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my otp makes me w e ak and i think we all need a nice thing right now
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The wind gently rustled the tree tops. All around them, birdsong drifted through the air and brought magic to the forest. Lucy had rarely felt more peaceful than in this moment.

Her feet were bare, her boots discarded after the long walk. She wiggled her toes and relished the fresh breeze that tickled them. Natsu had felled a few trees and disturbed a few birds and hunted a boar and, finally, had burned through all of his energies. Now he sat beside her with a perfectly content smile on his face, on the verge of falling asleep. Only Happy was still munching away at the leftovers. 

She could have lived in this moment forever. 

And who was there to stop her? Lucy smiled. It was a lazy day and they had all the time in the world. Life could excuse them for a little while longer. 

“It’s so nice here,” she sighed, and Natsu affirmed this with a grunted sound of approval. She glanced over and saw him blinking away the sleep in his eyes. This was the one battle he would lose. He caught her looking and grinned lazily. 

“I’m so full,” he said and yawned, stretching his arms above him.

It was the most contagious thing and Lucy could not and did not want to resist. When he brought his arms back down he had somehow moved closer, brushing against her shoulder. Lucy was oddly aware of the contact, but it was very welcome. 

Natsu seemed to feel it too, and hesitated for a moment. Then he relaxed and leaned further into her, melting against her side as he exhaled. An involuntary smile spread widely across Lucy’s face, and she reached up to take a hold of his arm and rest her head just under his. 

They didn’t speak, and she wasn’t sure if it was because sleep was taking them or because there wasn’t anything that needed to be said, not really. There was a wonderful, silent agreement between them: that this was good and right and didn’t need to be questioned. 

His head drooped, chin resting on her hair, and slowly but steadily he reached for her hand and pushed it down until it met his. He mumbled something she couldn’t even make out anymore, but it didn’t matter. She laced her fingers with his and opened her eyes one last time. 

She saw their little fireplace, tree trunks and ferns and leaves and green, so much green. She thought she could even smell it. She caught Happy, too, who was snickering to himself at the sight in front of him, but she couldn’t even bring herself to bicker. He could snicker all he wanted. 

She felt warm and comfortable and loved and she was not ashamed of that. 

Smiling with her eyes closed, she reached out her free hand. Happy promptly accepted the invitation and, with a yawn to rival Natsu’s, snuggled up against her thigh. Soft little snores began to fill the air, and Lucy knew she had to fall asleep quickly before Natsu kicked into full gear. It wasn’t hard at all.

They didn’t move for a long while. 

(Until Natsu drooled on Happy’s head and sparked a chain reaction of rather unfortunate events.)

Light of All Lights - A Fairy Tale in Five Parts (1/5)

Notes: This fic would not nearly be what it is without @caprelloidea​‘s handholding, encouragement and keen eye. She’s the best, I think you all agree. Based on a picset posted by @bleebug, encouraged by @its-imperator-furiosa​‘s enthusiasm for the idea, and written with @queen-mabs-revenge​ in mind. There is nothing explicitly dominate/submissive about this, but there are borrowed elements of that dynamic.

Summary: When his ship crashes onto a secluded island after a storm Killian “Deckhand Hook” Jones finds himself the unlikely companion to the dark “goddess” who inhabits it. A fairy tale in three parts. 

Rating: Explicit for whoa smut in the later chapters. Some mild violence.

Word Count: 15K+



Thunder cracked in the sky above, the entire ship tremoring and shuddering with the force, and not a blink later purple silver lighting flared brilliant white in the crew quarters. The storm was upon them.

Starkey crowed as Hook threw up an arm, his hammock swinging violently, almost pitching him to the deck, the flinch happening before he could check himself.

“Oh no not the raaain,” came a high pitched mocking voice from somewhere in the black darkness of the cabin. Probably Evans. Loud raucous laughter followed, but Hook ignored it, their mocking jeers the least of his concerns as the thunder boomed again, the ship pitching with the force of another wave.

Hook squeezed his eyes tighter, his hand clenched at his side to still the shaking.

It wasn’t that he was scared of storms persay, but bumpy seas always meant no lanterns could be lit, all fires must be extinguished, and the crew quarters were pitch black save for the flashing lighting in the portholes. It wasn’t that he was scared of the dark either, but he definitely preferred the light. He was also quite sure they were all going to die, and like most things in his life, he was terribly afraid of death.

“‘Maybe ‘e’s worried ‘is hook will rust,” came another voice. “Then how’ll he lay about scratching his arse the useless twat?” The laughs came again, the pounding rain at least drowning them out a tad. Thunder cracked once more, and in unison the men all shrieked in mock terror.

“Not me hair!” Came a cry.

“B-b-b-bloody hell,” came another. They laughed again. It was an old game, the same old insults, the same mocking jeers.

Hook continued to ignore them, a decade and then some of practice helping him along, focusing on his breath, on maintaining his place in the swinging hammock as the ship rocked and swayed beneath him. If he fell on his face in front of them again, it would only make it worse.

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From the ET Interview: “The Women of Star Trek” with Majel Barrett (Jan. 04, 1993)    Click Here For Video

Majel Berrett: Even though it’s set in the 24th Century, Star Trek has long been considered an accurate mirror reflecting society in this century and in that mirror the changing role of women in the real world has been a significant of the Star Trek legacy.

My own flamboyant costumes for a recurring role on Star Trek The Next Generation symbolised just how much had changed for women since the original Star Trek was broadcast in 1966.

Back then it was short skirts, tight tunics, beehive hairdos, go go boots and bare midriffs which imitated the style of the time - and just like real life in the first episode, officers like myself didn’t get enough respect. 

Because the network objected to a woman Second in command, I was recast as Nurse Chapel, leaving Nichelle Nichols on the bridge.
Nichelle played the Communications Officer, Lieutenant Uhura, but in keeping with the times she was not to be trusted with command or at all.

Nichelle Nichols: As a matter of fact when 1, 2 and 3 in command went off the ship, they would have a male ensign take over the shift before they had Uhura -who was a Lieutenant at the time!

Majel: Six years ago, Star Trek The Next Generation, clearly demonstrated that attitudes had changed regarding women. The new program began to take a more modern view of women in society and women’s roles got better and stronger.
The ship’s security officer was a woman, as was the ships doctor. Marina Sirtis played the ships counselor.

Marina Sirtis: She is the only person who ever really tells the Captain off, who has the freedom to walk into his ready room and say ‘Hey, sit down and listen to what the deal is right now’

Majel: Now, Star Trek takes another step forward for women as the new adventure series Deep Space Nine debuts across the country - and this time the women aren’t only beautiful and intelligent; they have power. Nana Visitor plays the humanoid First Officer on a remote space station - she is often placed in command.

Nana Visitor: To be playing a humanoid, an aggressive female, who has power and who takes power even when maybe it’s not hers to have  - and who can be wrong in that sense, who isn’t this perfect person; that’s incredibly exciting.

Majel: Star Trek has come a long way from the days of go-go boots, and short skirts and hot pink lipstick - and as it continues to reflect the changes for women in the 20th Century, it makes perfect sense that one day a woman will sit here, where she belongs, in the Captain’s chair.

Feelings - Castiel x Reader Request

Request: Hi there. While looking at your master list, I couldn’t help but notice there was no Cas. May I request one? flirty!Dean and CasxReader in which Cas is trying to figure out why the flirty (but innocent) relationship between Dean and Reader bothers him. 

A/N: Somehow this is over 1000 words I’m sorry omg 

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nowhere | tommy shelby

@chrystalcaper request: I had an idea for Peaky Blinders. What if Tommy met a gal while in France, an American or French nurse. They stayed pen pals throughout the war and afterwards. She ends up going to England on his invitation and he meets her at the train station, they reunite and fluff? 


Tommy was maybe 10 paces away when a nurse came barrelling out of the clearing station and threw up into the treeline. He tucked the cigarette he was about to light back into his pocket and stepped off the makeshift path of wheel tracks and flattened mud.

“You alright?”

She answered with another retch, hands bearing into the nearest tree to steady herself. He sighed, pulling the cig back out and lighting it.

“Bad day?”

He heard her scoff, lifting his head from the match, throwing it away to land in a puddle that was speckling with the first fall of rain.

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Hey! Do you know where I can find a bare boot?

Ok so here’s the LA Cast Production (whiCH IS AMAZING): and

And here’s the OBC Production (starring the Light of my Life, Michael Arden whiCH IS ALSO AMAZING): and


I just can’t seem to break away from this damn show. It is a five+ year investment. It has gotten under my skin. It is in my blood. Maybe I shouldn’t even try anymore. Writing Arrow/Olicity fiction brings me small comforts in uncomfortable times. So be it.

I wrote this story in flight from Alaska down to San Diego. I was looking for something to do to pass the time. Reading wasn’t working. Playing games wasn’t either. Instead, I came up with the following story.

“Oliver…stop. I need to stop.”

Oliver stopped and turned back to look at Felicity. They had been running in the tunnels beneath Star City for over an hour, managing to stay ahead of the ACU—just barely. Oliver could their boots stomping behind him, echoing off the tunnel walls like ghosts. They were no more than 15 minutes behind Oliver and Felicity, and they could smell blood.

Earlier this morning, Susan had gone on air and reported to the world Oliver’s connection to the Bravta, and then she dropped the real bombshell and ousted Oliver as the Green Arrow. She had detailed information on him, (mostly provided to her by Prometheus) leaving no doubt as to the authenticity of her claim. The woman was in a fever pitch as she made her report, and as Oliver and Felicity watched the newscast from the Bunker, they both could see and hear anger in Susan’s voice.

Then just after Susan finished her reveal, and before the cameras turned off, a sniper’s bullet hit her between the eyes. Blood and bone fragments splattered the podium she stood at and sent shock waves throughout the city. Everybody immediately assumed that Oliver was the shooter, given the information Susan had just related. The SCPD and ACU were dispatched to seek out and apprehend the now defrocked Mayor Oliver Queen.  Oliver suspected that with the ongoing manhunt for Green Arrow over Detective Malone’s murder, that this public execution of Susan Williams would motivate the police to ignore the apprehend directive and put Oliver in their cross hairs. Oliver and Felicity were shocked at this turn of events and Oliver felt a certainty come over him that Prometheus would further add to all this by revealing the location of the Bunker, probably through an anonymous tip.

Oliver was right in his instinct and he told Felicity that the Bunker was now compromised. They needed to get out of there.

So they started running.


Oliver looked at Felicity as they stopped the mad pace he had set for them. She was bent over, panting and teetering from exhaustion. His heart broke as he watched her struggle to catch her breath. When they left the Bunker on the Ducati, Felicity’s arms tightly clutching around Oliver’s waist, his plan was to try and make it to the chamber he had found 2 years earlier, an off-shoot of the old subway system that used to run beneath the city. It was a small compartment furnished by the builders, a place they used for breaks and rest during the grueling work. It was not on any map or city plans and Oliver knew that if he could make it there ahead of the ACU’S pursuit, he and Felicity would have a temporary safe haven.

Oliver continued to look at Felicity and he fought against the urge to go to her, to enfold her in his embrace.  But now was not the time for tenderness and intimacy. It was time for survival.

“Felicity,” he spoke to her. “We can’t stop yet. They are right behind us and catching up. We have to keep going. The chamber is only 10 minutes away. We will be safe there until I can figure out what we’re going to do.”

Felicity straightened up and looked back at Oliver. There was dirt and grime streaked on her face and clothes. Her ponytail had come undone and her blond hair lay limp and plastered to the sides of her face, dampened by the condensation in the tunnels. Oliver also saw fear and defeat filling her eyes.

“Oliver…” Felicity started to say, and then she collapsed down to the rough stone floor of the tunnel.

Oliver immediately went to her, lifting her into his arms. Felicity’s breathing was shallow and Oliver softly brushed her damp hair away from her face. He secured his hold on her, then turned back around and started running again, hoping he would reach the secret chamber before the ACU caught up and open fired.


Oliver and Felicity made it to the chamber 12 minutes later. Oliver found the marker he placed there last year, an arrowhead he wedged into the wall just below the entrance. Unless the ACU stopped for a closer look, the chamber was well camouflaged and not easily found. About 3 feet above the marker was a small crawl way. Oliver was able to hoist the sleeping body of Felicity into the space then squeeze in next to her.

Once inside the chamber, Oliver gently laid Felicity onto a small cot and covered her with some blankets he stored there. There was also some supplies, food and water, enough to last them for at least a week. Felicity instinctively curled into a fetus position and fell into a deeper sleep. Oliver was relieved that her breathing had evened out as he began to feel his own exhaustion move through his body. He might be a superhero, but he was still mortal. He pulled up a small camping chair and sat down next to Felicity. He felt a familiar comfort being next to her. He was now in complete protective mode.

After about 10 minutes, Oliver surrendered to his mortality and fell asleep.


Felicity came awake, and as she opened her eyes, she saw Oliver sleeping in a chair next to her. She had never felt as tired as she did now. It settled into her bones like lead bars. This whole day was so surreal. In the Bunker, before Susan changed everything for them, Oliver and Felicity had been finally reaching out to one another. A few days ago, Felicity felt a shift in how she was handling everything that came between them. After the debacle that was Helix and the danger they represented, Felicity reminded herself that the only time in the past 5 years she felt truly safe was with Oliver and the crusade she joined him in. After John told Oliver about her participation in Helix, Oliver was able to track her down. Felicity had lost count over the years of how many times Oliver had come to her rescue, whether she wanted him to or not. In the case of Helix, she had lost control of the situation and Oliver was a welcome sight when he burst into their lair.

As these memories took hold of her, Oliver woke and sat up, reaching his hand out to her. “Hey, “ he asked her. “Are you okay?”

Felicity stared back at him. “Yeah,” she replied. “I think so. Thanks to you, Oliver. I would have been caught without you.”

Oliver shook his head. “Felicity, no. You have always been so resourceful and brave. You told me that you fell in love with me because I always found a way. I fell in love with you for the same reason.”

A small smile lifted the corners of her mouth. “Actually, I said you finding a way was one of the reasons I fell in love with you.”

Oliver sighed and sat back in his chair. “Does that mean that…uh…that you still…”

“Love you?” Felicity responded. “Well, I guess that was what we were going to discuss before we started running.”

“Felicity…I could not have ever imagined having this conversation with you sitting in an abandoned chamber under the city, not in a hundred years.”

“Well, it seems that we are stuck here with a lot of time.” Felicity felt a surge of apprehension course through her tired body. “Oliver, things really got out of control between us over the past year.”

Oliver nodded at her. “Yeah, and I’m sorry I ruined everything.”

“Oliver, don’t. We both made mistakes. Yeah, you really screwed up keeping William from me, but I did too by slamming the door in your face and not at least giving you a chance…uh, I mean another chance to explain it all to me.” Felicity paused and felt the anger she carried with her over all this. But now that they were finally bringing it all out in the open, she released it. “Oliver,” she went on. “I’m sorry too. Do you remember what we confirmed to each other after we saved Ray? We said that neither one of us ever had a normal, healthy relationship.”

Oliver smiled at the memory she called up. “Yeah,” he added. “And then you told me that we were going to be fine. “

Felicity lost herself in the memory. “I said we found ourselves in each other.” She shook her head. “It was all such a fantasy. Dialog right out of a romance novel.”

Oliver shook his head, all levity gone. “Felicity, you were right.” He looked into her eyes, unwavering and sure. “I felt, and I still do, the best part of me is you. When we broke up, that part of me felt empty and without direction. Felicity, without you next to me, in my life, I am lost. Yes, I continue to fight for and protect the city, but there is no redemption unless you are with me, fighting and protecting…and loving.”

Felicity reached her hand out and Oliver put his into it. “Oliver, I’m sorry I pushed you away. But in the spirit of that, I think it was what both of us needed. I think we’re both better and stronger for it.”

Oliver squeezed her hand and smiled for her. “Felicity…I love you for a thousand reasons, and for only just one. I’m done running.”

“Me too. So, what now?”

Well,” he said to her. “I can think of two things. First, do you think there is enough room on that cot for both of us?”

A loving smile filled her heart. “Well, if not, there’s always the floor. What’s the second thing?”

Oliver climbed out of his chair and stretched out next to Felicity. “The second thing is—now we fight back.”

“Great, what do you have in mind?”

“Felicity, I’m glad you asked me that. I wanted to get your input on a plan.”

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Cadet Janeway

A few weeks ago I was swamped with commissions. I made a mental note of a conversation I had with @cheile whereby she stated that she would like to see my take on Cadet Janeway. I made this mental note as I too wished to see what my take on her would be. This was the result. 

I pictured her with her PADD cramming for that exam she left to late to study for, Boots off, bare feet in the cool grass, watching the sun go down and the first stars of the evening appearing just over the horizon. Of course, a handy travel mug (Hopefully they still have those in the future!) containing her favourite beverage to keep her mind focussed and active. I was also sure she would have bangs. 

Full of good ideas that Cheile! 

All I Wanted (Corey Graves x Reader)

**Author’s note: This idea had randomly been put together solely because THIS song reminded me of Corey for some reason. Hope you enjoy!

      Tonight was a huge night for me. After a year and a half as a “behind the scenes” assistant for Stephanie, I’d finally proven myself enough to my boss and co-workers. Tonight, I’d be making my debut on “Monday Night RAW’s” interview team alongside Charly Caruso.

    No thanks to my friend, Renee Young, I would have never been able to get my foot in the door. Although my Degrees in communications and journalism was certainly a plus. Throughout my time here I’d made friends with much of the talent, but one person in particular had a larger impact on me over the others.

     I sat in the makeup chair, staring at my reflection in disbelief. I was hardly ever the “glamorous” or “dressy” type. More of the “cozy jeans and hoodie” kinda girl. I would take my old beat up pair of converse over the height advantage of murderous high heels.

   My almost porcelain skin looked delicate in the burgundy dress, my hazel eyes popped with the flawless smokey eyes and my lips a bright shade of pink in contrast.

   I took a deep breath, running a hand through my tousled brown and blonde curls before hopping from the chair, figuring that I should probably find Charly so we could run over a few last minute things.

  As I walked out around the curtain, I couldn’t help but grin with the sight I was met with. My best friend, Corey was nonchalantly sat on the bench attached to the wall, lost in whatever was on his phone.

“Stalking me again, Graves?” I gave a playful glance of suspicion as I crossed my arms at him.

“Aren’t I allowed to-?” As he looked up at me with those striking blue eyes and signature smirk, he paused mid sentence as his eyes scanned over my 5”2 frame. “Can’t take the punk out of the girl, huh?”

     A dimpled grin lit up his face, along with an amused chuckle as he pointed to my barely heeled,studded combat boots.

“There was no way I was giving them the option to shove me into a pair of heels.” I shook my head with a slight blush when I noticed he hadn’t looked away.

“Well, you look absolutely incredible, the girls did a fantastic job.” He stood from the bench, 6”1 frame practically towering over me, hands shoved into the pockets of his cuffed charcoal grey dress slacks.

“I uh, thanks. I think?” I gave a small grin and ran my hands over the pleated burgundy skirt.

“I mean, not like they had to do too much work, yeah?” He smiled, showing his pearly whites.

    I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t developed some feelings for him over time. I’d also be stupid to risk the amazing friendship we’d made, which convinced me even more that his words were nothing more than a friendly compliment.

       We shared similar roots. He’d grown up in Pittsburgh and I had studied at Penn State. We had similar taste in music, style, and culture.

      We had spent many of three hour car rides between cities talking about anything and everything, singing along with our favorite songs, and not to mention the occasional coffee hunt.

  He had my back since day one, always looking out for me. Always checking up on me for the silliest reasons. Honestly? It was nice having someone like that on my side, someone who cared.

“You know, I’m really proud of you, right?” His voice was warm and caring as he walked alongside me down the winding hallway, “You’ve worked your ass off, and that’s a rare thing to come by.” He added.

I gave a bashful shrug and half smile at his compliment.

“Couldn’t have done it without you though, Graves.” I admitted.

     He’d been there when I had doubt and fear, when I had those days where I didn’t feel good enough to be a part of the company.

“Does that make me your Jiminy Cricket?” A cheshire grin lit up his face, tone lighthearted.

     I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot at his reference, turning on my heel in the middle of the empty hallway. Giving him a mock contemplative look, I tapped my foot against the concrete floor.

“Hmm.. I was thinking more,” I paused, my eyes scanning over his slicked back brown hair, and his bearded jawline that could kill.

He quirked a sassy eyebrow down at me, amused glint in his eyes as he waited for me to speak.

“Well?” He smiled, holding his arms out.

“I was thinking more of the,” I clicked my fingers as I spoke. “Devil on my shoulder.” I grinned, watching the way his baby blues lit up proudly.

“Y’know, I think I should be offended. But I’ll take it as a compliment.” He winked and we continued walking.

“Are you carpooling with Rollins again?” He asked as we finally made it to the backstage area, and if I was mistaken I’d swear there was a tinge of jealousy in his voice.

“He’s actually going with Cesaro tonight I think.” I chuckled, hoping up to sit on one of the wheeled storage boxes, legs dangling over the side. “Plus I was actually hoping we could go on one of our nightly adventures, it’s been awhile since we had a day off after getting into the next city.”

I heard an almost relieved sigh escape his lips, immediately replaced with a nonchalant smile as his hands fussed in his pockets.

“You need to quit reading my mind Y/n. I’ve corrupted you enough.” He warmly laughed, eyes scanning over me once again but this time his tongue darted over his bottom lip.

“Is that a yes then, cause I mean if not-” I lightly teased with a shrug.

“No. I mean- it’s definitely a yes.” He stepped forward to stand right in front of me, catching me off guard as he took my hands in his warmer, larger tattooed ones.

“Count me in, okay? I’ll swing past your dressing room later after wrap up with Saxton.” His voice was almost softer, a light tinge of red on his cheeks? His thumb lightly tracing over the back of my hand.

It took my brain a minute to form actual words, as I searched his gentle gaze.

“I- that definitely sounds good.” I felt my face grow warm as I gave him a soft smile, subconsciously giving his hands a light squeeze.

“Go get some hard hitting interviews tonight, got it?” His tone was playfully stern, dimples peeking through his beard.

“I can’t disappoint now, can I?” I grinned, looking down at our hands for a second.

“You got this, shortstack.” He teased, hesitating for a moment before pulling his hands away from mine.

      I couldn’t shake the way he’d looked at me tonight, and I definitely couldn’t stop thinking about the way his tattooed hands fit perfectly over mine. Maybe I was looking way too into it, maybe I hoped that deep down he felt the same way that I did.

“Y/N?” Charlotte’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts, followed by the snap of her fingers in my face. “You there?” She chuckled as I slightly jumped in shock.

“Yeah?” I blinked a few times, hoping to clear some of the fog away and get myself together.

“You ready for the best interview of the night?” She boasted with a smile, nudging my side as we stood in front of the backstage curtain.

“Save the best for last right?” I smiled up at her as the cameraman counted down.

     “What’s gotten into you tonight?” She asked as we walked back to the dressing room areas, despite her character she was one of the most caring people and one of my other best friends here.

    Not to mention, she was also close to Corey but I could rely on and talk to her when something was on my mind. She knew about my feelings for him, which was partially a huge weight off my shoulders that someone knew my secret.

“Just nerves, I guess.” I blatantly lied, my voice kind of quiet as I walked alongside the 5”10 blonde.

“You really expect me to believe that, y/n?” She sighed and grabbed my arm, yanking me over to the side having an obvious advantage of strength over me.

     I stumbled a bit as she pulled me over, sitting beside her on the bench outside the makeup area, not a soul to be found.

“I, I guess not.” I sighed, leaning my head back against the cool wall.

“Well, start talking.” She encouraged softly.

“Something-” I paused, glancing up at her for a moment. “Seemed off with Corey tonight. I, I can’t place it. Like, you know how you can almost tell when someone looks at you differently? O-or their voice almost changes?” I babbled, bad habit of talking with my hands as I spoke.

     She was quiet for a minute, making me feel a nervous pit in my stomach. When I looked up, her green eyes were filled with an almost sisterly demeanor, small smile dancing over her face.

“Did you ever maybe take in account that- I don’t know, maybe he feels the same way about you?” Her voice was almost a whisper.

    I couldn’t help but sarcastically chuckle and shake my head, making her give me a completely serious look that caught me off guard.

“Char. You really think that-” Before I could even finish she spoke up.

“Seems to me that you already know the answer, Y/N. Stop second guessing yourself, take things as you see them. Especially when it comes to Corey, you’re lucky to see what he lets you. Just trust me on this.” She smiled as she stood, flipping her blonde hair to the side.

“Charlotte, what are you-?” I sat up, feeling my gut flip at her words.

“You got this, girl.” She shot me a playful wink before walking away.

  After checking in with Stephanie, I headed to my dressing room to get changed for the night. Nothing could ever beat a cozy pair of sweats and my beat up converse, not to mention it felt like my skin could breathe once I washed all the layers of makeup off of my face.

   I threw my hair into a messy bun, not caring about my appearance at this point. Comfort was my only goal. Oversized shirt, slightly baggy sweats and my favorite hoodie. 

     In the back of my mind I thought about what Charlotte had said. She was right, I was lucky that he trusted me with his stories and late night conversations.

     After about two and a half hours of driving, we found ourselves at an almost beautiful rest stop a little ways from the Sonic’s we’d gotten our food at.

“Not too shabby, huh?” He spun around on his feet, arms spread wide as he deeply inhaled the crisp night air.

“You really think I’ll admit that you were right?” I chuckled, paper takeout bag in hand as I took a seat at one of the faded wooden picnic tables, stomach growling as the smell of fresh and greasy food filled my nose.

“You kind of already did, but I won’t gloat.” He smiled, dimples lightning up as he sat across from me and took a sip of my strawberry milkshake.

“Hey!” I pouted, swiping the styrofoam cup away from him. “Get your own!” I childishly stuck my tongue out, grinning as he gave me his signature “pouty lips.”

“What?!” He gave an innocent look as he held his hands up. “I was just making sure it wasn’t my Diet Coke!” His feigned innocence broke with a laugh.

“Even I can smell your bullshit.” I rolled my eyes, taking out my wrapped double cheeseburger and large order of fries.

“Haven’t you heard that sharing is caring?” He scoffed, swiping one of my fries and popped it into his mouth.

“Haven’t you heard the saying-” I paused dramatically, quirking an eyebrow. “Get your own damn fries?” I laughed, cheeks turning pink at our banter.

“Fine.” He dramatically sighed as he opened the Styrofoam container with his loaded breakfast burrito and French toast sticks. “Here.” He smiled, dipping one of the sticks into the small cup of syrup, reaching across the table to hold it to my mouth.

I licked my lips, curiously tilting my head at the gesture.

“Really, Corey?” I chuckled, looking between his amused baby blue eyes and the syrup dripping piece of toast before taking a bite into my mouth with a content hum. “Mhm.” I smiled across the table at him as I chewed the bite that made my cheek puff out slightly.

He popped the other half into his mouth, warm smile in my direction.

I blinked confusedly, furrowing my eyebrows at him. “Huh?” I spoke as I chewed the last bit in my mouth.

“You missed some.” His voice was soft as he reached out with a napkin, but at the last minute set it down before gently thumbing away the slight mess of syrup from the corner of my mouth. “You’re wasting my syrup. Shame on you.” His chuckle low and smooth.

    After finishing our late night dinner, Corey had disappeared off back to the rental car in search of something that apparently wasn’t a secret. Not to mention, his proud half smirk gave it away.

   He insisted that I find a different spot for us that was more comfortable than “Risking a splinter in your ass.” Which led me to a surprisingly comfortable spot on the grass beneath a large oak tree.

“Any cereal killers, yet?!” He sarcastically called out from a few feet out of view.

“No, but if you take any longer I’ll have to take matters into my own hands!” I tried to sound scornful but I couldn’t help but giggle to myself.

   Chirping crickets, crisp air, and a stunning night sky. Granted, we were a ways away from anything that could ruin the peace.

“Ah, ah. No peeking. I can’t let you ruin my work of art.” He tsked.

He’d returned from the car with a backpack, but before I could ask any questions he immediately insisted that I cover my eyes.

What was he up to?

    I had vaguely heard him mumble to himself, followed by a “Perfect.”

“To be fair, I had limited time, but I think it’s pretty great…. if I say so myself.” His voice was almost softer, and- was there a slight tinge of nervousness?

   Slowly I had uncovered my eyes, and I swore my jaw had hit the ground. Immediately, Charlotte’s words from earlier rang in my ears.

  Before my eyes was a worn plaid blanket and beside it, Corey with an almost hopeful glint in his blue eyes.

   Deep down, I had hoped it was something more to his gesture. My mouth slightly hung open as my brain tried to figure things out.

“You just gonna stand there or-?” He gave a half grin, sweeping a hand over his “work.” “Ladies first, right?” He chuckled.

“I-yeah, I guess so.” I slightly babbled, and shyly sat down onto the worn blanket, him quickly following suit to plop beside me with a silly exasperated sigh.

  I don’t know if I was the only one who felt it, but I couldn’t shake the butterflies in my gut.

               “Think of me when you’re out, when you’re out there..”

   Somewhere between the content silence and admiration of the stars, he had decided to finally speak up.

“It’s nice.” He spoke simply in a quiet voice.

   Figuring he was talking about the peace, I gave a small nod and a smile.

“Yeah. The craziness almost makes you forget about the simple stuff.” I softly replied.

From the corner of my eye, I saw him glance down at me before letting out a sigh.

  It was quiet for another moment, and without saying a word I felt his arm gently move around my waist. Immediately feeling his almost radiating warmth and the smell of his cologne drifting into my nose.

   Okay, maybe some of the warmth was from how hot my cheeks were burning.

   My body tensed against his, before giving a small shiver as I allowed myself to settle in his hold.

“I-” he paused, tilting his gaze down to me my shy one casted down at my feet. “I wasn’t talking about that. I, I meant that it’s nice. Just..” When he paused again, I took my own deep breath and looked up at him with a slightly confused glance.

 The light through the shade of the tree made his eyes shimmer just the right way, and it felt like I’d been hit in the gut with Negan’s baseball bat.

  I watched as he chewed his pale, plump bottom lip, with those eyes searching mine.

“Just nice, getting away with you. You get it, /me./ You see past the tattoos and cocky attitude I put on. You’re not afraid of some loud music or even to speak your mind.” The words flowed nervously from his mouth, leaving me speechless.

Was he-?

“I probably sound like a moron, but…”

  That’s when I had to stop him, a wave of confidence shot through me as I gently reached up to place a nervous finger over his lips.

“You don’t sound like a moron.” I softly chuckled in reassurance, as he blinked down at me.

   It stayed silent for another moment as I searched his features. Dark stubbled jaw taut, bottom lip tucked between his teeth and his blue eyes full of curiosity with my finger placed over his lips.

“And despite you being a pain in my ass sometimes,” I paused with a smile to lighten the moment. “I meant what I said before. You’ve helped me get through a lot here, you actually cared about me. How many times have you stuck your neck out, or saved my ass?” I continued, my gaze gentle and serious.

   His free, tattooed hand came up to cup my cheek with an almost feather like touch, and I couldn’t stop from letting out a breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding in.

“But I’m a pretty great pain in the ass, right?” He gave a low, warm chuckle, thumbing over my bright pink cheek. “I stuck up for you because I knew how badly you wanted to prove yourself.” He paused again. “But it became more than that for me.”

  I tilted my head slightly, reaching with my own hand to cup his scruffy face, gaze never leaving his. I knew exactly what he meant, because I felt the same way about him.

“You have no idea..” I quietly admitted, feeling his warm breath just inches away from my lips.

“You’re all I ever wanted, y/n. And then some.” With his words, his plump lips gently pressed to mine without any hesitation, making me give a small moan in relief.

 Our lips molded perfectly, and his stubble gently tickled my face. After what seemed like hours, I felt him give a smirk against our barely parted lips with his baby blues full of love.

“I love you, Corey.” I softly whispered, eyes fluttering as his hand caressed my skin.

“I know.” He gave a dorky, confident smile making me blush even more and playfully roll my eyes.

“What? It’s a brilliant line!” He feigned offence, and before I could speak again, his lips captured mine again.

                                               “All I wanted was you.”

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For @xy0009 and the prompt “I also need a fic where Cat and Kara hug AND THEN Cat says “Go get'em Supergirl”, and then she wins, and then they have sex.” Sorry you had to succumb to my crappy writing it took so long <3

Kara felt a familiar warmth growing in her chest as she listened to Cat insist on her strength, insist that she would make it through whatever was holding her back. They shared a smile until kara heard the sound of sirens coming from Cat’s wall of screens.

“I, actually, had something I needed to do.” Kara said, gesturing vaguely in the direction of the elevators. She stood, and Cat did as well, soft smile still on her face. Kara made a split-second decision and pulled Cat to her in a tight hug. She heard Cat’s sharp inhale and the uptick in her heartbeat, and oh, it had been so undeniably worth it. She pulled cat even closer until her forehead was resting against soft curls and Kara’s breath was hot against Cat’s neck. 

“Thank you.” Kara murmured, and Cat seemed to melt a little against her. She finally pulled herself away with an apologetic smile, and rushed off to the stairwell.

Cat watched her go and settled back down to the couch, still feeling warmth where Kara had held her. “Go get ‘em, Supergirl.” She said in a breathy whisper, and smiled as Kara stumbled on her way to the stairwell. She watched as a red and blue streak shot past the windows of her office before turning to the various TVs in her office as the hero arrived at the scene.

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Bare Feet & Cowboy Boots

When she ends up on the dating show The Bachelor, Maka is thrown out of her comfort zone and forced to have her life broadcast for America’s viewing pleasure. Cameras capture her every movement as she gets to know the bachelor Soul Evans and fall in love with him. For a girl who’s been running from love her whole life, the experience is new and scary; not even she knows what the end result will be. (The Bachelor AU)

Listen to playlist made by @khaleesimaka here.
Offical post here.
Read the story at FFN or AO3. ♥
Tora’s lovely lovely and pretty fantastic art here. ♥♥♥

Thank you so much for putting up with me Khaleesi, without you it would have been a hard time, and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t draw as much for your fic as I promised.  I hope you like the stuff I did still. Love you lots and thank you for being my faithful partner. ♥

Still falling for you

Hi guys! Sorry this is a little late but its been an eventful day here! But pleas enjoy this super short in celebration of Jim Kirk’s birthday! I have not done my usual tight editing process because It has been such a quick turn around and I just got back so yeah- enjoy!

Note: I got the gif from google because tumblr was being horrible. So credit to the tag in the image, even though i cant find them on here!

Also huge thanks to @annalisehartmann!

For those who are interested I built it off the back of one of my previous Imagines called ‘Three Nights’ which you can read here!

PROMPT - NONE! It’s Jimbo’s birthday!

PAIRING - Jim Kirk X Reader

WORD COUNT - 2,583 words

SUMMARY -  “I think I’m falling in love with you.”


Still falling for you

The stark white lights of the Enterprise’s hallways assaulted your eyes as you skidded around one of it’s many corners; your standard issued boots barely gripping the freshly polished black floor. The soft squeaking of worn rubber against the slippery surface beneath your heel, doing little to warn passersbys as you ducked wildly to the side; narrowly missing an approaching science officer.

“SORRY!” You cried, your head tilting over your shoulder as your body arched inwards in a defensive stance of the large cardboard box you carried.  

This was one of your most important missions yet as a senior security officer, and to hell were you going to mess it up.

You were approaching your quarters in record time when the small metallic communication device clasped to your waist erupted to life, the shrill tones causing you to flinch in suprise for the uptenth time. Sighing with frustration you slowed your pace significantly, reluctantly shifting the box in your arms dangerously to the side; allowing you to flick the slick lid of the device open.

“Listen here McCoy” You began, your tone one of warning as you struggled to keep your panting to a minimum. The box balanced across your left arm wobbled dangerously as your steps became uneven, a curse quickly dying on your lips. “I know I’m late! I can’t help it! But if you could stop calling me every two seconds then I might just-”

“Jim’s not turned up.”

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Sandy Sickness

This is a Manorian fic because I have absolutely zero self-restraint and refuse to do my essay. 

Title: Sandy Sickness

Characters: Mainly Manon and Dorian

Summary: Manon falls ill while moving up north through the desert in search of the Crochan witches. To make matters worse, she is separated from her 13 due to a sudden sandstorm and left to brave it with a certain princeling. 

Manon had dealt with a lot of irritating things her life. The Yellowlegs. Duke Perrington. Her Grandmother. Her Grandmother now trying to kill her. The desert she was currently stuck in. And Dorian, who she was caught between wanting to throttle or choke- though it’s likely he’d enjoy both of those acts. 

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Make A Wish (1/4)

Stuck in the Enchanted Forest after her wish was granted, Emma seeks out Killian. She doesn’t expect what she finds. Canon divergence from 6x10.

Endless thanks to @caprelloidea for looking over this for me.

Rating: T for this chapter, M for the whole fic

Word count: 5850

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

AO3 | 

Emma can’t stop her smirk when the tracking spell leads her to a tavern. Of course.

She wasn’t sure if it would work at all, whether he’d even be in this version of the Enchanted Forest. The Jolly was nowhere to be found at the docks and none of the local sailors knew anyone by the name of Killian Jones or Captain Hook. He could have been long dead, or still in Neverland, or an actual blacksmith for all she knew, but the simple spell using Liam’s ring led her straight here. She pulls the hood of her cloak more tightly over her head - escaping the palace guards was easy enough, and she damn well wasn’t going to do this with an audience - and approaches, her boots barely kicking up dust on the well-worn path.  

It’s a bit out-of-the-way, this little place, and her smirk falls when she realizes just how far it is from the docks… or, come to think of it, any water at all. She pauses just outside the door. Killian - her Killian - would know where to find a magic bean, but whatever version of him she’s about to meet might not. He’s likely not even a sailor, much less a pirate. But -

But. She has to try. She’s not deluded enough to convince herself it’s the only reason she wants to find him. In real-world terms it’s only been a day since she’s seen him, but now with yet another lifetime’s worth of memories in her head, she’s left with the near-physical ache of three decades without his presence. More than anything she just - she needs to see him.

And, if she’s honest with herself, part of her wants to watch him fall in love with her again.

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Honestly Supergirl has done some terrible disservices to me personally over the past two years but the biggest atrocity they’ve ever pulled was the decision NOT to put David Harewood in high-waisted booty shorts I mean really?

You wanna give me the Martian Manhunter but you can’t give me that bootylicious look? You’re just gonna NOT let me see my main man Dave in all that shiny spandex glory? No bare chest boot wearing booty hanging visuals?

Wow. Okay.

Light My Fire - Benedict x reader

A/N: This was much harder to write than I initially thought it would be… I hope you guys enjoy it though, and don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts about it. My askbox is your askbox :)
And again, thank you all so much for all the love and the requests you’ve sent my way!

Requested by anonymous: Benedict x reader. The reader is acting on Kingsman. Benedict didn’t know how much of a badass she could be. But she’s a good guy in the film

Word count: 2247
Warnings: mentions of violence and implied smut

Originally posted by cumberbatchlives

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