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Elise, with clothes and hairdo more appropriate for a battlefield.

[Spoilers for Conquest] I ended up really liking Elise, while for the most part she was exactly the cute bubbly kid stereotype I expected her to be, she had moments where she was really insightful and mature. Would’ve loved if the game actually focused on those moments (like for exemple when she takes care of Sakura), but Conquest, shit writing, you know the drill. Also, like her sister, she really got the short end of the stick in terms of plot importance. I don’t know if that’s a problem in Birthright too, but she really isn’t treated as a manin character. Like, in the cutscene where they find out Garon’s true form, her and Camilla aren’t even present ! Why do you despise the royal sisters so much Fire Emblem Fates Conquest ?

Newt Scamander Imagines

Based on this post,

Part one here

Part 2. Italian Food Has Funny Names

You returned from work at 5:30, and rushed to your flat, so you could change and get ready before Newt arrived. And, as you put on a loose white dress, falling softly right underneath your knees, a thin black sweater. You put on some black boots with barely any high hills.

As you dressed, your mind was going over and over what happened earlier. You’ve always thought Newt was good looking and incredibly clumsy and adorable. Your memory took you back to when you were studying at Hogwarts, and he was a year above you, and you had this huge crush on him, but never had the courage to talk to him. Not until many years later, when he recognised you across the street, and found out he lived in the building right in front of yours.

The bell rang, and you cursed softly, under your breath. You grabbed your purse with just your keys, and your wand, and rushed to the ground floor, and opened the door to meet Newt in the other side.

When he looked at you, he couldn’t help but to whisper a small “whoa” under his breath. He smiled at you and bowed gently, before he spoke.

“Hello, Y/N” He sighed. “You look charming” He muttered, with his cheeks turning lightly pink.

“Thank you, Newt” You whispered, fixing your hair behind your ear. “You look stunning yourself as well” You said, since he was wearing his characteristic blue coat, and Hufflepuff scarf, along with a yellow vest and a white shirt, and a small black bowtie.

He nodded at you and offered you  his arm. You two walked arm in arm, down the street, as the sun began setting on the horizon. You suggested one of your favourite muggle restaurants, to which Newt agreed and followed you a couple of streets down where you lived.

You were talking about how it was to work in New York, which wasn’t as fun compared to when you lived in England. But at the same time, while living in England, you were more in contact with muggles, realising that they’re actually very interesting creatures. While Newt told you how he had been studying various species native in the continent, and how these species were completely different to the once he researched in Europe. He would be spending a couple of years more living in America.

By the time you arrived to the restaurant, he quickly offered you a seat, before you could take one yourself. Flattered by his gentlemanly gesture, you thanked him and took the seat he was offering you. The then took the seat next to you, and continued your talk about work. And when you talked, you were staring at the tall candle in the middle of your table, but could notice how Newt was staring at you kindly. When he was the one talking, every now and then would peek at you with the corner of his eyes, as you heard fascinated all he had to tell you about his creatures.

Once you food arrived, you had ordered bolognese, which was one of your favourites. Newt had ordered ravioli, not knowing what it was, but thought the name was funny. When he tasted his ravioli, you could see how his face brightened, and looked amazed at his plate. You giggled at how ridiculously cute, like a four year old tasting new food.

“Do you like it?” You answered, smiling softly at him, as he nodded.

“This is wonderful. I-I never thought muggle food would be this good. It’s brilliant” He said, looking fascinated at his plate, before he looked at you and his green eyes pierced into yours. “Would you like to taste ravioli?” He offered gently.

You’d had ravioli countless times, and knew how to cook them yourself. And now, you were the one blushing, and couldn’t deny him his offer. Your stomach twisted softly, feeling like you had butterflies inside of it.

You nodded.

Newt grabbed his fork, and with the most innocent look, he stretched his hand towards you. “Open wide?” He asked.

The look in his face clearly told he wasn’t trying to flirt, it was a genuine gesture with no intention other than offering you some of his food. You felt your cheeks blush and turn hot, as you leaned forward and tasted his ravioli.

And even though you’ve had ravioli many times before, this time they tasted ten times better. Maybe because your school crush for Newt was starting to make some noise at the back of your head.

After finishing your food, he offered you a dessert, to which you accepted. And asked for the dessert menu. While you were looking for the perfect dessert to keep making your night better, the two of you realised you two didn’t have enough budget to order a dessert each. To which you suggested, sharing one, after Newt apologised for not bringing more muggle money with him. After you suggested sharing a dessert, Newt blushed almost instantly, and nodded shyly.

You asked the waiter for your favourite, the tiramisu, to which Newt giggled softly.

“Muggle food has really funny names” He said, making you chuckle softly at his child-like self, making him irresistibly adorable.

“It’s because it’s Italian food” You answered, as the waiter brought you the slice of tiramisu with a single spoon.

Earlier, Newt had given you food with his fork, now it was your chance to feed him with your spoon. Just like he did earlier, you offered tiramisu with your spoon b saying “Open wide?” And when you did, he smiled, his whole face blushing and tasting the tiramisu.


From the ET Interview: “The Women of Star Trek” with Majel Barrett (Jan. 04, 1993)    Click Here For Video

Majel Berrett: Even though it’s set in the 24th Century, Star Trek has long been considered an accurate mirror reflecting society in this century and in that mirror the changing role of women in the real world has been a significant of the Star Trek legacy.

My own flamboyant costumes for a recurring role on Star Trek The Next Generation symbolised just how much had changed for women since the original Star Trek was broadcast in 1966.

Back then it was short skirts, tight tunics, beehive hairdos, go go boots and bare midriffs which imitated the style of the time - and just like real life in the first episode, officers like myself didn’t get enough respect. 

Because the network objected to a woman Second in command, I was recast as Nurse Chapel, leaving Nichelle Nichols on the bridge.
Nichelle played the Communications Officer, Lieutenant Uhura, but in keeping with the times she was not to be trusted with command or at all.

Nichelle Nichols: As a matter of fact when 1, 2 and 3 in command went off the ship, they would have a male ensign take over the shift before they had Uhura -who was a Lieutenant at the time!

Majel: Six years ago, Star Trek The Next Generation, clearly demonstrated that attitudes had changed regarding women. The new program began to take a more modern view of women in society and women’s roles got better and stronger.
The ship’s security officer was a woman, as was the ships doctor. Marina Sirtis played the ships counselor.

Marina Sirtis: She is the only person who ever really tells the Captain off, who has the freedom to walk into his ready room and say ‘Hey, sit down and listen to what the deal is right now’

Majel: Now, Star Trek takes another step forward for women as the new adventure series Deep Space Nine debuts across the country - and this time the women aren’t only beautiful and intelligent; they have power. Nana Visitor plays the humanoid First Officer on a remote space station - she is often placed in command.

Nana Visitor: To be playing a humanoid, an aggressive female, who has power and who takes power even when maybe it’s not hers to have  - and who can be wrong in that sense, who isn’t this perfect person; that’s incredibly exciting.

Majel: Star Trek has come a long way from the days of go-go boots, and short skirts and hot pink lipstick - and as it continues to reflect the changes for women in the 20th Century, it makes perfect sense that one day a woman will sit here, where she belongs, in the Captain’s chair.

The before picture was in June, about 3 months before surgery. I was on holiday with a friend and I had all these grand plans of doing all these amazing things like ziplining and horse riding etc, but wasn’t able to because of weight restrictions. About one of the only activities I could do was quad biking, and this was me dressed up for that. I remember being so embarrassed because the boots could barely fit over my calves. I had to dig around for a raincoat that fit me too - and in the end the one I am wearing in the picture was too small anyway but I just had to make do. I remember being so bummed out with all the photos that were taken of me on that holiday and it’s really shitty not being able to look back at them without hating myself.

The during picture is today, no special occasion, just got home from work. Feeling better about myself as a person and a lot more positive about my future. I’m planning a trip to Canada in September to make up for all of the things I missed out on because of my weight. I am never letting myself get back to fat. Never ever.


Bare Feet & Cowboy Boots

When she ends up on the dating show The Bachelor, Maka is thrown out of her comfort zone and forced to have her life broadcast for America’s viewing pleasure. Cameras capture her every movement as she gets to know the bachelor Soul Evans and fall in love with him. For a girl who’s been running from love her whole life, the experience is new and scary; not even she knows what the end result will be. (The Bachelor AU)

Listen to playlist made by @khaleesimaka here.
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Thank you so much for putting up with me Khaleesi, without you it would have been a hard time, and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t draw as much for your fic as I promised.  I hope you like the stuff I did still. Love you lots and thank you for being my faithful partner. ♥

Honestly Supergirl has done some terrible disservices to me personally over the past two years but the biggest atrocity they’ve ever pulled was the decision NOT to put David Harewood in high-waisted booty shorts I mean really?

You wanna give me the Martian Manhunter but you can’t give me that bootylicious look? You’re just gonna NOT let me see my main man Dave in all that shiny spandex glory? No bare chest boot wearing booty hanging visuals?

Wow. Okay.

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