I found that my bronzer was just way to dark for me. I switched to this hoping it would just give me a smidge of color and it works! It blends in really well and it is also good for you which I love!

  • NYC Cheek Glow Powder Blush (West Side Wine)- Confession. My mom actually gave this to me. She is blonde and really tan and she just felt like this was too light for her. I just kind of swipe this on my cheeks just to bring some color to me. Like I said I am pale so I do like to use this.

  • Almay Intense I Color Mascara- I love this mascara! I have extremely sensitive eyes to the point that I can’t even wear contacts so I do wear glasses! I try to not wear eye make up because of the sensitivity. That’s why I love this. I noticed that with others, within 10 minutes, my eyes were on FIRE. So if you have special eyes (have you seen that commercial? I hope so otherwise I just made myself look foolish) I highly recommend it.

  • Lipcolour Moisture renew (120 coral shimmer)- I have really mixed feelings about this lipstick. I love the color. I’m pale so I find coral colors just add a little something to my lips. There are also this gold specs in it which give it that shimmer. My biggest con is that it doesn’t last. At all.

  • Brushes-

    • Concealer/ liquid foundation- I.D Bare Escentuals Max Coverage Concealer. It came in the box when I first got my bare essentials make up kit. I like it. Not much to say about it. Haha
    • Mineral powder- Sephora mineral powder brush- I love this brush. It fits the lid perfect! The one that came in my make up kit actually fell apart the first time I washed it. So I am really happy that the sales guy told me about this.

    • Bronzer- sephora- I really love this brush even though I said my bronzer is too dark so I actually use it to blend everything. Again, props to my sales guy.

    *Physicians Formula- its a drug store brush I have no idea what its called. I know its for blending but I don’t care. It works well for me.

    • Blush- same drug store brand and its the blusher.

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