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FINALLY made something with this guy that I can upload.

He’s been in my head for a very long time, but I could never really pinpoint how he looked like. I don’t even have a name for him yet so right now he just goes by “bardman” or “bardy” XD Anyways, yes. He is a bard. And a traveler, merchant and occasional poet. He travels pretty much all the time and plays several instruments, the most common being the lyre. He’s a gentle soul who takes great pleasure in entertaining, and as someone who’s experienced a lot throughout his journeys(revolutions and great deeds and whatnot), he’ll happily share those tales with whoever he comes across. Needless to say the guy has a knack for storytelling, and despite some authorities despising him for his freelance style and lack of allegiance, he is generally regarded as pleasant company. Especially popular among children.

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Behind those piercing details, the sharp look and vices… 

I see a fragile heart and a soft personality wanting, longing for love & attention. :)

First impression might be cruel but though he looks and sometimes acts as a bad boy I see a different perception. I didn’t mind if he has lot of vices or whatsoever, deep inside I felt that he’s trying to change, trying to resist the temptation but still the enemy wins! UGH! >.<

We may not be that close but I believe in him. I can see potentials in him. Maybe he doesn’t know it yet or rather he knew it but not doing any. A happy go lucky person might be the term for him? Hmmm.. I don’t know, he’s that kind of person.

I like him. Like as if he can make me smile out of something that is nothing. Ahaaha! Weird ey? :) One of my awesomest friend, it would be my pleasure if I’ll have a brother like him. :) (Or I already have! And that’s him!) (^____^)V

Just him doing nothing, puts a smile on my face. (-__-) Hehehe!

I’m hoping and praying that one day, he would realize that HE IS BETTER THAN WHAT HE USED TO KNOW or can even imagine! He can strive harder in every aspect of life, seriously. :) 

I believe he can! Especially if he puts his full commitment and FAITH in GOD. :)


God will take care of you as you make HIM your first priority.

                                                                            -Matthew 6:33 

Life’s too precious, why waste it with alcohol and cigar? :))    

Where the pindan cliffs meet the sea
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boy-seated-portrait-Fratelli-Alinari by mikk

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Italian CDV portrait from cca 1865(?)

Fratelli Alinari & Co. NAPOLI Strada S. Caterina a Chiaja 1. FIRENZE Via Nazionale 8.

Fratelli ALINARI

Leopoldo Alinari (Florence 1832 - 1865) began his career in Florence working with the copper engravers Giuseppe and Luigi Bardi, who had turned to photography as a new substitute for engraving illustrations. In 1854 he formed a partnership with his brothers Romualdo (1830-1899) and Giuseppe (1836-1890). From this time the photographic embossment “Fratelli Alinari Fotografi, Firenze, presso Luigi Bardi” began to appear. Production was primarily concentrated on panoramas, views and monuments in Tuscan cities, as well as in the rest of Italy. In 1861 Fratelli Alinari contributed thirty five works to the Italian Exhibition in Florence and continued to produce views and art reproductions to the extent that they decided to found the Stabilimento Fotografico Alinari. Work continued to increase as thousands of photographs of art works and monuments of cities throughout Italy were executed. After the death of Leopoldo, the remaining brothers continued to manage the firm until Vittorio (1859-1932), the son of Leopoldo, became director in 1890. Fratelli Alinari had already been publishing photographic books since 1888 but under the guidance of Vittorio, this parallel activity intensified with new documentary campaigns of the art and architecture of Italy and abroad. Under Vittorio, Fratelli Alinari began to produce high quality artistic editions with refined printing and phototype (collotype) techniques. However, Vittorio was profoundly affected by the death of his son Carlo (in 1910 at the young age of nineteen) just as he was beginning to assume a greater role in the family business. In 1921, a year after the formation of Fratelli Alinari Società An. I.D.E.A., Vittorio capped his extensive artistic and visual career by publishing a monograph dedicated to the sites of the Divine Comedy, an illustrated edition of the “Italian landscape of Dante”. This work was the crowning achievement of his own distinguished career and that of an entire family of photographers.


For VtM I had a Brujah named Bardi and a Tzimisce (sp? god it’s been a while) named Zillah.  For Werewolf I had a Wendigo named Abeytu and a Get of Fenris named Jadwige and for one game I even had a Black Spiral Dancer called Dammit Ray (her full name was Dammit Ray You’re Such An Asshole).

Gallo Ciego - Orquesta Z (16.07.28)
  • Gallo Ciego - Orquesta Z (16.07.28)
  • Orquesta Z (16.07.28)
  • OZ#20-8. (16.07.28)

Gallo Ciego - Orquesta Z (16.07.28)

Gallo Ciego was composed in 1927 by Agustin Bardi, the music the actions of the Argentine children’s game of Blind Man’s Bluff known as “Blind Rooster”. The music was first recorded in 1927 by Canaro and later many more, including Tanturi in 1938.

We arranged this for our sextet topic Orquesta Z, in Berkeley, California in a version similar to Luis Brava’s 1998 Forever Tango version.

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