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A Bucky x Reader / smut

A/N: This is a rewrite of one of my SPN fics called ‘Purr’. I haven’t had much of a mojo to write anything new, but I wanted to put some kind of content out for you guys. Also, you’ll be happy to know it’s mechanic!Bucky. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think ♥

Word Count: 1,629

- 18 or over please.
- if i see any blog under 18 like this or reblog it, I will have to block you.
- please, always wear a condom.

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*gif is not mine.

Bucky had been gawking at you all day like a lovesick teenager. When your eyes would meet his sapphire blues, he’d quickly look away, as if he didn’t want you to notice his wandering eyes. You saw him though, saw his shimmering orbs scan over every inch of your body, stopping at your breasts and lingering there. Sometimes his mouth would hang open just an inch as he stared and you were surprised he never drooled, those perfect pouty lips making you want to attack his mouth in broad daylight.

You’d be lying if you said you were the innocent one, the urge to fuck his brains out growing with each moment you spent with him. When he was practicing his combat skills at Stark Tower, or tuning up Steve’s bike in the garage, you’d watch the muscles work underneath his skin with each movement, longing to run your fingers over each vein.

You’d brought him a bottle of water and watched drops of sweat run down his forehead, across his cheek, and disappear into his shirt. You’d balled your hands into fists at your sides, the urge to taste the salty liquid from his skin overwhelming you. So many times you had thought about what it would be like to feel his huge, strong hands working you over like he did baby’s engine.

“Y/N?” Bucky said sharply, snapping you out of your dirty thoughts. You clenched your thighs together and could already feel the wetness pooling in your panties. “Can you pass me that wrench from the toolbox?” You got up on shaky legs and grabbed the wrench you thought he needed from the rusted, red toolbox on the backseat.

“Thank you,” he started, taking it from your hands. “But that’s not the one. Let me show you.” His hand found the small of your back, leading you to the toolbox. He pulled out the correct wrench and presented it to you. His hand was on your back again, guiding you back to Steve’s bike. “See, this one fits because of the way this bolt goes.” You watched him bend over, admiring the grease that was speckled up and down his forearms and biceps. You were suddenly uncomfortable, your thoughts turning to pure filth as you imagined him smearing that grease all over your naked skin.

“I- I’m gonna go inside,” you stammered, fidgeting with your hands. “It’s too hot out here.”

You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you as you walked to the door of your motel room, your heart beating loudly in your chest. You closed the door behind you and pressed your back to it, letting out the deep breath you didn’t know you’d been holding. Suddenly exhausted, you flopped down on your stomach onto the bed closest to the door, and fell asleep almost instantly.

You had no idea how much time had passed, but sunlight was still shining through the curtains as you fluttered your eyelids open. After your brain peeked through your sleep induced fog, your senses realized what had awoken you. Calloused fingertips ran down your bare thighs from behind you, followed by full hands rubbing your tired muscles. You closed your eyes again and took moment to catch your breath, knowing it was Bucky.

“Is this okay?” You heard him whisper, the smell of oil and leather invading your senses. Suddenly, his hands were right below your ass, cupping the soft flesh there.

“Are you joking?” you asked without thinking, feeling goosebumps rise along your skin at his touch. This is what you’d been dreaming about for weeks. “Please don’t stop.”

As if a switch had been flipped in him, Bucky suddenly had his hands around your waist, flipping you over onto your back. He was still covered in grease, even more so now from working on the bike. His hands moved hungrily underneath your shirt, smearing the black substance along your heated skin. You felt like you were on fire, about to combust, when his lips suddenly crashed into yours. A moan escaped your lips and got lost in his mouth, as he brought your bottom lip between his teeth.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for this? To touch you like this?” He growled into your neck, as he peppered it with quick and lustful kisses. “Too fucking long.”

“I- I saw the way you looked at me,” you managed to say, Bucky’s lips moving down to your collarbone and suckling there. “Like you were undressing me with your eyes.”

Bucky brought his eyes up to meet yours; those beautiful, swirling pools of blue. You felt your breath hitch at the sudden eye contact, your teeth biting on your bottom lip. You swore his face was made of marble, the beautiful creases by his eyes and even the tiny scar on his cheek so beautiful. You brought your hand up to trace the lines on his cheeks, and his eyes instinctively closed at your soft touch.

“You caught me,” he answered with a sly smile, his tongue snaking out to swipe over his plush bottom lip. “Now I want to undress you for real. Do you mind?”

His eyes were glinting with mischief and lust. How could you say no to someone so attractive? You shook your head no, unable to form words. Bucky quickly disposed of your grease covered t-shirt and bra, following with your cotton shorts. You suddenly remembered that you had failed to put on any panties today, suddenly self-consciously naked under his intimidating gaze. Bucky whistled, the sound echoing off the motel room walls.

“Would you look at that pretty pussy?” he groaned out, brushing his thumb softly across your already swollen clit. “Just as I imagined it would be.”

He got down on his knees at the end of the bed and put his palms underneath your ass to pull you closer to him. Your nipples were so sensitive and hard already, you couldn’t help but roll them between your fingers as you watched Bucky’s mouth come closer and closer to your dripping sex. “What do you say I make you purr like Steve’s bike outside, hmm?”

Before you could even answer, his soft lips were wrapped around your clit. At first, his tongue moved in torturous circles around your bundle of nerves, before sucking it into his mouth and making your toes curl. Every few seconds he’d stop, allowing you to catch your breath and swiping his tongue inside you to taste your juices, before sucking your clit into his mouth again and again. You were so close to cumming already and he could tell, your entire body trembling, your legs instinctively trying to close around his head. Bucky inserted one of his thick fingers inside you, growling at your walls pulsing around it.

“Fuck,” he growled, curling up his finger to brush perfectly against your g-spot. “Let me feel you cum, Y/N.”

That’s all it took for your orgasm to crash through you in a violent wave, your entire body jerking on the bed, your moans reaching the ceiling.

“You’re so sweet and you taste even sweeter,” Bucky said, sucking your juices off his finger. Your entire chest and face was flushed scarlet from your orgasm, your pussy aching for Bucky to fill you up.

“Please, Bucky,” you begged, tugging at his belt and pulling him closer.

“Tell me,” he commanded, brushing his thumb along your cheek.

“I need to feel you fill me,” you whispered, and his eyes lit up even more. His pants and boxers were pooled around his feet quicker than you could blink. You gasped at the sight of his hard, thick cock pointed right in your direction. You couldn’t help but reach your hand out to grab it, to feel the ridges and veins glide in your palm as you stroked him up and down. You licked the bead of precum off the tip of his cock, ensuring you made eye contact with him the entire time.

“Lay back,” he said, taking his cock into his own hand and lazily stroking it. He spread your legs apart with his free hand and ran the head along your slick folds, brushing it against your clit with each turn. He eased himself in slow, allowing your tight walls to accommodate his size. Bucky hissed between his teeth as he sunk himself deep inside you, feeling your sweetest spot against his sensitive tip. He pumped his hips into you at a slow pace at first, but you were already desperate for more friction, desperate for him to fuck the ever loving shit out of you.

“Faster,” you breathed out, the desperation in your voice thick and needy. “Harder. Fuck me.”

Bucky pumped into you faster and faster, the redness creeping up his chest as he fucked you deeper and deeper. His fingers dug into your ankles so deeply, he left marks. The sweat from his brow was dripping onto your stomach now,

“I’m going to fucking cum so deep inside you,” he grunted out between thrusts, the feeling of his hard cock pulling at your walls making you want to cum again. “I can’t hold it anymore.” You watched as Bucky’s face contorted and you felt his cock twitch inside you as he came, sending you over the brink yourself. You both moaned each other's’ names as you released, tingles pricking at your skin. He collapsed on top of you, the grease from his arms now rubbing all over you once more. Once you were both able to catch your breath, Bucky propped himself up on his elbow to look at you.

“You’re all dirty,” he said, a sly smirk on his face. “What do you say I go clean you up?”

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anonymous asked:

What do you love about Toby’s thighs? What’s so amazing about them? Feel free to wax poetic

WELL. *cracks knuckles* To begin with, thank you for starting my day off right with this beautiful ask, Anon. I like you. Feel free to drop by anytime.

So Toby, by all definition and understanding, is already a very handsome figure of a man. His face in particular is very pleasing to the eye, and it would be so even without the talent he posseses, but the talent! The expression! HIS FACE. I would like to award many prizes to his face, his eyebrows his eyes, those delightful furrows in his brow, and the attractive lines around his mouth . *SIGHS HEAVILY*

Anyway, you get my drift, it’s all good. He should have many awards for how he chooses to use his face. It’s a good face, bront.

But. His. THIGHS.

His thighs.

You know how there’s a lot of poetry about trees? Cause trees are beautiful and strong and amazing and they last forever (until people cut them down, but I digress). LOOK AT THE MIGHTY OAK, for example. It’s strong, it’s firm, it’s majestic.

Toby’s thighs are like trees. They’re beautiful, and broad and strong and I want to climb them and explore them and maybe build a treehouse idk.

(this scene is agonizing but THIGHS)

Just the expanse of them is truly mesmerizing. Like I have decent hands, but I feel it would take a broader hand than mine to fit around his thighs and be able to stroke them as they deserve to be stroked.

When he walks, it’s one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life and folks, I have been inside the Taj Mahal and let me tell you, I would rather see Toby’s thighs.

They’re so fucking capable! Like when he‘s in an action scene (swordfighting & horseback riding come to mind), his movements are just so good.

He fights a good fight.

be it sword or pistol

or on horseback

or just chilling with a sword

But it’s nice to see them at repose too.

Repose is good.

But then there’s just the way he fucking sits and hot damn, that is a good way to sit. All other men should have to close their fucking legs when they sit, and take up less space, except for Toby.

He can sit like this wherever he damn pleases. Thigh spread for days, my man. (stop blocking the view, table, omg)

Thigh spread away

Notice I didn’t even get into the freckles yet! 

Look how beautiful

Freckles are excellent.

These assholes don’t even realize the presence of the thighs they are in.

In conclusion I love Toby’s thighs a lot. Thanks for coming to my thigh talk.

Got 99 Problems

I’m not even gonna look as I post this, nope. bye. 

Also, based on this post, ok thanks bye. enjoy protective Lance i guess??

Lance’s eye twitches and hell breaks loose.

Earlier, way way earlier, Lance had been excited. He had cheered among the civilians once Voltron and the Blade had successfully liberated the Planet Xenos from the Galra.

Sure, the adrenaline that comes during and after battle never fails to make him bouncy and excited but he is no fool, he knows the real reason behind his excitement.

It was the first time since who knows how long that Keith – uh, the Blade joined Voltron once again in these type of missions and Lance’s heart had beat wildly inside him when a Blade pod had hovered near him right after it had shoot a Galra pod on his blind spot.

Lance didn’t need any confirmation to know who it was.

“Getting slow, Sharpshooter?” Keith’s voice appeared nevertheless in his ears two ticks later and Lance had grinned so big that it was impossible to contain the gleeful laughter that left his lips.

“Yeah, yeah, try to keep up, Samurai.”

It had felt like old times, as old as they can be. Even with the clear and obvious differences (See: minus a lion and paladin armor but details), their dynamic was still synchronized and effective. Neither of them missed a single shot and they didn’t really need a warning before the other would cover their backs.

When the battle was over and both Voltron and the Blade landed to make contact with the planet’s Queens, Lance didn’t really even had a chance to greet Keith, not with the way the civilians had surrounded him almost instantly as soon as he exited Red.

Lance had welcomed them, of course, with a warm smile and a happy laugh, shaking off the praise once he had his ego filled but still enjoying the easy chatter the Xenians offered. He was probably on his twelfth selfie when something caught his attention.

A few nobles were chatting among themselves, far away from the crowd, mumbles being hushed between them as if they were sharing secrets and Lance narrows his eyes in curiosity, cocking his head to the side in confusion until he follows their eyes, wondering what on earth they could be glaring at so hatefully since the Galra was gone.

His breath hitches when his own eyes land on Keith.

Keith, who stands awkwardly among the crowd next to Kolivan but still smiling gently at the few Xenians that make their way towards him. Keith, who blushes and stutters at the beginning of his sentence when he gets praised and civilians thank him with pure honesty.

Keith, whose chest puffs out in pride right after with bright navy eyes because of what he has done and seeing who he has helped.

But also Keith, who frowns confused when the same trio of nobles from before make their way towards him, their faces promising nothing good.

Lance sees the way Kolivan steps in almost instantly, putting himself closer to Keith’s side as he addresses the noble trio. Lance’s still a few big feet away from the small group but their voices echoes around the courtyard almost clearly.

The eye twitching begins.

Lance’s moving before he even notices, blocking out Hunk’s confused call of his name as he makes his way over.

“You shouldn’t be here. You and your kind had been just vanished, gone! Voltron took care of that just a few fullinis ago! You are not welcome!” One of the nobles shouts, the one with one horn on his right side of the head and faint green skin.

“I can assure you that the Blade of Marmora is on your side, battling those who are part of the Empire.” Kolivan says, nodding respectfully, but the nobles wouldn’t have it.

“Hah! You are part of the Empire that enslaved our people!” Another noble snaps, their own skin red and with two horns, “Your kind is the enemy!”

Kolivan shakes his head. “No, the Blade of Marmora is not the empire,” he explains, calm and neutral as always, features never giving away anything but there’s this small sad gleam in his eyes that just breaks Lance’s heart, “We came here to help, to provide any advantage to Voltron against the battle and to give shelter to those caught in the crossfire.”

The nobles snort, laughing mockingly at the words Lance knows it’s not the first time Kolivan has gotten this treatment.

Keith, however –

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fun fact when i was on Med Withdrawal a few weeks ago i kept having dreams about gravity falls but I think it was one year after gravity falls took place and theres this really intricate story and it was very strange but the detail that is clearest to me is that mabels hair looked like this anyways here are what thye looked like in my dream


Pure unadulterated terror courses through Alec’s veins the moment the institute lights up with heavenly light.

He books it towards the op centre, running faster than he ever has in his entire life (without the help of a speed rune, anyway) and skitters to a halt at the sight of the dead downworlders that cover the floor.


He steps through them gingerly, glancing around as he recognises seelies and werewolves, before looking up at his parabatai; Clary and Simon right behind him.

He barely hears what any of them are saying, too distracted by Jace’s distraught expression, the sudden fear and oh god, where’s Magnus?

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Of Hidden Talents (Feysand Fluff)

So this just popped into my head last night when I couldn’t sleep. Set post-ACOWAR and contains nothing but fluff.

“You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?” Feyre found herself commenting, smiling slightly as she tried not to groan in pleasure under Rhys’ hands.

He chuckled from where he was seated behind her, the sound sending a thrill through her spine, even decades into their relationship. “I should hope so; I have to keep my High Lady entertained somehow. Wouldn’t want her eternity to get boring.”

“Boring? How could I ever get bored with a mate who thinks so much of himself?” She shot back, though its effect was lost when she leaned further into him, her hands running over the legs that were on either side of her. She could feel the delicious heat of his bare chest so close behind her, the thin nightdress she was wearing a poor barrier between them. 

Rhys’ fingers continued to comb through her hair, expertly separating it into three equal parts. “I take offense to that.”

Feyre let out an aborted snort. “No, you don’t.” 

“No, I don’t,” Rhys agreed, in a blithe voice.

They fell into a comfortable silence then, built on years of learning how to just be together. Neither of them felt the need to always fill the air between them with pointless chatter. Oh, they liked to joke and bicker… but they also knew when to let words fade away and just enjoy each other’s company.

It had been happening more of late, likely because Rhys had refused to leave Feyre’s side for the past few months. He was a constant presence at her side, though he did his best not to hover too much (he knew all too well how she loathed feeling locked in, how it still made her bones lock up in fear, even after all this time). He needn’t have worried; Feyre never, never felt tied down by her mate, never felt confined by him. She knew that even now, when he was so concerned about her, he would give her space if she asked.

(He’d once told her, in a fit of hopeless romanticism, that he would give her the very stars above Velaris if he could. Feyre had believed him, of course, if only because she said she would do the same for him.)

So Feyre was quiet, letting Rhys gently braid her hair as if he’d done it hundreds of times before. She’d been utterly surprised when he’d offered to do it for her earlier, after he’d heard her curse in front of the mirror while she struggled with trying to tame her wild locks into something more manageable. Feyre was so tired these days and sore too, the heavier she got. And she was constantly hot then cold, her hair always in the way and, Cauldron, she didn’t care for it much now and all the work it took to keep it neat, not when she was already so uncomfortable. She’d been beyond tempted to just chop it all off, had Rhys not stepped in when he did with his innocuous offer.

At first she tried to deny the existence of a problem but she really couldn’t hide anything from Rhys; he knew her too well, felt her struggles through their mating bond and tried to ease her discomfort as much as he could. (Rightly so, Feyre sometimes thought when she particularly annoyed with how limited she was lately, considering he’s the one that put me into this situation in the first place.) 

So here they were, Rhys’s gentle hands working wonders on Feyre’s nerves, his fingers softly tugging at her hair as he built the braid into something spectacular; Feyre herself was usually no slouch when it came her hair (at least when she wasn’t so cranky), but she had the feeling that Rhys was even better. So many hidden talents, this mate of mine.

“Where’d you learn to do this?” she finally asked, curiosity getting the better of her. She’d felt his hesitancy when he first offered, that pang of grief that he’d been unable to conceal from her.

“My sister,” Rhys said after a long pause. His voice had lost that light-hearted edge from earlier, filled instead with wistful regret. “She’d come to me when our mother was too busy for it. She could have asked the servants, of course… but she liked to spend a few moments with me, I think. She continued to ask even long after she could do it by herself. I never had the heart to say no.” 

Feyre’s own heart ached for her mate, for the family he’d lost so long ago. He rarely spoke of the little sister she’d never meet, even less so than his mother. From what she’d gleaned over the years, his sister had been quite a bit younger than him, had looked up to him in a way no one else ever had. Feyre couldn’t even imagine what it had been like for him to have to bury her broken body.

She rubbed her thumbs comfortingly over the sides of his knees. I’m sorry, she sent softly to him through their bond. I’m sorry

Rhys’ mind caressed hers. Me too.

Feyre kept running her hands soothingly over him, tempted to turn around and pull him to her, wrap her arms around those broad shoulders of his. She didn’t though; the act of braiding seemed to calm him… like coming home to something he’d thought he’d long forgotten. (Still, she wished she could protect him from all the pain he endured… but that same pain had made him into the wonderful male he was today.) 

When he was finally done, she saw his finished work briefly through his eyes, the image flashing through her mind.

“It’s beautiful,” Feyre said with a smile, reaching up to run her fingers over the intricate pattern he’d managed to weave her hair into. “Thank you.”

Rhys’ strong arms around wrapped around her body, finally pulling her back to rest against his chest. “I figured it was about time I got some practice,” he whispered in her ear as he moved one hand to cover her rounded belly. “I wouldn’t want our poor daughter to be left with an inept father.”

Feyre tangled her fingers with Rhys’, holding them over her stomach, where their unborn baby was slowly growing. “You could never be an inept father, Rhys,” she told him softly. Rhys only pressed kiss under her jaw in response, though she could feel his quiet gratitude for her faith in him. “Besides, how do you know it’ll be a girl?” Feyre continued, turning her head so she could arch an eyebrow at him.

Mischief lit his violet eyes. “Perhaps I asked Elain.”

Feyre leveled a look at him. “Elain would never tell you, even if she knew.” Her sister had become quite the responsible seer over the years, never revealing more than was necessary. (Well, that and Feyre had wanted it to be a surprise, telling Elain in no uncertain terms not to let Rhys charm the answer out of her.)

“Then let’s call it a father’s intuition,” Rhys replied now, unable to stop his grin.

Feyre laughed, leaning her head against the edge of his jaw. “She’s going to have you wrapped around her little finger, isn’t she?” 

“Of course,” he kissed her forehead, his happiness a near tangible thing. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Feyre could only cuddle in closer. She looked at where their joined hands were resting on her belly. Don’t worry, baby, she thought, we love you already, no what you turn out to be.

(A few years later, when their daughter runs up to Feyre, her hair braided in a crown around her head, little flowers carefully tucked in the midnight blue strands, she doesn’t need to ask who did it. Rhys’ proud smile is answer enough.)

gospel around his fingers

Dex slams the door shut and presses against the wood, leaning his head back and sucking in a deep breath. He stares blindly up at the ceiling and–

“Nurse, I dare you to kiss the prettiest person in the room. Not counting me.” Lardo pretends to flip a lock of hair over her shoulder. “We all know I’d smoke you bitches,” she adds, grinning. Her teeth flash in the low lighting, and she knocks back the last of her drink as the gather group lets out joking boos.

They all “ooh” at Nursey as he raises a challenging eyebrow and smirks at Lardo. He makes a show of looking around the room, leering slightly at the other players of spin the bottle – Holster, Dex, Tango, Ollie, Wicks, and a few members of the volleyball and soccer teams. Bitty is grinning from his spot on the floor next to Lardo and Dex, watching as Nursey catches the eye of each person.

“Dex!” The memory is abruptly interrupted as Chowder’s voice comes from beyond the door. “Come on, man!” Dex tries to straighten up, but his legs refuse to work. He sinks down to the floor, back still pressed against the door, trying to suck in deep breaths of air. He drops his head between his knees, squeezing his eyes shut and–

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I have these ingrained notions in my head from…

Swung Bats

Steve Harrington x Reader
Written by: Matt
Word Count: 1,355
Gender: Gender-Neutral
Warnings: cursing, sharp objects, bleeding, injuries.
Gif by: @strangereddie and @spookyboysam 
A/N: this takes place when nancy and jonathan (and reader) fight the demogorgon at jonathan’s house. also steve and reader are dating.
Fictober: Day 28 of Fictober

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          “Ready?” Nancy asked. You held the cold sharp knife against your skin, both you and Jonathan looked at her and nodded. Jonathan counted to three anxiously and stopped at two, he said to both of you “You guys don’t have to do this-” and Nancy interrupted him and said “Three!”. At once, all of you sliced your palm open. You clenched your jaw shut afterwards, the cut stung and you dropped the bloody knife on the floor, leaving a dark red stain. You went to the kitchen and got the gauze for all of you. 

          “Don’t worry. My mom, she said the lights speak when it comes.” Jonathan assured her as she was wrapping the gauze around his bloody wound. “Speak?” She asked, “Blink… Think of them as alarms” he replied. 

          You guys waited anxiously and you jumped at the continuous banging on the door followed by your boyfriend’s voice. “Jonathan! Are you there, man? It’s… it’s Steve!” You all shared looks as Steve kept talking “Listen, I just want to talk!”, you got up urgently and opened the door reassuring Steve that everything was fine but he kept talking and admitting he messed up. He noticed the gauze wrapped around your hand and stammered, “What happened to your hand? Is that blood?”. You replied “It’s nothing. It was an accident.”, he wanted to know what was going on and he asked “Wait a sec. Did he do this to you?” and forced his way in. He noticed the weapons laid out on the table and Jonathan placed his hand on Steve’s chest slowly trying to push him away and telling him to leave.

          “What’s that smell, is that gasoline!?” He asked. Nancy cocked her gun and pointed it at Steve, “Get out!” she yelled. He just started freaking out and Nancy threatened him saying that she’d do it if he didn’t get out in five seconds, you knew she wasn’t going to do it but it was her only idea at the time. Everyone was caught up in the moment but you noticed the lights that hung from the ceiling started blinking multiple colours. She still counted down and you just yelled “GUYS! The lights! It’s here.”. You grabbed the bat which held a great deal of sharp nails all around it’s exterior. You, Jonathan and Nancy were back to back to back creating a circle and all of you were moving, scanning the whole house while Steve was screaming questions. All of a sudden a loud crash was heard by all of you and you stared at the ceiling crumbling, exposing the Demogorgon. Nancy shot at the monster and ran into the hallway, you grabbed Steve’s hand and dragged him with you and you all ran into Will’s room for safety. You slammed the door behind you shut and you all were quiet, you heard the monster growl and it slowly walked down the hallway.

          “What’s it doing?” Nancy asked. You guys studied the yellow yo-yo to check if there was any movement, the lights in the room were still blinking. The electricity jolted and the alarmed lights went back to normal. You felt Steve’s hand grip your arm a little more tightly now, “Do you hear anything?” you whispered to Jonathan, he shut his lighter which created a small metallic sound and he answered “No…”. All of you stepped out of the room gradually, the monster wasn’t there anymore. Steve was muttering “This is crazy.” under his breath but it progressively got louder and he just anxiously yelled “This is crazy!”. He ran to the phone and you just grabbed it while he was dialing and threw it across the hallway.

          “What are you doing? Are you insane!” He screamed with fear. You were trying to protect him “It’s going to come back! So you need to leave. Right. Now.” you commanded him. He looked at the door and back at you continuously and just bolted outside.

          Your heart was pounding through your chest rapidly now. You weren’t going to lie, you were scared to death. You switched weapons with Jonathan so you ended up getting his pistol and he carried the bat. You knew there was a good probability that you were going to die trying to kill this thing. Your thoughts got interrupted because the energy in the house started pulsating again and the lights cried out, alarming you that it was coming again. You all were breathing heavily, circling each other trying to prepare yourself by studying all angles around you where the monster can reappear. “Come on. Come on you son of a bitch!” Jonathan shouted. You kept moving with the circle until it all went dark, in the shadows you heard a low growling. “Jonathan!” Nancy yelled, you barely saw her point behind him but you saw a large shadow figure appear behind him. The monster pulled him to the ground and he dropped his bat. He was pinned down by the monster, it’s face opened up and goo started to drip on him. You lifted your gun up and started pulling the trigger carelessly and yelled “Go to hell you son of a bitch!”, the monster slowly got up and your heart dropped in your stomach.

          It all happened so fast, you shot the monster about seven times and probably the worst sound you can hear in that situation was heard. The gun clicked every time you pulled the trigger, you were out of bullets. It roared at you and swiftly sprinted to you.

          All of a sudden, out of the corner of your eye something had come and hit it. You turned to see who it was and it was your boyfriend. “Steve!” You were surprised that he came back. It had a new target now, it kept making it’s way towards him but he kept swinging his bat, you could hear the air where he swung his bat have a high pitch sound as he kept landing blows on it. He swung his bat and landed the final blow on the monster which made it back up into the trap. The bear claw slashed into the Demogorgon’s leg. Jonathan ran in front of you and threw the lit lighter into the carpet which was soaked with gasoline which made the monster screech. Jonathan grabbed the fire extinguisher and contained the fire, the dark orange smoke surrounded all of you.

          Steve drove you to his house, his parents were away so they weren’t going to be worried about why their son had brought home a stranger who was bleeding from their arm. You sat on his bed while he went into his bathroom and got medical supplies. “I’m fine.” You tried to tell him, but you didn’t even believe yourself. “Are you okay?” You asked him, “Yeah- Yeah I’m alright. I’m just glad you’re safe. But you need to explain all of this after.”.

          “Thanks for helping me back there.” You said as you buried your head into his chest as you hugged him. “It’s what ninja’s do.” He joked, you were glad he showed up at the end of the day. “Alright, it’s done.” He stated. He actually did a good job, he mentioned that his mom was a nurse so she taught him this kind of stuff just in case of an emergency. “I gotta go home.” You told him and instantly a flood of no’s escaped his mouth. “You’re still hurt and it’s really late. Just stay here, my parents are out of town for the next two days. You groaned and sat back down but you agreed with him, it was also easier to stay here. You were already exhausted.

         Steve handed you his pajamas, you went into his bed and wrapped your cold body with his soft blankets. You guys shared a bed for the first time which was definitely weird but it was comfortable to be with him. You wrapped your right arm around his waist and he lifted his arm and started caressing your cheek. “I love you.” You told him and he answered. “I love you too.”